Top 10 LOL Best Junglers That Wreck Hard

lol best jungler champions
This is how it feels when you steal someone else red buff!

This time around we're going to visit the jungle, so pack up your smite, get your items and let's go! First of all, what's a jungler? A jungler is the guy or gal who'll be getting the jungle camps to let their top lane solo.

But that's the least part of jungling. As the jungler, your job is to help out your laners with ganks, making plays and creating a lead to snowball off. There is many type of junglers, from assassins to supports, and it's up to you to decide which you'll gonna pick, based on your expertise and on your team comp.

You'll always be a jack-of-all-trades and you'll play as your team needs. Yes, you can be a assassin in the jungle, but that doesn't mean you're not supposed to let your laners take the kill. Only grab the kill if you're really ahead or if your laner can't finish the kill.

The jungler's responsibilities are:

  • Farm the jungle camps and invade to deny the enemy jungler gold and EXP.
  • Be aware all the time, call out ganks and give the calls on the game.
  • Gank the lanes when a chance make itself present.
  • Help out your teammates and get your team a solid lead in the early game.
  • Secure objectives like the Dragons or Baron with your smite.

Top 10 LOL Best Junglers in Season 9

10. Warwick

Warwick is that champion that you must have if you want to get a good grip on the role of the jungler. He does it all, and he's really good at what he does. If you want to start playing as the jungler on your games, be sure to start playing as Warwick.

What makes him a great jungler:

  • Warwick simply heals every single hit he takes in the jungle. He's one of the champions that can solo dragon at lvl 3 if he does it without being seen.
  • He has two forms of hard CC: Fear on his W and a supress on his ultimate. You can cambo does two if you want, as your W last almost as long as your ultimate before pooping off.
  • He's fast. Even faster than Hecarim. And his ultimate gets more and more range as he gets faster, so use it to your advantage and create new inventive ways to gank the lanes.

How to play him as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • Your ganks pre-six are not that great, but if you can get one, go for it. Ganking as Warwick becomes really easy once he got his ultimate, which is a hard CC with a huge gapcloser.
  • Aim the objectives on the map. You can take dragons and heralds easily, so do it as soon as you can, but always remember to carry a red trinket with you.
  • You shine brightest on the early to mid game. Late game can be a bit though, as team fights are not for your wolf boi. Try to close up the game as soon as possible.

Watch Warwick Own the Jungle

9. Hecarim

Horsie here is a lot of fun to play as. Imagine going at full speed, full damage, and hitting that annoying ADC for 98% of his health. It. Is. GLORIOUS. I really like Hecarim, but, he has some flaws. Hecarim excels at ganking non-stop and farming everything on the map due to his high speed and damage.

What makes him a great jungler:

  • His W allows him to heal up really fast in camps with a lot of monsters. This makes his clears healthy and clean, letting him gank after some camps early game.
  • His ganking potential once he hits lvl 6 is unmatched. Hecarim can do a butt load of damage, dislocate his enemies and tank a LOT of tower shots when diving.
  • Late game, you're a monster. You do a lot of damage, you can absorb a gigantic amount of incoming damage, initiate team fights and kill your opponents that are out of position.

How to play him as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • Farm up to lvl 3 and go ganking ASAP. Start on the blue buff always. Hecarim can drain his mana pool REALLY quick, and you need it to do your horsie stuff around the map.
  • Use your E+W+Q damage when going all in. It does a lot of damage and allows you to heal for a good amount of that damage if you're not full health.
  • Your ultimate can, and MUST, be used to escape if you need it. It's a long dash that makes you immune to CC, so use it not only to initiate team fights, ok?

Watch Hecarim Own the Jungle

8. Nunu

I don't miss Disco-Nunu, but I really don't like the new Nunu. Yes, he's strong, and yes, he's on the meta, but they made him to cuddly for my taste. Well, he IS a god damn good jungler, and he can do a lot of damage if you know how to play him properly.

What makes him a great jungler:

  • Nunu can heal up from jungle camps with his Q. This spell also does a lot of damage and helps him secure objectives like dragons and Baron.
  • Nunu W does a lot of damage on ganks, and also has a hard CC on it. He can gank from almost anywhere with it, since it gives him movement speed once it's cast.
  • He has 3 forms of CC on his kit. This means that's really hard to get away from him once he is close to you, making gankin really easy for him.

