[Top 3] Mobile Legends Best Karrie Builds That Win Games

Check out these Builds and Items to bring the W home with Karrie.

Karrie is a psycho killing machine who is squishy as a result but well known as a renowned game carrier. As anticipated she specializes in Damage and Reap which means she can regenerate HP while dealing damage, and this is her core strength. All these builds enhance Karrie’s Passive Skill (Lightwheel Mark) that stacks on successful damage dealt.

The underlying aspect to comprehension and mastery of Karrie is in her ability to deal vast damage while also exploiting her Reap ability as a form of life steal. Her range as a marksman wraps this up as a complete package though renders her vulnerable to high powered attacks from mainly assassins. In spite of this, she is still a versatile marksman that everyone should consider mastering.



  • Range - Though shorter in distance compared to other marksmen, Karrie has enough range to deal sufficient damage. She can also dash through the use of her second skill, which is a plus to her range abilities.
  • Life Steal - Her HP Regen abilities through Reap allows Karrie to stay active in battle over prolonged periods. This is a major asset to any team, as she is able to assist Tanks and Mages in harassing opponents through her burst in damage and ultimately staging a victorious team battle encounter.
  • Mobility - Some may find Karrie to be slow in movement but her mobility is hyped by her first skill that enhances mobility and attack speed while she also has a dash through the use of her second skill. Timing is almost indispensable for her skill cooldown.
  • Easy to Master - She is an all round versatile support who is easy to master and understand, even for beginners in ML. How to use her in various situations alongside other heroes requires understanding and patience but is still simpler than other marksmen.
  • Damage - Burst in damage is a major benefit that is backed by Karrie’s life steal abilities. This is extremely useful in the late stages of the game but should be executed offensively, depending on the opponents abilities and timing their skill cooldown.
  • Wind of Nature - This is a popular item for marksmen heroes and one that is well suited to Karrie’s strengths and abilities. It greatly enhances her specialties and is a game carrying and changing item, especially in the late-game. If you’re serious about Karrie, master her with this item in your builds.



  • Squishy - As a high damage dealer, Karrie is vulnerable to high damage attacks by default. Her second skill dash and burst in attack may serve as offensive strategies but always be wary of opposing damage dealers, especially Assassins and Mages.
  • Well-known - Karrie has been a popular pick for so long, and has been well revolved around Meta Updates. It is for this reason that she can be easily countered by a vast majority of ML gamers.
  • Crowd Control - Once debuffed by Crowd Control heroes, especially Tanks, Karrie is vulnerable to attacks that come after since she is a very skill dependent hero.
  • Mana Dependency - Due to her burst in attack, Karrie absorbs a lot of mana. Her skills and power in damage depend on mana, and it runs out if damage is not successive and successful.
  • Team Dependency - Karrie is a late game carrier who may be versatile but depends on the team in other goals and objectives. As an offensive hero, there is really little that can be accomplished on her own. Learn to co-exist with different heroes.


Karrie is a hero who ought to be mastered offensively. Understanding her HP Regen abilities are essential in consideration when deciding her item build. Here are her Top 3 Builds that win games.


3. Jungle 

Karrie is a potential core hero as the designated Jungler in a team but is not a first choice pick, as assassins are the first choice. Her skills buff her attack speed, which gives her momentum over the Jungle. Through her mobility, she may be able to back up in support and gank lanes where necessary.

This is a pro build that should only be employed by those who are well-versed in using Karrie by finding her versatility and capitalizing on its flexibility. It is a high powered build that enhances attack, which gives Karrie an advantage going into the late game as a high powered damage dealer. Her potential to farm fast and increase attack damage are the key advantages when utilizing her in the Jungle.

Use this build if.

