[Top 15] League of Legends Best Graphic Settings

LOL Best Graphic Settings
Changing the graphic settings on League will put your best foot forward before stepping onto the rift.

Want some great hacks and tricks to play the best game possible?

Ever wondered how professional League of Legends players maximise their potential? Well, even before knowing your champion inside out, or knowing how to land your skill shots, you want to give yourself the best possible start to the game. 

That start begins in changing your settings to maximise your chances of landing skill shots and dodging enemies. Most of these changes can only be made in-game, so we recommend you start a custom game for the sole purpose of changing the settings. Scroll down to see the Best Graphic Settings for League of Legends. So let’s get to it!

15. Champion Name Change

If you are a new player to League of Legends, it can be a little overwhelming. There are at least 150 champions to choose from in-game. This can be a lot to handle, especially if you can’t remember the differences between Garen and Darius, or between Sona and Seraphine. 

By changing summoner names to champion names, you can know which champion you are against a little easier. While this is mainly for newcomers, it can also help experienced players due to the sheer amount of skins that are released on the rift.  Sometimes, you can tell the difference between Storm Dragon Lee Sin and other assassins when he’s ganking you.

How to change the setting:

  • Go to the interface (in-game)
  • Scroll down
  • In the Health Bar section, change Name to Champion Name.

14. Muting Teammates and the Enemy

It is not a well-kept secret that League of Legends suffers from toxicity in the fandom. The player base is known to be one of the most toxic, which can be very off-putting for some players. To solve this problem, you can choose to mute teammates (individually or as a whole) and the enemy team, who might use all chat to try and taunt you.

There is very little good to all chat when it comes to playing competitively. So by turning it off, you can save yourself from the worst aspect of the game: the toxic fans.

How to change the setting:

  • Go to the interface section
  • Scroll down
  • In the Chat section, deselect Show All Chat. (For enemy team)
  • In the Chat section, deselect Show Allied Chat. (For all teammates).

13. Attack Champions

If you are playing a champion that works well as a diving champion, you might have experienced the frustration of attacking the tower instead of the champion underneath it. This can be infuriating when you end up dead with no kills. 

To remedy this, you will want to bind the attack champions option to a specific key that you can toggle on and off easily.

How to change the setting:

  • Go to Hotkeys
  • Under the hotkeys section, scroll down to abilities and summoner’s spells.
  • Click on Target Champions Only.
  • Create a key bind that is easy to access for you.

12. Attack Move On Cursor

Attack move is a common technique applied to help auto-attack your enemy without accidentally moving closer to them, which can often allow the enemy to deal damage. However, this technique has problems. Attack move attacks the closest enemy to the champion. Therefore you could hit the tank, instead of the squishy low health mid laner.

To fix this, using attack move on cursor like pro gamers, can help keep you attacking without the problem of moving too close to the target nor attacking the wrong enemy. It focuses on the closest enemy to your cursor instead of your champion. 

How to change the setting:

  • Go to the Game Section in Settings.
  • Click Attack Move on Cursor.

11. Stop Command

Last hitting minions is an important aspect of most roles in League of Legends (with the exception of Jungler and Support as those roles are a little different). In order to get the maximum amount of gold, you want to last hit every minion in the wave. This can sometimes be tricky, and it’s a skill that needs practice to perfect. 

The stop command can help you to get the perfect last hit to secure the minion gold. 

How to change the setting:

  • Go to the Hotkeys section.
  • Go to Player Movement.
  • Go to Player Stop Position.

Note: By default, it is bound to the letter S, which is handy, however, you can unbind it and bind it to another if you see fit.

10. Item Slot Keybinds

When you’ve played League of Legends for years like we have, you tend to rely on muscle memory for our abilities and even our items. So when we buy an active item, it automatically goes into the next empty slot. 

When you are in the middle of the game, you might be more focused on your abilities, while forgetting to move your active item to the correct slot. Countless times, I have accidentally Zhonya’s when I wanted to activate another item. Frustrating to say the least.

To remedy this, you can bind items to specific keys so that it will automatically move to that key, moving whatever was in that key before to the next available key.

How to change the setting:

  • Go into Collections.
  • Go into Items.
  • Click on New Item Set.
  • Add items you usually purchase.
  • Hover the mouse over them, and click the preferred bind.

9. Revive Camera Movement

Have you ever died in a team battle, continue watching your teammates fight it out, only to be whisked away when you revive back to base? Missing the action can be annoying, especially when the support Janna is 1 v 5 chasing down the entire enemy team. 

