[Top 10] League of Legends Best Ultimate Spellbook Combinations That Wreck Hard!

lol Best Ultimate Spellbook Combinations
Make the combinations! They'll either be broken or dumb it's up to you to use your remaining IQ points and create something decent!

Uhhhh what’s this Riot OwO? New game mode after so many years? Unbelievable! It’s been so long since we’ve been blessed by Riot and since they gave us something new and exciting and let me tell you this game mode is so damn exciting.

It’s really fun to play and I can’t wait till it’s back on rotation until then we have to satisfy ourselves with some good ol’ summoners rift. The best part about this new game mode is trying to find the best builds and combinations that work together and lemme tell you that every combination in this article is mega fun to play.

You’ll find the best combinations that work together so let’s not waste any more time and get into it!

10. Malphite “Unstoppable Force” + Nocturne’s “Paranoia”

Can you smell what the rock is cooking?

Let’s kick this list off like I kicked off my drug addiction! At number ten we have Malphite’s ultimate ability combined along with Nocturne’s ultimate ability. My god is this combination really fun to play.

Not only do you turn the whole map pitch black but you also charge at them while using Nocturne’s ultimate ability and once you get close enough you smash their head in with Malphite’s ultimate ability!

God, I loved taking this while using the Dark Harvest rune and going full AP on Malphite and seeing my enemies tilt and curse me with their voodoo language magic.

Sometimes I like watching my enemies drown in their hatred it brings me joy because I suffered enough in solo que now it’s my turn to enjoy it. 

What makes this combo great: 

  • Can chase people down from a long distance. Like my stalker does every damn night under my window someone send help please!!!
  • High velocity damage, enemies don’t even see it coming 
  • They get tilted that’s the best and most fun part 
  • Watch the world burn before your eyes

Ultimate details:

  • Nocturne’s ultimate ability has a huge dash like my mom when hitting me with her shoe ;)
  • Nocturne’s ultimate ability can chase people from a long distance like my pp
  • Malphite’s ultimate ability has AoE damage and CC
  • Malphite’s ultimate ability caves their skull in leaving them breathless :D 

9.  Yasuo “Last Breath” + Yone “Fate Sealed”

Yasuo plus Yone. Two brothers two wind poopers. 

At number nine we have the wind shitter brothers! What better combination than playing Yasuo as a champion and using his brother’s ultimate ability! This combination goes so well with both of them.

Not only are they brothers who suck each other off but they also like to kill people together. How romantic indeed. They must be from Alabama with this much incest going on. How this combination works is that you use Yone’s ultimate ability first then you use Yasuo’s because you need people to be knocked up for Yasuo to use his ultimate ability.

It’s really not that hard it’s simple math from primary school. But if you failed math at that age and time what were you doing with your life? Please explain to me I need to know your life story, sir. 

What makes this combo great:

  • The enemies are always knocked up in the air and getting their ass blasted thanks to this combination
  • Doesn’t require a lot of brainpower to use
  • Hard to dodge their ultimate abilities

Ultimate details:

  • Yone’s ultimate ability knocks them up 
  • Yasuo’s ultimate ability only works when they’re knocked up
  • Yone’s ultimate ability helps Yasuo’s ultimate ability in every single way possible

8. Zed “Death Mark” + Rengar “Thrill of The Hunt”

Taking his kitten for a walk. 

At number eight we have two assassins combined together and those two are Zed and Rengar. Now this combination works in mysterious ways. Zed as a basic champion has a lot of mobility but combine him with this kitty’s ultimate ability and you get yourself a death machine.

The creation of this death machine made everyone sit in their base and wet their pantaloons that’s how scared they are. First you use Rengar’s ultimate ability then when you jumped on your enemy you use Zed’s ultimate ability and boom they’re instantly dead like they never existed. Not only that but once you use Rengar’s ultimate ability you go invisible!

Yes you read that right you go invisible. Now imagine that you’re walking down a lane and out of no where you just died, yeah that’s this combination!

What makes this combo great:

  • High mobility high speed, they should get a speeding ticket
  • Both ultimate abilities deal a lot of damage 
  • Can’t be escaped once you become a target, you might as well give up at that point

Ultimate details:

  • Zed’s ultimate ability marks the enemy you ulted and once it runs out it deals double the damage you previously dealt
  • Regnar’s ultimate ability allows you to go invisible and run around the speed of sound, looking for prey like the stalker you are.
  • You’re the ultimate predator and they’re all your play toys

7. Shaco “Hallucinate” + Skarner “Impale”

Kidnapping duo!

