[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Chess Heroes That Are Powerful

Best Chess Heroes That Are Powerful
Magic Chess Heroes

Are you on a losing streak or encountering toxic teammates in Normal Mode? Then blow off some steam by playing Moonton's second greatest creation: Magic Chess. Because this is an auto battler, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee since this does not require a lot of player input other than hero deployment.

However, there's still a risk of losing matches if you don't know which heroes to buy. So, to maximize your chances of winning games in this mode, we have come up with a list of the Best Chess Heroes That Are Powerful.


Normal Mode And Magic Chess Are Not The Same

But before starting out with our list, you should know that Normal Mode and Magic Chess Heroes are not the same. Although they do have a similar design, the mechanics are totally different in Magic Chess. Magic Chess Heroes, unlike Normal Heroes, only have one skill. You may also be wondering how these heroes level up. To level them up, you simply need three of the same star heroes. Stars will show the hero level, and 3 stars is the maximum level.

Furthermore, these heroes are divided into roles and factions. Having a set number of different heroes belonging to the same role or faction will trigger synergy effects. And not to undermine the given heroes' worth, what's crucial to winning the game is using an ideal synergy. These Heroes will further increase your chances of securing the match!


10. Karrie (Archer/ Mech Era)

Karrie, She Devour Tanks

Karrie will Carry you in both modes. She's an Archer and Mech Era type hero. When the Archer synergy is active, she gains additional attack range and has the ability to reduce the target's physical defense. With the Mech Era synergy, Karrie restores her Mana. But what if you used Karrie with an Abyss Crystal? She will melt tanks faster than anyone, thanks to the Abyss synergy and the true damage she gets from her passive.

Why Karrie Is Great For Chess:

  • Karrie is cheap and only costs 4 gold
  • Karrie’s passive can melt tanks faster than anyone
  • She’s great with the Abyss synergy

See Karrie In Action:



9. Beatrix (Gunner/ Mech Era)

Beatrix, The One Hit Delete Gunner

One hit delete Beatrix? Say no more! Although a Gunner and Mech era type hero, using the Astro Power crystal on Beatrix will grant her the Astro Power synergy. Furthermore, Astro Power Synergy is one of the most broken synergies out there! With six Gunner Heroes and three Astro Power heroes, she will one hit delete enemy heroes if you invest in the correct items. By the way, Beatrix, by the way, also has her four weapons in this mode, but it all depends on your distance.

Why Beatrix Is Great For Chess:

  • Beatrix is cheap and will cost you only 4 gold.
  • From short range, Beatrix’s shot gun can 1 shot enemy heroes
  • Will burst enemy heroes with the Astro Power and Gunner synergy

See Beatrix In Action:



8. Vexana (Elementalist/ Nekrokeep)

Vexana, She Spawns Unlimited Undead Knights!

Vexana can summon an Undead Knight, which will knock heroes up and assist in the fight. Imagine what happens if you summon not one, not two, but six Undead Knights! You'll easily overpower your enemy!To spam Undead Knights, however, you must first complete the Elemenatist synergy to obtain the Duet Evolution Effect. Elementalist heroes will spam their skills in rapid succession with Duet.

Why Vexana Is Great For Chess:

  • Vexana can spam Undead Knights on the board
  • Use Vexana in Elementalist synergy to benefit from Duet
  • Also cheap and cost 4 gold only

See Vexana in Action:



7. Karina (Assassin/ Astro Power)

Karina, She Can Carry Both Modes

Karina is an incredible carry hero in both modes. She deals explosive damage not only in the Normal Mode but also in Magic Chess. This is because of the role and faction Karina belongs to. Karina, as an Astro Power hero, gains increased damage and sustain if she has the most items. Furthermore, as an Assassin, she will jump to the backline of the enemy lineup and annihilate the enemy mages and marksmen with her bonus true damage.

Why Karina Is Great for Chess:

  • Like other assassins, Karina jumps at the backline of heroes and deals insane amount of damage
  • Can destroy the enemy backline within seconds
  • With her skill active, Karina is immune to basic attacks
  • Deadly against Gunners and Archers

See Karina In Action:



6. Gord (Elementalist/ Mech Era)

Gord, He Can Spam Kamehamehas!

