LoL Support Tier List [Latest Patch]

League of Legends Support Tier List, LoL Support Tier List
The best supports can make a significant impact to any team composition

In this article, we’re going to go over the best supports in the current meta for League of Legends. Support is one of the most crucial roles in the game and is widely unfavored as a role to play in the general community due to its lack of damage and supposed impact on the game. The truth is the opposite; the support role is possibly one of the most impactful roles in the game today for their ability to engage, heal, and roam around the map to help their teammates gain advantages. So without further ado, let’s jump into the best supports to play in this meta.

S Tier

Without a doubt, the most impactful and strongest supports in the game. Playing one of these champions will boost your chances of winning significantly:

  • Leona: 92/100 - One of the best engaging-style supports in the game, Leona will always force the enemy to burn a Flash.
  • Brand: 95/100 - An unorthodox support that relies on damage as much as it does crowd-control, Brand is one of the rare supports that can solo-carry a game.
  • Morgana: 90/100 - This champion is feared for her long-lasting bind as well as her ultimate. Morgana makes it incredibly difficult to kite.


A Tier

A grade below the S Tier supports, but still highly impactful and powerful in the right hands

  • Swain: 88/100 - A support with an immense early-game impact, Swain has good all-around engagement tools and sustain to continuously harass the enemy.
  • Seraphine: 85/100 - Seraphine comes with a full support tool kit: Engage, heals, and a boost in movement speed. 
  • Nautilus: 87/100 - Next to Leona, Nautilus is also one of the best engage supports in the game. Tremendous crowd-control potential to keep the strongest enemies out of the team fight.
  • Lulu: 90/100 - Lulu’s sole purpose is to keep her teammates alive and buff them with shields, attack speed, and health with her ultimate. She is an incredible utility support, possibly one of the best.


B Tier

Still good champions in the right hands, but takes more knowledge and experience to do well

  • Xerath: 82/100 - Good damage throughout all stages of the game, with some crown-control
  • Zyra: 81/100 - Same as Xerath
  • Janna: 83/100 - Great sustainability throughout all stages of the game. A good Janna can swing the tides of any team fight
  • Nami: 78/100 - Barely makes the B Tier list, but provides enough crowd-control and ally buffs to make her a worthwhile pick
  • Zilean: 81/100 - A downgraded version of Lulu, but Zilean still has the tools he needs to be useful to his team. His ultimate (revives ally while ultimate mark still active) is a game-changer


C Tier

Decent supports but requires that you are an expert or at least have experience with the champion

  • Lux: 73/100 - Only a good pick if you can land abilities, otherwise stay clear from this support
  • Thresh: 77/100 - One of the best supports in the game, but requires above-average skill to be impactful
  • Galio: 71/100 - Too predictable, but can get the job done against unsuspecting opponents
  • Pantheon: 75/100 - A level below Thresh, but with an aggressive ADC, Pantheon can genuinely shine


D Tier

These are unorthodox picks or champions that require a vast amount of experience and skill to do well as they are currently too weak compared to other supports

  • Sett: 70/100 - A great engagement-style support but can be kited down too easily
  • Braum: 70/100 - Used to be one of the best supports, but too weak against too many other supports
  • Rakan: 68/100 - Decent engage but very squishy. A good Rakan can make a difference, however, so pick when acceptable.


1. Brand (S Tier)

Brand is a fire-mage support who excels in dealing long-range damage and crowd-control. His base stats bring him up into the S-tier, but more than that, his ability to deal insane damage is practically unparalleled. He can go above and beyond to solo carry a game if he’s able to find enough kills.

What Makes Brand S-Tier:

  • Ability to deal damage from a good distance away
  • Insane potential to deal tremendous amounts of damage
  • Good support to keep the ADC safe

2. Leona (S Tier)

Leona is an engagement-style support who can offer a multitude of options in terms of keeping an opponent stunned. Three out of her four active abilities provide some form of crowd-control and she remains one of the best supports for keeping an opponent locked down for her teammates. A good Leona can decide a team fight.

What Makes Leona S-Tier:

  • Incredible crowd-control options
  • Long-lasting stun with the use of all of her abilities
  • Can play passively to keep threats off teammates or engage to start team fights

3. Morgana (S Tier)

Morgana is extremely powerful in today’s meta, and one of the big reasons is for her ability to heavily pressure enemies with the threat of her abilities. She has a long-lasting bind along with a long-distance pool ability that deals damage and her ultimate is a great engagement tool.

What Makes Morgana S-Tier:

  • Can scare off enemies with just the threat of her abilities
  • Makes it hard for enemies to kite without some form of mobility
  • Deals damage from afar to keep poking enemies down

4. Lulu (A Tier)

Lulu ties more into the traditional idea of a support, mainly in the fact that her abilities provide small buffs to her teammates and impedes the enemies. She can grant allies health, movement speed, and shields while she can use those same abilities with different effects to either slow them or turn them into an immobile fairy.

What Makes Lulu A-Tier:

  • Ability to carry an ADC to the late game and keep them alive
  • Ultimate has excellent potential to bait enemies
  • Strong through all stages of the game

5. Swain (A Tier)

Originally designed to be a mid-laner, Swain has seen success in the bottom lane for his oppressive pull ability and sustainability. He’s a weaker version of Morgana in the crowd-control sense, but what he lacks in crowd control, he makes up in damage and ability to constantly annoy enemies.

What Makes Swain A-Tier:

  • Low cooldown on his pull ability, which is hard to deal with in the early game
  • Ability to sustain his health through abilities
  • Overall, strong support

6. Nautilus (A Tier)

Nautilus is essentially a weaker version of Leona, but not by much. While Leona offers a bit more in the crowd-control aspect, Nautilus still gets the job done better than most other supports can. His ultimate has the potential, in conjunction with his other abilities, to lock down an enemy carry for a vast amount of time.

What Makes Nautilus A-Tier:

  • Significant crowd-control abilities
  • Durability to last through team fights
  • Ability to lock down an enemy carry

7. Seraphine (A Tier)

Seraphine is one of the latest supports to make it into the archives of League of Legends champions, and she seems to be an updated version of Sona, another support. Their abilities are strikingly similar as both come equipped with heal and movement speed buffs. The only difference is that Seraphine comes with more crowd-control potential and that brings her up the tier list.

What Makes Seraphine A-Tier:

  • Strong lane presence with her abilities
  • Great engagement tool with her ultimate ability
  • Can help sustain her team and grants them buffs


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