However, you don’t need to be taken back to base to know you’ve revived. When you revive the screen returns to coloured images instead of the black and white afterlife. 

How to change the setting:

  • In-game, go to the Settings.
  • Go to Game.
  • Deselect Move Camera On Revive.

8. Sound Settings

The sounds on League of Legends are atmospheric, fun and help set the mood for games. However, some sound settings are a little distracting and can clutter up your audio, making it harder to hear certain abilities being cast. 

For example, hearing Ezreal’s ultimate can help you dodge it, or hearing Sion coming down the lane using his ultimate gives you a few moments to get the heck out of there.

How to change the setting:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Sound.
  • Mute what is unnecessary (Music, Voice, Ambient Volume for example)

7. Show Neutral Camps

Neutral Camps are an important aspect of the game for every champion, not just Jungler. The Jungler needs this setting on for the best chances of winning the jungle and knowing where to go next.

However, other champions should know the times of the camps in order to have better awareness as to where the enemy jungler may be, where your jungler will be and when to ask for ganks. Knowing the neutral camps that are up, allows you to push lane, freeze and hold back at the right times to secure kills.

How to change the setting:

  • In-game, open Settings.
  • Click Interface.
  • Scroll down to Minimap.
  • Select Show Neutral Camps.

6. Quick Casting

There are pros and cons to Quick Casting and Normal Casting. Quick Casting, clicking your ability once to activate it, allows for much faster gameplay, which can really help in the middle of a fight. However, you’re not able to see the maximum range of your abilities, which is also very helpful. 

On the other hand, Normal Casting is slower and clunkier. It takes longer to cast each spell but you are able to see the range of the spell as well as the trajectory of it.

So to toggle Quick Casting and Normal Casting on, we suggest you key bind both.

 How to change the setting:

  • In-game, open up the Settings.
  • Go to Hotkeys.
  • Click Abilities and Summoner’s Spells.

You can key bind your Normal Binds.

5. Level Up Abilities

When levelling up your abilities you can click the pop up to level up the ability. However, this is quite clunky and takes a little bit of time. There is a faster method available.

This method is preset in your Settings. By clicking CTRL + Q/W/E/R you can level up that ability much faster.

How to change the setting:

  • Hold down CTRL + the key for the ability you wish to level up.

4. Warded Ping

When we started playing League of Legends, we wish we knew this option. It is by far one of the most common setting changes that players make, and for good reason. The warded ping allows players to drop a ping that highlights where the enemy has warded. 

This can be used to help your jungler when ganking, or to help another teammate that’s waiting in a warded bush.

How to change the setting:

  • In-game, open up Settings.
  • Go to Hotkeys.
  • Scroll down to Area in Warded Ping.
  • Set it to a key bind.

3. Timestamps

Another important feature of the game that many users don’t enable is timestamps. Timestamps allow you to see what time everything was posted in chat.

You might be wondering how that’s useful in-game. For example, if Malphite ults at 11:00 minutes and you write it in chat, you can remember you’re safe to fight against him without fearing about his ult for the next few moments.

If you have the math skills, you can work out when his ultimate is back up.

How to change the setting:

  • In-game, open up Settings.
  • Go to Interface.
  • Scroll down to Chat.
  • Select Show Timestamps.

2. Colour-blind Mode

The traditional purpose of this setting is to allow people who are colour-blind to easily distinguish between spell effects and abilities with colours they easily get confused. 

However, this setting can be used for everyone, as it helps differentiate between some ability spells and the terrain of the rift. It's super helpful with little negative impact on your game.

How to change the setting:

  • Open settings during a game.
  • Select Colour-blind Mode.

1. Scale Minimap Readjustment 

The Minimap is a crucial part of playing League of Legends. It is the tool that helps you have awareness of the entire map, including where your teammates are and more importantly, where your enemies are. 

If you can see the enemy jungler is top lane, it's safe to push bot lane, and vice versa. However, if the enemy jungler is missing and you’re not checking the minimap while pushing bot, you’re asking for a gank.

Minimap is such an important feature to doing well in-game.

Therefore by increasing the Minimap scale to around 60-70%, you will be more aware of what’s going on in the game. Increasing it beyond this, however, can impact your vision of your actual screen, and you can miss vital information in the bottom corner.

How to change the setting:

  • Open settings during a game.
  • Go to Interface. 
  • Increase the Minimap Scale slider to around 60-70%.

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