LoL Best Yorick Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome (All Yorick Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Yorick Best Skins
"Fear not… I will make use of your corpse."

Yorick the gravedigger from the Shadow Isles brings domination in the rift by using his powers over the dead. After his rework, Yorick has received 4 more skins making a total of 6 skins to choose from. We will rank them here from worst to best based on 4 major attributes; general appearance, ability animations, SFX and recall animations.


6. Undertaker Yorick

Undertaker Yorick Skin Spotlight

Undertaker Yorick is the cheapest skin for Yorick which puts him in a purple dress and a mask. There are no new ability animations or particles. The recall animation is the same and so are the sound effects.

Skin rating:

  • General appearance: 6/10
  • Ability animations: 5/10
  • SFX: 5/10
  • Recall animation: 5/10
  • Total: 21

The skin is available for 520 RP.


5. Pentakill Yorick

Pentakill Yorick Skin Spotlight

Pentakill Yorick features him as a bass guitarist. The skin looks beautiful. It adds a lot of features being a regular skin. Yorick’s model looks cool with a hat, big strong arms and a bass guitar. His abilities have new particles, his graves are now orange and so is his Q animation. The maiden also looks different but E is the same.

Yorick’s auto attacks give the sound of banging a guitar and so does his Q. The dance animation plays a cool rock riff that you could listen to all day long. The recall animation remains the same.

Overall, this skin adds a lot for being just a regular skin.

Skin rating:

  • General appearance: 8/10
  • Ability animations: 6/10
  • SFX: 8/10
  • Recall animation: 5/10
  • Price factor: 1/1
  • Total: 28

The skin is available for 975 RP.


4. Arclight Yorick

Arclight Yorick Skin Spotlight

Arclight Yorick reverses the theme of Yorick from a being from the Shadow Isles to a Lost King bringing righteous judgement. All his abilities have a holy light effect on them. Even the forbidding maiden looks like an angel of the light now. The ghouls have golden armour just like Yorick. This skin sort of makes Yorick look like a paladin.

The recall animation is revamped and bright as ever. Overall this is a good epic skin.

Skin rating:

  • General appearance: 8/10
  • Ability animations: 7/10
  • SFX: 7/10
  • Recall animation: 8/10
  • Total: 30

The skin is available for 1350 RP.


3. Meowrick

Meowrick Skin Spotlight

If you like cats, there is no better skin in the world for you. All features of this skin scream kitty. From the ghouls that are now cute little kittens to the maiden who is just a big feline. Cute kitty sounds are kept everywhere in the skin. W ability is just a big circle of kittens and E applies a kitty mark on the enemy.

The colours of the skin are bright and eye catchy. The recall animation is amusing and well thought out.

Skin rating:

  • General appearance: 8/10
  • Ability animations: 8/10
  • SFX: 8/10 (meow meow)
  • Recall animation: 9/10
  • Total: 33

The skin is available for 1350 RP.


2. Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick Skin Spotlight

This is yet another Pentakill skin for Yorick but with a huge shortcoming that we will talk about. 

Talking about the good points about this skin, the musical effects added to the skin are better than the original Pentakill Yorick. There is a lot more music and it feels better too. The music plays with his dance, his recall and when he spawns the maiden as well. In addition, E also plays a riff when it hits and there is a little music with his W as well. The animations with the abilities are also nice.

The shortcoming is the mere fact that Riot could’ve included the hat to be on Yorick at all times instead of just the emotes and recalls but they didn’t. They could’ve also made it a toggle but they chose to disappoint their fans.

Skin rating:

  • General appearance: 7/10 (no hat no rating)
  • Ability animations: 8/10
  • SFX: 10/10
  • Recall animation: 9/10
  • Total: 35

The skin is available for 1350 RP.


1. Resistance Yorick

Resistance Yorick Skin Spotlight

What could be better than a terminator-themed skin which turns Yorick’s maiden into a formidable robot and his ghouls into little tiny robots that bring annihilation to the enemy.

The skin with its red and grey colours looks awesome and the models of the maiden and the ghouls make this skin complete. The abilities have new animations with the Q being red, the W spawning a circle of robots, the E with its target mark and the coolest-looking maiden so far. And did I mention the sickest-looking recall animation?

The base colour of the skin is amazing but several chromas are also available if you still want to change the look.

Skin rating:

  • General appearance: 10/10
  • Ability animations: 9/10
  • SFX: 8/10
  • Recall animation: 9/10
  • Total: 36

The skin is available for 1350 RP


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