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best hyper carry heroes in mlbb

Discover the best hyper-carry in Mobile Legends!

Each hero in Mobile Legends has the roles they need to fill in. Some heroes are assigned to protect the team, while some heroes are for attacking. That is why hypercarry heroes are very important to learn if you want to know why some attacking heroes are just unstoppable in damage.

Hypercarry hero is the heart of each team. With them, it would be easier for your team to achieve victory. The Hypercarry Strategy is a strategy wherein all the resources of the team are reserved for one hero only. This term is sometimes also called funnel or carry. 

A hypercarry hero is capable of turning the tides of the game, as their potential is amplified by gaining all available resources in the field. This approach requires teamwork and coordination since the team’s success focuses solely on the hypercarry hero’s ability to capitalize on its strength and damage.

In this article, let’s check out who these top hypercarry heroes in the current meta are and explore the heroes who currently dominate this role.


10. Paquito

One punch man.

Paquito specializes in chase and damage. This fighter is perfect as a hyper carry for some players because he deals burst damage and can easily escape from enemies. He also has an innate shield that allows him to intimidate other heroes. Although it is rare for a fighter to become a hypercarry hero, most players use him since he can provide the damage and shield they need, which is important to a hyper carry. It makes it easier for them to dodge enemies’ attacks and stay longer in the field.

Paquito has a difficulty of 95%, which says so much about how difficult it is to master him. That is why not all players use himas a hypercarry, but that does not mean that he is ineffective. 

Once you master this hero, you are almost guaranteed that you will never leave the battlefield always because his durability is 75%. In offense, Paquito sports 55%. When you give Paquito all the resources he needs as early as possible, he can immediately buy items to increase his offense, such as Bloodlust Axe or War Axe.

What makes Paquito a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Spammer - Paquito’s skills have a very short cooldown, allowing him to easily poke and spam enemies. This makes him a good hypercarry with massive damage output.
  • Many blink skills - As mentioned, Paquito is very agile and has a lot of blink skills that help him escape deadly scenarios, allowing him to penetrate the enemy team composition.
  • Thick - His shield makes him thick. It's too thick to the point that other heroes would have a hard time melting down his HP. As a hyper carry, this allows him to be sustained throughout the match.

See Paquito in Action:

HyperCarry Paquito Legendary Play [ H2wo Paquito ] Mobile Legends Gameplay And Build.


9. Alucard

Never back down, never give up.

Alucard is a farm base hero, so it is a must that you focus on farming first before joining team fights. Since he is the hyper carry, it would make it easier for him to farm, especially with the help of the team’s tank. Farming as many jungle monsters as possible and getting the gold advantage is the ultimate key to unleashing the beast inside Alucard as the hypercarry. 

It also helps that Alucard thrives through resources. Without them, it would be difficult for him to man the team. Thus, picking him as the hypercarry is like hitting two birds with one stone: having a good defender and damage dealer.

This fighter assassin deals with physical damage type and has a range type of melee. Alucard is one of the first heroes you will receive on Mobile Legends, so expect that he is kind of basic and easy to master. In fact, Alucard only has a difficulty of 35%. Despite being basic, Alucard remains to be a good pick for hypercarry heroes who can definitely carry the team to victory.

What sets Alucard apart from other hypercarry heroes is the fact that even if he is easy to master, he deals so much damage to the team. When paired with the right items, you will surely see his full potential. 

What makes Alucard a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Good against mage and marksman - Alucard’s skills are very good in slaying marksman and mage heroes. He can be aggressive against them without worrying about dying. Marksman and mage heroes are the ultimate targets for hypercarry heroes as they deal the most damage to the team but with low HP.
  • Fast farmer - Alucard farms easily, which is good for a hypercarry. This helps him in ganking and roaming around the map. 
  • Huge lifesteal - Alucard’s ultimate skill grants him a huge lifesteal buff, up to 25%. This makes him the ultimate force to be reckoned with. 

See Alucard in Action:



8. Gusion

The best assassin in town? 

Gusion is an assassin hero that has been consistent in the meta and in the pool of hypercarry heroes. No matter what the meta is, Gusion remains relevant, and that is because of his burst magic damage and agile skills. Gusion’s main resource is mana. Without it, it would be difficult for him to execute his skills properly. 

