LoL Best Annie Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome (All Annie Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Annie The Dark Child

Who is this haunting child?

Annie is for sure one of the most horrid enemies you can face in the game. It's really hard to play against her, and super easy to play with her. She's unbeatable. You can easily carry a game with her. Or suffer the encounter while she mocks you for being beaten by a little girl. I'm pretty sure you'll prefer to be on the winner's side, so here you go with her best skins from worst to best. Enjoy.

Annie Hastur, the Dark Child. This little girl is proof that not everything that looks innocent can't harm you. Daughter of a witch, she was born with magical powers that manifested when she was just a baby. Tibbers is her favorite toy, a stuffed bear made by her mother and the only memory she carries of her. It's also her most precious belonging. The first time she showed how powerful her pyromancy could be, was because someone provoked her by trying to harm Tibbers and take it away from her. She could also be considered a necromancer since she can summon the demon Tybaulk that lives inside Tibbers. After her parents died, Annie spent most of her time in the Ironspike Mountains wandering with Tibbers. Later the Ravenbloom Conservatory heard about the child and took her in. A very mischievous child, hard to control and a bit wicked, they're doing their best to educate her.


14. Sweetheart Annie

Skin spotlight: 

It was released on the 12th of February 2015.

To be honest with you, I hate this design. She looks horrible, her white hair looks like a wig from the XVIII century. I love the idea of Tibbers as a carebear but that's it, there's nothing else that can be interesting about this skin. Tibbers's design is quite flat and doesn't reflect the reality of it being a demon, it looks like a regular stuffed bear. No new sound or visual effects are added, everything stays the same as the base skin. The only good thing about it is the splash art. She looks so cute with blonde curls and pretty details. Of course, her in-game model doesn't look like the splash art.

How to get Sweetheart Annie: as a legacy skin, it can be purchased only when the Legacy Vault opens for 750 RP. This happens around important events or randomly. Your best bet will be around Valentine’s day.


Look all that cuteness, I wish it looked like that in-game. 


13. Prom Queen Annie

Skin spotlight: 

Released in February 2011. It is supposed to be the teenager version of Annie which doesn't look like it in-game. It's basically a blonde short-haired version of her in a green dress. It looks cute with her tiara and Tibbers as her chaperone, but it doesn't have much more than that to offer.

A very simple skin with a very simple splash art.

How to get Prom Queen Annie: just like most of her skins, it's a legacy one and it can only be obtained in the Legacy Vault for 520 RP or through chests. 


You can see Amumu there! He's hiding the flowers he was going to give Annie. Poor little boy. 


12. Red Riding Annie

Skin spotlight: 

Another simple skin released on the 24th of April 2010. The concept suits her very well if we consider she wandered for a long time in the forest.

She looks lovely in her red dress with the hoodie and the basket on her back. Sadly Tibbers only received a color change, he's black instead of brown.

No new sound or visual effects were added. It might not seem worth it but it’s a very decent skin with a fair price.

How to get Red Riding Annie: as a Legacy skin it can be purchased when the Legacy Vault opens for 520 RP or you can get it through chests.


This is probably why some people are afraid of going to the woods.


11. Reverse Annie

Skin spotlight: 

This one was released in September 2011. Just for the fun, this skin is great. I love it! We have Annie dressed as Tibbers looking tender as hell in her one-piece costume. And then Tibbers dressed as Annie with the pink wig, the bag, and the dress. Impossible not to love this concept, especially for the Tibbers design. Also, Annie holds a stuffed Annie instead of Tibbers and that detail is just everything. No new sound or visual effects were added.

How to get Reverse Annie: another Legacy skin available when the Legacy Vault opens for 520 RP or through chests.


Tibbers looks fabulous in that dress don't you think?


10. Frostfire Annie

Skin spotlight: 

A winter design of Annie and Tibbers released in May 2011. She has a very well-designed outfit, it feels lovely in the game. Tibbers also got a cool design, not so detailed as Annie's but still fresh to play with polar Tibbers as if it was big foot.

