Top 10 LOL Best Split Pushers

LOL Best Split Pushers
The best champions to split push on League fo Legends

Split pushing is an important tactic that every player must learn and understand in order to climb the ranked ladder. It consists in putting pressure on one side of the map with a strong duelist champion while your team grabs another objective on the other side. Some champions excel at split pushing, while others not so much.

If you want to learn and try by yourself, here is a list of the top 10 best split pushers in the game. Take a look, choose your favorite one and split push for free LP!

10. Nasus

Nasus is a top lane Juggernaut with infinite scaling thanks to his Q stacking mechanics.

Not only Nasus is an incredible duelist, but he is also a tower eater. A single Q from him with Trinity Force and around 500 stacks might easily chunk a third of a turret’s life. It becomes even faster if he has the Demolish rune. Leave him alone in lane, stacking and pushing, and your towers might disappear in the blink of an eye.

Nasus’s only weakness is his lack of mobility, which makes him prone to be ganked. While he is a walking fortress, Nasus can’t hope to individually 1v3 unless he is extremely fed. For that, he needs to keep a good vision control in the enemy jungle before splitting.

Split pushing power rating: 78/100

See Nasus in action

9. Irelia

Irelia is an AD bruiser played in both top and mid lanes. She has high damage, crowd control, good waveclear and a strong dueling potential. Irelia is also a fantastic team fighter thanks to her ultimate, so her teleports are frequently game changing.

Irelia’s waveclear and dueling potential make her an excellent split pusher. Her passive added with Trinity Force stats let her melt towers really fast, and she can hold herself 1v2, sometimes even 1v3 if fed. Her only weak spot is the lack of escapes: while she has mobility to jump in to the enemies, she can’t target wards or allied minions with her Q. Warding the jungle and abusing the monsters might be a solution.

Split pushing power rating: 80/100

See Irelia in action

8. Zed

Zed is an AD assassin with immense burst damage played mainly in mid lane, but also showing up top sometimes.

Zed has good waveclear with his rotation of abilities, high damage and, more important, a really high mobility. He is capable of dueling almost any champion in the game, or escape unharmed if he can’t fight. His recent buff to scaling attack speed makes him into an even better split pusher, and if he manages to get fed early, the game is basically over.

Split pushing power rating: 82 /100

See Zed in action

7. Kassadin

Kassadin is an AP melee assassin with a weak laning phase, but one of (if not the) best scalings in the game. Once he gets a few items, he starts to one shot every squishy in the enemy team. Tanks will still take two shots to die though.

What makes Kassadin an excellent split pusher is the combination of Lich Bane + his Ultimate. He can easily clear waves with a spell rotation, quickly reach an unprotected turret and start melting it really, really fast. If everything goes wrong, his ultimate provides him unrivaled mobility.

Should the enemy be stupid enough to send one or two squishies to defend his push, killing them will look like a walk in the park. His only concern is his mana, which can lead into bad situations if badly managed. Nothing a blue buff and some experience can’t solve.

Split pushing power rating: 83/100

See Kassadin in action

6. Riven

Riven is an AD bruiser with high mobility, high damage, and one of the most mechanically intensive kits in the game. She is also much more badass than Yasuo.

Riven is a very strong duelist, provided you understand her complex mechanics and manage to deliver her deadly combos. Besides that, she enjoys high waveclear and a very high base damage to destroy towers fast. As a bonus, the mobility on her skills and the active from Youmuu’s Ghostblade allow her to rotate the map really quickly, creating semi-global pressure while still being a threat on her own.

Split pushing power rating: 85/100

See Riven in action

5. Camille

Camille is an AD bruiser with excellent mobility, high damage and a strong presence in team fights. She is played both as a top laner and a jungler.

Camille’s dueling potential depends on her hitting her E, which closes the gap and stuns the adversary, granting an immediate advantage. Her Q is divided in two parts, and both of them proc Trinity Force’s Spellblade and act as auto-attack resets. Since her second Q also gives true damage, this ability alone makes her a powerful tower killer.

An unchecked Camille with teleport up might be end the game in a matter of seconds, if her team manages to hold the adversaries at bay for a while. Not something you’d like to experiment against you in a ranked game.

Split pushing power rating: 86/100

See Camille in action

4. Yorick

Yorick is an AD juggernaut played in the top lane. He is infamous for being an absurdly strong split pusher, and an easy game winner at lower ELOs.

When Yorick was reworked back in 2016, he was made to be a split pusher. His ultimate, Eulogy of the Isles, summons a Maiden of the Mist who can be left alone in a lane pushing. His Mist Walkers also can push a lane by themselves. With this, Yorick can push two lanes at the same time, or one lane with double the strength.

Other than that, Yorick is also reliable duelist. Since he usually builds Trinity Force and his Q works as an auto-attack reset, Yorick, his Maiden of the Mist and his Mist Walkers can make short work of a tower. Low mobility is really his only weakness, but some good vision in the jungle might be enough to solve this problem.

Split pushing power rating: 89/100

See Yorick in action

3. Fiora

Fiora is a an AD melee bruiser and one of the best duelists in the game.

Really, it is very hard to stop a good Fiora when she has the upper hand. She deals massive amounts of damage to both squishy and tanky champions alike, and the same works for towers. Her lack of waveclear is easily solved by building Tiamat (and later a Ravenous Hydra), and she has mobilitty, sustain and diving potential to stay in lane for days.

Next time you see a Fiora on the enemy team, ask your jungler to camp her in the early game, lest she grows into an unstoppable force later on. And hope he’s not an idiot and feed her.

Split pushing power rating: 92/100

See Fiora in action

2. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is an AD bruiser with massive damage, good mobility and strong dueling potential. He is considered by many the most annoyingly toxic champion in the game one of the best split pushers in League of Legends.

Tryndamere has a very strong laning phase thanks to his passive. He enjoys good sustain with his Q, and high mobility with the low cooldown on his E. But the most annoying important part of his kit is his ultimate: Tryndamere can become immortal for five damn seconds, more than enough time to turn the fight on his favour, take down a tower, destroy an inhibitor or demolish the nexus. It’s the perfect split pushing machine.

Tryndamere is only outclassed by one champion in split pushing potential, because he can get outscaled, struggles against tanks and has bad team fight presence. But if he manages to get slightly ahead in the laning phase, the path to victory is clear: far away from the rest of your team.

Split pushing power rating: 95/100

See Tryndamere in action

Honorable Mentions

Some names didn’t make it into this list, since only the best 10 could show up here. These names include Ahri, Gangplank, Jayce, LeBlanc, Shaco, Trundle, Twisted Fate, Udyr and Yasuo. Tell us in the comments if you think of another champion who deserves to be mentioned here!

1. Jax

Jax is a hybrid bruiser played both as a jungler and a top laner, and is considered by most to be the god of split pushing.

Jax’s laning phase is awful, but he scales so hard that it almost doesn’t matter. When mid/late game comes, Jax starts to become a serious problem for the enemy team, because there are just so few answers to his tactics. Jax can 1v1 basically any champion in the game (with the possible exception of a stacked Nasus, or a fed Master Yi), melts turrets really fast with his passive attack speed bonus, and has a reliable mobility with his Q.

To go even further, a good Jax can 1v2, and sometimes even 1v3 while his team destroys everything else on the map.  His team fighting potential is not unbelievable, but he is still a mighty diver who can hold the backline of the enemy composition while your carries take care of the rest (bonus if he flanks with teleport).

Jax might have his weaknesses, but when it comes to split pushing, he is definitely the undisputed king.

Split pushing power rating: 100/100

See Jax in Action

Another example of how Jax is OP

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