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Gemstones are some of the most elusive loot in all of League of Legends. These little purple rocks can be turned into a Masterwork Chest and Key for 1 gemstone, an exclusive Hextech ward skin for 5 gemstones, or an exclusive Hextech champion skin for 10 gemstones. The skins tend to be very high quality, and are viewed by the community as a symbol of dedication towards a certain champion because of how hard it can be to get even a single gemstone. In this article, I’ll be showing you the 5 best ways to get gemstones so you can hit the rift in style

5. S- Rank

If you’re looking to get gemstones without spending any money, then you're best off playing multiple champions as best as possible. Getting as “S” rank on a champion for an exceptionally good game will reward you with a free Hextech Chest, which in turn has a chance of containing a gemstone

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Video Showcasing What Can be Gotten from Hextech Chests

  • S ranks are awarded for a combination of low deaths and high performance on your champion, whatever role that may be. Which means if you're playing a carry position like ADC you’d need a high amount of kills and CS combined with a low amount of deaths to be awarded an S. But if you’re playing something like support, the system values a high ward and assist score in addition to low deaths. I find it easier to grind out an S and therefore grind out chests on enchanters like Soraka or Janna, who’s playstyles involve playing safe and assisting the team
  • It's important to keep in mind that once you get your Hextech Chest for a champion, you won’t be given a second one even if you get another S. This will reset at the beginning of each season, but until then you’ll need to get as many S ranks on as many different champions if you want some free chests

4. Level Up

If you’re looking to earn gemstones just from playing the game, then you’ll be delighted to hear that you can earn gemstones as a reward for reaching some teeny-tiny level milestones that absolutely for sure won’t take very long to achieve
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Video Showcasing How Gemstones are Awarded for Leveling Up

  • Starting at level 150, every time you go up 50 levels you’ll be rewarded with a gemstone. It’s definitely not much but if you’ve got some time on your hands and some XP boosters then you might be able to make good use out of this method
  • There isn't an exact way to calculate the amount of time it takes to get to these level milestones but if you get one level a day, which equals out to playing about four games a day, you’ll get to 150 in about 21 weeks and it'll take about 7 more weeks to get 50 more levels. No big deal, right?

3. Blue Essence

League of Legends veterans will know that after a certain time, Blue Essence becomes essentially worthless to someone who already owns every champion. Every so often, Riot Games will put the Essence Emporium into the game for a limited time. This event will allow you to use Blue Essence to purchase gemstones

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Video Showcasing the Essence Emporium

  • At least once a year, the Essence Emporium will come to League and players will be able to use their large amounts of Blue Essence to purchase a variety of goodies. Ward skins, emotes, chromas, and of course, gemstones. There are three different purchase options for gemstones, one at 50,000, one at 75,000, and one for the low-low price of 100,000. So if you have a measly 225,000 blue essence that's three gemstones right there. A little difficult to obtain, but it’s nice to put all that dusty Blue Essence to something of use

2. Events

League of Legends is constantly putting on events for a variety of different things. A new skin line, world championship event, preseason, there's usually one going on at least every three months or so. If you're willing to pay a little money, this is a fantastic way to earn gemstones

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  • At any time you can use real money to buy RP which you can then use to buy Hextech Chests which could potentially have a gemstone. Having enough money means having enough chests to eventually unlock the gemstones you need
  • It’s even better to put a ton of money into the shop when events are happening because gemstones are often included in bundles. In addition to buying a large number of chests, orbs, or the event pass, at least one gemstone will also be included

Gemstones are one of the most sought after items in League of Legends, and getting them is no small feat. Whether you want to play the long game and patiently wait for your loot and not have to spend any money, or if you have the money and want to rush ahead to unbox them, I hope you get those ever-elusive purple rocks sooner rather than later


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