Mobile Legends Best Minotaur Skins Revealed (All Minotaur Skins Ranked)

Minotaur has 4 dominating skins that bound to strike fear on your opponents.

As a support tank, Minotaur has durability and crowd control that is best implemented as a team buff. Ultimate mastery transcends through effectively being able to support and sustain front-lines of battle via his core strength of building rage. 

Minotaur is an overlooked hero who is worth obtaining only 15000 Battle Points. He possesses only 4 skins that we have debunked in ranked order. Let's explore why and how you can obtain these terrifying skins.


4. Bursting Yama (Ok)

See Bursting Yama in action: 

Without any additional effects, Bursting Yama is a furious viking-like image that closely resembles Minotaurs original color scheme. While basic, this is actually an Elite Skin that, with the sole exception of an alteration in his appearance, overwhelmingly resembles his original portrayal in its own unique perspective.

Bursting Yamais a warrior depiction of Minotaur that see’s astounding effects through his armor which features molten rocks. It's fitting given his capacity to transform into a state of rage. Under heavy viking-like armor, it switches his face from its demonic appearance into a human version. It is a straightforward but remarkable demonstration of power and vigor.

How to get Bursting Yama

This viking illustration is available for only 399 Diamonds in Shop.

Skin Rating

Elite Skin - 6/10


3. Orbiter (Good)

See Orbiter in action: 

Through this depiction, Minotaur is a symbol of strength for his homeland Minos where he is in fact a prince. He retains his demonic features but in a completely new dimension that evokes Japanese demonic visuals, wearing old armor with a Japanese vibe.This dark representation features all new display animation and skill effect changes.

Though this is a robust visualization that complements his strengths and capabilities, Orbiter has a less striking appearance in battle as rather dull and unattractive. The skill effects have a blue hue that resembles the color of lightning and matches the pattern of Minotaur’s outfit and hammer, which is captivating in his own realm but less in comparison to other heroes in his category.

How to get Orbiter

This symbol of strength may be easily obtained via tokens. 250 Premium Skin Fragments can be exchanged for this skin. 

Skin Rating

Season Skin - 7/10


2. Sacred Hammer (Great)

See Sacred Hammer in action: 

This highly appealing artwork establishes Minotaur as an outlaw. He has the appearance of someone exiled from society in ancient times due to his ax, hood, and overall layout of garments. All-new display animation and skill effects are available with this skin.

Sacred Hammer aligns with Minotaurs' story as a prince exiled from his homeland at will. He is attired as a folklore outlaw or bounty hunter fighting for justice but is envisioned in a dark and horrifying context with his devilish horns and thor-like hammer. This portrayal in all its essence depicts power while skill effects though not outstanding, stand out attractively for matching the purple hue of his attire.

How to get Sacred Hammer

This outlaw illustration is available for 599 Diamonds in Shop.

Skin Rating

Elite Skin - 9/10


1. Taurus (Legendary)

See Taurus in action: 

This is the most vibrant representation of the Minotaur that unexpectedly identifies and conveys his identity as royalty. Given that this is a piece from the Zodiac Summon Collection, the hues are crystal-like, which is distinctive but not unusual. It is packed with features which include exclusive background music, new skill and in-match voiceovers, skill effect sound effects, visuals, zodiac themed display and animation scenes.

Taurus is a wonderful display of colors that illustrates Minotaur in a never seen before perspective. The skill effects beautifully match the crystal like purple and blue theme of his outfit which is indicative of royalty. This is a terrific and definitely enticing skin for collectors and Minotaur fanatics.

How to get Taurus

Check out the Zodiac Summon Events for your chance to obtain this unique illustration.

Skin Rating

Zodiac Skin - 10/10

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