Hey! Here's a Lineup to copy: 6 Elementalists, 6 Astro Powers, and 4 Mages. And make sure that Gord's a part of it. Now, Gord isn't an Astro Power type, so it's necessary to use the Astro Power Crystal on him. He will benefit from the extra damage and sustain from items. Also, make sure to get the Duet Evolution Benefit so he can use his skill in quick succession. Once you get this build right, it's only a matter of placing him in one of the corners behind your meatshields. He will then spam Kamehamehas on the enemy till they're dead.

Why Gord Is Great For Chess: 

  • Gord can spam his ult from a safe distance
  • He can burst kill the enemy team within a matter of time with ultimate
  • Best used in Elementalist and Astro Power Synergy because of his ultimate

See Gord In Action:

5. Odette  (Mage/ Astro Power)

Odette, Beautiful Odette

The Astro Power Synergy continues to dominate Magic Chess games. Why? Because the Synergy Effect makes it the most powerful formation. And that is another reason why players use this synergy even on Non-Astro Power heroes through crystals. Odette is an Astro Power type hero. She comes with her ult from the Normal Mode, which is even more overwhelming. Use the correct items, and Odette will melt the enemy lineup within seconds! Other than that, Odette also works in an Elementalist/Astro Power lineup, but it won't be necessary because she will still kill the enemy heroes without spamming her ult!

Why Odette Is Great For Chess:

  • Her Ult is way too overpowered and can kill the entire team in an instant
  • She can spam her ultimate if used with Elementalist Synergy
  • A must use if you’re going for Astro Power Synergy

See Odette In Action:



4. Gatotkaca (Wrestler/ Mech Era)

Gatotkaca, The Man of Steel

Gatotkaca is a legendary tier hero that costs 5 Gold. Pretty pricey right? But he's worth it! Although he's a Wrestler and Mech Era type hero, Gatotkaca can be utilized in various synergies with the use of crystals. Lately, he's been dominating with the Gunner and Astro Power Synergy. That ult of his from the Normal mode is a game changer, and with the correct synergy, he will instantly kill groups of enemies within its vicinity.

Why Gatotkaca Is Great For Chess: 

  • When using his skill, Gatotkaca is immune to damage for some time
  • With the Ideal synergy, GatotKaca can delete enemy heroes with his skill
  • Best used in Gunner or Astro Power Synergy Lineup

See Gatotkaca In Action:



3. Leomord (Weapon Master/ Nekrokeep)

Leomord And His Trusty Steed, Barbiel

Leomord's trusty steed, Barbiel, can lay waste to every enemy in its path. He's a Weapon Master and Necrokeep type hero. However, because his passive grants critical damage, Leomord is best used in an Astro Power lineup with an Astro Power Crystal. His damage output and sustain on the chessboard will maximize. Furthemore, a three star Leomord will quickly wipe out all enemy heroes!

Why Leomord Is Great For Chess:

  • Barbiel will damage enemies on his way when summoned
  • Leomord can mount Barbiel which increases his overall stats
  • Leomord’s passive grants him continuous critical damage
  • Best used in a lineup with Astro Power synergy

See Leomord In Action:



2. Hanabi (Archer/ V.E.N.O.M)

Hanabi, Scarlet Rot

A late game Hanabi hits hard in Normal Mode. Well, Magic Chess is no exception to her as well. When using Hanabi, you can experiment with various Synergies, but you can never go wrong with the Astro Power and V.E.N.O.M synergy. She will reap the benefits of the active synergy effect and melt the enemies like poison eating away at one's life!

Why Hanabi Is Great For Chess: 

  • Hanabi’s Basic Attack can ricochet up to 3 times
  • She hits hard in the late game
  • Hanabi in Astro Power and V.E.N.O.M lineup will melt enemies

See Hanabi In Action:



1. Ling (Assassin/ Cadia Riverlands)

Ling, He Spam Ults

Despite being expensive for 5 gold, Ling is well worth it! Ling's advantage is his ult, which activates automatically when his energy bar is full. So suppose Ling's the only guy standing in your team, and boom! He triggers his ultimate. What remains are the carcasses of the enemy heroes. That is why Ling can frequently 1v9 entire opponent lineups!

Why Ling Is Great For Chess:

  • Ling can Spam his skill when his energy bar is full
  • He is immune while casting skill
  • A Ling in Astro Power Lineup can 1v9 if he triggers his ult

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