At number seven we have this deadly combo Shaco and Skarner. Now with this combo, you kidnap people from their lane to your pleasure dungeon where you do things you wish. To kidnap people it’s simple.

You use your OP ability Q from Shaco to get behind an enemy tickle their butt and then you use Skarners ultimate ability and drag them with you. Boom kidnapping done. But once you start dragging them there ain’t no end to it. You’ll be doing it over and over again and you’re going to love it.

If they somehow escape your kidnapping and try to kill you it’s simple just use Shaco’s ultimate ability and clone yourself. The enemy will think they’re having a schizophrenia attack and leave you alone especially if you place your W all around the map which will give them a bit of a spook. 

What makes this combo great:

  • Really fun and exciting to kidnap people
  • They never see it coming 
  • Makes people think they’re going insane slowly

Ultimate details:

  • Skarner’s ultimate ability latches onto an enemy and drags them where ever you wish 
  • If you found yourself in a pickle just use Shaco’s ultimate ability and clone yourself to escape
  • Never stop the kidnappings in-game :D

6. Neeko “Pop Blossom” + Malphite “Unstoppable Force”

Neeko neeko niiiii uwu with the Rock.

At number six we have this devastating combo with Neeko and Malphite. Now this works in mysterious ways. First, you use your ultimate ability from Neeko and while you’re charging her ultimate ability you use Malphite’s ultimate ability smashing some poor grandma’s house down.

It’s a fun combo but a tiny bit hard to pull off correctly but if you do you can get a penta kill with just two buttons pressed. So you can send that clip to your crush and get her wet instantly. And even better with these two is that they’re both AP champions so no matter how you build them both of their ultimate abilities are nukes who destroy everything in their path. 

What makes this combo great:

  • Two CC AP ultimate abilities what’s not to love
  • You’ll create Chernobyl 2.0 with this combo
  • Watch your enemies fall before you one by one 

Ultimate details:

  • Neeko’s ultimate ability has a short charge-up before she can deal the damage
  • Malphite’s ultimate ability can be used while Neeko’s charging up her ultimate ability
  • Malphite’s ultimate ability is also an AoE CC same as Neeko’s but with a wider range

5. Yuumi “Final Chapter” + Cho’gath “Feast”

Yuumi can eat infinite fishes now. Yuumi happy!

At number five we have a damn cute cat Yuumi combined with this creature called Cho’gath. When this kitty is combined with this ultimate ability she will have an insatiable appetite. Not only that but this kitty can attach to anyone and use them as a personal taxi that drives her around to eat people.

She’s a lady alright? But yes as you might have guessed Cho’gath’s ultimate ability lets him eat people or minions and the more he eats the bigger he gets. That also applies to Yuumi. The more she eats the bigger her kitty booty gets and she can get big as the nexus turrets.

But if for some reason your prey decides they want to escape worry not you can use Yuumi’s ultimate ability that slowly stops them in their tracks and roots them for you to enjoy!

The enemies might taste funny because they pissed or pooped themselves while trying to escape you. 

What makes this combo great:

  • Yuumi CC’s them first then eats their booty like groceries
  • You have a personal taxi that takes you anywhere you wish to go
  • Untargetable while riding someone

Ultimate details:

  • Cho’gath’s ultimate ability works in mysterious ways, the more you eat the booty the bigger you get
  • Yuumi can slowly CC the enemy opponent that’s trying to run away 
  • Once you start eating with Cho’gath you can’t stop

4. Zac “Let’s Bounce” + Nunu Absolute Zero

A slimy boi and a nutty boi.

At number four we have two damn Frankenstein’s creations Zac and Nunu. Now how this combo works is that you first get into a bush right. You wait for the enemy to show up and once they do you start using Nunu’s ultimate ability aka masturbation in a bush as I call it and then you jump with Zac with your W onto the enemy team.

Once you land you blast your load so hard that they die from it. And those who survived unfortunately get killed by Zac’s ultimate ability.

Zac’s ultimate ability let’s him jump around short distances and every time he hits the ground he does AoE splash damage. Your enemies won’t know what hit them, all they’ll see is a damn grey screen and a huge amount of damage that hit them. 

