[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Junglers (Current Meta)

Carry your team to victory with these top core heroes.

A Jungler in Mobile Legends is a very important component of a team as they are usually high burst champions that can easily take out opponents and carry their teams to victory. As such, they are called "Cores" or core heroes to the team. 

The difference between 2 teams can be assessed by their team composition and one of the most important aspects of a team is the quality of their Jungler. Picking a good Jungler is important in securing a win for your team, as they are going to be dealing the heavy damages needed for your team to succeed in team fights and solos. 

Here are our top 10 Jungling champions that we think you should consider when playing Jungle.


10. Karina

See Karina in action: 

Karina deserves a spot on this list because of her versatility and early game potential. With a powerful and easy-to-understand skill kit, Karina is not only beginner-friendly but is also extremely fun to play.

Her high AP output is able to instantly eliminate  squishy opponents in the game- a perfect nightmare to any well-farmed ADC champion that  needs to be shut down. Not only that but her skill kit excels at quick escapes, such as her Dance of Blades where she is able to gain a massive burst in Movement Speed as well as the added ability of blocking  Basic Attacks from opponents for the entire duration of the skill.

But the most important detail to consider here is her ability to clear the jungle in seconds. Because of her high AP output, she is able to deal massive damage to jungle creeps, allowing her to position herself on any lane immediately after completing her jungle objectives.

This is why she is a most banned hero. While Karina can deal heavy damage against her opponents, she is not durable. Consecutive misplays when using her can lead to great misfortune for you and your team. However, if used properly, Karina can mow down an entire team without effort.

When using Karina, remember: Positioning is key.

Why Karina is a great jungler?

  • Great Early Game Potential                                         

Karina's high AP output even from the Early Game makes her an incredibly dangerous assailant to face off against. Paired with her high mobility and clearing potential, Karina's presence in the Early Game is most helpful to teams trying to get ahead in ganks and objectives.

  • Killer Burst Damage

When built properly, her AP damage can immediately cut off an enemy's life in mere moments while giving her plenty of mana left to move on to the next one. Her burst damage is something the enemy should watch out for, because if left unchecked, Karina could become increasingly troublesome.

  • Quick and Easy Escapes

When stuck in a hard spot, Karina can activate her second ability to give her a sudden burst in movement speed. This movement speed is crucial when trying to escape increasingly dangerous situations that can really put the hurt on Karina. It doesn't require much expertise to understand how the mechanics of her skill works either. As long as you have a solid path to traverse that's away from the enemy, then you're good.

  • Fast Jungle Clear

Her AP burst damage and mobility gives her the ability to clear jungling camps very quickly, allowing her to approach lanes faster and deal ganks that can help out teammates in very precarious situations. Maximize this trait of hers by investing in items that can boost her magic damage and selecting an emblem set that can complement well with her jungling potential.


9. Ling

See Ling in action: 

A champion that can quickly scale the entire map in seconds, Ling is a strong candidate to consider as one of the best jungling champions in the game. His ability to scale walls and leap over to the next outmatches a wide selection of mobility based skills in the game.

His jungling is also something to watch out for, as his skills are able to easily clear jungle creeps in seconds, with the potential to steal the enemy jungle. 

Mastery of the jungle is important when playing Ling, as careful prediction of enemy rotations are paramount to his role in a game. A well-farmed Ling can surgically take out opponents and leave the scene undetected, changing the dynamic of a potential team fight brewing in the distance.

Mechanically, Ling can be complicated to use. However, with enough practice and knowledge of his kit as well as having your ideal jungling route, Ling is a monster that is hard to deal with especially in the late game. 

Why Ling is a great jungler?

  • High Mobility

Ling can jump on surfaces and onto the next in quick succession, giving him the opportunity to score ganks and steal important jungling creeps that the enemy core may rely on to get stronger. Because of his high mobility, Ling can immediately get to any location on the map and provide assistance to whoever may need it.  

  • High Damage Output

On top of Ling's mobility is also his damage output of which scales tremendously well as the game goes along. His damage makes him an exceptional jungler that can clear both jungle creeps and large waves instantly. It is also useful when scoring kills that will thin out the enemy's overall composition and have them scrambling during planned teamfights.

  • Great Carry Potential

Ling has the ability to carry a losing game singlehandedly with his high damage and assassination mechanics. Well towards the late game, a powerful Ling can mow down the enemy team in seconds or lay down enough damage for his allies to finish the rest off. When using Ling, remember to keep the momentum going by always checking the map for potential opportunities that could give your team the advantage.


8. Saber

See Saber in action: 

While Saber brings out his best as an Assassin champion, he also does extremely well as a Jungler. Mobility and attack speed are important aspects to consider when it comes to Jungle clearing and Saber has both of them locked down. 

