[Top 10] LOL Best Mid Laners That Wreck Hard!

Best Mid Laners in League of Legends, Mids, Mages, Assassins
Zed ready to pounce on his prey.

10. Ekko

Ekko is a fighter/assassin hybrid that excels at using his mobility and damage to get to the back of teamfights and skirmishes, burst down carries, and get away safely. An excellent pick for all stages of the game, Ekko’s ability to take control of games early and snowball them out of control make him a great pick for solo-queue, but also viable in more competitive formats. 

So what makes Ekko so good right now?

  • Ekko’s Ultimate, Chronobreak (R), allows him to teleport back to where he was a few moments prior, healing him and dealing damage in the area around where he lands. This multifaceted ability allows Ekko to make risky plays like backline dives and tower dives, but unlike other champions, get away safely.
  • Ekko’s waveclear is fantastic, allowing him to farm minions efficiently. This is due to his passive, Z-drive Resonance, and his Timewinder (Q). Use this waveclear to push in the mid lane and roam early and often, or to punish your enemy’s roams as well. This scales well into the late game, where good wave clear can protect your base, or force the enemy to protect theirs, allowing you to take neutral objectives. 
  • Ekko’s front-end burst is extremely high, especially after he gets his items. The extra damage from Lich Bane and the brand new Hextech Rocket Belt, along with his Phase Dive (E) and Timewinder (Q), combo extremely well with his passive, due to its percent health damage. This allows him to burst very quickly before enemy carries can do significant damage to your team.
  • Ekko’s ability to team fight is higher than average for an assassin. This is due to his multiple area of effect damage spells, such as Timewinder (Q) and Chronobreak (R), as well as his area of effect stun, Parallel Convergence (W). In team fights, hit as many targets as possible with all of these abilities, while focusing your single target damage and auto-attacks on squishy enemy carries. 

Here’s a video of some great Ekko plays from LoL PROTV: 

9. Malphite

Although it might seem like an unconventional mid lane pick, Malphite mid has been not only viable but excelling for a few patches now. Even with the new patch, this hasn’t changed, as his gap closing high-damage ultimate, as well as his area of effect crowd control, make him a devastating team fighter. 

So why is Malphite great in the mid lane? 

  • Malphite’s can sometimes be thought of as a “press R to win champion,” and for good reason. His Unstoppable Force (R) is among the best ultimates in the game, and when Malphite is built with a lot of damage items in the mid lane, the ability goes from an area of effect knock-up to an area of effect knock-up that also one-shots squishy mids. This makes him an excellent matchup against squishy, immobile mages that make their home in the mid lane. 
  • Malphite’s design as a traditional tank also helps him in the mid lane. Particularly against an AD champion that goes mid. Malphite’s armor bonuses, armor ratios, and shield allow him to tank damage against champions like Talon and Zed while he waits out the early game and gets level 6. 
  • Malphite can build tank items when he’s behind, or damage when ahead. This versatility allows him to adapt to any team comp, and no matter the game state, stay relevant in the late game. Don’t be afraid to get some tank items, even if you’re a mid laner.
  • Malphite’s main damage ability after level 6 is his Unstoppable Force (R). This is not only a gap-closing damage ability but crowd control as well. This allows it to synergize incredibly well with the brand new Horizon Focus item, as well as with Luden’s Tempest. These two items give bonus damage upfront on the first ability of a cast, as well as on crowd control, both of which are Unstoppable Force for Malphite. 

Here’s a montage showing you AP Malphite’s burst by Godzu!

8. Ahri

Ahri is a mobile assassin/mage hybrid that excels at picking off enemy champions using her single-target crowd control, burst, and mobility. A decent team fighter with some waveclear and some true damage, Ahri’s kit is versatile enough to fit into many different team compositions. 

Playing Ahri in the mid lane!

  • Ahri is an excellent champion to pick in what’s called a pick composition, which is a composition focused on immobilizing and bursting one champion that is caught out of position. Ahri’s Charm (E) causes enemies to walk slowly towards her, guaranteeing her and her allies’ abilities to land and get picks. Try hiding in bushes to hit unaware and foolish enemies in the river and jungle!
  • Ahri’s ultimate, Spirit Rush (R), allows her three charges of a dash that deals damage to nearby enemies. This mobility allows Ahri to secure great angles to hit skillshots, reposition in fights, escape danger, gap-close on escaping enemies, and much more. Mobile champions have an inherent advantage over immobile ones, so be sure to use this to your advantage!
  • Build the combination of Luden’s Tempest and Horizon Focus on Ahri. This will allow your Charm (E) as a crowd control ability to deal more damage, adding significantly more damage to your combo. 
  • Ahri’s Orb of Deception (Q) is a great waveclear ability. Use it liberally to push and roam at level 6, or to manipulate waves in the mid-game to help your team defend or secure objectives. It deals true damage on the way back, so be sure to take this into account when angling it to hit minions, monsters, and enemy champions.