What makes this combo great:

  • You start masturbating in a bush alone and later you blast your load onto the enemy team getting yourself a penta kill
  • Zac can splash around dealing AoE damage to those who survived the nut blast
  • Huge KD/A spike thanks to this combo

Ultimate details:

  • Nunu’s ultimate ability has a huge charge up but it goes nicely with Zac’s W
  • Zac’s ultimate ability allows him to jump short distances and knock people up dealing AoE damage
  • I forgot to mention that Zac is a tank right? Well… yeah he’s a tank :D unkillable creature 

3. Samira “Inferno Trigger” + Olaf “Ragnarok” 

Big girl and big boy results in a big strong combo wombo!

At number three we have Samira and Olaf. This girl Samira is deadly af by herself now imagine what she can do when combined with Olaf’s ultimate ability. As you might have guessed she can 1v9 the whole match. Not only is she broken without his ultimate ability but once she has it she’s unstoppable.

She will murder everyone who’s in her path and step on their balls to crush them. Might as well call this combination the ball crusher. The main problem with Samira was that once she would start using her ultimate ability she’d get CC’d and the enemy team would cancel it and maybe kill her.

Not anymore. Olaf’s ultimate ability stops that. Because no matter how much brain damage you deal to Samira she will not stop using her ultimate ability.

Nothing can stop her and nothing will stop her from getting that sweet sweet win. 

What makes this combo great:

  • Can’t be CC’d. It’s an absolute win
  • Samira is the mommy of all champions
  • Who doesn’t want to get their balls crushed?

Ultimate details:

  • When using Olaf’s ultimate ability he can’t be CC’d and he can’t be stopped or at this moment she can’t be stopped
  • Samira’s ultimate ability allows her to spin a lot dealing damage and healing her 
  • If you spin too much you can get a concussion so watch yourself out there!

2. Katarina “Death Lotus” + Amumu “Curse of The Sad Mummy”

BDSM team. 

At number two we have Katarina and Amumu. With this combination, we have solved the biggest issue with our dearest Katarina and that was enemies running outside of your ultimate ability range.

Well not anymore! Now you can put attractive bondage to enemies locking them in place while you spin around like you’re in a strip club. Except here you’ll get paid and they’ll die so it’s a win-win!

Not only that but the range of Amumu’s ultimate ability is so damn huge, you’ll end up wrapping the lane in bondage and it also suits Katarina’s personality.

She’s definitely the dominant one in the relationship you better listen to her or you’ll get castrated in your sleep. Also, a quick note is that Amumu’s ultimate ability scales well with AP and Katarina is an AP assassin... Get out there and play this combination!!

What makes this combo great:

  • Lots and I mean lots of AoE damage thanks to Katarina’s ultimate ability and a lot of AoE CC damage thanks to Amumu’s ultimate ability
  • Kills everyone who gets close enough in her circle
  • Can jump around the whole map once she gets rolling 

Ultimate details:

  • Katarina does AoE damage Amumu does AoE CC damage
  • Amumu’s ultimate ability locks them in bondage for quite a long time
  • Katarina is just mommy material what else can I say? Go play her now!

1. Sylas “Hijack” + Kayle “Divine Judgment”

The undying combo!

At number one we have Sylas and Kayle. If you read my previous articles you should know by now that Sylas can steal ultimate abilities with his ultimate ability right? So what better way to play this game mode than playing a champion that can have 3 ultimate abilities.

The first ultimate ability is his own, the second that he steals and the third is from the game mode. I recommend that you pick Kayle’s ultimate ability because it makes you invincible and unstoppable. And with Sylas I recommend that you steal the most broken ability from the enemy team.

Now when you combine all of this into one thing you get the most perfect and most fun combination ever. Not only that but Sylas’s abilities from Q, W, E also synergizes well with everything else in this game. It’s safe to say that he’s the daddy of all champions.

If Katarina is the bondage queen this guy is the bondage king. Like, come on he has chains around his arms that he can take off but he decides not to. Kinky I like it ;). 

What makes this combo great:

  • Unkillable thanks to Kayle’s R
  • Has 3 ultimate abilities 
  • Has a lot of different combinations that work well together 
  • Daddy material

Ultimate details: 

  • Sylas steals your woman and wins the game simply like that. By woman, I mean your ultimate ability like come on every real fan of League of Legends player is a lone virgin right?
  • Kayle’s ultimate ability can also be used on teammates to stop them from doing dumb things and killing themselves 
  • Bondage king

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