[Top 10] LoL Best ADC Items

League of LegendsLoL Best ADC Items
ADCs are an important part of any team composition as they rely on them for heavy damage.

10. Maw of Malmortius (Best for magic shield)

This item isn’t a particularly popular pick-up by most ADCs but sometimes when you’re up against an AP-heavy composition or there’s an overly fed mage, Maw of Malmortius can give you the protection you need. Upon dropping below 30% health, this item grants you a 200 (+ 20% maximum health) magic shield. It’s perfect against AP burst damage and is definitely worth it against a strong magic damage enemy.

What makes Maw of Malmortius great

  • Great protection against magic damage
  • Provides enough damage so you’re not losing value

Maw of Malmortius details

  • + 15 ability haste
  • + 50 attack damage
  • + 50 magic resistance
  • Cost: 3100 G

9. Runaan’s Hurricane (Best for heavy auto-attack reliant champions)

This is almost a necessary item for certain ADCs but not for all. Champions like Vayne and Kai’sa utilize Runaan’s Hurricane extremely well as the item allows you to apply their auto-attack passives to multiple targets simultaneously. Again, it’s a core item for only a certain number of ADCs who have special effects with their auto-attacks. Jinx is another example that utilizes this item well, so plan accordingly.

What makes Runaan’s Hurricane great

  • Allows champions to proc auto-attack passives for more damage against multiple enemies
  • Provides attack speed and critical strike chance to keep you in the game

Runaan’s Hurricane details

  • + 45% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 7% movement speed
  • Cost: 2600 G

8. Mortal Reminder (Best for anti-healing)

Mortal Reminder is an attack speed/critical strike chance item with a unique effect: your physical damage attacks apply Grievous Wounds to enemies hit. Attacking an enemy champion 3 times within 2 seconds increases the anti-healing effect. It’s a perfect item against heal-reliant compositions like Soraka and Vladimir.

What makes Mortal Reminder great

  • Anti-healing buff that scales with auto-attacks
  • Good attack speed buff to keep you within the tempo of the game

Mortal Reminder details

  • + 20 attack damage
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 25% attack speed
  • + 7% movement speed
  • Cost: 2500 G

7. Mercurial Scimitar (Best for crowd-control cleanse)

Sometimes, an enemy composition is running too much crowd-control or just one. In the late game, all it takes is one immobilization for an ADC to die, so it’s extremely important to have a Mercurial Scimitar to proc the Quicksilver effect. This item allows you to cleanse yourself of any crowd-control you are under and grants movement speed. Mercurial Scimitar could make all the difference in the late game or even against compositions with heavy crowd-control.

What makes Mercurial Scimitar great

  • Quicksilver effect which allows you to rid yourself of any crowd-control
  • Grants a burst of movement speed after to help you kite incoming enemies

Mercurial Scimitar details

  • + 40 attack damage
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 30 magic resistance
  • Cost: 3000 G

6. The Collector (Best for burst damage ADCs)

The Collector was recently added to the League of Legend’s item inventory and it’s a great attack damage item for high burst-damage ADCs like Jhin and Samira. The great effect of this item is that it executes champions when you cut them below 5% health. It helps ADCs finish their enemies off quicker and move onto the next target.

What makes The Collector awesome

  • Powerful execution passive to supplement the ADC’s damage
  • A good attack damage buff

The Collector details

  • + 55 attack damage
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • Cost: 3000 G

5. Guardian Angel (Best for revive)

Guardian Angel is situational but in solo-queue, it’s almost a necessity against strong assassin players. This item gives you enough damage and armor to stay relevant in the game and its most valuable effect is the revive that it grants you upon death. It deters enemies from randomly going all-in on you and protects you significantly well from threats.

What makes Guardian Angel great

  • Revive effect to deter assassins and other champions from killing you
  • Builds off of a B.F. Sword to grant you relevant damage

Guardian Angel details

  • + 40 armor
  • + 40 attack damage
  • Cost: 2800 G

4. Infinity Edge (Best for critical strike damage and percent chance)

This is a great damage item to give ADCs the extra juice they need in their attacks. Upon going above 60% critical strike chance, you receive an extra 35% critical strike damage. It’s relatively powerful on almost every ADC and fits several builds.

What makes Infinity Edge great

  • Strong attack damage and critical strike damage buff for a mid-game power spike
  • Grants an insane amount of damage with +70 AD

Infinity Edge details

  • + 70 attack damage
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • Cost: 3400 G

3. Immortal Shieldbow (Best for healing and anti-burst protection)

Think of this item as a much stronger version of a Maw of Malmortius. It provides a powerful shield if you drop below 30% health as well as 15% life-steal for 8 seconds to help you heal back up. It’s a powerful item against assassins and any champion that is looking to one-shot you. As a Mythic item, it also empowers your Legendary items with 5 bonus attack damage and 50 bonus health.

What makes Immortal Shieldbow great

  • Great shield and life-steal to keep you alive for much longer

Immortal Shieldbow details

  • + 55 attack damage
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 20% attack speed
  • + 12% life-steal
  • Cost: 3400 G

2. Galeforce (Best for mobility)

Immobile ADCs rejoiced with the release of Galeforce, as it finally provides a viable option of an escape or outmaneuver. Galeforce’s active ability allows you to dash in a target direction and fire 3 homing missiles towards the nearest enemy. It does more damage the lower health the enemy has, so it acts as a mini-execution, but the most important aspect is the dash component.

What makes Galeforce great

  • Does terrific damage and provides 3% movement speed for each Legendary item
  • Grants a dash ability to the item wearer

Galeforce details

  • + 60 attack damage
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 20% attack speed
  • Cost: 3400 G

1. Kraken Slayer (Best for true damage procs)

Kraken Slayer is by far one of the strongest items in the game due to its passive ability, which allows ADCs to deal damage with every 3 auto-attacks. This item grants a significant power spike for the early to mid-game and helps you deal with tanky champions without an armor penetration item.

What makes Kraken Slayer great

  • True damage procs which do an insane amount of damage over time
  • Grants a bonus 10% attack speed for each Legendary item

Kraken Slayer details

  • + 65 attack damage
  • + 25% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • Cost: 3400 G

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