[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Fighters That Wreck Hard! (Latest Patch)

Mobile legends Best Fighters, powerful fighters in mlbb
Ready to discover the best fighters in town?

Select the best fighter hero that suits you best!

Choosing the right hero in the right situation is one of the most important aspects that can increase your chance of winning. You must pick the perfect one for you in order to guarantee your team’s victory.

A fighter is one of the classes in Mobile Legends that holds a significant role in the team. They belong at the front line during team fights, so they must be equipped with high damage and great defense.

Check out the best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends right now that are suitable for the current meta. This comprehensive list will surely knock your enemies down!


10. Alpha

Alpha is online!

Alpha is best for going against 2 or 3 enemies at once, depending on your build and gameplay. His passive gives true damage in which he launches 3 laser strikes upon marking the opponent twice.

His second skill also has an in-built spell vamp perfect for team fights. Alpha strikes forward in a fan-shaped area by activating this, dealing physical damage to enemies.

Alpha’s ultimate skill can stun and slow an enemy for a second. After he smashes down, Alpha’s Beta will launch 5 Area of Effect (AoE) strikes on the target area, each dealing a tremendous amount of damage.

What makes Alpha a Deadly Fighter:

  • Can easily charge towards enemies
  • Has healing ability
  • Great Crowd Control skills

See Alpha in Action:

New Revamped Alpha Is Strong [ Top Global Alpha ] Yann. - Mobile Legends


9. Yu Zhong

Who would not be terrified with the Black Dragon?

Yu Zhong is a hero with 4 active skills. This dragon-transforming fighter hero has become one of the best picks in the offlane role during gameplay.

His passive allows him to restore some HP after successfully landing an attack on a target. His ultimate is also annoying, especially against a very lumped opponent group, as it can easily mess up their formation during team fights. Yu Zhong’s ultimate skill can also be used to dive into the enemy’s backline and target their Carry.

What makes Yu Zhong a Deadly Fighter:

  • High spell vamp
  • Vast AoE damage

See Yu Zhong in Action: 

Unstoppable Yu Zhong - Build Top 1 Global Yu Zhong


8. Argus

Be aware of this deadly immortal!

Argus was once forgotten in the Mobile Legends world, but he is now extremely powerful due to the revamping. He now heals every time his passive is activated, making him last longer during a clash.

Argus’ revamp made him less ultimate dependent and performed better in 1 vs. 1 situation. Now, he becomes a true terror with unmatched physical capabilities. When his ultimate is activated, he can simultaneously act as an invulnerable tank and an excellent carry.

What makes Argus a Deadly Fighter:

  • Debuffs himself through his ultimate
  • Great sustenance skills

See Argus in Action: 

Argus with Sprint META is Deadly - Build Top 1 Global Argus


7. Lapu-Lapu

The one with the courageous blade.

Lapu-Lapu is an excellent frontliner. He recently got revamped, so his ultimate and 2nd skills were changed. Whenever his passive is ready, he can use it to initiate an attack or for additional defense because of its shield.

His basic attacks are at minimum damage only, so try to utilize his skills. Use it wisely to make sure that you finish your enemy off at the get-go. With this, avoid too aggressive objectives at the early game and farm first before initiating a clash.

What makes Lapu-Lapu a Deadly Fighter:

  • Great burst damage and chasing abilities
  • High durability

See Lapu-Lapu in Action: 

Lapu Lapu with Hybrid Build - Top 1 Global Lapu Lapu ~ MLBB


6. Chou

Kung-fu boy is here!

Up until now, Chou is still one of the best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends because of his classic skills.

Since Chou has great damage and defense, he can be used in a variety of ways. He can make use of a tank build, fighter build, or even an assassin build! So if you want a fighter hero that is extremely strong and can fight all your enemies up close, make sure to try Chou.

What makes Chou a Deadly Fighter:

  • Massive damage
  • High defense and mobility
  • Great Crowd Control Skills

See Chou in Action: 

Top 1 Global Chou by Cake. - Mobile Legends


5. Phoveus

Do you still want to blink if Phoveus is your enemy?

