[Top 10] LOL Best CC Champions For Crowd Control (2022 Edition)

 LOL Best CC Champions
When Am I Able To Move? Now? Oh, I'm Dead Thanks Riot!

Let me start this list by saying more CC = more GG. If you don’t think that’s true ask yourself how many games have won when your team had 3-4 CC champions in your composition? Oh? Too many to count on your fingers? Good job now you know that theory works. Should you always pick a champion that can CC someone and not let them move?

Yes of course you should since CC is the most broken thing in this game except when you’re playing as a marksman of course then you should pick someone who has lots of damage and someone who’s able to one-shot their targets. Enough about me talking nonsense let’s get into the champions, shall we? 

10. Ivern

"Happy to sit this one out"

Let’s start this list off with one of the friendliest characters in the whole game called Ivern “The Green Father”. You see, Ivern is a jungle support champion. But don’t let that stop you from playing him. Tyler1 managed to climb to Challenger by playing this champion.

You see Ivern has one of the fastest jungle clears in the whole game and he does not mess around. Even when ganking it’s simple. To gank with Ivern you shoot out your Q and if it hits someone it CC’s them. If you right-click on them it will pull you closer to them. The next ability that Ivern can use to CC his targets is his ultimate ability that he calls “Daisy”. For your knowledge Daisy is the side hoe that he calls whenever he wants and she’s made out of stone.

For Daisy to launch out her CC she has to hit a target three times in which she then smashes the ground and launches a path of rocks knocking up targets into the air. Once Daisy dies Ivern can spawn another one and let his murder spree continue. 

What makes Ivern Great For Crowd Control:

  • Has the ability to root people and lock them in place allowing his teammates to beat the crap out of them. 
  • Daisy can knock up multiple people into the air after she auto-attacks three times. 
  • Ivern has the ability to spawn bushes around the rift which he can use for some juicy ganks or save his dear team. 

See Ivern in action:

9. Galio

"I may be made out of stone but my heart is real!"

Up next we have Galio “The Colossus”. This giant of a man is a huge statue that is perfect against AP champions since he gains a passive shield against AP damage but he’s also really good vs AD champions since he’s a tank. Not only that but Galio is a master when it comes to crowd controlling a bunch of people.

He has three abilities in his kit that allow him to do that. The first ability is his W. With this ability Galio goes back into himself like a turtle and charges up. After he’s fully charged up he releases an aura that forces people to attack him with slow attack speed debuff of course. The next ability is his E where he lounges at people with his whole body, hitting anyone that’s standing in his way, knocking them up, and then smashing the ground with his giant fists breaking their toes.

Last but not least Galio can use his ultimate ability to jump a large distance saving his teammates in need. When he lands on the location where his teammates are he knocks up anything and everyone that’s an enemy target which CC’s them for a short period of time. This colossus can save your life when you need it the most. 

What makes Galio Great For Crowd Control:

  • Three abilities in his kit that allow him to CC people. 
  • His ultimate has a huge radius that you can use to save your teammates. 
  • His W can taunt multiple people at once which is effective during a team fight making the enemy focus a tank instead of your squishy puny teammates. 

See Galio in action:

8. Thresh

"It's over when I SAY"

Here we have Thresh “The Chain Warden”. Riot turned this scary creature into a sexy anime antagonist that was freed from the “Shadow Isles” and he’s now free to roam Runterra as he pleases. Thresh also has three abilities in his kit that allow him to CC people. Let's go over them right now.

Let’s start with his Q which is a hook. Don’t take this ability lightly as it’s pretty damn hard to hit. First, you have to aim where you want this ability to land. Next, you have to charge it up for a second, and then only then will Thresh throw out his hook to hit someone. So every time you use this ability you’d have to predict where the enemy would go next. The next ability in his kit is his “Flay”. With “Flay”, Thresh can launch a person into the target direction knocking them up and slowing them down.  This ability is really useful and I’d recommend that you combine it with your Q, so when landing your hooks it’s 10x times easier for you.

For his ultimate ability, Thresh locks people in a box and anyone that touches the wall of the box takes a bit of damage and they’re heavily slowed like their leg bones have been shattered into pieces. That’s all about this hooker and his great potential to CC people. 