It is a must for Gusion to get ahead of his enemies since that is the only way to overpower them. In the late game, enemies can already equalize with Gusion’s skills, especially if they have bought the perfect item to counter him. Thus, Gusion, as the hyper carry, is a perfect fit since that is also the nature of his skills and abilities. Most hypercarry heroes are assassins, so that makes it a no-brainer why Gusion is on this list. His quick abilities and insane damage is something that fit the criteria for hypercarry heroes.

His passive adds a rune to his dagger. Each stack would deal additional damage to his basic attack of up to 4% of target’s missing HP. His first skill is mainly a damage and blink skill, throwing daggers in a target direction. His second skill can slow down enemies and deal AoE damage. The daggers from this skill will slow enemies up to 6% for 2 seconds. Finally, his ultimate skill allows Gusion to dash to a target location, resetting the cooldown of his first and second skills. Once he casts this perfectly, you can no longer stop Gusion from damaging you.

 What makes Gusion a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Great combo skills - The combination of his skills is very deadly. It allows him to damage, dash, and slow enemies all at once, contributing huge damage to the team as a hyper carry.
  • OP in the early game - Gusion works fine from early to late game, and he is too much in the early game. This is the best time for Gusion to spam against enemies, especially the squishy ones. Killing enemy heroes also means a good gold advantage, so that adds up to his resources as a hypercarry.
  • High burst damage - Hugh burst damage helps Gusion cast little amount of attacks and still take down enemy heroes. This helps him gain so much gold advantage and overpower them. This also means that he can attack with less tendency to receive damage back.

See Gusion in Action:

Supreme Gusion Deadly HyperCarry [ Top Global Gusion ] D.r.A.c.U.l.A- Mobile Legends Build


7. Roger

This two-faced beast is ready.

Roger is described as a hunter who walks between good and evil. This dire wolf hunter specializes as a finisher and burst. His main resource is mana, and he has a dual range type. His duality comes from the fact that he is the best of both worlds. He can attack up close and from afar. He sports a huge offense percentage of 70% with a difficulty of 50%. This duality of him makes him a unique hypercarry hero. The fact that he can attack in two ways is something to be scared of.

Unlike other marksman heroes, Roger is more aggressive and quick. This sets him apart from others, which is why he is usually picked by players to become the hypercarry of the team. That is also the reason why he can easily farm, unlike other marksman heroes, making him a good pick as the hypercarry. Since hyper-carry heroes are expected to farm early in the game, Roger’s quick attacks and duality in offense make him a perfect candidate for that.

Roger’s skills vary depending on which form you prefer him to be. However, his passive remains consistent. The full moon curse buff allows Roger to deal 10% slow in his basic attacks once in human form. If he is in his wolf form, his basic attack deals with 5% of the target’s lost HP. 

What makes Roger a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Varied attacks - Since Roger has dual skills, it allows him to be unpredictable for enemies. This also makes him an effective hypercarry since he can contribute wherever he is positioned.
  • Chaser - Roger’s mobility and skills allow him to chase enemies and escape easily. This mobility also aids him in farming and stealing the resources of enemies, which is a must for hypercarry heroes in order to overpower the enemy team/
  • Immune - His skills have innate immunity that helps him negate attacks from other heroes.

See Roger in Action:

95% WINRATE! Roger Hypercarry Gameplay [ Top Global Roger Best Build 2021 ] By Teddy PY. _ MLBB


6. Karina

Girl power.

Karina is already a household name in Mobile Legends. She is probably one of the most popular assassins in the game, no wonder why she is also a popular hypercarry. Her very deadly attacks are one of the reasons for her popularity. 

On top of that, she is also very quick in farming as she can spam her skills from time to time. Not to mention that she can also be immune for a period of time and increase her mobility. With the help of her teammates, who will let her gain all available resources, Karina can truly flourish throughout the game.

This assassin deals magic damage. Even though she has a difficulty of 70%, her offense ranges to 85%. This just means that Karina is indeed one of the best hyper-carriers in the game out there. Her passive deals Karina the chance to inflict True Damage equal to more than 50% of the enemy’s lost HP. If the target is an enemy hero, her non-ultimate skills’ cooldown will also be reduced by 1.5 seconds.

What makes Karina a Great Hyper Carry:

  • High burst damage - The high burst damage of Karina aids her in taking down enemies faster and easier, which is one of the requirements if you are a hypercarry. All her skills deal burst damage, making her very good in offense.
  • Counter for marksman and mage heroes - Karina is basically the ultimate enemy for all marksman and mage heroes. She can easily take them down once you put her up against them, she can easily take them down. This kind of damage and skill is helpful for hypercarry heroes in fulfilling their jobs for the team.
  • Good in kill streaks - Kill streaks only make Karina more powerful, as her ultimate skill’s cooldown will reset once her target dies. As a hypercarry hero, this allows her to kill multiple enemies consecutively and overpower them.

