[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Fighters That Wreck Hard

Smash into battle with Fighter Heroes.

It is necessary to master Fighters since they carry the weight of a squad, with the ability to deal and absorb significant damage while switching between positions throughout battle, making them versatile, adaptable and flexible heroes. Now let's have a look at the best fighters that wreck hard; the top five are among the most prominent fighters right now.


10. Paquito

It may already be well-known but must be iterated for context. Paquito is inspired by Filipino Boxing Legend, Manny Pacquio, the only eight division world champion in boxing history. Paquito is a relentless boxer with a solid combination of punch strikes and a dash infused within his skills.

His combination of skills is challenging to master and demands timing and positioning. A level of mastery that necessitates patience and time is symbolized by his ability to land his skill combo in perfect synchronicity and rhythm. Paquito can defeat several opponents at once thanks to his strong crowd control and HP regeneration.

What makes Paquito a deadly fighter.

  • Skill Combination - His skill combination has crowd control that can inflict damage on multiple targets/opponents in one motion. It requires a certain degree of accuracy since he can easily miss targets while executing his skill combo. In spite of this, it is an extremely effective combination that can easily eliminate targets and objectives.
  • Mobility/Speed - While Paquito is equipped with a dash as part of his skill set, his skills also increase his speed in attack and mobility while providing a temporary buff.
  • HP Regen - He can regenerate HP on successful damage dealt. This improves his chances in the front-lines where he can absorb damage and effectively counter. Timing is necessary since HP is regenerated only on successful damage.
  • Crowd Control - His skill set has the potential to effectively take on more than one hero or targets automatically. Timing is necessary.

See Paquito in action: 


9. X-Borg

X-Borg is renowned for his burst in damage and also, despite having a very low HP base, he is still very much durable and able to match up against a wide range of heroes. This is through the use of his Ultimate Skill that grants him the ability to charge in a direction then burst into damage that can impact multiple targets. It is necessary to understand X-Borgs armor when trying to master him.

Since he is half cyborg, his armor is divided into two phases in terms of HP that grant him certain abilities. He cannot launch melee attacks or engage his Ultimate Skill when below 50% HP. Mastering his skill combo and engaging his ultimate skill requires timing and positioning.

What makes X-Borg a deadly fighter.

  • Durability - X-Borg is extremely difficult to eliminate, especially in team confrontations, and can withstand significant amounts of damage through his armor. 
  • Burst Damage - His Ultimate Skill is extremely lethal since it can charge in a direction and slow down opponents before unleashing impact. X-Borg is a great poke, initiate and gank hero due to this. 
  • Versatility - He can take on a wide range of objectives and goals, and is a perfect support hero for his ability to burst into damage and survive the encounter.

See X-Borg in action: 


8. Aldous

Aldous's ability to mark opponents and rocket/charge through the battlefield before crashing into targets makes him an important strategic asset for whatever squad he is a part of where he can easily set the pace and tempo in battle. He has amazing strength, energy and speed where his true damage is realized through stacking power on successful strikes.

Map reading and timing is important when trying to fully utilize Aldous presence. He is a vital support in team confrontations and also has the potential to harass the front-lines as a tank. As a mid to late game hero, it is crucial to learn and understand his stacking ability to reveal his true potential in strength

What makes Aldous a deadly fighter.

  • Unique Ultimate Skill - Most may already know this but it is what makes Aldous a deadly fighter. He can reveal opponent locations for up to 5 seconds then lock and engage on one where he has the ability to fly and crash into them from anywhere on the battlefield with the potential of delivering further damage with his other skills.
  • Durability - His passive skill generates a shield while his second skill offers a 30% damage reduction. He can also generate HP through successful damage that builds on to his stack ability. All these contribute to his relevant durable stance.
  • Damage - Since he can build and stack energy through successful damage, this gives him an advantage when dealing damage. Aldous is capable of 1 hit eliminations if stacked at the peak of his build.
  • Versatility - He is flexible in adapting to gameplay and can take on a variety of roles, from core in jungle to laning and offlane. Aldous can also take over the front-lines in situations that favor his build and gold count over the other team.

See Aldous in action: 


7. Badang

Badang is known for his ability to build a wall and unleash a fury of punches that deal extreme damage. This is a combination of his second and ultimate skill. His second skill has two phases, a dash followed by generating a wall. Mastering him requires understanding and utilizing this skill combination, which is one of the deadliest combos in ML.

He has a passive skill that amplifies his damage after a succession of damage dealt and is a very balanced hero when considering meta updates. He also has a stun, knock back and crowd control immunity as part of his skills. Badang is an absolute warrior who embodies the true spirit of combat in Mobile Legends.