His skill kit is also something to be favored, as not only do they work well in clearing objectives, they can also deal high damage and subdue enemies in place. A well-versed Saber player can turn the tide of battle in any game with his high ganking potential as he is able to traverse large portions of the map without running the risk of being ambushed by the enemy team. 

Ultimately, Saber has the qualities of an entry-level champion: easy to understand skill kit, high damage, and medium to low risk. However, if left unchecked, Saber can soar past those qualities and bring enemies to their knees.  

Why Saber is a great jungler?

  • Great Ganking Potential

Saber's an A class champion when it comes to ganking because of the sheer damage he has when combining his first ability and his Ultimate. He excels at quick attacks from obscure positions, able to stalk nearby enemies and eliminate them before they can move or approach a lane for help. Using the High and Dry emblem set will maximize this trait so remember to equip it before going into a game.  

  • Good Mobility

On top of his ganking ability, Saber can also move very fast and close distances with his second ability which allows him to dash a short distance while giving his next Basic Attack a boost in damage. His mobility helps him excel as a jungler as he can easily move in between camps and immediately head towards lanes or objectives that need to be taken.

  • Heavy Burst Damage

His Ultimate can deal large amounts of damage in seconds, capable of picking off low health enemies and disrupting enemy compositions faster than the enemy can take notice. The added damage from his dash ability, of which enhances his Basic Attack, can also cut down a good portion of an enemy's health, giving him the opportunity to finish it off with a handful of deadly strikes from his rotating blades.

  • Fast Attack Speed

On top of his mobility and damage, Saber also has a fast attack speed. This attack speed is beneficial in jungle clearing as it can help him move along the jungle easily and get to important points on the map faster. This attack speed is also useful when confronting strong enemies head on. Combining it with his second ability does wonders for Saber's overall deadliness.


7. Roger

See Roger in action: 

Roger can shift between his human form and werewolf form at the player's will and can have a heavy impact in the game. For close encounters and fast objective clearing, Roger's werewolf form is your ally as it gives you a Movement Speed boost as well as an ability that enhances his Attack Speed greatly.

When things get too personal, you can easily switch out to his Human Form where he will be using his gun to dole out punishment. In his human form, he is able to kite opponents, steal objectives from a distance, and provide ranged damage to enemies.

Roger is a very versatile champion and if used correctly, can excel in both long and close ranged combat. Switching between forms is important when using Roger as a Jungling champion as both forms have abilities that can greatly help teammates in clearing objectives faster. 

Why Roger is a great jungler?

  • Good Mobility

Roger can move pretty fast when in his Werewolf form and has an included dodge roll every time he transforms. This dodge roll is useful when evading enemy skill shots, escaping troublesome situations, or moving in on an enemy. Roger's mobility is also beneficial to his quality as a jungler as it allows him to get to crucial farming points much faster.

  • Versatility in Movement and Gameplay

Roger's ability to switch in-between melee and ranged gameplay makes him a fun champion to use against enemies. Both his human and werewolf form have different abilities that can play off well with each other and clear jungle camps faster. Knowing when to switch out between forms is key to Roger's gameplay so do keep in mind how his mechanics work for both forms.

  • Great Late Game Carry Potential

A late game Roger can be an incredibly difficult foe to deal with. Upon obtaining his core items, Roger can deal with any enemy effortlessly so long as one knows the limitations of his character. In order to maximize his damage around this phase of the game, focus on obtaining high AD items and remember to have a good sense of map awareness in order to know which lanes to hit or which isolated targets to deal with.


6. Selena

See Selena in action: 

Much like her sister, Karina, Selena excels in wave clearing and assassinations. Her kit and maneuverability are great for chasing down heroes or escaping dodgy situations. Not only this, but Selena has access to a total of 6 different abilities that switch whenever she changes forms.

Her Jungling situation is exceptional in the early game, as her Abyssal Form's abilities enhances her magic damage in   Basic Attacks, allowing her to successfully clear her objectives in under a small amount of time. 

When it comes to setting up team fights or helping your allies by trapping an enemy that is unaware, her Elven Form offers both slow and stun skills that if used correctly, can be heavily detrimental to the enemy's team composition and tactics.

With her high mobility, high magic damage output, and crowd control, Selena is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and should never be taken lightly, especially in the early game. Her poking and initiating abilities are rampant, as part of her skills.

Why Selena is a great jungler?

  • Great Crowd Control

Selena's skill kit can both stun and slow enemies that get in close contact with her abilities. Her stun is especially deadly because of how long it takes before an enemy can be released from it, which is highly dependent on the range that her stun skill shot is traveling from. Her slow ability can act as a landmine that can disrupt enemies from initiating ganks that may be difficult for your allies to see coming.

