[Top 10] LOL Best Champions Against Tanks

 LOL Best Champions Against Tanks
Melt these guys down into butter! Delicious tanky butter!

Oh boy do I love playing against a tank. It’s my favorite thing to play against in League of Legends! Especially when the tanks deal more damage now than assassins themselves. What is up with that Riot? You never gave us an explanation about it. But they did give us a solution and that solution is playing champions that can melt through a tank’s armor like no tomorrow. Of course, some items will help you with that but these champions specialize in melting tanks. So if you ever find yourself playing against 3 tanks make sure to pick at least one of these champions. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor trust me. 

10. Ryze

“I can read the runes from my holy book.”

Now hear me out. Ryze is a pretty good tank killer. He can be played in the top lane and the mid-lane. He can lock a person in place without even doing anything. By that I mean Ryze players only have to press 2 buttons and that’s it.

A person has been locked in place. Plus with his R ability, he can teleport his whole team and minions behind enemy lines to flank them. Plus he can build AP items that deal an enormous amount of damage to tanks.

He’s amazing at split pushing and farming so getting those items in a small amount of time will be of no major feat for Ryze. I can guarantee you that you will melt tanks with this champion but I can’t guarantee if you will have fun playing Ryze as he’s quite a boring champion. 

Why Ryze Is Great Against Tanks:

  • Can lock people in place with two buttons. 
  • He’s able to transport his team allowing for some cheeky flanks. 
  • Ryze can build AP items that are great against tanks. 
  • He’s able to build tank items.

9. Olaf

“I love hitting people!”

Up next we have the wise Olaf the great Viking of Freljord. The only thing this guy is afraid of is dying in his bed alone. He wants to die in battle but that’s not his fate. His fate is to die in a bed peacefully like the coward he is. You can play Olaf in two roles and those are in the top lane or the jungle. Depends on what you fancy more.

Olaf’s kit deals bonus damage towards tanks and he has an inbuilt healing hit. All you have to do is press those two buttons and right-click on the enemy champion. I’m guessing everyone knows how to do that right? Olaf’s R ability allows him to ignore all CC abilities by just running through all of them. That’s how he does things around here.

Why Is Olaf Great Against Tanks:

  • He’s able to run through CC with his R. 
  • Can heal himself by simply auto-attacking. 
  • E deals extra damage to tanks and champions who have more health.

8. Trundle

“Me have club, me smash.”

The great troll of League of Legends. He’s a real troll, not like the 12 years old who plays this game. The best ability in his kit is his Q where he takes a huge bite out of someone. You can say that he did the bite of ‘87.

Trundle can also get big and angry with his R ability and he also gains a bit of movement speed when he runs on ice. He places the ice btw. When it comes to playing against tanks your Q will be your best bet against them. As your bite deals extra damage to people who have greater health than you do. At the same time, you can also heal a portion of your health back. 

Why Is Trundle Great Against Tanks:

  • Can heal himself and deal extra damage to tanks with his Q. Chomp their leg off. 
  • Grows in strength and agility while using his R. 
  • Gains movement speed while running on his W. 

7. Darius

“I am the great executioner of Noxus.”

You’ve seen this guy, played against him, or maybe even played him. And I bet that you know how broken he can be because of his true damage. It’s not even funny that he can cut someone in half just by simply making them bleed and then cutting them in half with his R. The amount of true damage that comes out of this bad boy is as high as the mountains.

You’ll have fun demolishing those pesky tanks that are at the frontlines because you are a tank but a better name would be a tank killer. Doesn’t matter which build you go to, you'll be OP anyways. You can also heal yourself with your Q and pull people closer towards yourself with E. Nothing can stop Darius from slicing the enemy team in half. 

Why Is Darius Great Against Tanks:

  • Deals a lot of true damage with his R. 
  • Has the ability to make people bleed because of his passive. 
  • He’s able to pull people closer to himself thanks to his E.

6. Kayle

“Bask in the glory of the sun!”

What happens when you give Karen a police badge? That’s right you get Kayle. She set up her sister to fail so she could be the one who ascends. Thankfully her sister survived her traitor's act and now seeks revenge.

Even though Kayle is all about justice, the only justice she won’t bring is to herself. But she does bring justice to people who love to play tanks. You can build her as either AP or AD. You will decide what to build in the match.

She’s a scaling champion so you won’t be scary at the beginning but once you hit level 16 and have a few items everyone will be scared of you. You’ll also be able to run straight into 5 people because your ultimate will save you from dying. And if a tank doesn’t want to die you can poke him with your Q, reduce his armor and send him straight to oblivion.

Why Is Kayle Great Against Tanks:

  • Kayle’s Q lowers the armor rating. 
  • She can launch herself into 5 people and survive thanks to her ultimate.
  • She’s a scaling champion so play safe in the early and mid-game.
  • You can build her AD or AP, it’s up to you.