What makes Badang a deadly hero.

  • Skill Combination - Badang has a solid skill combination that is actually supposed to work in synchronized succession. It follows the order of second skill to charge toward and build a wall to trap opponents before unleashing his ultimate flurry of punches. This may then be followed up with his first skill where his passive may also be active in dealing extra damage.
  • Charge/Burst - His charge/burst underlies his skills as mentioned in his skill combination. These same skills may be used in retreat strategies or in support of other heroes in ganking lanes, team fights or helping in the jungles.
  • Crowd Control - His skill set has the potential to inflict damage on multiple heroes at once and is the perfect set for teammates to capitalize on. This proves his value in the front lines of battle.
  • Wall Generation - The ability to build a wall is unique and definitely adds immense value to his list of attributes. It is a unique skill that no other hero in his category possesses.

See Badang in action: 


6. Sun

Depending on the style of gameplay, Sun may prove to be the best split push hero in ML. He can defend himself against attacks and harass the front lines thanks to his special ability to clone himself into doppelgangers which is confusing to defend against. He is a great jungler but is best paired with the battle spell Inspire, which increases his damage potential.

Through the utilization of his skills, Sun is exceedingly adaptable and versatile. He joins a select group of heroes given that he features four skills. Crowd control is an upside of his cloning ability,  his second skill gives him the ability to blink to designated spots and his third skill deals agonizing damage, especially when summoning doppelgangers. Prior to his most recent revamp, he was a late-game hero. He is now an early to late game hero.

What makes Sun a deadly fighter.

  • Unique Ultimate Skill - Sun can duplicate himself into three doppelgangers through his Ultimate Skill. This gives him the potential to enhance his other three skills, where his clones combine in dealing damage.
  • Mobility - His Second Skill gives him ability to blink, which enhances his mobility. Aside from this, his other skills enhance his movement in attack which can be transferred into movement speed. 
  • Crowd Control - Through his doppelgangers, Sun has the potential to attack multiple heroes at once. 
  • Versatility - Sun is flexible and can adapt to various situations. He can be played in the front to back lines and can take on jungle responsibilities as a core hero. He is an asset to any team that he is a part of and can carry games with ease if mastered.

See Sun in action: 


5. Chou

If you're interested in playing with Chou, you have to learn and master his incredibly powerful skill combo, which makes him a very precise and technical hero. Crowd Control is a part of these skills, which makes him an absolute force to deal with. His skills are also equipped with a dash and can knock opponents into an airborne state.

He may be weak in the early game but can take on different roles through extreme versatility. While being quite hard to master to full effect, he is still a complete combatant with solid burst damage and the potential to split push in the mid-late game. He also has no mana, which places him above other heroes in his category.

What makes Chou a deadly fighter.

  • Skill Combination - This is the only way to master Chou. His skills make him a feared hero since there is no way to counter if timing and precision is right.
  • Versatility - With speed, durability and cc that can deal huge damage, Chou is a flexible and adaptable hero who can very much carry games if mastered well enough.
  • Crowd Control - This is handy in team fights where his second skill can stun multiple heroes at once. Note that his ultimate combination can only be engaged on one hero but he has the potential to follow up and pursue multiple heroes.
  • Mobility - His skills are infused with multiple dashes that may be used to cover large distances at ease. This adds immense effect to him as already a very mobile and fast paced hero.

See Chou in action: 


4. Balmond

For only 6500 Battle Points, Balmond is a pretty straightforward hero to learn and master. Anyone who is serious about ML should own him since he is such a terrific offer and deal as a team utility who can carry games. He is a versatile hero who can readily adapt and support teammates since his primary qualities are in HP Regen and Damage. He also has decent speed in mobility and attack.

He has been a balanced hero in meta updates for so long where he has been downgraded from a dual role fighter/assassin to fighter. He still possesses assassin-like qualities that can be engaged through flexibility and versatility. His skill mechanics allow him to shift through complicated roles and positions with ease while also being basic.

What makes Balmond a deadly fighter.

  • HP Regen - Through the use of his second and ultimate skill, Balmond can effectively regenerate HP while dealing continuous damage. This extends his longevity and potential in the front-lines and also in team confrontations.
  • Damage - Balmond is capable of delivering lethal damage through his ultimate skill. Aside from this, his second skill can be spammed continuously and deals recurring damage while generating HP.
  • Speed - He has the speed of an assassin but that is masked by his size. He also has a dash as part of his skill set that enables him to cover long distances in a shorter period of time.
  • Versatility - Balmond is a very adaptable hero who can easily sync in with team goals and objectives. He is a top ganker, laner and core hero who has the potential to carry teams to victory.

