[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Guy Heroes That Are Great!

Watch out for how these Guys define themselves with their powerful combo skills.

These heroes are legendary in winning the battle in Mobile Legends. Check out your favorite best guy heroes that are undeniably great!

10. Tigreal - The Tough and Strong Protector

"I do not back out, I lead with honor, as I am the Vanguard of the Light's Order." - Tigreal

He won't call himself a Vanguard if he's just a weakling and can easily be killed by an enemy. Let Tigreal roar himself and be amazed at what he can do to defeat you.

When Tigreal smashes the ground and releases 3 shockwaves, he can slow down his enemies up to 30% for 1.5 seconds. His sacred hammer that charges in his desired direction knocks back enemies dealing damage while making them immobilized. Tigreal can pull down nearby enemies towards him dealing physical damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. It's the best chance for Tigreal's team to attack and kill enemies during his ultimate. So don't be so confident if you're near Tigreal because he can cancel your skill and gives you your deserving death because the longer he fights, the stronger he'll be.

What Makes Tigreal Great:

  • He has a very tough durability
  • He is good at initiating team fight
  • He's very strong from early to late game.

See Tigreal In Action:

MVP Tank!! Tigreal 100% Annoying CC Tank - Build Top 1 Global Tigreal ~ MLBB


9. Aldous - The One Punch Destroyer

"My fists are unflinching!" - Aldous

Don't let Aldous reach 500 stacks. He's dangerous. He destroys anything and anyone.  He can wipe you out on the map with his only right-hand punch!

His main source of damage is his right hand. Aldous summons his inner strength dealing up to 400 points of damage and it stacks up. Each stack increases his damage permanently. So the longer the fight, the more stacks he made, and the high damage he gave. Aside from that, he has a defensive skill that absorbs 30% damage and gives him an additional 20% movement speed. Great tool for escaping. It also stuns nearby enemies for a few seconds, the perfect tool for chasing an enemy. Moreover Aldous' ultimate allows him to gain vision of enemies wherever they're hiding. He can fly to attack his desired target. If you are an Aldous target, expect that the very first thing you'll receive is a powerful punch enough to end your journey in the Land of Dawn.

What Makes Aldous Great:

  • He has very high damage, especially in the late game.
  • He can lock the enemy for a sure kill
  • He has a great passive and durable skill

See Aldous In Action:



8. Bane - The King of Tidal Energy

"Even the strongest of currents fail to claim me!"- Bane

Bane can slay both physical and magic damage. His first skill is powerful when Bane uses physical damage items while his second skill is impressive when he uses magic item damage. Fighting with Bane is a threat, think about it twice!

His first skill allows him to fire or shoot a Crab Claw Canon dealing 180 points of physical damage. What's more interesting about it is that the Canon can bounce. The further it gets, the higher damage it takes. Additionally, Bane can regenerate his HP (when sipping rum) by 260 points and increases his movement speed by about 30% which lasts up to 2.5 seconds. Then Bane will spit the rum and it deals damage. Another interesting fact about it is that the longer Bane brewed the rum in his mouth, the more damage it can deal.

Furthermore, his ultimate skill can cancel crowd control and ultimate skills. Bane releases a school of shark that deals damage up to 500 points and slow down enemies' movement speed by 30%, attack speed by 50%, and turrets damage by 40% that can last up to 3 seconds.

What Makes Bane Great:

  • He is very suitable for team fight
  • Can regenerate his HP
  • Great in pushing turrets

See Bane In Action:

WTF DAMAGE!! Offlane Bane with Crazy Physical Damage!! - Build Top 1 Global Bane


7. Granger - The Death Chanter

"Your death is music to my ears." - Granger

Don't let Granger chant your name. Don't let Granger pour his skills because for sure it's your end.

This marksman hero is not an ordinary hero that loads a gun to shoot. He can chase you and deals an extra 10-30% damage, then fills his gun with all bullets that deal up to 185 points of physical damage and shoots them all towards you. Next, he'll turn his violin into a super cannon that shoots 2 super bullets at a time. It only focuses on you and explodes like a bomb when hit dealing an additional 70% of physical damage to you and your nearby allies with a slowing effect of 80%. The next thing you'll hear after a bullet is Granger's voice saying, "Hmph, I'll compose the greatest sonata with your corpse."

What Makes Granger Great:

  • He has a high mobility
  • He has a high damage output
  • He has enough range attack

See Granger In Action:

BLOODY SAVAGE! Mobazane Granger Aggressive Gameplay [ Former Top 1 Global Granger ]


6. Gusion - The High Burst Magic Damage Dealer

"Fend off my daggers? Don't even think about it." - Gusion

Don't belittle his small dagger. It was perfectly made to kill and destroy you.

Gusion's first skill allows him to throw his daggers to his desired area and it deals magic damage equal to + 50% of the total damage. When used again, Gusion can move behind his target dealing with +100% of the total magic power. His daggers can also slow down enemies by 6% for 2 seconds and it'll go back to his hands while dealing a total of +40% total magic power. With his Incandescence skill, Gusion can dash to his target enemy leaving it dead in a very short period. Everyone would be curious how Gusion did the silent kill and only Gusion users can execute those cool but deadly combos.

