[Top 10] LOL Best One Shot Champions

LOL Best One Shot Champions
"Sometimes you just need a click to end a life."

Shots, blood, resistance, cold ... All of this is present in a battle.

Hi folks, Frankenstein here, once again bringing incredible content about our great game, League of Legends. This time, I'm going to show you an insane, malevolent and destructive Top 10 about “the best ONE SHOT champions” in the world of the summoner's rift!

Remembering guys, that each of you has a style of gameplay and synergy with some type of champion, and I strongly hope with the most diabolical forces possible that your champion is here.

Let 's go!


10- Riven

"Everything that is broken can be reinforced!"


About Riven:

Riven enters the fighter class here in LoL, this means that she is a melee champion who is not as fragile as the assassins who enter the fight to do damage and then need to leave. Combat characters remain on the front lines.

Riven's kit allows her to enter our Top 10 here as a true enemy destroyer, in an absurdly strong and very powerful combination. Skillful hands with Riven, allow you to enter a battle destroying bodies and fortresses, with a unique combination of abilities.

Why does Riven fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • Riven's skill set allows him to be very mobile, apply group controls such as stun and gain a shield when using his advance skill, and deal additional attack damage for each skill used.
  • It is important to use combos with the passive skill in mind, which accumulates charges, where for each skill used, up to a maximum of three charges (if used three skills) can be accumulated to be consumed with each basic attack, maximizing damage in combat.
  • Riven's ultimate (Blade of Exile) grants the character a range of damage and attack.
  • A good execution of the character's gameplay, especially one where she surprises the enemy, makes the person not even know why they died. Like a good One Shot, Riven dominates that is in the Top 10.

Riven Score for One Shot One Kill: 90%

9- Jhin

"A single shot to the head may be enough!"


About Jhin:

Here in our Top 9, with a lot of blood, bullets ready to fire, comes our macabre master of masks, Jhin.

Jhin is a unique shooter and totally different from all the other ADCs that exist in League of Legends.

Jhin has its own attack speed and cannot be increased by items, runes or abilities.

Instead of increasing Jhin's attack speed, these items increase his damage in percentage.

Why does Jhin fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • Jhin is incredibly strong, if played well, he will de-bone his enemies, tearing off his skin and muscles from the body.
  • Jhin is a champion like no other, because basically his game mechanics fit anywhere in Summoners Rift. Featuring an excellent range of basic attack damage and abilities, he manages to reach his enemies quite efficiently.
  • One of the reasons why Jhin is here, is that depending on the situation, he instantly annihilates the Tanks, manages to easily explode the ADCs and depending on how his combo is used, he can load an entire game with few clicks.
  • Jhin is insane, has an excellent One Shot and deserves the respect of being here in our Top 9.

Jhin Score for One Shot One Kill: 91,5%


8- Diana

"The stellar explosion will kill you!"


About Diana:

Diana is one of the most powerful champions in the League of Legends, being ruthless, bloody, deadly, both in the middle and jungle and on top, capable of creating explosive combos that can quickly punish the enemy. Her ultimate if used with her abilities will do a complete recharge reduction. Diana has the ability to enter and kill her enemies.

Like Riven, Diana has a good shield and excellent power against her enemies with explosive and killer damage.

Why does Diana fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • Diana enters our Top 8 here, as a true smashing champion, in a fast, lethal and silent way.
  • Her advance with the ultimate and the explosion of damage she deals makes this character an extremely mobile and efficient champion against targets that are either very far away or very close.
  • Assassinating and destroying opponents are things Diana does masterfully!

Diana Score for One Shot One Kill: 92,7%

Diana Montage - One Shot S11 

7- Neeko

"Nature can kill you, watch out!"


About Neeko:

Here in our Top 7, a very interesting champion comes in, with excellent attack and explosion power.

As the name suggests, Neeko is able to take on the appearance of allied champions to deceive opponents in different ways, whether in moments of flight or in fights.

This character has the ability to make a copy of himself, which continues to move on, while the original Neeko can escape invisibly in another direction for a few seconds.

Why does Neeko fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • Neeko comes into this position here precisely because of his incredible damage dealt by the ultimate.
  • This champion can easily annihilate an almost entire team in one move. His kit, combos, runes and equipment are very complete. His stun to the enemy along with his damage delivers colossal damage from this champion who can easily turn into a real snowball.

Neeko Score for One Shot One Kill: 93,4%

Neeko Montage - One Shot Combo 

6- Gragas

"I'll make you drink in Valhalla!”


About Gragas:

Gragas is a champion who is always present in the competitive scene. However, in ranked matches, because he is mechanically difficult to play, he starts to be interesting only in the higher tiers.

The composition that this character does is incredibly intense, he is very strong with his combination of skills and makes all the difference in matches where enemies certainly don't expect the heavy damage he does.

Why does Gragas fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • Gragas comes in at rank 6 here, precisely because it has extremely complex mechanics, yet if executed well, will be a true One Shot One Kill.
  • Gragas' way of executing his enemies can often come as a surprise, behind a wall, or even with a crazy flash combo.
  • As you walk through the game, the explosion of damage this character causes many players to lose their game, their patience, and their cool.
  • Gragas is a champion worthy of being here on our list, with all the immensity of power he has in his complex burst combo.