See Balmond in action: 



3. Zilong

Zilong was once the king of late game but that is changing soon. Recent Meta Updates have rolled out adjustments that have rendered him extremely squishy in the late game with the removal and introduction of certain build items.  In spite of these adjustments, he remains to be among the most lethal combatants in ML.

His second skill has an instant cooldown rate upon successful elimination of targets, and also has lock on range. This is his key attack component that deals swift and fatal damage. His ultimate skill enhances his attack and mobility speed with slight immunity. Zilong is simple in that regard, and requires precision in timing since he is a squishy damage dealer.

What makes Zilong a deadly fighter.

Charge - Through the use of his ultimate and second skill, Zilong has the potential to pursue heroes. His ultimate skill enhances his speed in mobility and attack while his second skill has range that can lock on targets where his basic skill cannot reach.

Speed - This is one of his major advantages. Zilongs Ultimate Skill enhances his mobility by 40% and his attack speed by 40%. This is a major game changer in lanes, ganking and clearing jungle objectives.

Versatility - Through his speed and damage, Zilong can take on a variety of roles and objectives. He is in fact a top laner who can clear lanes in fast precision but also does well as a core hero where his speed enables him to take out objectives in rapid succession.

Damage - His ultimate skill increases attack speed by 40% but it doesn’t stop there. His second and basic skills also deliver rapid attacks in swift combinations but gradually lessen intensity with time.

See Zilong in action: https://youtu.be/1kVc6vmdjZI


2. Dyrroth

Dyrroth was second to Silvanna in life steal but has overtaken her this season in terms of relevance and favorable meta updates. Fun fact, they are also storyline siblings. He is a powerful striker who can aggressively take out targets and also possesses a lethal strike combination that is intimidating and annoying to defend against.

He is relatively easy to learn and master while having the flexibility, speed and potential to clear out jungling and lane objectives in the early game. He is at his best in the mid to late stages of battle when at the peak of his build. Mastering Dyrroth requires understanding of building his rage through successful damage while taking advantage of his life steal.

What makes Dyrroth a deadly fighter.

  • Life Steal - Alucard is the King of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. Silvanna is said to be second and Dyrroth ranks third. Some may say Dyrroth deserves second spot now but anyway, the point still stands. He is capable of building rage that outstandingly expands and regenerates his HP.
  • Charge - He has a dash, good range and lock on skills that can pursue opponents. Adding on to this is the fact that he is genuinely a fast hero with speed in both attack and mobility that can be enhanced by his ultimate skill.
  • Burst Damage - Backed by his ability to build rage, Dyrroth has the potential to deal burst damage, which is the second most lethal type of damage ranked after magic damage. He can deliver burst damage through his skills that when backed by rage, effectively spreads over to his basic attack.
  • Versatility - He is a well rounded combatant, with speed and survivability that enables him to cross over the battlefield with flexibility and ease in backing up team objectives. He is an excellent ganker, laner and jungler when realizing his true mastery.

See Dyrroth in action: 


1. Alpha

Over the span of the last two to three seasons, Alpha has consistently been a favorite in meta updates. His top spot on this list is owed to a variety of factors, including his all-around fighting style and assassin-like capabilities in comparison to other competitors in his category. As a cyborg, he is accompanied by beta who enhances his skills by dealing extra, continuous damage.

He is capable of producing life steal by executing successful damage. This is one of his main advantages, as it gives him the flexibility to play in a variety of roles and also provide support to teammates. Equipped with a lethal combination of skills, he can deal excruciating damage with the ability to blink in attack. Mastering Alpha requires timing and precision.

What makes Alpha a deadly fighter.

  • Charge - Alpha has the perfect combination of roles and skills that enables him to pursue targets. Aside from this, he is capable of lethal damage and generating life steal which increases his chances of engaging opponents.
  • Damage - Through his skill combination, Alpha is capable of inflicting serious damage that is aided by his support Beta, who deals extra damage that slows down heroes and reduces their counter potential.
  • HP Regen - All his skills contribute to HP Regen. This is an absolute advantage for such a hero who specializes in charge.
  • Versatility - From lanes and jungling to backing up teammates, initiating team fights and implementing the element of surprise in attack, Alpha is a well rounded hero who can take on these wide variety of objectives. He is flexible and capable of adapting to situations.

See Alpha in action: 



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