[Top 15] Best League Of Legends Settings That Give You An Advantage

"These feel like hacks"

League of Legends is a game that requires quick wits, sharp strategies, and flawless mechanics if you are to excel. Every player is looking for an edge, whether it’s team composition, camping specific lanes, or counter-jungling, they are all efforts to achieve victory.

But what if the secret weapon to improving your gameplay lies in the game settings themselves? That’s right, manipulating certain in-game settings can dramatically improve your performance, turning you into a formidable force on the fields of justice. Here are 15 game-changing settings that could be your ticket to dominating the Rift.


15. Player Attack Move

Looking back, I really wish I had known about this setting earlier in my LoL career. Misclicking an enemy champion that is one auto-attack away from defeat is one of the worst feelings you can experience in this game. Even more so when you are playing auto-attack dependent roles such as ADC.

Enter “Player Attack Move”. This feature can be found in the game settings under “Hotkeys”, then “Player Movement”. A small adjustment with a massive impact, this feature allows you to assign a key for your champion to attack the nearest enemy target within range, prioritizing enemy champions.

This not only reduces the chances of heart-breaking misclicks, but also enhances the ability to kite, as you no longer need to click back and forth between where you want your champion to go, and who you want to attack.


14. Show Experience

Okay, this one doesn’t seem so important. “Who cares how much experience I am getting, I can see the progress bar right there!” Well yes, technically you can see your experience progress bar next to your champion statistics, But turning this setting on can give you a better understanding of how close you need to be from the action to gain experience, which is crucial when you are facing a lane bully who doesn’t let you get close enough to the minion wave to farm.

To activate this feature, head into the game settings, navigate to the Interface tab, and check the “Experience” option. Once activated, it will show numbers indicating the experience gained from nearby minion deaths, giving you clear insight on how your positioning affects your leveling progress. This small piece of information can be a game-changer, especially in tough lane matchups where every bit of experience counts.


13. Movement Prediction

This one actually almost feels like hacks. Primarily designed for players with high-ping, this setting allows the game to ‘predict’ your intended direction of movement.

Essentially, the game is taking an educated guess of your next move. This can be particularly useful if you're experiencing lag or delay, as it helps to compensate for the time lost during the transmission of your actions to the server. The final product is movement that appears much smoother and intuitive, which can really mean the difference during high-stakes plays and hectic team fights.

To turn this on, go to the game settings, locate the “Game” tab, and scroll down until you see “Movement Prediction” and check the box.


12. Quick Cast

Once you’ve mastered your champions kit, quick-cast becomes an indispensable tool for most spells in League of Legends.

In this fast-paced game, milliseconds matter, and quick-cast allows you to unleash your abilities instantly, without the extra click required with the default settings.

To enable this feature, open the game settings and click on the hotkeys tab. Here you’ll find options to turn quick-cast on for spells and items.

While I personally don’t use quick-cast for every spell (as some demand a bit more precision and planning), for the majority, quick-cast is a game changer. Particularly in high-stakes skirmishes where rapid reactions can give you a crucial upper hand.


11. Target Champions Only

Ever find yourself clicking on a minion instead of an enemy champion? Well fret no more my good summoner. The “Target Champions Only” allows you to focus your attacks exclusively on enemy champions.

When enabled, your clicks will ignore minions, monsters, and pets, ensuring all of your attacks target an enemy champion. This setting is particularly advantageous when you are fighting in minion-packed waves, or dueling in the jungle. It is a simple tweak that can prevent costly mistakes in critical moments where every attack matters.

To activate this feature, go to game settings, click on the Hotkeys tab, and locate Target Champions only. You can either toggle this on and off, or set it to a hotkey for more control.


10. Disable Camera Lock

There are still many players who play with the camera-lock on. This is when your champion is centered on your screen at all times. Sure, it is a comfort to newer players, offering a steady view of your immediate surroundings. The downside however is that it often leads to tunnel vision, limiting your awareness of the broader battlefield.

Disabling camera lock allows you to move the game camera across different parts of the map. This is more than just a personal benefit; it’s a team advantage. With a wider view, you can spot ganks, anticipate potential team fights, and keep an eye out on crucial objectives like Dragon or Baron.

If you still find yourself in the shackles of camera lock, break free from it, your team will thank you!


9. Resolution and Graphics Settings

Frame-rate lag will destroy any chances of climbing the rankings on League of Legends. Many professionals have PC’s specifically optimized for LoL. But hey, not everyone has a spare $1600 lying around for a top-tier gaming rig, right? Not to worry, you can achieve high steady frames by tweaking the resolution and graphics settings.

