[Top 7] Mobile Legends Best Healers

Unlock your healing potential through these heroes.

Healing Heroes are categorized as Support Heroes in Mobile Legends. They are strong coordinating heroes that can back up and assist teammates in tasks and objectives, as well as in team confrontations. They are utility heroes who may rotate and adjust to gameplay. Now here are Top 7 Mobile Legends Best Healers according to the current meta.


7. Diggie

The Little Owl Timekeeper is a superb guard/poke specialist.  He may not be a healer in literal meaning but his skills and abilities allow him to provide immunity for allies in gameplay. For only 24,000 Battle Points, he is a great deal in mastering the support role. He is the only hero who doesn’t respawn at base upon death, where he can be utilized as a map hack in revealing opponent locations when in contact with them during respawn time.

His skills include Crowd Control (AoE) which assists allies in damage and slowing down opponents. Through the use of his Ultimate Skill (Time Journey) Diggie grants allies, including himself a 650–880 (+300% Total Magic Power) shield and Control Immunity for three seconds while removing all debuffs. He gains an additional 50% movement speed boost for 0.5 seconds as well. This is his primary healing capability that is supported by damage through CC.

What makes Diggie Great for Healing:

  • Ultimate Skill (Time Journey) - This is his primary healing function that debuffs cc effects from himself and allies while also increasing his movement speed by 50%.
  • Crowd Control (AoE) - CC gives him the ability to set and stage gameplay then offer support through his healing effects and shields that are part of his skill set.
  • Mobility - Diggie is extremely mobile and doesn’t even respawn at base upon death. He can rapidly cover ground on the battlefield and offer assistance as a hero who can be played adaptively.

See Diggie in action: 

6. Mathilda

The Tribal Girl Mathilda is the only Support Assassin on this list. She specializes as a Guard/Initiator and is suggested as a Roam Hero since she is extremely versatile in dealing burst damage while also being able to generate shields, immunity and offer support in mobility to allies. She is an often forgotten hero given her unique roles but reigns as one of the best support heroes.

Her Second Skill (Guiding Wind) provides allies with a 60% Shield and also increases their mobility. Allies also have the opportunity to blink to her if they respond to her calling prompt. Aside from this, she has speed and damage that solidifies her role as a Guard/Initiator. Though she cannot directly heal allies, she has the capacity to initiate conflicts that allies may capitalize on then provide assistance to them as a guard.

What makes Mathilda Great for Healing:

  • Second Skill (Guiding Wind) - Mathilda can generate shields for allies and also increase their movement speed through this skill. Though it is not direct healing, it still has the same effect and increases chances of successful gameplay.
  • Immunity - She can grant herself immunity to certain damage through her skill set. This supports her as a guard and initiator in supporting teammates.
  • Mobility - Her skills enhance her speed and that of allies around her. It cements her abilities in being able to back up in support while providing shield and enhancing mobility.

See Mathilda in action: 

5. Minotaur

The Son of Minos, Minotaur is a Crowd Control Specialist and is the only Tank/Support on this list. He is preferred as a Roam Hero who is known for his ability to build rage, thus, increasing his CC Damage potential as a Tank in the front lines. He costs only 15,000 Battle Points and should be owned by everyone since Tank is an often avoided role that can be covered by Minotaur.

His fundamental healing ability comes through his Second Skill (Motivation Roar) where he motivates and inspires teammates while restoring HP each time he is hit by a basic attack. His other skills have CC and slow effects that serve him as a Tank. Mastering his Second Skill is a hard task but it is his greatest asset in having the capability to sustain damage while teammates may capitalize, making him one of the best Tanks in Mobile Legends.

What makes Minotaur Great for Healing:

  • Second Skill (Motivation Roar) - Minotaur can restore HP: 260–360 + 100% Total Magic Power for allies as his primary healing ability while also being able to sustain and deal cc damage.
  • Crowd Control - CC allows him to impact multiple opponents at once as a Tank who can then support allies through immunity and healing.
  • Rage - This is mainly achieved through his Ultimate Skill (Minoan Fury) and enhanced by his second skill. When enraged, Minotaur becomes immune to attacks and can deal cc damage.

See Minotaur in action: 

4. Angela

This android with a heart of love, Angela is a Guard/Support Specialist who can be employed in poking and initiating team engagement. She has decent crowd control abilities but above all, she is known for her Ultimate Skill (Heartguard) that allows her to attach herself to teammates and enhance gameplay. She costs only 24,000 Battle Points and should be owned by everyone.

Her Ultimate Skill allows her to aid a targeted ally in HP and mobility. Allied heroes receive 150–200 (+90% Total Magic Power) HP through the use of her First Skill (Love Waves) when she is within range. These two skills when paired together makes her one of the best healers in the game. Her other skills complement these through crowd control and the ability to stack in energy on skills. She would have ranked higher on another version of this list since she is one of the best support heroes in Mobile Legends.