What makes Thresh Great For Crowd Control:

  • Three abilities in his kit that he can use to CC people. 
  • The hook ability is the most useful one out of the three; the only downside is that it’s hard to land. 
  • His ultimate ability can be used to stop people from trying to escape your wrath or locking multiple people into a box cage and watching them run around like headless chickens. 
  • Use “Flay” first before trying to hook someone. It makes your life 10x times easier, gamer.

See Thresh in action:

7. Morgana

"I am bound, but I will not break"

Yup, did you think I wouldn’t include this mistress? Well, think again young man. Morgana “The Fallen” is the type of champion that will lock you into her chains and won’t let go until you die of old age. Like, seriously how long can her CC last... Jesus Christ Riot Games.

But yes Morgana has two CC abilities in her kit. The first ability that locks you into place is her Q. To do that you simply have to hit the ability and boom the deed has been done and finished. For her ultimate ability Morgana rises up with her wings and anyone that’s around her will get locked into place. Her ultimate is pretty much her Q but that locks onto people and lasts the same amount of time.

This ability goes really well with an item called “Zhonya’s Hourglass”.  Do what you will with this information boys and girls. 

What makes Morgana Great For Crowd Control:

  • If you manage to hit your Q ability, you are guaranteed a kill 90% of the time. If your ADC has enough brain cells to connect with you that is. 
  • The ultimate ability allows Morgana to CC multiple people who are around her, which is simply amazing and great in team fights. It’s like a multishot of her Q ability. 
  • Funny enough she has an ability that blocks all incoming CC on her or on her ally depending on who she used it on. That’s her E btw. 

See Morgana in action:

6. Zyra

"Feel the thorns. Embrace them!"

Zyra “Rise Of The Thorns” might look like an attractive girl but believe me, she will take her little plants and peck you to death with them. Especially when she locks you in place and doesn’t allow you to move a muscle.

The way she CC’s people is simple and relatively easy to hit. First up on the list is her E in which she launches little roots through the ground that hit you and root you into place. This ability can root multiple people if you’re skilled enough to hit it that way. Next up is her ultimate ability “Stranglethorns” where Zyra summons a huge vortex of plant roots under your feet that knock you up, slow you, deal damage to you and empower all of her plants that were inside of the vortex with steroids.

This might not seem that scary until you find out that Zyra scales insanely well with magic items. Even though she’s a support champion she will deal more damage to the enemy than her ADC. She’s a “support” if you get what I mean ;). 

What makes Zyra Great For Crowd Control:

  • Her E can root multiple people if you’re skilled enough to hit it. 
  • “Stranglethorns” can be really effective in team fights when your gamer buddies need help and by help, I mean taking every single kill and dealing the most damage in your team. 
  • When her plants are on steroids they can take an enemy apart limb by limb. 

See Zyra in action:

5. Blitzcrank

"Beep boop beep beep boom"

Up next we have a better hooker than Thresh and that’s Blitzcrank “The Great Steam Golem”. You see, unlike Thresh, Blitzcrank has the ability to automatically launch his hook and pull people close to him.

When they’re close enough he uppercuts them so hard that they have a dislocated jaw for the rest of their lives. Not to mention that Blitzcrank can unleash his inner demons and give everyone around him electrical therapy that’s so good he puts them to sleep. When you want to play this champion please remember that your only job is to hook people towards you and CC them with your uppercut.

That’s all you have to do. It’s nothing and nothing fancy. It’s simple, even my dog could do it. 

What makes Blitzcrank Great For Crowd Control:

  • Hooking people is simple as one, two, and three. 
  • Your uppercut ability is target champion so you don’t have to aim it. 
  • His ultimate can silence and deal damage to multiple targets around him. 
  • Best hooker on the market. 

See Blitzcrank in action:

4. Zac

"I was made for this... literally"

Zac “The Secret Weapon” was created somewhere in the depths of Zaun. Why was he created? Who knows. Someone wanted a friend so they created this monster that kinda reminds me of the blobfish.

But even though Zac might look ugly and disgusting, boy can he CC people. The first ability that allows him to CC is his Q. Where he can use his arms to make people kiss. First, you hit your Q on a champion or a minion then you hit your Q again on a minion or a champion, and boom they kissed by your will. Now for his E Zac jumps on top of a target knocking them up in the air and holding them in place for a short period of time.

