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Supporters of Paladins
Everyone say cheese.

"You can make three wishes"

Supporters or Healers, as I said before, are basically the same thing but there’s a point that parts them.  The strongest, with good mobility, high damage skills and also healing skills: supporters. Otherwise, those who focus on healing are called Healers. 

Let’s get it on, champions! The battle has begun!

5. Jenos

"Look at the stars"

Jenos finds his way onto ban lists across the board at various levels of play in ranked, but as I grind away at the ranked ladder solo, getting just a few wins away from masters only to go on massive loss streaks, (and nearly get pushed out of diamond all together!) I notice a lot of players either do not like jenos for heals, or don't understand how he is better than most other healers.

First off, when you have jenos for healing, if you have any sense about him, you're not going to play the same way you would if you had picked the Grover or the Furia for healing. That is because Jenos heals over time. 

Jenos teams are also damage based, which means, as long as the tanks are playing more passively, your flank and damage can make big plays. This means that your team needs to have a good Flanker and also a good Damage, so you will be more mobile throughout the match playing with Jenos.

See Jenos Own In Action

4. Grover

"I am Grover!"

The "soul of the forest" isn't some invisible spirit or comforting poem about being "one with nature", it's an angry, walking tree with a huge stone axe: Grover The Wild.

An amazing healer hybrid support who can deal loads of damage while keeping his teams topped off. Grover is an excellent support for group healing since he can heal his entire team if they all grip around him simply by just existing.

Grover is a ranged support character that focuses on range Poke Damage and Group Healing. Grover's Throwing Axe does higher damage when the enemy is farther away and does lower damage when enemies are closer to him.  So be far away from the enemies.

The name Grover is a male's name of English origin meaning "lives near a grove of trees". It makes sense for the champ.

See Grover Own In Action

3. Ying

"This will be easy."

A talented young spellcaster, Ying is a master of illusions and trickery, able to befuddle her opponents with bewildering misdirection. That same magic can also soothe the minds of her allies to ease their suffering and mend their wounds.

Ying is one of my favourite supports in paladins and before the changes I used to be a perfect split between a on-healing and off-healing Ying player (on-healing for main healer and off-healing for a second healer or team with enough self sustain to not really require constant healing).

In Chinese philosophy Ying means the passive, negative, feminine force or principle in the universe, both contrasted with and complementary to the Yang. What do you guys think about Chinese philosophy? I think it is as fantastic as Greek mythology.

See Ying Own In Action

2. Rei

"Do you wanna fight a princess?"

When Rei left her warren in The Burrows, she pointed her ears towards the pursuit of a mastery of magic beyond any living being's. Her quest led her to the seat of the Ruby Throne, where she found the means to achieve her ambitions.

She became fast allies and faster friends with the Scion of House Aico, Lian, gaining access to the resources of a powerful noble house in exchange for her services and advice. She strives to harness with even greater control and power the chaotic arcane forces that run throughout the Realm and bind it together. A rare magical prodigy, her tale has just begun.

Rei, Scholar of House Aico is very versatile, that's for sure. Can go damage and be a nice anti-Flank, sustain/survive with self heal and damage resistance, full Support with healing and her Ultimate. She may not excel at anything like more specialized Champions, but I personally love her versatility, and I feel she's a nice jack-of-all-trades that's not really overpowered like some characters have been on release but still can do a good job.

Rei is a unisex Japanese given name and has some possible writings like: lovely, graceful, beautiful, encourage and inspire. I think these are the most peculiar writings for our loved support.

See Rei Own In Action

1. Grohk

"Where the hell is Thor?"

Being struck by lightning once is usually more than enough to kill someone, but after dozens of strikes, Grohk was still standing. Though it took him a while to realize it, he had been imbued with the power to control the lightning itself, and he put it to good use defending his tribe from a goblin attack that would have otherwise destroyed them.

Seeing his newfound power as a sign from the weather-spirits, the rest of the Red River orcs immediately appointed him their chieftain. With the clash of the Magistrate and Resistance escalating, he sensed a new storm of a different sort brewing and joined the battle on behalf of his tribe.

Grohk has always been my strongest champion and I love to play with the totemic deck from the system of Paladins. Right now it almost feels like cheating to use him. His combined healing, damage, speed bonuses, sustain and ultimate make him incredibly strong even on maps where he shouldn't really work like Timber Mill.

Wakan Tanka is the Great Spirit in the Lakota Pantheon. A well known deity throughout the Native American Tribes and Grohk was probably based off of them. 

See Grohk Own In Action

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