  • Fast Clearing

Selena has high jungling potential because of her ability to quickly clear creep waves or jungle camps. Her high burst damage from her Abyss Form is highly effective in this situation, as it can quickly deal heavy amounts of AP damage, especially to creeps in the game. Investing in a good Jungling emblem set is paramount in order to bring out the best in her jungling prowess.

  • High Damage Output

 Because of how well her AP scales, Selena's damage output is tremendous and highly dangerous to enemies in the game, especially in the Mid Game. This damage allows her to farm creeps faster and score ganks that can give your team the edge it needs. Knowing how to effectively synergize her Elven and Abyss forms are crucial to getting the most out of her high damage.

  • High Mobility

She has dashes that will allow her to get to locations and enemies faster while at the same time granting it the ability to deal enough damage to enemies for her or her allies to finish off. Due to this, she is a very good roamer and an even better jungler to use that can help your allies achieve the victory they need to move up the ranks. 


5. Lancelot

See Lancelot in action: 

Another great pick to consider when taking up Jungle in Mobile Legends. Lancelot's abilities give him excellent coverage when engaging in solo battles or team fights. With each successful dash, his passive  grants him increased damage that carries over to the rest of his abilities.

This damage boost is important when Jungling as it can help in creating situations in your Jungling route that could prove favorable for you and your team. If you're thinking about engaging the enemy Jungler head-on after getting your buffs or sticking to your route and providing ganks after clearing objectives, then you won't have any problem with either when playing Lancelot. 

Equipped with pseudo-immunity thanks to his abilities, Lancelot can easily evade enemy skills and basic attacks while dealing damage to them at the same time. This makes him an impenetrable force, thanks to his in-built concealment.

Whether you play him offensively or defensively in each phase of the game, it presents no difference to Lancelot's carry potential. Just be careful, as Lancelot is not very durable in solo fights. Do your best in avoiding situations that can easily lock you in place and stay consistent in completing your routes and eliminating key opponents. 

Why Lancelot is a great jungler?

  • Great Burst Damage

Lancelot is one of the strongest assassin champions in the game because of how much damage he can deal in a short amount of time from his skills alone. This does not count the damage that comes from his Basic Attacks, which is also very favorable to use against enemies in a one-on-one setting. Remember to exploit this strength of his as much as you can.

  • High Mobility

Lancelot's skill kit is heavily focused on movement as evident in his passive where he gains a steady damage increase for every blink or charge he does. Two of his abilities, his first and Ultimate, are dashes which allows him to immediately charge at foes or escape unsavory situations. His high mobility is also useful when traversing the jungle, as it allows him to get from one camp to another swiftly or invade the enemy's jungle and steal important creeps from them.

  • Reliable

In all phases of the game, Lancelot proves himself to be a very reliable champion to have as an ally as his damage even from the Early Game is already something that the enemy should watch out for, which is further amplified in the Late Game or if he gets his core items in time before the Mid Game kicks in. However, to truly bring out his reliable nature, one must first know how to travel across the map and know which lanes to engage in crucial moments.

  • Slight Immunity

His Ultimate and second ability, Thorned Rose, gives him a slight immunity from all damage in a few seconds. This is essential when trying to keep him alive in difficult team fights while dealing plenty of damage all the same. His jungling prowess can also excel from this, as it allows him to shortly negate creep damage. Negating creep damage gives him more health to work with which, in turn, increases his survivability in battle. 


4. Alucard

See Alucard in action: 

Alucard is an easy hero to use and manage, but can also be an extremely difficult enemy to engage, especially if well-farmed. His ability to deal insane amounts of damage in quick succession makes him useful in both solo and team fights. Because of his high damage output, he is also able to succeed in clearing out waves and managing objectives without stress. 

However, Alucard is a champion up for scrutiny due to his gameplay in the early game. Before a match ramps up, Alucard can be an unsafe bet when dealing with high burst damage heroes, as he is not as durable compared to his late game situation. However, he compensates his low durability with a high lifesteal output.  

His skills and basic attacks that can deal high amounts of damage works favorably in his position as a Jungler as not only is it useful in securing Jungle camps, but he can also instantly roam the map and position himself to aid his allies in need of assistance.

Overall, Alucard can be a hit-or-miss champion, but with proper implementation of mechanics and knowledge of his strengths and weaknesses, he is an opponent to watch out for.

Why Alucard is a great jungler?

  • High Damage Output

Alucard's role as a Jungler and a Fighter is best shown by the damage he can produce when he's in his element. A successful combo string from his attacks can put the hurt on any opponent he faces, be it Tanks or low health roles like Marksmen or Mages. Because of this, Alucard is a reliable ally to have by your side when dealing the most amount of damage possible, whether it be against creeps, objectives, or enemy champions.

