[Top 10] LoL Best Teams In eSports Right Now 2022

[Top 10] LoL Best Teams In eSports Right Now 2022
Welcome to the big leagues son.

Since the significant tournaments are just over the horizon I think it will be fitting to talk about the major beasts in the League esports community right now. These teams are loved by many people and have a huge following behind them. Most of the teams you will see today have won a major tournament in the past and some are making their way to the top.

Who will win the Worlds championship this time we are not sure but what we are sure of is that it will be a hell of a show to watch! So do not miss out on the opportunity to watch it later this summer! Let’s not waste any more time and get into this list!

10. Evil Geniuses

“They have an evil master plan to win this World 2022.” 

Evil Geniuses or better known as EG are a North American eSports team and are one of the oldest professional teams in the world currently. EG started way back in Counter-Strike 1.6 and since then they have expanded to other games such as DoTA 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, StarCraft II, and so on.

They formed their League of Legends team back in 2012 and at the start of 2013, they entered the League of Legends professional scene. They are a force to be reckoned with and anyone that stands in their way will be met with force. 

Evil Geniuses' achievements:

3-4th place in MSI 2022 - 25,000$. 1st place in LCS 2022 Spring PlayOffs - 100,000$. 2nd place in LCS 2022 Lock In - 0$ (only first place got the prize money)

Evil Geniuses details:


9. Fnatic

“We are coming for you and we ain’t stopping.”

This team is as old as Greece. They have been in the professional League scene since season 1. That’s a damn long time to be playing this game competitively but god damn are they good at it. Fnatic is a European eSports team that joined the professional scene on 14.03.2011 and they are one of the strongest teams that the EU has to offer at the moment.

For over 10 years the team has won countless awards, and prizes but sadly we have seen many professionals come and go. But even though some people may have left the team that didn’t hinder Fnatic from dominating the professional scene. 

Fnatic achievements:

2nd place in the LEC Spring 2022 - 32, 656$. 2nd place in the LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 50,000$. 5-8th place in Worlds 2020 - 100,125$. 

 Fnatic details:


8. 100 Thieves

“These guys are ready to give out a beating to their opponents.”

The up-and-coming League of Legends team that is showing a lot of potential recently are the 100 Thieves. They proved themselves to be a force to reckon with in the LCS 2021 Championship where they won first place.

They are an all-American team that was first formed in April of 2016 and disbanded the same year for unknown reasons but thankfully the team was created again in 2017 and joined NA LCS in 2018. Since then these guys have just been out to prove themselves time and time again and prove themselves they have. 

100 Thieves achievements:

Second place in the LCS 2022 Spring PlayOffs - 50,000$ earned. 9-11th place in the Worlds 2021 - 55,625$. 1st place in the LCS 2021 Championship - 200,000$ cashed out. 

100 Thieves details:


7. Gen.G

“We rose from the ashes like a Phoenix.”

Gen.G is a Korean eSports team that has rebranded. They were originally known as KSV eSports Korea Inc. Back in 2017, they acquired the roster from Samsung Galaxy and that acquisition happened on 30.11.2017.

Lately, they have been proving themselves that they are capable of winning the Worlds 2022 championship as they have been hard at work and practicing all the time. Recently they have only been getting second place each time getting closer and closer to first place but it always slips from their grasp. I can’t wait for this team to show the world that they are fully capable of winning the Worlds 2022 championship. 

Gen. G's achievements:

2nd place in the LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs - 75,286$. 3-4th place in Worlds 2021 - 178,000$. 2nd place in the LCK 2021 Spring Playoffs - 75,286$. 

Gen. G details:


6. Royal Never Give Up

“These guys will never give up!”

RNG or Royal Never Give UP is a Chinese eSports organization that started its League professional career back in 2016. They have won first place multiple times and they aren’t showing any signs of stopping.

They are known to never give up even if the match seems like it’s a complete loss. These guys have been known to pull off some amazing comebacks throughout history and they are a worthy competitor to be facing against. It will always be an amazing show to watch when these guys are facing someone equal to their power!