  • You Don’t Have a Jungler - As stated, Karrie is not a first choice core pick but has the potential to take on the role. She contributes to fast build in team gold at an aggressive pace and has an offensive advantage in picking and poking opponents.
  • You’re Hyper Carry - Karrie is a powerful damage hero who has the potential to build at a fast and steady pace through this build. It paves way for her to support other heroes in all aspects of battle, as she is quite versatile in support. 
  • You’re Well-Learned - Utilizing this build requires map reading skills and fast thinking. It requires an understanding of Karrie that can get the most out of her skill set in other aspects of the game and not only in the Jungle.
  • You’re Supporting Teammates - This has been stated in the past two points but needs to be pointed out on its own. Through this build, Karrie is a mobile and versatile high burst damage machine who can support teammates in other aspects such as poking battle fronts, supporting team fights, ganking lanes and co-ordinating as an all round support.

This is a powerful mid-late game build that has the potential to take on all hero roles. Focus is on building team gold and ensuring that your team stays ahead in gold count.


Level Up Karrie’s Second Skill for enhanced mobility in the Jungle through dash. Level Up her First Skill at Level Two and continue the same sequence till her Ultimate Skill is ready.

  • Level One: Second Skill - (Phantom Step)
  • Level Two: First Skill - (Spinning Lightwheel)
  • Level Three: Second Skill - (Phantom Step)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill - (Speedy Lightwheel)


  • Behemoth Hunter’s Swift Boots ($710) - Handy to this build as these boots enhance Movement and Attack Speed. This reinforces Karries Basic and Passive Attacks.
  • Demon Hunter Sword ($2180) - This blade triggers Karries Passive Attack when successive damage is dealt. It is essential to fast farming and has a Unique Passive (Devour) that deals an extra 9% in Physical Damage. It also enhances Physical Attack and Speed.
  • Endless Battle ($2470) - This trident amplifies Karrie’s basic attack through her Passive Skill. It adds Physical Attack, Mana Regen, HP, CD Reduction, Movement Speed and Physical Life Steal. It has two Unique Passives, Divine Justice and Chase Fate that deal extra damage and add movement speed. This is an essential item as you clear up the Jungle and start getting involved in team fights.
  • Golden Staff ($2000) - This artifact best complements Karrie’s Skill Effects in this build. It has two Unique Passives, Swift and Endless Strike. Both make up for each other where if crit damage isn’t capitalized on, extra damage is dealt upon further successive basic attacks. This enhances Karries Physical Attack and Speed.
  • Thunderbelt ($1990) - This belt is an offensive item that adds Physical Defense, CD Reduction and Mana Regen. It also revitalizes HP when Karrie is low in HP but delivering damage. Its Unique Passive: Thunderbolt deals extra true damage that slows down opponents. Perfect item for this stage of the game, where Karrie should be at her peak in speed and attack.
  • Wind of Nature ($1910) - This is an active item and one that should be learned well and utilized with any marksman. It provides immunity while enhancing Physical Attack and Speed. It also generates life steal. This gem is the perfect end to this build.


The Jungling Emblem is required by default for this build. Talent Points may be assigned to the following, depending on your style of gameplay.

  • Veteran Hunter - Extra 50 Gold upon eliminating Jungle Creeps.
  • Wild Power - Eliminating an opponent affected by Retribution adds 50 to gold count, and is capped at 1100.
  • Demon Slayer - Damage dealt and received by Lord and Turtle are increased and reduced by 20%. 
  • Iron - Reduces damage received from monsters.
  • Knowledge - Enhances CD Reduction.
  • Swift - Amplifies Attack Speed.

Battle Spell

Retribution is the default Battle Spell for core heroes. Be sure to purchase shoes as your first item to enhance gold count from the start of battle.


2. Sustained DPS

This may be a hyper carry build running into the late-game. It is a solid build that emphasizes a focus on Karries mobility and speed in attack. It is best suited for taking on the gold lane in the early stages of game-play and may be utilized in the Jungle during late-gameplay.