See Karina in Action:



5. Aamon

Nonstop killing with Aamon.

Aamon is a relatively new hero, and he is feared immediately after release since his skills are very tricky and difficult to counter. He deals magic damage and is an assassin who specializes in chase. This assassin is a good addition to the roster of hypercarry heroes in the game since he has not just one kind of damage but two kinds.

Aamon’s passive lets him enter into a semi-invisible state each time he hits an enemy with skill. During this team, he cannot be targeted, restores 25% HP every 0.6 seconds, and gains an additional 60% movement speed for over 3.5 seconds. The ability to be immune and restore HP is a great capitalization for him as the hypercarry. This allows him to be free from deadly CC attacks of enemies and to be able to last long on the battlefield.

The ultimate skill of Aamon is another reason why he is feared. When he casts this, he throws all shards to a designated enemy and slows them down by 30% for 1.5 seconds. After some time, the shards will come back to the enemy’s location again, dealing up to 180 magic damage.

What makes Aamon a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Immune - Immunity is already a privilege for heroes in Mobile Legends. Just a small second of immunity is already enough to counterattack enemies, and this gives Aamon an edge against other heroes and a great advantage as a hypercarry hero.
  • Agile - Since he is an assassin, it is already given that he is fast and quick. This helps him chase down enemies faster and farm quickly. As the hypercarry, being quick is important in order to gank and ambush successfully. 
  • Mixed damage - Aamon is mainly a magic damage hero, but he can also deal physical damage. This makes his damage different and much more powerful than other hypercarry heroes.

See Aamon in Action: 

Aamon Nonstop Killing, 19 Kills Hyper Carry [ Top 2 Global Aamon ] Yᴜᴜ - Mobile Legends Emblem Build


4. Natan

Prepare to be attacked in all corners.

Another hypercarry on the list is Natan. Natan is a marksman hero who specializes in burst and magic damage. However, his difficulty is only 30%. His passive gives Natan a stack of Entanglement every time his reverse clone hits an enemy with his skills. Each stack lasts for 5 seconds and deals up to 15% extra attack speed and 7.5% movement speed.

A marksman is a great choice in picking the hypercarry of the team. They are the ones that really deal a great amount of damage, so it is only understandable why they need to be funnelled. Giving Natan enough resources to level up and buy items will help him increase the damage contribution for the team to the max since he already has a great damage foundation in the first place.

Due to Natan’s knowledge of magic and technology, he can convert 100% of his physical lifesteal to magic lifesteal. 

What makes Natan a Great Hyper Carry:

  • High attack speed - Natan has a high attack speed due to his passive. This allows him to spam skills against enemies.
  • Late game - This hero peaks during the late game. So, make sure to avoid aggressive plays during the start of the game. As the hypercarry, you can choose to focus first on farming rather than killing enemies in the early game. Feed yourself as many resources as possible and start participating in team fights once you have already bought essential items.
  • Unique skill - Natan’s reverse clone makes him unique as a hypercarry. This allows him to double his attacks as this clone will copy his moves and attacks in reverse. No other hypercarry hero can do that, only Natan.

See Natan in Action: 

RIP SAVAGE! Natan Hypercarry Gameplay [ Top Global Natan Best Build 2021] By Mr.Death - MLBB


3. Jawhead

Jawdropping skills from Jawhead.

Next on the list is Jawhead. He is a great hypercarry at the moment since he has good mobility and can increase his movement speed with his 2nd skill. His second skill offers him a shield, which can boost his sustainability. 

The good thing about Jawhead as the hypercarry is his damage. Jawhead’s first skill deals a big amount of damage in just a short amount of time. This is good in fighting against one enemy or jungle monster. Not only that, his passive will increase the damage every time he hits a target. Thus, this makes him a hypercarry who can farm easily and damage enemies greatly.

He also has the ability to throw enemies, which is helpful in ganking and farming. Although it is rare for fighters to be funnelled, Jawhead broke that rarity of fighters becoming hypercarry heroes when he proved to the world how unstoppable he would become if all resources were given to him. He would generate an enormous amount of shield that would definitely make him almost immortal in the field.  