Ahri one-trick MirrowFox lays down the damage and outplays the enemy in his montage here!

7. Akali 

Akali is an elusive, bursty assassin who uses her high mobility, healing, and burst to dispatch enemy carries with ease. A great champion for players who like to get up close and personal, Akali’s unique combination of gap closers allow for awesome outplays and flashy gameplay. 

Akali in the mid lane

  • Akali’s Five Point Strike (Q) slows enemies when it hits at maximum range. Make sure to open with this before casting your gap-closers so you are not to close when you want to slow your target. 
  • Your Twilight shroud not only turns you invisible (until you dash), but also gives you movement speed and energy on the cast. Use this after you blow your full combo to recover quickly and safely for another. 
  • The first dash of Akali’s ultimate, Perfect Execution (R), deals physical damage to all enemies in its path. The second cast deals magic damage in the same way, but also deals more damage to lower health enemies. Make sure to lay down some abilities in between these two in order to maximize your damage output. 
  • Akali is best when snowballing with kills, as some quick kills allow her to get her items fast and begin her snowball early. Make sure to roam as much as possible after level 6, and even before if an opportunity presents itself. 

LoLProTV’s Akali montage has some awesome combos in it. Watch here: 

6. Annie

Annie is a high burst, short-range control mage who is extremely simple to play with almost no skillshots. Annie’s ability to stun-lock and instakill enemy champions makes her a force to be reckoned with once she gets a few items. 

How to win games as Annie mid.

  • Annie needs to charge her stun by casting four abilities before the ability that will trigger it. The enemy can see the charges, so zone them off of their farm when you get to four stacks. This will allow you to slowly build up a lead, and if they get frustrated and try to kill some minions, you can blow them up with your stun and follow up damage. 
  • Annie is extra deadly with her flash up, as it makes her stun basically unavoidable. Use your flash aggressively, but be careful not to blow it on something that’s not a sure kill. Flash into ultimate, Summon Tibbers (R), with stun, followed by the rest of Annie’s kit, is lethal team fight engage, so don’t be afraid to lead your squad into battle!
  • Annie’s Disintegrate (Q) refunds half of the mana it costs after you kill a minion with it. This stacks with Doran’s Ring’s passive, so make sure to use your Disintegrate (Q) to kill minions in the early game! This will ensure you kill almost every single one. This efficient farming along with the zoning technique described above can build you an insurmountable lead. 
  • Use your Incinerate (W) and Molten Shield (E) when you’re running back to lane in order to have your stun up by the time you get there. It’s worth the mana, which will mostly regenerate by the time you arrive. 

Famous Rank 1 Annie one-trick Annie Bot’s best plays: 

5. Katarina

Katarina is a team fighting assassin who can snowball out of control with just a few kills. She’s flashy, high skill-cap, and deadly in almost any team composition, making her an awesome pick in the mid lane right now. 

Katarina tips and tricks

  • Katarina’s ability cooldowns reset by 15 seconds on kills. This will allow her to either continue onto the next target or Shunpo (E) to safety. Pay close attention to when you’re going to kill your target so you can make a plan for the next target, and so on. 
  • Picking up Katarina’s dagger causes damage around her, and the daggers can have Shunpo (E) cast on them. Be aware of enemies foolishly standing near your daggers, they might not expect the bonus damage on top of your regular combo, cand you can use this for easy resets. 
  • Katarina’s Death Lotus (R) deals a ton of damage in an area. Make sure to hit as many enemies as possible in a teamfight, or at least use its massive damage to ensure a reset. This ability won’t reset after one kill, due to its high cooldown, so consider carefully how to use it in a fight. Remember, it also stacks Katarina’s Conqueror rune very quickly, giving her an almost drain-tank effect as she heals for the duration. 

Katarina one-trick KatEvolved shows us how it’s done!

4. Diana

Diana is an assassin and fighter who is excellent in both duels and team fights. Although she sometimes struggles using the very best combinations of items if they don’t synergize with her kit, her damage and utility are good enough to carry her through. If you like dashing to the enemy and obliterating them, all while crowd controlling multiple enemies at once, this is the champion for you. 