This build is notable for speed, which can be used in poking battle fronts and initiating team fights through the use of Karrie’s second skill dash. It is a team build that requires farming in the Gold Lanes during the early stages of battle. Again, Karrie is versatile and able to back up through her advantage in mobility. Her second skill dash is an added bonus that should be mastered in timing and utilization.

Use this build if.

  • You’re taking on Durable Heroes - This build has the capacity to deal damage to crowd control and durable heroes who can take on sustained damage such as Tanks and Fighters.
  • You’re clearing the Gold Lane - This is the perfect build to push and harass the Gold Lane in an attempt to disrupt enemy farming and even push the gold count through successful kills.
  • You have a well-rounded Team - Having a well rounded team means that Karrie can support teammates in taking on objectives. No matter which role it is, Karrie is an offensive hero who is team dependent but can carry games through her versatility and power.

This build is best against durable heroes such as Tanks and Fighters. It also has immense effect against high powered damage dealers though timing in mobility has to be considered.


Level Up Karrie’s Second Skill for enhanced mobility. Level Up her First Skill at Level Two and continue the same sequence till her Ultimate Skill is ready.

  • Level One: Second Skill - (Phantom Step)
  • Level Two: First Skill - (Spinning Lightwheel)
  • Level Three: Second Skill - (Phantom Step)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill - (Speedy Lightwheel)


  • Tough Boots ($700) - Enhanced mobility and Magic Defense. Great way to start off a fast paced build.
  • Corrosion Scythe ($2050) -  This blade is significant to this build as it upgrades Attack Speed and enhances Karrie’s Basic, Passive and Ultimate Skills at a very early phase of the game. It adds to her versatility in utilizing speed to accomplish tasks and objectives.
  • Golden Staff ($2000) - For this build, this artifact is a top item when it comes to capitalizing on damage and crit hits. It stacks up to five times in crit damage and adds extra damage on basic hits if there is no stack in crit hits.
  • Demon Hunter Sword ($2180) - This is a valuable item for taking on durable heroes such as Tanks and Fighters. It enhances Karrie’s specialties and is an essential item for the mid to late game where team fights are bound to eventuate.
  • Wind of Nature ($1910) - As stated previously, this active item provides up to 3 seconds of immunity with 10% Life Steal. It completely backs up all of Karrie’s strengths as a Reap/Burst Offensive Hero and is best engaged alongside Inspire battle spell.
  • Athena’s Shield ($2150) - This shield is best employed against Magic Damage, especially from Mages and Assassins.  It adds HP, Magic Defense and also HP Regen. It is perfect for late stages of battle, where Karrie will be depended on for her attack speed and burst damage as it helps her get closer to action as a squishy hero.


A Physical Emblem is best suited for this build. This is due to the focus and emphasis on Physical Items. It also supports Karrie as a high damage life steal hero. Through this Emblem, killing lane minions restores 3% HP. Talent Points may be assigned to the following.

  • Open Fire - Increases Physical Attack.
  • Swift - Improves Attack Speed.
  • Bravery - Upgrades Physical Attack.
  • Shield - Magic Defense.
  • Firmness - Physical Defense.

Battle Spell

Inspire is the only Battle Spell that should be mastered with Karrie. It enhances Basic Attack and Movement Speed. This is extremely vital to Karrie’s Ultimate Skill and is even more powerful when combined with Wind of Nature in build.


1. Attack Speed Effects

As the build name suggests, this is a build that focuses on Attack Speed. Through the use of Karrie’s ultimate skill, her basic attack enhances in speed and damage. This is what the build is focused on, aside from her Passive Skill that deals extra damage on successive basic hits. It composes attack items that supplement and strengthen her basic attack.

This build is a game winner when a team is well-coordinated. It is a powerful and versatile build that can push lanes, poke enemy fronts,gank lanes and even farm in the Jungle during mid-late battle. Karrie is an offensive hero but this build provides her the opportunity to launch into attack more than often and anticipated by opponents.

Use this build if.