  • Excellent Roamer

Alucard's excellence as a Jungler comes from his innate prowess as a strong roamer. He is able to clear waves fast while having enough strength to move against unsuspecting enemies, push lanes or score objectives. His roaming ability is also useful when pressuring the enemy Jungler, as he can effortlessly invade the enemy Jungle camp even from the Early Game.

  • Fast Jungle Clearing

His high AD attack output and fast skill cooldowns grants him the edge that he needs to increase his Jungling ability even further. Equipping him with good items and on-meta Jungling emblems even makes him better in this role, so remember to know which items or emblem set works best for him and how well he synergizes with these picks.


3. Harley

See Harley in action: 

A top pick in the current meta, Harley is a champion in dealing high magic damage in a short period of time. He is reliable in confusing the enemy and setting up valuable counter plays that can steer the battle to him and his allies' favor. 

Roaming and Ganking are  key components in making sure that your Jungling is effective, and Harley does not come short in those. High burst damage on his abilities are useful in clearing objectives and harassing the enemy Jungler in their camp and if cornered, Harley can immediately jump out of a risky situation by using his blink ability. 

He is strong against single opponents and can easily eliminate any player in a game who's not careful enough to check their corners. However, Harley can also be tricky to maneuver as this champion will test out the limits of your map awareness and timing. Poor calculations can be a very messy situation for any Harley player, so remember to keep your cool and know when to strike at your enemies. 
Why Harley is a great jungler?

  • High Burst Damage

Harley's high AP, especially when equipped with his core items, makes him an incredibly dangerous element on the map, especially to enemy champions that generally have low health or are considered "squishy". This burst damage is also beneficial to him when playing Jungle as it can allow him to clear waves and immediately roam faster. However, his burst damage is not enough to fully account for his effectiveness as a Jungler that can assassinate enemies. Assessing key targets and knowing when to attack are part of his core gameplay, so do remember this before conducting ganks on the enemy.

  • Great Mobility

Harley can immediately blink from one location to another with his second ability, Space Escape. This ability can create advantageous opportunities for him that can help his team, such as providing last-second assistance to enemies currently engaged in teamfights with your team or getting to important objectives faster and clearing them before the enemy is made aware of it.  

  • Excellent Escape Mechanics

Space Escape allows him to switch in between his initial teleportation spot to his current location, granting him good outplay potential that can confuse enemies or lead them away from their allies only for your team to gank them and score a quick kill. These escape mechanics are useful in his Jungling route as well, as he can immediately steal buffs or any other important Jungle creep from the enemy then pop back out to a safe position. 


2. Gusion

See Gusion in action: 

Gusion is a fan favorite contrary to his brother Aamon. He is a champion in burst attack, with skill mechanics that are the hardest to learn in Mobile Legends. He is an overpowered and broken hero because of his popularity and skill.

Roaming and ganking make him an invaluable inclusion to any team. He has the ability to initiate and poke but is best played from an ambush point of view, where his burst attributes stand out in delivering significant damage by surprise. Gusion is a top core hero for his roam and gank, that makes him a game carrier.

He is an early game opponent, with the ability to farm fast and increase team gold. Though squishy, his speed and blink abilities make up for it. His skills are all in two phases, making him a hard hero to master but absolute game changer once he is learned.

Why Gusion is a great jungler?

  • Burst abilities

Gusion has burst abilities that helps that increases damage and scores more gold for the team. His burst abilities helps him build items fast.

  • Fast jungler

Gusion has amazing speed and can clear out the jungle fast. This utilizes his role in other aspects of the game, as he is versatile.

  • Ganking skills

Gusion has the ability to gank lanes from the jungles, which is a huge advantage that should be learned and mastered when playing him.

1. Dyrroth

See Dyrroth in action: 

Dyrroth is a top life steal hero like his sister Silvanna. Difference is he is best played as a core hero due to his ability to farm fast and roam. He has been overlooked in Mobile Legends recently since he is basic and easy to learn, so he is easily countered.

His ability to gank lanes and set the stage for team fights are the reason for him being a top carry hero. This is overshadowed though by his life steal abilities that are annoying when he is well farmed. His objectives are as an assassin when he is played as a core. He is a game changer and can carry teams for his life steal and powerful damage.

Dyrroth can take on multiple opponents at once and wipe out an entire team when well farmed and leading in gold. He is fast as a core and holds significance to his team in this regard. Range in his skills also add value to him, as he can catch up to retreating heroes. The key to Dyrroths game is in  his life steal abilities.

Why Dyrroth is a great jungler?

  • Range abilities

Dyrroth has range in his abilities as a fighter. He can clear out the jungles fast with his powerful combos.

  • Life Steal

Dyrroths life steal is enhanced by buffs in the jungle. He is vicious when well farmed and second to Silvanna, his elder sister.

  • Ganker

Dyrroth has speed and range which allows him to precisely target opponents from the jungle.






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