The best part of this skin is how clean it feels in-game. As an Annie main I can tell you it's one of my favorites to play with. I choose this one very often because of how comfortable it feels. Her abilities and auto-attack are colored in a nice blue-iced color. I like this color better than Super Galaxy or Hextech (which also have blue color for her abilities) because it's lighter and smoother. Not so bright and harsh as in the mentioned ones.

How to get Frostfire Annie: it's available in the game's store for 975 RP.


Polar bears are wonderful and Tibbers is the scariest of 'em all.


9. Annie FrankenTibbers

Skin spotlight: 

This cool skin was released in October 2011, the perfect timing for Halloween.

Annie dressed as the bride of Frankenstein and Tibbers as Frankenstein. Can't ask for more, the costume is fabulous. There's a change in the color of the fire, we get a toxic green color on her abilities. It's perfect for those who love classic horror. Very well designed with great details in both Annie and Tibbers.

How to get Annie FrankenTibbers: it's only available when the Legacy Vault opens for 975 RP or through the chests.


At this point I'm not sure who's the demon.


8. Panda Annie

Skin spotlight: 

Older than it seems, it was released on the 7th of February, 2013.

The name speaks for itself. Tibbers as a Panda and Annie with buns representing panda ears.

The theme is very well executed adding a Chinese style here and there. Both carry a bag of explosives/fireworks which is a nice detail but the fireworks are not seen on the skin. This has been a common complaint by Annie players because we all agree the theme is excellent. It could have a better execution.

The recall is extremely lovely, very simple but cute. Also, some visual effects on the smoke have been added and it gives a satisfying feeling while using this skin.

How to get Panda Annie: you can purchase it on the game's store for 975 RP.


Did you notice how Tibbers is smiling in almost every splash art?


7. Super Galaxy Annie

Skin spotlight: 

A more stylish version of Hextech Annie. It was released in October 2017.

Her outfit is awesome and the mecha version of Tibbers is just as cool. Its design gives a transformer vibe. A new recall was added along with the visual effects. The problem is that the VFXs are extremely similar to Hextech Annie. The concept is already similar so it feels pretty much like a different version of Hextech.

How to get Super Galaxy Annie: it's available in the game's store for 1350 RP.


Look at the background, there's a war!


6. Goth Annie

Skin spotlight: 

The second rarest Annie skin and the first one to be released. It was released in October, 2009, the same year she was introduced to the game.

You may think it's not possible to purchase at this point because that's what everybody says. But I’ve found a way, legit of course. Read to the end to find out!

The reason why this skin is so appreciated among Annie players it's because it feels natural for her. There are no huge changes to it, we get a dark Annie dressed in black with a beautiful purple color for her abilities. Tibbers looks exactly how it's described in the LoL story. He looks like a DIY stuffed bear with button eyes. In-game is one of the best skins as it feels quite comfortable. If you like dark themes you're going to love this skin, as simple but amazing as it is. The only reason why is not number two it's because it's extremely expensive and only a real collector or Annie lover will get it.

How to get Goth Annie: you can get it through the purchase of the Collector's Pack. It's found in the game's client store, click the accessories section and then bundles. It's available for 2305 RP. 


This is the newest version of the splash art. But I prefer the old one.


5. Annie in Wonderland

Skin spotlight: 

Quite the legend, this skin has been the favorite of Annie players for a long time.

It was released in August, 2010. It’s old, her model looks old and Tibbers too. The cool thing about it is that it feels quite smooth to use. The visual effects are interesting and to be honest it's a little bit addictive to play it. It has something that the rest of the skins don't.