You’re well learned with Karrie - This is a build that requires Karries in-game presence. The team lacks in battle when her presence is unfelt. As an offensive hero, this build leans more into attack through her speed in mobility and burst through attack.

  • You’re taking on an incomplete team - This is the best build to steal a star if the opposing team lacks a proper line up in hero roles. It is versatile and focuses on Karries specialties in Reap/Damage which is a game carrier if well played out.
  • You’re taking on a versatile role - This is a versatile build that can support other hero roles and objectives. Karrie is fast and can back up or lead the team through proper map reading and gameplay understanding. 

This build is best against High Damage Dealers in the early to mid game and is capable of extensive damage to Durable Heroes in the mid to late game.


Level Up Karrie’s Second Skill for enhanced mobility. Level Up her Second Skill again at Level Two to gain an absolute advantage in attack and movement speed. Follow up with her First Skill at Level Three and then on to her Ultimate when it is available. Follow this sequence.

  • Level One: Second Skill - (Phantom Step)
  • Level Two: Second Skill - (Phantom Step)
  • Level Three: First Skill - (Spinning Lightwheel)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill - (Speedy Lightwheel)


  • Warrior Boots ($720) - These boots enhance Movement Speed and Physical Defense. 
  • Golden Staff ($2000) - This artifact is handy to this build as it enhances Physical Attack and Attack Speed. It provides opportunities in clearing lanes as well as harassing opponents through its two Unique Passives, which focus on crit hits.
  • Corrosion Scythe ($2050) - This is an invaluable item for Karrie, as this blade enhances Attack Speed. It also enhances Movement and Physical Attack. Its Unique Passives, Corrosion and Impulse stack damage from basic attacks up to five times.
  • Demon Hunter Sword ($2180) - This blade is best for taking on Durable Heroes such as Tanks and Fighters. Its Unique Passive Devour paves way for extra damage through basic attack and also physical life steal. This sword ultimately amplifies Karrie’s Specialties.
  • Wind of Nature ($1910) - No Karrie build would be complete without this item. It amplifies Karries abilities and skills and can also grant three seconds immunity in tight situations. This is a must learn item for Karrie, as it is an active item that must be engaged manually in battle.
  • Windtalker ($1820) - This sacred treasure is best utilized for Attack and Movement Speed. It engages basic attack and is a solid end to an already high powered build. It is effective against all hero roles but stands out in this build for what it brings to attack against durable heroes.


For this build, a Physical or Marksman Emblem may be used. In comparison, a Physical Emblem adds Physical Damage while a Marksman Emblem increases Physical Attack gained from Equipment by 15%. Talent Points may be assigned to your choice of Emblem as follows.

Physical Emblem

  • Open Fire - Increases Physical Attack.
  • Swift - Improves Attack Speed.
  • Bravery - Upgrades Physical Attack.
  • Shield - Magic Defense.
  • Firmness - Physical Defense.

Marksman Emblem

  • Quantum Charge - Increases Movement Speed and restores HP.
  • Weakness Finder - Reduces opponent movement and attack speed.
  • Swift - Enhances Attack Speed.
  • Agility - Amplifies Movement Speed.
  • Greed - Physical Life Steal.
  • Bravery - Adds to Physical Attack.

Battle Spell

Inspire is the sole Battle Spell that should be mastered with Karrie. It improves Basic Attack and Movement Speed. This is extremely vital to Karrie’s Ultimate Skill and is considered even more potent when combined with Wind of Nature in build.


Karrie is strong against a wide range of heroes, depending on gold count and mastery. Here are a few heroes that she is strong against.

  • Layla
  • Tigreal
  • Balmond
  • Eudora
  • Bane


Karrie is weak against high damage dealers such as Assassins, Marksmen and Durable Crowd Control Heroes who can sustain her burst in damage if timed correctly. Again, it all depends on build and mastery. Here are a few.

  • Lancelot
  • Gusion
  • Aamon
  • Chou
  • Aldous


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