What Makes Gusion Great:

  • He has very deadly combo skills
  • He has a large amount of damage
  • He has a short skill cooldown

See Gusion In Action:



5. Saber - The Single Combo Killer

"Kill.. all.. at once!" - Saber

Better hide in the bush, because Saber the King of Ambush won't leave you alive!

His deadly orbiting 5 sword deals up to 105 points of physical damage. After 5 seconds, the sword will go back to Saber. If you manage to win in a 1v1 fight with Saber, don't celebrate an early victory because his orbiting sword will return! But that's too impossible for you to survive because his ultimate leaves no one alive. He can knock up his target for 1.2 seconds while dealing very high burst damage up to +200% of physical damage! You can't fight back during Saber's ultimate. Just accept the fact that he gives you a brutal death because Saberphobia is back!

What Makes Saber Great:

  • Has a good escaping mechanism
  • Has a high burst damage output and can decrease the enemy's physical defense
  • Strong in the early game

See Saber In Action:



4. Ling - The Elegant Assassin

"Nothing feels better than playing with blades." - Ling

Ling is an expert in playing his sword. With his graceful execution of his ultimate, you can't do anything but die in amazement.

He can jump from wall to wall, recall on top of the wall and rest on the wall while recovering energy. He can dash in a single direction and inflict damage in that direction. Every dash reloads his passive, which does massive critical damage to enemies. His ultimate is the most amazing skill he has. It allows him to leap up, while allowing himself to be immune to any kind of damage, and land his one sword transforming it into 4 swords. This simply means that no one can escape from his sword's blade.

What Makes Ling Great:

  • He can do split push easily
  • Has high mobility, has a great escaping skill
  • He has a high damage output.

See Ling In Action:



3. Yi Sun-shin - Excellent Team Carrier

"A true warrior never backs down from a fight." - Yi Sun-shin

Meet Yi Sun-shin with his dangerous bow and arrow. He won't ever bow onto your feet as he never backs down on the battle until he holds the crown of victory!

With his impressive skills and abilities, Yi Sun-shin never gets out of being a meta hero. He can attack and cause damage without getting near to you with the use of his longbow. When he switches a weapon, his next basic attack can deal with a critical strike and give him an additional movement speed. He can also dash while dealing true damage and gains immunity to crowd control for a second. His turtle ship is not only an accessory to him and makes him great but it also gives him additional damage and stuns effect when being hit by enemies.  Yi Sun-shin's ultimate looks like a raining fire as it hits the entire map. This makes enemies visible on the map even when they're hiding in a bush. If Yi Sun-shin is your enemy then better prepare for a bloody fight!

What Makes Yi Sun-shin Great:

  • He has a high mobility and crowd control immunity.
  • He has very good escape skills.
  • He has a very high damage output, especially in the late game

See Yi Sun-shin In Action:

100% Unstoppable, Perfect Control YSS [ Top Global Yi Sun-shin ] 


 2. Claude - The Clever Tower Stealer

"Sshh, why don't we go steal the enemy base next" - Claude

Claude isn't called The King of Thieves if he's just nothing. He can steal your turrets in a snap! With his special passive skill that gives him additional movement and attack speed, he can push turrets quickly leaving them unnoticed!

His skills allow Claude to attack enemies dealing physical damage up to 285 points while reducing enemies' movement speed by 20% and attack speed by 10%. It also gives Claude an additional movement speed for each hit enemy. Additionally, he can blink in his desired area and it's perfect for escaping. His ultimate is not a joke because you can't get out of it. Claude fires at nearby enemies dealing up to 130 points of physical damage and gives him a shield capable of absorbing damage for 3 seconds. Don't be confident if you manage to escape on his ultimate, because Claude will make way to end you!

What Makes Claude Great:

  • He has very good mobility.
  • He can fight all heroes at once!
  • He has a very high damage output

See Claude In Action:



 1.   Chou - The Coolest Unbeatable Guy

"The man who can beat me has not been born yet." - Chou

Chou is a cool hero. What makes him cool? Well, he can slay both, being a tanker and offlaner. This makes him the unbeatable guy in the Land of Dawn. What makes him cooler? It's his uncontrollable skills that can bring you into his tower while doing a freestyle!

He can punch you forward 3 times. Each punch deals a different level of physical damage. It deals with a total of 70% physical attacks. He can also dash in a short distance and immune himself to any crowd control effects made by the opponent. After dashing, Chou can increase his physical penetration up to 40 points simultaneously to obtain a shield that absorbs up to 350 points of damage for 2 seconds. But wait, there's more!

Chou's Ultimate deals up to 500 points of physical damage. It's the coolest execution that you'll see because it allows Chou to do the roundhouse kick to knock you out then after 2 seconds, he will chase and attack you while you're in airborne effect dealing +200% extra physical attack. He can bring you back to your tower in a couple of seconds!

What Makes Chou Great:

  • Has a good escaping capability
  • Has a great crowd control ability
  • Very flexible and has a huge damage output.

See Chou In Action:


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