[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Core Heroes

The Junglers of MLBB

The meta in Mobile Legends is constantly shifting. The game's constant updating of the hero roster, skill, design, and gameplay keeps the fast-paced gameplay, which is strongly dependent on goals, strategies, and heroes, fresh. In the game, players can take on a variety of positions, each with its own set of duties.

Core heroes are also referred to as the junglers. These heroes take care of all the early game farming that gives the team a gold and exp boost. These are typically the hyper carry heroes who take down the other team so that everyone else on his squad may complete their tasks and level up more quickly.

A good core player paired up with the perfect core hero makes all the difference during the game. Afterall, getting objectives is heavily reliant on your jungler holding the retribution.

Pull the course of the game in your favor by checking out these ten amazing core heroes that will carry you to victory.


10. Balmond 


A fighter who helped shape the previous meta of Mobile Legends. Balmond is a versatile hero, able to deal consistently high damage while also restoring his health by casting an ultimate. With the right timing, Balmond can overwhelm the opposing team and the jungle. His best feature is his ultimate: Lethal Counter which makes taking objectives flawless, as the name implies; it really is lethal. By easily engaging in teamfights and stealing jungle objectives without breaking a sweat, this hero rises to the top of the list as he becomes one of the favorites in international competitions. Balmond is basically a one man army abusing his continuous damage to take down anyone trying to stop him. A deadly opponent at any point in the game!

What Makes Balmond a Great Core Hero:

  • Will dominate melee battles
  • Has high HP regeneration increasing sustainability
  • Huge continuous damage output
  • Dash allows fast travel across multiple lanes
  • Second skill and ultimate can fast clear jungle and steal objectives

Balmond Guide:



9. Akai

Chubby Panda!

A utility core that makes use of his passive skill Tai Chi to increase his sustainability. This core hero can take care of himself while jungling, which allows the team's tank hero to help out in other lanes improving the team's objectives.

Being a utility jungler, Akai does not focus on taking down enemy heroes. His priorities rely on taking jungle creeps, sustaining damage from the enemy team and controlling them for his team to burst them down. He can initiate fights, do pick-offs, and obtain objectives effortlessly when played correctly.

Akai falters in damage compared to other core heroes, but his sturdiness makes up for it. As long as the user knows how to withstand enemy damage and target the right heroes, this panda can survive and outwit enemy junglers. Most of the credit goes to his ultimate, which allows him to disrupt teamfights by repelling heroes and pinning them to walls, which makes it easier to reach jungle objectives such as lords and turtles.

What Makes Akai a Great Core Hero:

  • Interrupt enemy combos with his ultimate
  • Easy objective steals because of his natural tankiness and ultimate skill
  • His skills provide additional mobility allowing faster travel
  • High HP hero that can initiate team fights and sustain damage for his team
  • Difficult to catch because of his ultimate

Akai Guide:


8. Karina 

Target Locked!

The queen of savages. Karina is another favorite among MLBB players. Her speed and skill set makes an easy and fun to play assassin.Get your heart pumping as she accomplishes her kill streak as she eliminates enemy heroes one by one with her zero cooldown ability. Karina has an insane amount of damage that allows her user to play aggressively from the early game. She can roam the map and clear the jungle at high speeds to secure kills.

Her combination combined with her insane magic damage is lethal. By securing kills, Karina resets her ultimates cooldown allowing her to finish off the entire enemy team with the proper strategy. She is one of the top choices for assassin heroes for beginners as her skills are straightforward and easy to master. Her lock-in play style is convenient when targeting specific enemies.

What Makes Karina a Great Core Hero:

  • She has high mobility allowing fast takedowns
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Has short immunity from basic attacks
  • Solid skill set curated for a core assassin
  • Her combo makes maniacs and savages possible

Karina Guide:
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7. Granger 

Deadly Sonata

The Death Chanter, an unusual violinist that would blow your face off from afar. With proper positioning and solid skill timing, Granger can harass and poke enemy heroes on any lane he is in. His long ranged attacks and consecutive heavy hitting bullets from his ultimate definitely put a lot of heavy pressure on the enemy team. 

Granger has powerful offensive skills but he can also use his skills defensively when necessary. His Death Sonata is a move to look out for or it will burst you down within seconds. Its sustained high-speed attack and short cooldown are perfect for surprising and eliminating enemies. His unique skills and fast-paced play make him literally a shooter like no other.

What Makes Granger a Good Core Hero:

  • His iInsanely high burst damage is really useful in teamfights
  • He has a long range and a destructive ultimate which is a deadly combination
  • Has high maneuverability and mobility allows surprise attacks and quick escapes
  • Low cooldown lets him dish out continuous heavy hitting attacks
  • Long range allows him to stay at the back lanes in clashes increasing his survivability
  • Not having mana or energy to think about makes it possible to spam his skills

Granger Guide:
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6. Gusion

Dagger master

A high difficulty hero with high nuking capabilities. To start off, Gusion is an overpowered hero when played correctly, he gains an immense power spike once he gets his hands on his ultimate. Playing this hero requires spot on aiming skills and quick reflexes.

Gusion uses a series of daggers that he throws at his enemies. His passive gives his ability increased damage and power. His early game damage is massive and he can bully enemy heroes on the go. Play aggressively to get kills and lead your team to victory. Its insane lethal combos and damage are perfect for taking down enemy heroes and quickly clearing the jungle.. He also shines in clashes as he can nuke down heroes sending them back to their bases. His daggers will literally deliver enemy heroes to their graves.