Gragas Score for One Shot One Kill: 94%

Gragas Montage - One Shot 

5- Nunu

"Your death will come, the Yeti promises!”


About Nunu:

Here in our position five, I introduce a character who is overused and quite tricky, Nunu.

Nunu is an excellent character in games that stretch into the mid/end. His specialty is efficient target control, "debuffing and buffing" in Attack Speed. His learning curve is smooth, and it is recommended to accumulate at least ten games before playing ranked matches with him.

Nunu features a completely varied skill kit, items, and gameplay, can do combos at various points in the game, efficient ganks on various routes, and even in the middle of the late game, become an important piece of the game.

Why does Nunu fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • Why is Nunu considered a good One Shot? for his kit, his skills in a huge area, his group control and buffs.
  • A good Nunu player knows the right time to get in and out of a team fight, and it makes all the difference in the game, in the sense that the more damage you do, the more you will be able to help your time.
  • The character has a wide range of items, and a great synergy of play, both solo and as a team, making his combos or rank here in this list.

Nunu Score for One Shot One Kill: 95,9%

Nunu & Willump Montage - One Shot 

4- Lux

"My magic will contemplate your death!”


About Lux:

Here in position 4, we find Lux, an extremely explosive and bloodthirsty sorceress.

Lux is a champion who plays in the middle of the game, but can also be a false support. Her specialty is trapping, blowing up and cleaning waves of minions. Her learning curve is smooth, and it is recommended to accumulate only ten games before entering ranked ranks.

The Lux set is extremely complete, easy to access and very resistant.

The player who chooses Lux to play, has in mind that the brutal and explosive damage will come from her combination, especially for her ultimate ability.

Why does Lux fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • Lux has explosive damage. Fact.
  • Lux presents a gigantic range of his ultimate skills. Fact.
  • Lux presents a good skill passive, prison and slowness.
  • So, more than deserved here in position 4, Lux is a champion who presents excellent gameplay, presents an insane combo of her skills and certainly makes all the difference in stealing objectives, exploding enemies (especially Adc´s and others Midlaners).

Lux Score for One Shot One Kill: 96,7%

Lux - One Shot 2021 

3- Veigar

"Each magic point won will be an enemy skull in my collection!”


About Veigar:

Veigar is an extremely powerful battle mage.

If played well, it can make your start of the game extremely overwhelming in the face of your enemies.

Veigar presents an excellent combo and an easy gameplay, making it quite chosen by players who prioritize the right victory.

This character presents an extremely interesting kit with several options of items and styles of play.

A good farm means an excellent victory in the end.

Why does Veigar fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • Here in our Top 3, this champion that just by reading his name we already know what it means.
  • Yes, that's right, it means "R".
  • Veigar is an extremely complete wizard, with stunning ability and consistent area damage.
  • It has an interesting kit of equipment and runes, where you can always have a good synergy in the game.
  • Veigar is an extremely safe champion and if played well, he has a unique function that is a real explosion over his enemies.

Veigar Score for One Shot One Kill: 98,8%


2- Viktor

"Don't be afraid, fear me!!”


About Viktor:

Here in our Top 2, a very strong character, very used, and if it is played well it makes all the difference, Viktor.

Viktor has been in the game for a long time, and although some changes have been made to his kit over the years, the general idea of how it works has remained the same. Viktor has extremely high damage and good terrain control in his kit.

Although his greatest moment of brilliance is not at the start of the game, his route phase can be incredibly solid against most champions, mainly thanks to his great ability to clear the wave of minions with his Death Ray skill, when enhanced by his Hex Main item.

Its main skill "Siphon Power" is a great tool for short exchanges, thanks to its low cost of mana and cooldown.

Why does Viktor fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • After several items of great magic damage, Viktor becomes a very complete character. A simple combo of "Siphon Power" + "basic attack" + "Death Ray" can simply erase the characters.
  • These potentials make Viktor one of the strongest magicians in the game and a great choice for the more traditional players in the game, who are sure to love his unparalleled ability to spread chaos through a fight.
  • The main point of Viktor is the explosion, if you are a player of Viktor for sure you know the power he has.

Viktor Score for One Shot One Kill: 99,9%

Viktor Montage - One Shot 

1- Rengar

"My claws will tear you apart!”


About Rengar:

It was very difficult to choose who would dominate the first place on the list. It was Viktor or Rengar, but I chose Rengar, for his incredible and unique invisible killing ability.

Rengar is an excellent jungler at the beginning / end of the game. His specialty is to assassinate his enemies. His learning curve is not the easiest, being interesting to accumulate 50 to 100 matches before joining the ranking queue.

There are more than 150 champions in LoL, all with excellent mechanics and burst and One Shot forms, but Rengar arrives here with all the mastery possible.

Why does Rengar fall into the ONE SHOT category?

  • The simple fact that Regar has a vast number of skills, makes him a true bloodthirsty killer and a very strong and complete "One Shot" champion.
  • If you are a Rengar player, you know how powerful this machine is to kill, injure and tear your enemies.
  • Rengar presents a great combination of skills, with healing, extreme damage, imprisonment and an excellent ultimate with an incredible jump.
  • Rengar is a true champion to turn a snowball or make his allies become a snowball, doing excellent group control and forcing enemies to always play in fear.

Rengar Score for One Shot One Kill: 100%


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