What makes Jawhead a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Good passive - Jawhead’s passive can stack up to 10 times for 3 seconds. Each stack increases his basic attack damage by 8% and maximum basic attack increase of 80%. This makes a great hypercarry hero in the late game.
  • Unique ability - Jawhead can throw off an enemy for offense or an ally for defense. This makes him very reliable, especially during team fights.
  • Aggressive - Since Jawhead has sustained damage and is very durable, he can easily be aggressive during the early game to intimidate enemies. This also helps him stay longer in the field.

See Jawhead in Action: 

Perfect Hyper Carry!! Jawhead Aggressive Play [ Top 2 Global Jawhead ] Xander. Mobile Legends Build


2. Fanny

Unstoppable Fanny.

Fanny still remains to be on top when it comes to being a hypercarry. A player who knows how to use Fanny very well is unstoppable and difficult to catch. Fanny is a very difficult hero to master, but you will be unstoppable once you’ve mastered it! 

This assassin is a top pick when it comes to assassins becoming hypercarry heroes since he has a very unique ability and can farm without the fear of being ambushed. It is a must for Fanny to get her blue buffs so that she can move around the map easily. 

Without blue buffs, Fanny will not be able to maximize her attacks. That is why it is important for you and your teammates to protect her blue buffs every time. Blue buffs are the secret ingredient for her to fulfill her role as the hypercarry. Not only that but always remember that a full-fed Fanny is a beast. So, funnelling her will only widen her advantage against other heroes in Mobile Legends.

Fanny is known for being that hypercarry hero who can move around the map faster by throwing her cables on obstacles. She is considered to be the fastest hero on Mobile Legends, so you need to be extra wise when up against her.

Fanny has a difficulty of 100% with offense of 73%. The difficulty in catching her makes her leaps higher and stronger than most hypercarry heroes.

What makes Fanny a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Very high mobility - Since she has the ability to move around the map freely through cables. She has insane mobility, which is a good thing for a hypercarry.
  • Difficult to catch- This is in connection to her mobility. It takes a wise enemy to catch and trap Fanny. You need to be good at predicting her moves just to catch her. Thus, Fanny, as the hypercarry is a headache for enemies.
  • Sowballer - Since Fanny is ahead of others in the early game, she has a huge chance to snowball. This means that a player gets ahead of enemies as early as possible and continues until the latter part of the game. By farming and killing enemies in the early game, she can easily snowball as the hypercarry.

See Fanny in Action: 



1. Alpha 

Alpha is online.

Alpha is the ultimate choice now for hypercarry. Due to his skills when he got revamped, Alpha is mostly banned during picking. In the latest patch on Alpha, he got buffed. His skill width has increased, and his landing point now matches better with his skill indicator.

Alpha is a fighter that charges on enemies. He is a physical damage hero whose main resource is mana. He is not that difficult to master and is often labelled as one of the basic fighters in Mobile Legends. That is why the latest revamp on him has truly been a miracle for all Alpha users and a huge surprise for others.

Most users are now using Alpha as their main hypercarry since he is at his peak. An Alpha that has gathered enough gold advantage and resources is truly someone that is unbreakable and impenetrable. His extreme lifesteal will be maximized, and no one could even escape from him due to his CC skills. Alpha’s ultimate attack truly is a highlight for him. When Beta dives into the target location, it deals up to 200 physical damage to enemies, stunning them for a second. Alpha would then leap towards the same location and knock enemies down. 

When Alpha slams down his next skill, he deals up to 500 physical damage and slows them for 1.5 seconds. This ultimate skill of Alpha is a threat to all heroes, whether they are marksmen, mages, tanks, or fighters. The fact that he is deadly to all heroes, no matter what type they are, is a very good reason why you should start picking him as the hypercarry.

What makes Alpha a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Durability - Alpha is very durable and lasts long on the battlefield. In fact, he has a durability of 65%, which is already enough for hypercarry heroes like him.
  • Defensive - Not all offense heroes are defensive. But since Alpha is a fighter in nature, this makes him easier to thrive both in offense and defense, which is a huge advantage for a hypercarry. His second skill allows him to recover up to 200 HP every time he hits an enemy. 
  • Great CC - Alpha has great crowd control effects, thanks to his ultimate. His ultimate skill can stun and slow enemies while dealing physical and true damage at the same time. As a hypercarry, having the ability to control enemies this way allows them to target heroes easily when single targeting.

See Alpha in Action: 

Epic Battle! Alpha Top 2 Global Hyper Carry - 8Kills MVP! Best Builds Setup & Skill Mobile Legends


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