5. Fiora

“I am the greatest duelist alive!”

You know her, I know her, everyone knows her. She’s the greatest duelist in the game. Probably even the greatest champion for 1v1 duels. Playing Fiora is simple, all you have to do is spam your Q and E ability. By doing that you’ll win the whole match.

She has it all in her kit and builds except HP. Unlike other champions, Fiora lacks in HP and that’s a bit of an issue. But her R makes up for it. If you manage to successfully proc her R ability you’ll be able to heal all your previously lost HP.

If you’re up against a tank don’t run away, face him onwards. Dash in with your Q and press your E key. By doing that you’ll be able to auto-attack him with courage and strength. As your E deals a bit of true damage and slows your opponent and if the enemy tries to rebel against your attacks you can just parry him with your W. 

Why Is Fiora Great Against Tanks:

  • Able to parry any CC a tank may throw at her. 
  • Deals bonus damage thanks to her E. 
  • If Fiora procs her R she can heal herself to full health.

4. Brand

“I just want to set the world on fire.”

Brand was a normal man who was set on fire and instead of dying he just accepted it and turned himself into the burning man. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. On the surface, he might seem like just normal support but he’s much more than that. He’s an OP “support”.

He can melt a whole enemy team with just a few ult bounces and maybe a W here and there. It’s all thanks to the newest items that you can build on him. Since you don’t play Brand as normal support you can go full AP.

Most of the AP items that you build on him deal more damage to people who have more health than you do. That’s the special thing about Brand. Everyone loves to play him but nobody loves playing against him, especially tank players. Don’t worry about those pesky tanks catching up to you as you can CC them with your Q but make sure that you set them on fire with your E first.

Why Is Brand Great Against Tanks:

  • Brand’s ultimate ability bounces from target to target. 
  • He can CC people with his Q if they’re set on fire first. 
  • Melts through huge targets because of the AP items that he builds. 

3. Camille 

“Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon.”

What if there was a champion who can deal so much true damage with 1 ability and that ability is always off cooldown? Well, let me introduce you to Camille. This champion has Darius’s R in her pocket. That’s her Q ability btw.

Not only that but she can also Hookshot herself to a wall and launch herself at the enemy or escape from a dangerous situation. It’s not fun playing against her especially if you’re in the same lane as her and you’re a tank.

Let me tell you that your armor won’t matter if you’re playing against her. Just imagine yourself laning normally and out of nowhere, you get stuck for 500 true damage, and a few seconds later the same thing happens. The only rational thing to do at that point is to leave the game. 

Why Camille Is Great Against Tanks:

  • Has a pocket execute in her kit. 
  • Her Q can deal over 1000 true damage on tanks.
  • She’s able to Hookshot herself over a wall anytime there’s danger incoming. 
  • Camille can heal herself with W.

2. Cassiopeia


Her sister might be more agile but Cassiopeia is deadlier when it comes to killing tanks. Since Katarina is an assassin she won’t make a single dent in the body of a tank but this snake will. Even without items, Cassiopeia can shred and kill tanks in a matter of seconds. But to do that you must make sure that they’re poisoned first by your Q or W then you spray them with your E.

You will feel like you’re using the M60 machine gun playing Cassiopeia. The last one might be a lie but that’s alright. And if a tank gets close to you to stun you or perhaps even kill you can just turn them to stone and turn the tables against them. They will be the ones going back to spawn, not you. 

Why Is Cassiopeia Great Against Tanks:

  • She’s able to shred a tank's armor even without items. 
  • Poisoning a target with Q or W first will enhance your damage to your E ability. 
  • If anyone gets too close, turn them to stone with your R. 
  • Once you do have AP items, tanks will feel like minions. 

1. Vayne

“Silver bullets are the best against demons.”

Vayne might be doing a Van Helsing cosplay with her whole champion and lore thing and she might be a bit insane. As the only thing that isn’t a demon for her is herself. So anyone else is pretty much done for. Playing Vayne will feel like heaven tbh.

If you played in the good old days of League of Legends you know what I’m talking about. She feels like she’s from the past and I hope it stays that way. There's something just charming about her old-school sound, gameplay, and mechanics. It’s all just simple and yet so perfect.

With Vayne you’ll be dodging incoming skill shots like you’re in the matrix while also shredding through people thanks to your passive ability W. That deals true damage every third auto-attacking. So you know building attack speed on her is the best viable option. She’s the best tank killer in the whole game. 

Why Is Vayne Great Against Tanks:

  • Deals true damage with her W. 
  • Vayne gets a boost in attack speed, movement speed, and damage by using her R. 
  • Building attack speed on Vayne is the best option against tanks. 
  • Shreds through anyone that stands in her way.

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