[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Fighters That Wreck Hard! (Latest Patch)

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Prepare to grace the battlefield with these hard fighters!

Who will stay and remain on top?

We all know that Mobile Legends cater to a variety of heroes. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what hero you prefer to use. Fighters are one of the most reliable allies on the battlefield. They serve as the second defense specialist next to the tanks. 

Thanks to the latest patch, fighter heroes can now keep up with others when it comes to their damage output. Because of this, you cannot play one game in Mobile Legends without having a strong, steady fighter hero on your team! 

Let us see who among this pool of fighters is the strongest and most reliable. So read ahead and take down notes!


10. Sun

Always do a second look!

Sun used to be part of the meta when he got revamped. But after getting some nerfs, his relevance experienced a slight decline. Although some might consider him out of the meta, Sun is still useful, especially in the latter part of the game.

His pushing abilities can definitely make up for what he may lack due to recent adjustments. So still, never underestimate Sun's damage.

The only tip about Sun is to pick him against the right heroes. Other professional players would even decide to use him as a jungler since he has a high killing potential. This proves that Sun remains to be that hero that is difficult to knock down!

What makes Sun a Deadly Fighter:

  • He can easily escape from enemies because of his ability to multiply and distract the opponents' attention.
  • He is almost unbeatable in 1 vs 1 fights because of his impressive close combat skills.
  •  He deals huge damage because he provides thrice more than an ordinary hero. 

Sun In action:

21 Kills + MANIAC!! Sun CRIT + ATK Speed Build is Deadly!! - Build Top 1 Global Sun ~ MLBB


9. Ruby

Ruby is all ready to suck your life out.

Ruby is that extrovert friend who can blend with anyone. She is a very dynamic hero that she fits well with any lineup! This is because players can create numerous strategies with Ruby, thanks to her skills and abilities. Even though she is initially labeled a fighter hero, you can use her as roaming support. Very flexible, right?

Just remember that Haa's Claws is Ruby's secret formula. Always buy this item regardless of the role you're filling in, whether you are the tank, support, or fighter. This item will boost her lifesteal abilities, which is the reason why she is a very dangerous hero. Without her lifesteal, she will be like other regular heroes in the game.

What makes Ruby a Deadly Fighter: 

  • She has very annoying crowd control skills that can easily pull a group of enemies toward her.
  • She is too strong in the late game, thanks to her lifesteal abilities.
  • She is an excellent initiator, which is the reason why Ruby is often used as the team's tank. 

Ruby In action: 

Unkillable Build Ruby Offlane Perfect Play! - Top 1 Global Ruby by TRAX. - Mobile Legends


8. Phoveous

Do not even think about blinking when he's near.

Remember when Phoveous was a regular in the most banned heroes? That time was really his peak. However, he encountered multiple nerfs, causing his shield-gaining abilities to weaken. 

Though that might come off as a disadvantage, Phoveous still continues to gain high win rates. This is because of his usefulness during team fights against heroes that rely on blink skills and dash. 

Also, we all know that most meta heroes are very agile and rely on such abilities, right? So even if Phoveous received adjustments, his skills are still relevant and very reliable to counter annoying meta junglers.

What makes Phoveous a Deadly Fighter: 

  • He has a low cooldown because nearby enemies' blink skills will reduce the cooldown of his own skills.
  • He is a great counter against annoying jungle heroes like Fanny and Wanwan because of his passive.
  • He is good at chasing down enemies because of his mobility which is almost equivalent to an assassin.

Phoveous In action: 



7. Aldous

The one-punch killer.

Aldous has been a very consistent fighter. He is so effective in being a killing machine that once you go against him, you wouldn't want the game to extend any longer!

To keep the balance in Mobile Legends, Aldous still has his fair share of weakness too. Aldous is very weak in the early game. So do not try to be aggressive whenever you use him because your opponent might even take advantage of that. Just be patient and focus first on building up your power. Farm and get more stacks! After that, you will truly be unstoppable.

After many years, Aldous still remains to be the only hero that deals the highest single cast skill damage with a cooldown of fewer than three seconds. Can you even imagine that?

What makes Aldous a Deadly Fighter: 

  • He can easily kill an enemy in just one punch due to his ultimate skill.
  • He is great at finding out hiding enemies in the bush because his ultimate also provides vision for the team.
  • He is the only hero who can attack enemies even if he is from a distance, making him the hero you cannot escape from.

Aldous In action: 

SAVAGE + 25 Kills!! Aldous One Hit Build (Crazy Critical Damage) - Build Top 1 Global Aldous ~ MLBB


6. Roger

Feel the pain of this half-human beast.

Roger has always been a powerful and efficient hero—nobody can question that. He has almost everything that will truly lead your team to victory. He's got the skills, the speed, and the damage. These three factors made him stay very long in the meta.

Because of his damage output, Roger is also being used as a jungler. According to most players, this is where he shines the best since he can get all the farm needed to buy items quickly. More than that, Roger is also useful on the gold lane, especially against marksman heroes who are weak in the early game.