Diana in the mid lane

  • Although there is no new mythic item that is perfect for Diana, she can use Night Harvester decently well. Use its bonus movement speed to help you stick to enemy champions you need to kill. Diana’s front end burst isn’t’ as high as some other champions, but her auto attack’s bonus damage gives her higher than average damage overall. The movement speed on Night Harvester will ensure you get all of this damage out. 
  • Build Nashor’s Tooth to maximize the damage of your auto attacks, as the bonus damage and speed of your autos are very helpful and synergize well with Diana’s passive, Moonsilver Blade.  
  • Make sure to hit Crescent Strike (Q) before using your Lunar Rush (E). Your Lunar Rush (E) will consume the moonlight from your Crescent Strike (Q) and reset Lunar Rush’s cooldown. This allows Diana to stick to her enemy even more so, which is crucial for getting her damage out. 
  • Diana’s Moonfall (R) deals more damage to everyone inside if there are more enemies inside of it. Don’t be afraid to get in the middle of the enemy team to cast it at its utmost effectiveness. Building Zhonya’s Hourglass can help keep you safe while using this dangerous method of engaging. 

Here’s a multi-player montage of Diana plays via LoLGA!

3. Fizz

Fizz is an assassin among assassins, purely focused on blowing up singular enemy carries, and doing so extremely quickly. This combined with his slippery and elusive kit and playstyle create a frustrating-to-deal-with assassin that dips in and out of teamfights exploding health bars the whole way. 

So what makes Fizz so good right now?

  • Fizz is always ghosted, allowing him to walk through minion waves where other champions would have to walk around. This allows him to close distance in trades and all-ins in the lane. Keep this in mind if you’re ahead, or use the wave to escape and block enemy champions if you’re behind. 
  • Fizz’s Playful/Trickster (E) is an excellent burst spell, but don’t be shoehorned into using it for only this. It is also a great gap-closer, escape, and can jump over some of the walls on the rift. Consider carefully in what way you’ll use this ability before you fight, and if you can, save it for last so you can escape for free after you’re done bursting down the enemy carry. 
  • The further Fizz’s ultimate, Chum the Waters (R), flies before it hits an enemy, the more damage it does. Try to hit it from long-range if possible to get the highest damage you can. 
  • Fizz has fairly long cooldowns, so a Zhonya’s Hourglass should be part of your core build. This will allow you to become invulnerable during your most vulnerable moments when you’re burst abilities and escapes are on cooldown. 

FateFalls Fizz Montage!

2. Viktor

Viktor is a control mage with crowd control, poke, harass, burst, and light mobility that can deal with almost any lane well, and whose damage scales extremely well into the late game. This jack-of-all-trades is phenomenal both in the lane and in teamfights, as well as in pick compositions. 

Viktor tips and tricks 

  • Abuse the range of your Death Ray (E) and the shield from your Siphon Power (Q) to win trades in the lane. This will allow you to safely stack your hex fragments, which is needed to scale your damage and utility into the mid and late game. 
  • Viktor isn’t a great roamer, so when you’re up against a roaming champion, punish them by pinging them missing in your lane, and shoving their wave into the tower with Death Ray’s (E) excellent wave clear. 
  • When you cast Chaos Storm (R), make sure to keep recasting it in order to guide the damaging area to where it needs to be. 
  • Be careful when you’re against Assassins, as they can kill you easily in the early game. Play back against high-burst champions until you’ve stacked your hex fragments to a point where you can either duel, zone, or burst them in fights. 

Here is NA Viktor one-trick DUN’s Viktor montage! View it to see how he uses his abilities to dispatch his enemies and win games: 

1. Zed

Zed is an AD assassin who specializes in killing single targets and peeling out afterward. His high burst, high mobility, and intricate combos make for an extremely flashy assassin who can outplay his opponents in both duels and team fights and secure himself a victory. 

Playing Zed in the mid lane

  • Zed’s auto attacks deal extra damage to low health targets. This is exceptionally helpful when you are farming minions, so know that you can kill them earlier than most. Use this to push the lane early and get some early levels in case you want to fight. 
  • Position the shadows from your Living Shadow (W) and Death Mark (R) according to how you want to play a situation. Always have one as an available escape route, and use the other to position aggressively against escaping enemies, angle a Razor Shuriken (Q), or hit a Shadow Slash (E). Remember that Death Mark (R) shadows can be returned to from infinite range, but Living Shadow (W) does not have this function. 
  • When you cast Razor Shuriken (Q), a shuriken comes from both Zed and his shadows. Try to position your shadows so that all of your Shurikens can hit, which increases your burst monumentally. 
  • Open with Death Mark (R), as you want to save your damage abilities to make the Death Mark (R) pop for more damage, as it scales off of how much damage you deal while it is on the enemy. 

Here’s a montage of High Elo Korean Zed main Zed99: 

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