This is a mage-based fighter and is frequently banned because of his strong annoying skills. He can deal a good amount of magic damage against multiple enemies from a close distance with his first skill.

This skill adds a maximum of 3 charges, meaning you can deal damage up to 3 times within a small period of time. You can also gain a shield when hitting an enemy hero with this skill, making Phoveus indeed someone who is hard to knock out!

His ultimate is one of the reasons why Phoveus is feared by many. His ultimate doesn’t get active until an enemy in his sight moves by blinking. He can then use this ultimate to jump towards an enemy and deal significant damage.

What makes Phoveus a Deadly Fighter:

  • Great durability and sustainability in a game
  • His ultimate gets active within 12 seconds every time an enemy uses blink skill again
  • Low cooldown time
  • Perfect against very mobile heroes


See Phoveus in Action: 

Top 1 Global Phoveus Gameplay - Mobile Legends


4. X.borg

This teenager just wants to burn everything!

X.borg’s deadly flamethrower deals high amounts of true damage against enemies. With the right positioning, X.borg can even suck out the HP of tank heroes!

The nightmare about X.borg is his ultimate, especially if your opponent is a squishy hero with a lack of escape skills. X.borg only needs to aim right once to slow down the target, and the continuous damage will then destroy the enemy. If it still has some HP left, the explosion on the end of this skill will definitely take the enemy down.

What makes X.borg a Deadly Fighter:

  • High mobility
  • Difficult to get close to
  • Has 2 HP bars

See X.borg in Action: 

Top 1 Global X.Borg by sad_joker - MLBB


3. Bane

Witness the comeback of Bane in the current meta!

Bane is a very versatile hero because he can be a magic-based or physical-based fighter. His passive gives him 1 stack when casting a skill, which can stack up to 2. This skill deals increased physical damage to all enemies in the area. Bane’s passive makes him an excellent component to win during team fights.

His first skill is very powerful, especially if you used Bane as a physical-based fighter. When activated, this shoots a canon to the first unit it hits. Then, the canon bounces to an enemy, dealing 150% damage, and can even be raised up to 200%!

Bane’s ultimate can disrupt any enemy formation and will surely give offense and defense to your team!

What makes Bane a Deadly Fighter:

  • Can slow enemies
  • High cooldown reduction attributes
  • Has healing effects

See Bane in Action:

Top 1 Global Bane Build 2022 - Mobile Legends


2. Ruby

Ruby, the fierce Little Red Hood.

Ruby is an all-time favorite, especially for fighter-main players. She is very perfect to use against almost all enemy heroes because of her offensive and defensive skills.

Just remember that Endless Battle is perfect for Ruby because she has very low CD reduction. If you equip her with this item, you can even magnify and increase her damage with low cooldown time!

Ruby is great against less mobile heroes, such as Miya, Layla, and Gord, because she can easily stay close and hunt them down.

What makes Ruby a Deadly Fighter:

  • Great Crowd Control Skills
  • High spell vamp
  • All skills have Area of Effect (AoE) damage

See Ruby in Action: 



1. Aldous

Don't ever attempt to drag the game when you fight against him!

Aldous is a highly dynamic fighter hero that can locate enemy heroes on the map. He also has the ability to raise his attack power continuously. When equipped with the right items, Aldous can kill enemies in one hit.

The only thing about Aldous is he needs time to unlock his fullest potential. He can be bullied at the early game, so team support is needed here. However, Aldous is truly unstoppable during the late game. By having 150 stacks and more, he can easily take down marksman and mage heroes inone smash!

If you want a fighter hero that will make your enemies terrified of going out of their base alone, Aldous is perfect for that.

What makes Aldous a Deadly Fighter:

  • Can provide vision for allies
  • Can dash toward any visible hero on the map
  • Great defense and movement skills

See Aldous in Action:

One Punch Delete - Build Top 1 Global Aldous ~ MLBB


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