How to play him as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • Start on Red, get a good leash and farm up to lvl 3. Once you get it, go for a gank ASAP. Your W will at least for a flash if you know how to use it.
  • Nunu is really good at stealing camps. It doesn't matter if the enemy jungler is doing red buff, Nunu can just walk up to it and Q+Smite it to secure the theft.
  • Nunu Ultimate does a crap ton of damage, but you need to charge it up first. You can do it in a bush, hidden, and no one will se it charging up until it's to late, so play it smart.

Watch Nunu Own the Jungle

7. Rek'Sai

Another void monster made for jungling. She's strong, she's scary strong on the right hands. Problem is, she is hard to learn. She may seem easy, but she's not, but once you get the hang of it, she's a jungler wet dream.

What makes her a great jungler:

  • She can clear really well with her Q. Also, she can heal herself with her passive and scout ahead without wards with it.
  • Rek'Sai can do a LOT of true damage. This makes her a really strong duelist, and her ultimate can be used to avoid damage in the fray.
  • Her E allows her to gank in creative ways, giving her new opportunities to make her laner happy and well feed.

How to play her as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • Start red, do your Krugs and them go gank bot lane if you start on the blue side of the map. If you star on the red side, do Blue, Wolfs, Chiken, Red and go gank your top laner.
  • Use your ultimate to avoid damage. It makes you go out of the map for a while, avoiding incoming damage. Also, it's an execute, so be sure to get your target really low before using it.
  • Your tunnels are your main source of creativity. Use them to gank in many different ways and to go across the map really fast for that sweet bounty on the enemy toplaner.

Watch Rek’Sai Own the Jungle

6. Kayn

Kayn has a special place in every weeaboo heart, as the edgeness on this champions is just way too high. But, he does get his place on this top tier list as he was made as a jungler, even his passive dictates that. He has every tool needed do clear the jungle e gank every lane in a different way.

What makes him a great jungler:

  • His E is what makes him so great. He can gank in many different ways with this spell. He can go through any wall in the game, healing himself for a good amount while cutting his way towards the enemy.
  • His clear are really good because of his Q, which hit two times and does massive AoE damage to all monsters in the camp.
  • Kayns ultimate is one of the most strong ultimates in the game for diving. You can avoid a ton of damage this way, and can prevent any form of escape in a gank.

How to play him as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • Decide what you wanna play as. There are two forms to chose, but you must take always the red pill. Raast is WAY stronger than Blue Kayn, and he can tank for days.
  • Focus on killing/ganking the enemy lanes. The earlier you get your second form, the earlier you can really start doing something for your team.
  • Base Kayn is weak as hell, so stay sharp while you jungle. A good counter jungler can ruin your day and steal all your jungle camps.

Watch Kayn Own the Jungle

5. Evelynn

Evelynn is not that easy to play, mainly because of her charm. You've to know really well when to announce your presence, and how to engage without being seen. But, if you know what you're doing, she can be devastating.

What makes her a great jungler

  • She can clean up her camps with ease, and she can do a absurd amount of damage as the game progresses.
  • Her camouflage mechanic is what makes her so different. Normal wards means nothing to her, and she can be right behind the enemy without him noticing it.
  • Her ultimate makes her slippery and she's really hard to deal with if she knows what she's doing in the jungle.

How to play her as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • Focus on farming and getting your jungle item finished as quickly as possible. Lvl 6 is a huge power spyke for Eve, not because of her ultimate, but because of her passive.
  • Once you got your ultimate, farm your jungle only if there's none to gank. It there's a chance, take and get the kill from the gank, you'll need it.
  • Only go for dragons and Barons if your team is with you. You lack the DPS to do this objectives on your on, so stick to your team if you want to do it.

Watch Evelynn Own the Jungle

4. Lee Sin

Ha! The blind monk is really up here for a good reason. Lee Sin is the most played champion on League of Legends, but there's a problem. His skill cap is reaaaaally high. If you want to be a good Lee Sin, you gotta have at least 100+ games with him under your belt.

What makes him a great jungler:

  • His clears are healthy and he can do it really fast. His passive helps him taking down the camps, but you need to time out your spells to make the most out of it.
  • Lee Sin can gank really well with his Q. It's a gap closer that does a lot of damage if you land it. It also is an execute, dealing missing health % bonus damage.
  • He can accelerate the game, ganking left and right, always putting pressure on the map.