It's a simple skin, it doesn't add a lot of changes and the Tibbers design is a bit poor. Annie is dressed as Alice and Tibbers as the White Rabbit. Also, Annie carries a bag with the Cheshire Cat face in it. This is the only skin that reflects a "change" in her dancing. They just added some pretty animations around her just like the recall. To be honest, it needs an update or rework. The concept it's amazing and they could obtain her best skin with just refining it a bit. This is a legendary skin and the most expensive one. If we are real to ourselves, it isn't worth that price at all. 

How to get Annie in Wonderland: you can purchase it when the Legacy Vault re-opens for 1820 RP. It can also be in a hextech chest or with a lucky re-roll.


I wish we could get a closer look to her bag.


4. Lunar Beast Annie

Skin spotlight: 


Released in February, 2021. Another Chinese culture styled skin, but this time in a futuristic way.

Tibbers looks like some sort of demonic god statue and Annie has these beautiful horns that add a lot to her outfit. New visual and sound effects have been added to her recall and abilities. It's very good skin worth having. The problem is that it was a limited edition and it's no longer available for purchase. This is disappointing because most of Annie's skins aren't available in the store and most of her skins are too simple and old. Having a new skin like this would have been a great choice.

How to get Lunar Beast Annie: your best chance it's waiting till the Chinese new year event, they'll probably put it in store for 1350 RP.


Can you guess what's happening here?


3. Hextech Annie

Skin spotlight: 

If you like the Hextech concept you're going to love this one. For an old skin it’s actually amazing. The splash art is my favorite, it shows a dynamic illustration of a robotic Annie and Tibbers. Animations are dope, especially for the auto-attack. The problem is that the recall feels incomplete, they definitely didn't put a lot of effort into it. For a skin that will cost you mythic essence it could be way better than that. Don't get me wrong, it's one of the best Hextech skins you'll find. It’s just a little observation that feels odd.3.

Tibbers's design is wow, with lots of details and a beautiful blue color reminiscent of the hextech gemstone.

Annie goes with a cyberpunk style, she's not a robot in the game like the splash art might show. It's one of the cutest skins for her and it's very rare to see somebody playing with it.

How to get Hextech Annie: it's not available at the moment but it's sold in the mythic store for 125 mythic essence. Just wait for it to come back.

They are matching expressions!


2. Cafe Cuties Annie

Skin spotlight: 

Her last skin released on the 1st of December, 2021. Just a glance at it it's enough to want it. It makes you want to spam her.

It's an exquisite skin with delicious details on her and Tibbers. The recall is amazing. Finally, they put some effort into her recall. We are used to getting simple skins for Annie, so this one feels like a total upgrade from every skin she has (except Annie-versary).

Her abilities are pink colored with adorable flower sparkling details. Tibbers is a jelly bear dressed as a butler with a funny mustache. What I dislike about it it's the cupcake she's holding in her hand while standing still. It feels awkward. It takes away the idea of her throwing fire and being a dark child. It's like a counterface and it feels a little too pinkish. But that's just a personal appreciation. If you're a cute subject and a fan of Harajuku style, then you will enjoy this one a lot. Oh, and it has 8 gorgeous chromas for you to choose!

How to get Cafe Cuties Annie: it's available in the game's store for 1350 RP.


I feel sick just looking at all that candy.


1. Annie-versary

Skin spotlight: 

This is the rarest Annie skin and the best one. It was released in October, 2019.

Have you ever thought about how it might feel to play the most annoying champions in the game TOGETHER? Well, here you go. Annie in the cutest outfit and Tibbers as Teemo. This time we have Annie summoning Satan himself. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have it. We are jealous. It's not only because of the theme which is already great enough; it's the whole feeling you get while playing it. It's fun, very clean and well-designed. Great recall and new visual and sound effects for all her abilities. It could easily be her prestige skin but she doesn't have one yet. The amount of details this one has it's beautiful. I wonder if Riot will ever put this skin back in the store.

How to get Annie-versary: there's no existing way to have it. It was available during an event and it was taken off the map. Perhaps by re-rolling other skins or in chests with a 0,00001% chance of getting it.


The more you look the more crazy it gets.

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