By opening up the game settings, you can make various adjustments that can increase the game's performance. You can individually reduce the character, environment, shadow, and effects quality in the drop down menus. There is also a slider that optimizes the graphics for performance rather than aesthetics.

8. Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Sometimes, the reason why your gameplay is suffering is because of your mouse sensitivity settings.

Let’s explore mouse sensitivity, and the pros and cons of both.

High Mouse Sensitivity


  • Quick response: High sensitivity allows for rapid movements, crucial in fast-paced situations.
  • Less physical movement: Ideal for players who prefer minimal hand movement.
  • Easier screen navigation: Swiftly move across the game screen, especially on larger monitors.


  • Over-aiming: Can lead to missing targets due to overly quick cursor movements.
  • Less precision: Fine control can be more challenging, affecting accuracy.

Low Mouse Sensitivity


  • Greater precision: Offers more control for exact movements, crucial for skill shots and targeting.
  • Consistency: Lower sensitivity can lead to more consistent and predictable cursor behavior.
  • Better for learning: New players might find it easier to get used to game mechanics.


  • More hand movement: Requires larger physical movements, which can be tiring over long sessions.
  • Slower screen navigation: Moving across the map or screen can take longer.

The trick is to find a sensitivity level that feels comfortable for you. Experiment in a few games, adjusting the slider in the settings until you hit that sweet spot. Your perfect sensitivity is the one that balances speed and precision to match your play style.


7. Smart Cast with Indicator

This setting comes with the benefit of quick cast, while keeping your range indicators. It allows you to hold down the ability key to see the range and direction of your spell; releasing it then casts the spell. This hybrid approach lets you make rapid decisions without sacrificing precision.

To enable this feature, go to game settings, navigate to the hotkeys tab, and enable Smart Cast with Indicator. Whether you're lining up the perfect skill-shot or timing a crucial escape, this setting can help you make those highlight reel plays with speed and accuracy.


6. Interface Size

The importance of clarity in League of Legends cannot be overstated, and this is where adjusting your interface size comes into play. With this setting modification, you can essentially make your Heads Up Display (HUD) and other interface elements smaller (or larger, if you're crazy), allowing you to adjust how much of the battlefield you can see.

Go into the game's “Interface” settings to find this feature. The key is to strike the perfect balance, making your HUD informative yet unobtrusive.


5. Enable Smooth Camera

The “Smooth Camera” feature is a setting that offers more fluid and less jarring camera movement. This feature is intended to help players who suffer from motion sickness, or who find that the regular camera movement is too abrupt and disorienting.

If you’ve ever found yourself almost falling out of your chair because you panned your camera to bot lane, open up the game settings, click on the “Game” tab, and check “Enable Smooth Camera”. This feature not only helps with motion sickness, but some find that it is much easier to track movements with this setting enabled.


4. Color Blind Mode

Color blind mode was designed to assist players that have color vision deficiency. It alters the game's color palette to make colors more easily distinguished.

More specifically, it was designed to help differentiate between friend or foe, which is crucial information in chaotic team fights where health bars overlap. The setting is not just beneficial for color blind players; even those without color vision deficiencies may find that the different color schemes offer clearer visuals that are easier to differentiate.

To turn on this feature, open the game settings, navigate to the “Video” tab, and check “Color Blind Mode”


3. Frames Per Second Cap

The FPS cap is a great feature to use in order to optimize the smoothness and stability of your gameplay. As the activity of the game fluctuates, the CPU and RAM capacities can be tasked at different rates. Without an FPS cap, the frame rate can significantly swing, causing lag that can negatively affect how you play.

You can control this by activating the FPS cap feature, which can be found in the games settings in the “Video” tab.


2. Show Spell Costs

Seeing your spell costs can greatly assist your resource management in League of Legends, further enhancing your decision making with your casting.

The more information you have available to you the better, it is a horrible feeling to flash under tower, expecting a successful all in, only to realize you don’t have the mana/energy to follow up. Avoid smashing your keyboard to pieces out of frustration and enable “Show Spell Costs” Today! You can find this feature in the “Interface” tab in the game settings.


1. Audio Settings

In high level play, team communication can mean all the difference between winning and losing. Pings are a crucial aspect of communication and that can be used to signal missing enemies, cues to attack objectives, or defend a specific lane.

Muting everyone in existence and perma-pushing top lane can only get you so far. If you find the pings “annoying” you can adjust the in-game volume settings in the “Sound” tab of the game options. You can also adjust the background music and announcer voices, to further ensure you are getting only the crucial audio information.



By adopting and effectively applying these top 15 settings in League of Legends, you can anticipate a significant enhancement in your gameplay. These settings are not just mere adjustments; they are transformative techniques that will unveil a more efficient and strategic way of playing.

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