What makes Roger a Deadly Fighter: 

  • He is versatile and unpredictable since he can vary his skills every time he transforms.
  • He can easily target and knock down squishy heroes because of his high burst capability.
  • He has innate immunity skills where once this is activated, Roger can easily move toward an enemy without getting any damage from the attacks.

Roger In action:



5. Paquito

The mighty boxer.

Paquito is an all-around killing machine. Regardless if you keep him in the sidelane or use him as the jungler, equipping him with enough defensive items is important for his success. Paquito has a long list of advantages, such as his mobility, sustenance, and control skills.

The only thing about Paquito that you will need to focus on is his disadvantage when it comes to the range of his attacks. In the latter part of the game, where mage and marksman heroes have already reached their fullest potential, it would make him difficult to get closer to them. This is why you will need many defense items to compensate for this aspect.

What makes Paquito a Deadly Fighter: 

  • He is unpredictable because his passive enables him to vary his attacks.
  • He is difficult to catch due to his many blink skills.
  • He is too powerful in the early game, especially with his Jab skills, which can kill any hero even if he does not have any item yet.

Paquito In action: 

RIP SAVAGE!! Paquito Best Build 2022 (DEADLY PUNCH) - Build Top 1 Global Paquito ~ MLBB


4. Terizla

Ever seen Terizla with melting fire?

Terizla had a revamp recently, which boosted his popularity. His skills are perfect whenever you fight against heroes that are weak in close combat, like Cecilion and Vale. These heroes are very deadly in the latest patch, so knowing that Tereizla has the chance to silence them, he became the go-to fighter hero of most players.

However, all great heroes will always have a weakness. In Terezla's case, his weakness is his lack of escape abilities. So in times when you participate in a team fight without enough equipment build, that will truly lead to your disadvantage. It helps if you pair Terizla with an excellent long-ranged hero that can easily assist him in times of trouble.

What makes Terizla a Deadly Fighter: 

  • He is very strong in the early game, thanks to his second skill that enables him to attack three times.
  • He has an unescapable ultimate, which can slow enemies up to 50%.
  • He deals massive damage because of his passive that reduces the enemy's damage every time he loses his HP.

Terizla In action: 

Deadly & Tanky!! Terizla Best Build 2022 (100% IMMORTAL) - Build Top 1 Global Terizla ~ MLBB


3. Bane

The Water God!

After getting some adjustments, Bane has been doing great so far. In fact, the changes in him have caused him to be used sometimes as a jungler! This proves that Bane's damage has been so great that it can keep up with other core heroes.

However, keep in mind that this advantage might start to decline in the latter part of the game. When everyone has already acquired the necessary equipment, his damage might be overpowered by others. So one tip about him is to be aggressive and make sure that you will get the upper hand immediately. If possible, always aim to steal the enemy's buffs in order to impair them. 

What makes Bane a Deadly Fighter: 

  • He is flexible since he can provide two types of attacks: melee and long-range.
  • He can contribute to pushing objectives since his ultimate can also deal damage to turrets.
  • He can regenerate HP because of his second skill. This sill can also increase his movement speed.

Bane In action: 



2. Yu Zhong

The dragon is here!

Regardless of the meta, Yu Zhong will always be a relevant hero. Although it may be true that he's not as famous as before, he is still very effective, especially in catching backliner heroes. Yu Zhong also has the best passive among other fighters because this grants him the ability to deal physical damage while also restoring his HP. His passive also increases his movement speed, which is perfect for hunting down squishy heroes.

Just one thing about Yu Zhong is his vulnerability against crowd control attacks. Once he gets suppressed by an enemy, it will be challenging for him to escape. So always aim to farm first before joining team fights. After all, his area of effect damage will be much deadlier if you have already bought a full set of items.

What makes Yu Zhong a Deadly Fighter: 

  • He deals great area of effect damage that affects everyone around areas in his dragon form. He can also knock up enemies, which deals more offense.
  • He is perfect for aggressive gameplays since Yu Zhong has the damage and durability to stay longer during team fights.
  • He never worries about running back home because his skills do not require mana, which is an excellent quality to dominate team fights.

Yu Zhong In action:

17 Kills!! Yu Zhong Best Build 100% IMMORTAL!! - Build Top 1 Global Yu Zhong ~ MLBB


1.  Masha

The last man standing is a woman.

Masha has always been everyone's favorite due to her 3 HP bars. Her unique attribute makes her very deadly, especially if she has already achieved a full build. Masha does not only contribute on defense because she can also definitely knock someone out easily!

Other than the things stated above, there is still something that Masha can contribute to the team: pushing. Masha can take down turrets easily, making her a good sidelaner. Considering the information gathered, we can very well say that Masha is reliable in almost all aspects of your team's objectives.

What makes Masha a Deadly Fighter: 

  • She is very good in 1 vs 1 fights because she gets an increased attack speed for every HP she loses.
  • She is excellent against close combat heroes because of her massive damage per second.
  • She has a strong early-game advantage since, at level 1, she is the hero with the most HP.

Masha In action: 

The Next Level Play!! Masha 100% OP with Hybrid Tanky - Build Top 1 Global Masha ~ MLBB


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