What Makes Gusion a Great Core Hero:

  • Strong in early game allowing snowball
  • High burst damage and combo
  • Has good mobility useful for enemy pick offs
  • His ultimates provides an early power spike giving him the early game advantage
  • He has fast cooldown good for skill spamming

Gusion Guide:

5. Aamon

Camouflage, strike & eliminate.

A considerably unstoppable assassin. Aamon has a unique skill allowing him to enter camouflage state whenever his skill hits an enemy, this conceals him from view and gives a movement speed boost allowing a fast escape or a planned ambush. His absurdly high damage output clears jungle creeps with ease and makes securing pick offs and objectives much easier. His in and out tactic with his camouflage allows him to obtain objectives then roll out to focus on a new one without taking damage or being taken down.

His deadly combo stays lethal up until the late game which makes him a good carry hero throughout the game. His late game scaling makes him a good pick for taking down snowball heroes like marksmen who really shine during the late game. With proper strategy and build, Aamon is one heavy hitting assassin you definitely need to look out for. Be careful and be sure to prepare for his surprising combos!

What Makes Aamon a Great Core Hero:

  • Good for picking off squishy heroes like mages and marksmen
  • Has HP regeneration and extra movement speed from passive skill
  • Highly mobile and agile hero
  • His lethal attack combo obliterates enemy heroes
  • Inflicts insanely high damage

Aamon Guide:


4. Lancelot

The invincible swordsmaster.
There was a time where Lancelot was always banned in the drafts, barely able to step into the playing field because of his unfairly powerful damage output. Even to this day, Lancelot still ranks in the top core heroes for the following reasons: Lancelot has great mobility, which makes it very difficult for enemy heroes to evade his attacks. He is very strong from early to late game, so his team's damage output is never weakened against the enemy team. All of his skills are focused on dealing insane damage that allows him to win battles outnumbered. Swordsman is blessed with a low CD (cooldown) that paves the way for his spam skills. With a little practice, quick reflexes, and absolute accuracy, this hero can snowball your team into victory!

What Makes Lancelot a Great Core Hero:

  • He can ambush enemy heroes using bushes and bombarding them with continuous skill spam to deliver them back to their base
  • High burst damage brings teamfights into your side
  • Excellent mobility can chase after enemy heroes
  • Low cooldown allows for skill spam or Lancelot’s ‘unli dash’.
  • Skills are straightforward and easy to understand 

Lancelot Guide: 

3. Ling 

Oriental Swordsman

The slender swordsman of the Oriental Fighters, Ling is an amazing option for a core hero mainly because of his top rank mobility and huge damage output. Ling has a very unique skill which allows him to jump along the walls in the game map, to add he also enters ‘half-stealth state’ when traveling on top of walls giving 30% movement speed and energy regen. This skill is also useful for recon work since this increases map visibility for the whole team.

This ability allows him to move quickly around the map and become a good split-push hero.In addition to his mobility, his high damage output allows him to quickly eliminate jungle monsters and deal damage to enemies, ully enemy damage dealers and easily carry teamfights.

He  has comparatively lower HP compared to other heroes but don’t think that he can be easily taken down ‘cause has one more thing up his sleeve. Ling’s ultimate, Tempest of Blades, gives him a few seconds of invulnerability,knocks up enemies and gives him a chance for a skill spam of Defiant Sword. His ultimate alone can engage and finish off a team fight!

What Makes Ling a Great Core Hero:

  • Very high mobility
  • High damage output
  • Contributes visibility to whole team
  • Can easily steal objectives through his first skill
  • Makes use of walls laid out across the map for his advantage
  • High pick off capabilities especially against squishy heroes

Ling Guide: 
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2. Pacquito

A punch for a punch!
Mobility, Sustain, Control. All of these can be found at Pacquito. It has everything a core hero needs. This hero is a beast warrior! His combo attacks are solid, allowing him to set up teamfights. If you want to use Pacquito, you have to take note of his passive skill: the Champ Stance, this enhances his already interesting set of skills providing significantly more damage and more chances of skill spamming. He can be considered a utility core as he can sustain damage and control enemies on top of his heavy hitting skills. His skills include blinks which makes very mobile and hard to catch. Better watch out for his punches or you are gone before you can even start to retaliate!

What Makes Paquito a Great Core Hero:

  • Multiple blink skills make him difficult to catch and good for chasing down enemy heroes
  • He can spam his skill with the right timing of his passive
  • Maximum passive stacks allows Pacquito to dish out double ultimate which can literally change the tide of a losing clash
  • He is a great utility hero with his shield and control skills
  • Skill combination can provide a good set up for team in clashes
  • A well rounded hero that can handle multiple objectives

Pacquito Guide:

1. Fanny

Deadly cable master!
One of the most difficult heroes to play in Mobile Legends, but hours of practice will definitely pay off. This lightning-fast heroine uses cables to move around the map, obliterating everyone in her path with her dual blades. She's really good at getting objectives, as she can take down enemies, go straight into the jungle, or use cables to dodge enemy attacks while stealing turtles and lords. while using her cables to evade enemy attacks. Her mobility allows her to have high survivability by going in and out of clashes whenever she needs to. Combine her devastatingly scary skills with a "fast-playing" player and she's sure to take you to the top ranks. Definitely a deadly assassin and a top pick for experienced players.

Remember that Fanny is highly reliant on her Blue buffs, otherwise she will be short on energy and will not be able to carry out her tasks as a jungler efficiently.

What Makes Fanny a Great Core Hero:

  • Her cables give her increased roaming ability
  • She has high pick off potential
  • Can snowball team to victory because of her fast jungling and high damage from early to mid game
  • High survivability because she is slippery due to her really high mobility

Fanny Guide:
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