How to play him as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • Never stop, not even for a moment. Gank every time you've a chance and try to close up the game as quickly as possible. Lee Sin peaks in the mid game, but latter on all he has going for him is his ultimate.
  • Try to counter jungle early on. You can invade every champion that jungles, you are way stronger than anyone in the early game, sob abuse this chance to get a lead.
  • Learn how to ward hop in the practice mode. Lee Sin has a lot of combos, a LOT, you'll need to use then if you want to be effective throughout the game.

Watch Lee Sin Own the Jungle

3. Master Yi

Master Yi is a braindead champion. He's really easy to play and can be unstoppable against teams without hard CC to make him stop hitting everyone like a madman. Master Yi became a really good jungler since his rework awaaaay back on the day. Before that, Master Yi was played either mid or top mostly, normally going full AP. Trust me on this one, it was SCARY.

What makes him a great jungler:

  • Master Yi can clear the jungle really fast and he can do it safely. He has everything he needs to powerfarm, but his ganks until lvl 6 are kinda bad, since he can't really stick to his target.
  • Yi is the kind of champion that can solo dragon early in the game, giving his team a lead on this stage. Latter on, if he gets feed, he can also solo Baron or even fight in a 3v1 scenario by himself.
  • He can farm up items like it's nothing, and can take objectives really quickly with his ultimate and overall high damage.

How to play him as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • If you want to be effective, you'll need to manage power farming and ganking. Master Yi needs to be ahead if you want to be impactful. Always take opportunities.
  • Master Yi is rather squish, but you can use your W to midgate incoming damage. Time this spell properly and you'll block a LOT of damage.
  • You can shred anyone. You can do true damage, remember? On-hit Yi is your go-to if the enemy has high health targets, but you can build crit+lifesteal if they're squish.

Watch Master Yi Own the Jungle

2. Kha'Zix

Kha'zix has always been a jungler, since the day he was released. His kit is made to jungle and he does it without a flaw. He once was really broken, but now he's more balanced, but can still oneshot the enemy ADC.

What makes him a great jungler:

  • His W allows him to heal up while jungling, which makes his clears really healthy. It heals him for a good amount for every enemy hit by the spell.
  • Kha'zix Q is really strong to take out buffs quickly, and does a ton of damage if his enemy is isolated, which means he can out duel almost anyone.
  • The ultimate of this champion is borderline broke if used correctly. He can reset his passive with it, can used it to juke enemies or simply to find his way into the enemy ADC in the middle of the fray.

How to play him as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • If you see a ganking opportunity, take it! Kha'zix is a monster if he can get ahead, and you'll snowball the game out of control if you do so.
  • Don't be afraid to duel the enemy jungler, but be sure to do it if he's isolated or has his spells on CD for a safe kill.
  • Once you got your ultimate, upgrade either or Q or your E. Kha'zix jump is a strong tool once upgraded, and you don't really need the extra damage on Q until you're lvl 11.

Watch Kha’zix Own the Jungle

1. Karthus

Karthus became a jungler recently, and it all happened because of Dark Harvest and Presence of Mind. You can deal a butt load of damage being anywhere in the map, and to all enemy champions. If you manage to grab a kill or an assist, Presence of Mind kicks in and lowers your ultimate CD. His ultimate is enough to scare any enemy on a 2v2 or even in a 2v3 scenario early on, which makes him really powerful.

What makes him a great jungler:

  • His single target damage on Q is really high, and it also does AoE damage, which makes his clears really quick.
  • He can solo Dragon quickly and doesn't need to be present in a fight to make part of it.
  • Karthus passive allows him to dish out damage even if he goes down. This can easily grant him triple kills or even quadras and pentas.

How to play him as a jungler and effectively win games:

  • You need to farm up. Karthus needs his ultimate to be effective, so you need to rush and powerfarm until you reach lvl 6.
  • Focus always on single target camps when doing your clears, and use the other camps to heal up with the talisman.
  • Never wait to use your ultimate while you jungle. If you see your allies fighting away from you and your ult is up, just press R and help them out.
  • Once you hit late game, your ultimate will half-health anyone but the tankier champions. Use this only if you're dead on a teamfight, as someone can cancel your channeling.

Watch Karthus Own the Jungle

There it is! Those are the top 10 junglers from patch 9.5. I really love most of them, but I recommend you start things off with Warwick or Nunu if you're getting into this role right now. I wish you the best luck in the rift! Now go, go and climb that ladder!

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