Royal Never Give Up achievements:

1st place in MSI 2022 - 75,000$. 1st place in LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs - 14,370$. 5-8th place in Worlds 2021 - 100,125$. 1st place in 2021 Regional Finals - Qualified for Worlds 2021 (no shekels :( ). 

Royal Never Give Up details:


5. FunPlus Phoenix

“We are the real Phoenixes of the modern world!”

For our next eSports team, we have FPX or better known as FunPlus Phoenix. They are a Chinese eSports organization that’s owned by FunPlus. They started their League career in 2017 and their first tournament was the “Demacia Championship 2017” where they placed 9th-15th.

Later on after hours of practice and working out new strategies the team started doing well. They improved so much that they became a really strong opponent. They ended up winning the Worlds 2019 tournament and for that got really neat skins in the game for the champions they played. 

FunPlus Phoenix achievements:

14-16th place in Worlds 2021 - 50,062$. 2nd place in LPL 2021 Summer Playoffs - 7,189$. 2nd place in LPL 2021 Spring Playoffs - 7,189$. 

FunPlus Phoenix details:


4. G2

“The last samurai’s.”

G2 is an EU team that kicked off its League career back in 2016. Before that, they were known as Gamers2 but renamed themselves to just G2. Even if you don’t recognize them by their name their logo surely knows them. Which is a samurai with a red eye. In my opinion, they have the best logo currently in the League professional scene.

G2 is the best European team at the moment and it shows. Most of the players on their team also have a Twitch career where they stream almost daily and interact with their fans. The 2 most known players from G2 are Caps and Jankos and they are also the fan favorites. 

G2 achievements:

3-4th place in MSI 2022 - 25,000$. 4th place in LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs - 20,000$. 3-4th place in Worlds 2021 - 200,250$. 

G2 details:


3. EDward Gaming

“The tournament is ours!”

For the number three spot, we have EDG or EDward Gaming. They were formed way back in 2013 but their first appearance was in 2014 in the LPL Spring tournament. After that, they have had successful careers in the professional scene. They have multiple first-place awards but the most notable one is the first place they won in the Worlds 2021 tournament.

Also, a very notable achievement from them is winning 9 times in a row. By that I mean they got first place 9 times in a row. That just blows my mind. They will be a tough opponent to beat during this Worlds 2022 tournament and it will be a blast to watch it! 

EDward Gaming achievements:

1st place in Worlds 2021 - 489,500$. 1st place in the LPL 2021 Summer Playoffs - 14,300$. 3rd place in the LPL 2021 Spring Playoffs - 3592$. 

EDward Gaming details:


2. T1 

“The most famous team on the planet.”

When we are talking about eSports teams we have to talk about T1, the most famous team on the planet. Everyone has heard of them no matter where you are from. If you are playing League of Legends or if you played League you have heard of T1 and Faker. If you haven’t you are living under a rock.

These guys have the most wins under their belt and they are a strong opponent but sadly I have to place them in the second spot. Recently because of the changes in their team composition T1 has been slowing down a tiny bit while other teams are pushing full speed ahead.

Don’t get me wrong they are an amazing team and going against them is a challenge. Of course, we can’t forget that these guys won most World tournaments than any other team. Since their creation, they have terrorized the League of Legends professional scene. 

T1 achievements:

2nd place in MSI 2022 - 50,000$. 1st place in LCK 2022 Playoffs - 150,750$. 1st place in LCK 2022 Spring - 163,000$. 3-4th place in Worlds 2021 - 178,000$. 

T1 details:



“The most feared team right now!”

For our number one spot, we have DWG KIA or Damwon Gaming. They are a Korean team that started in 2017 when they signed their first contract to play in the professional scene. They had a great start during the beginning and they kept that fire going as long as they could. They ended up winning multiple tournaments and earning tons of mula.

Sadly this team has a lot of roster changes so it’s been a rough journey for the players. If they don’t get along with each other the team falls apart but thankfully they haven’t had those issues. I have high hopes that this team will win the Worlds 2022 tournament and that they are preparing a spicy strategy for their win. 

DWG KIA achievements:

3rd place in the LCK Spring Playoffs - 359,358$. 2nd place in Worlds 2021 - 333,750$. 1st place in Worlds 2020 - 556,250$. 

DWG KIA details:


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