Last but not least with his ultimate Zac blows himself up into a huge bubble and he starts jumping around. Each time he lands he stuns all targets around him, knocking them up in the air once again and pushing them off to the side like the side hoe you are. 

What makes Zac Great For Crowd Control:

  • Ability to CC multiple people at the same time with all of three of his abilities. 
  • He’s a jungler so having that much CC in his kit is pretty good when ganking a lane. 
  • Not only that but having that much CC and having lots of HP on Zac makes him an unstoppable force not to be messed with. 

See Zac in action:

3. Rell

"Nothing gets in, no one goes out"

We are at the final stretch of this list at number three we have Rell “The Iron Maiden”. First off this girl was tortured until she has perfected the art of metal bending, when she has done that she broke out and now rides on her cool horse made out of metal.

You see Rell loves to control the flow of battle and will do anything to stop her enemies from advancing any further. The first ability that she can do that with is her W where she dismounts from her horse and knocks up anyone that’s in her path. The second ability is where she can link up with her ADC and anyone that’s between her and the ADC get’s CC’d like crazy. The third and final ability is her ultimate where she magnetizes everything around her.

Once she has done that she pulls everyone as close as she can towards her so her teammates can beat them up while she tanks all the damage. 

What makes Rell Great For Crowd Control:

  • She’s a great combination with any marksman champion. 
  • Can CC multiple targets with her W and E ability, especially when you combine those two together. 
  • She’s able to pull targets towards her thanks to her ultimate ability. Which can disrupt the enemy from attacking your teammates. 

See Rell in action:

2. Nautilus

"I will not rest"

At number two we have Nautilus “The Titan Of The Depths”. Once a proud sailor or pirate turned into an abomination of the depths. The anchor that killed him is now his only weapon. You know how I said that Blitzcrank was the best hooker. Well, I lied too bad, so sad. Nautilus is the best hooker on the market right now. Simply because his hitboxes are broken and they will connect to anything that you want them to connect with.

Most of the time it will be straight bs but eh Riot Games seem that they don’t care about it so why should we, right? Anyways Nautilus can CC you with his auto-attacks, with his Q, with his E, and with his ultimate ability. With his auto-attacks it’s simple you just press right-click on someone, his Q throws out his huge anchor where he hooks onto people and drags himself towards them, with his E he stomps the ground slowing everyone around him, and last but not least his ultimate ability is very simple, listen to this.

You press R on an enemy and boom they go up into the sky like a rocket. Not only that but this guy is tanky af from the beginning of the match so good luck trying to kill something that’s already dead. 

What makes Nautilus Great For Crowd Control:

  • Almost every ability can CC in his kit except his W, which just makes him tankier. 
  • With Q he can hook onto a target even if it wasn’t meant to be. 
  • E slows everyone around him which is perfect for you to catch up to him. 
  • Nautilus’s R ability will follow the target he locked onto. If anything or anyone is in his path they will be knocked up into the air. 
  • If you combine everything in his kit you get a really deadly combo that the enemy won’t be able to survive. 

See Nautilus in action:

1. Leona 

"The dawn has arrived!"

At the number one spot, we have the queen of CC and that’s Leona “The Radiant Dawn”. Listen if you see this girl on the enemy team run away as far as possible. Do not even come close to her; she will beat you up even if you are 10-0.

As for her abilities, they are really simple but deadly when combined together. Her Q allows her to CC her targets with her next auto-attack. As for her E, she launches her sword and if it hits a champion she will go to their place. For her ultimate ability, Leona launches the whole sun at her targets. If those targets found themselves in the center well they’re stunned and most likely have brain damage.

Now thanks to season 12 and the new items Leona is able to launch her E and Q constantly. Keeping her targets in place, not allowing them to move until she’s done with them. 

What makes Leona Great For Crowd Control:

  • She can CC people with a simple auto-attack, so try not to get too close alright?
  • Can launch herself at targets to get into their face if needed. 
  • Calls the sun onto her targets with her R. Stunning everything who’s in the center of the ability. 
  • Combined with the newest items of Season 12 makes her an unstoppable crowd control queen. 

See Leona in action:

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