[Top 10] League of Legends Best DPS Champions With Explosive Damage

League of Legends Best DPS
We are the assassins we remove people from their existance!

Hello guys and welcome back to another article of mine! In this article, you’ll read about champions that have explosive damage and that can evaporate people in an instant. One second they’ll be there in the other second they won’t be there because you killed them ez pez like that. The reason to play these champions is because it’s so damn fun having removing people from the existence of the universe. But enough of me rambling about nothingness let’s get into the champions!

10. Rengar

What makes Rengar OP:

  • Can one-shot people after 1 item
  • Has a lot of damage
  • Medium learning curve

9. Nasus

What makes Nasus OP:

  • Easy to learn more games to win 
  • Your Q ability when you have a lot of stacks can one-shot people
  • He does not care about a single god damn thing 
  • He’s a doug

8. Draven

What makes Draven OP: 

  • Has a lot of damage
  • Isn’t hard to learn 
  • Can one-shot people with one god damn axe throw

7. Kayn

What makes Kayn OP:

  • Does a massive amount of damage with his W
  • You can pick from going tank or going assassin 
  • Can go through walls and catch unsuspecting people

6. Syndra

What makes Syndra OP:

  • She’s AP so no counterplay magic resist won’t help you here boi
  • Doesn’t matter how much HP the enemy has she will one-shot them with her R ability
  • You get to play with balls like in your childhood ;)

5. Zed

What makes Zed OP:

  • You can outplay people thanks to your fun abilities
  • Your passive is an execute. Deals more damage to people who are low HP
  • You can go 0-3 gank bot lane and get a double kill because your champion is broken in every single way!

4. Veigar

What makes Veigar OP:

The more minions he kills the more AP he has the more damage he does yey!

His R ability is a point and click. Press here to get a free kill that’s how it is

No counterplay because he’s AP why should he have counterplay? 

3. Qiyana

What makes Qiyana OP:

  • Can one-shot a whole team thanks to her Q and R ability
  • Great in team fights
  • You’ll get a lot of kills with this champion

2. Evelynn 

What makes Evelynn OP:

  • She’s AP assassin magic resist doesn’t stop this girl! 
  • Can go perma invisible once she’s level 6 
  • Her ultimate ability is an execute 

1. Lux

When it comes to Lux. She can go either Mid, APC or Support. Anywhere you take this girl she will carry and destroy the opponents and win you the match. If you’re going against a Lux who knows how to play oh boy don’t even bother you already lost. With Lux you will poke the enemy opponent with your E until they’re low HP and then you will ULT them and turn them into the light. If the enemy opponent decides to run at you well for that you have your Q which is a CC ability and they won’t be able to move anywhere since they’re stuck in one place only. Lux has a high learning curve mainly because every single ability of hers is a skill shot. Which you need to aim and hit someone so good luck with that. In the late game you’ll be able to kill people with just your ultimate ability! 

What makes Lux OP:

  • High learning curve which means more fun to play the champion
  • She’s an AP battle mage and as you guessed it no counter play!
  • Her ultimate ability is really fun to use as well especially when you catch people who are far away with it!
  • Deals a lot of damage with any of her abilities! 

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