What makes Angela Great for Healing:

  • Unique Ultimate Skill (Heartguard) - She boosts and enhances a target ally through movement and HP. Additionally, she can immobilize one target through the use of her second skill while spamming her First Skill in damage and slow effects.
  • Crowd Control - CC allows allies to capitalize on her support more effectively since it has slowing effects that lessens opponents impact.
  • Mobility - Angela can boost her allies mobility through the use of her First Skill while also boosting their HP. Additionally, her Ultimate Skill directly enhances her target teammate’s movement.

See Angela in action: 

3. Rafaela

The Angel who heals everything, Rafaela specializes in HP Regen and Guard. She has the power to heal combined with Crowd Control (AoE) and stands out for her ability to inspire teammates through healing and increasing mobility. She costs only 6500 and is a good buy for filling in gaps since she is versatile and adaptable as a Support.

Her Second Skill (Holy Healing) restores 100–125 HP + 35% Total Magic Power to allies within range and 150–250 (+45% Total Magic Power) extra HP to herself. It also increases mobility and offers slow immunity for 1.5 seconds. This is her fundamental role as a healer which is combined with damage that focuses on AoE, making her a top support who is capable of adjusting to roles and offering strategic support in certain scenarios.

What makes Rafaela Great for Healing:

  • Second Skill (Holy Healing) - Rafaela’s Second Skill is her primary healing ability that can enhance mobility and movement amongst teammates within range. Timing is necessary when utilizing this skill to have an impact on teammates.
  • Crowd Control (AoE) - Her CC abilities through damage sets up teammates with opportunities to capitalize, after which she may back up and support through her Second Skill.
  • Versatility - She can take on various roles since she has the potential to deal significant damage while also supporting allies through Healing. She may be a substitute tank, mage or just a utility, filling in roles where necessary.

See Rafaela in action: 

2. Floryn

On her quest to spread greenery across the world, the Budding Hope Floryn specializes in Poke and Guard. She is recommended as a Roam Hero who is adaptable and can take on Mage and Tank roles in Support. It’s a close call between her and Rafaela. Rafaela needs to be within range, whereas Floryn can assist teammates from anywhere on the battlefield, tipping the balance in her favor for this second spot.

Floryns Passive Skill (Dew) permanently  enhances her attributes while she also has the capacity to grant allies 80% Total Magic Power as a shield. Her First Skill (Sow) deals magic damage which then reflects back on allies as a spell vamp, restoring 125 - 225 HP (+90% Magic Power). Her Ultimate Skill (Bloom) restores 250–450 HP + 100% Total Magic Power to allies anywhere on the battlefield twice. These skills combined with crowd control renders her a genuine support that can poke battle fronts and guard allies when engaging.

What makes Floryn Great for Healing:

  • Unique Skill Set - Floryn is different from other healers on this list since she specializes in Poke instead of HP Regen. In spite of this, her Passive and Ultimate work in tandem and pave the way for damage through crowd control skills.
  • Crowd Control - As a Support Hero, CC aids Floryn in poking team fronts, which then allows allies to capitalize. Her Crowd Control abilities provide the opportunity for allies to capitalize while her unique skill set offers extra support in their engagement.
  • Damage - Floryn can deal sufficient damage, which may be reflected on teammates as spell vamps. This allows her to back up effectively in support. Despite her low attack power, she can poke fronts and create situations that can be taken advantage of.

See Floryn in action: 

1. Estes

Estes, The Moon Elf is without a doubt Mobile Legends' top primary healer. He is best suited as a Roam Hero given his exceptional agility and flexibility in adjusting to practically any gameplay scenario with a diversified approach. He specializes in HP Regen and as a Guard with Crowd Control (AoE) abilities. He costs only 24,000 Battle Points and should be owned by everyone.

Healing is the fundamental ability in Estes' skill set. His First Skill (Moonlight Immersion) allows him to heal one ally. The target hero gains 250–325 (+110% total magic power) HP right away, and over the next three seconds, he is linked to them, gradually regaining 325–450 (+60% total magic power) HP. This is enhanced by his Ultimate Skill (Blessing of Moon Goddess) that allows him to heal all allies within range for up to 8 seconds. Both these skills allow Estes to heal himself. 

What makes Estes Great for Healing:

  • Unique Skill Set - Estes is the only hero in Mobile Legends whose skill set is primarily focused on healing. He has a unique combination of skills that allow him to actively adapt and support gameplay.
  • Crowd Control (AoE) - CC allows him to effectively hinder opponent gameplay while aiding allies in attack and engagement with the opposing team. It provides an added dimension to his healing capabilities in attack.
  • Mobility - Estes is fast on his feet, especially in terms of attack speed, where his movement is increased after engaging his cc skills. It helps in reaching and healing allies across the battlefield.

See Estes in action: 

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