[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Late Game Heroes That Can Wipe Out The Enemy Team

Top heroes for late game clashes and base defense

Late game heroes become the backbone of the game once the game reaches a point where both teams are maxed out in build and level. These heroes are heroes with insane scaling that make them hypercarries for their team. It is important for every team to have a late game hero that can make sure they will survive in times of disadvantages and could ensure that they emerge victorious when they are taking the lead. High damage or high sustain heroes are perfect, they can keep the team alive by taking down minions, heroes or defending the home base. Heroes that truly shine in the late game can always help turn the tide around to their team's favor.


10. Belerick

Battle my roots

Dubbed as the marksman killer, Belerick annihilates the biggest damage dealers with his Deadly Thorns passive and his amazing health and life regeneration. He is perfect for fast and high damage dealers as he can survive their barrage of attacks and taunt them so that his teammates will stay safe while he tanks all the damage from the enemy team. In the late game where his skills are maxed and his items fully built, Belerick can be the fortress that keeps the team alive. He also has an irresistable taunt that makes him the target of enemies. His skillset is suited to deal with annoying marksman heroes and front his team to victory. He is a tank that does his job while standing still. Can’t get any cooler than that!

What makes Belerick a great late game hero:

  • High heal and regen capabilities
  • Passive deals great damage even without having damage items
  • High mobility tank perfect for chasing
  • His taunt is a crazy good skill for the whole teams survival
  • Key to out sustain enemy damage

Watch Belerick late game: 

100% Unkillable!! Belerick Insane Damage - Build Top 1 Global Belerick ~ MLBB


9. Moscov

Spear of Death!

Moscov is the late game marksman carry. His basic attack penetration and cooldown reset makes him a nightmare for enemy heroes. Even tanks are careful when initiating fights with this monster. He has a good skill set and high damage output but he needs items so his best friend is jungle farming. Moscov users need to farm and farm in the early game before they start showing off their damage. The late game is where Moscov becomes the BOSS. He sets up the pace of the team, team fights should be initiated when he is around so he can deal heavy blows that carry the clash. His abilities that allow him to deal damage to multiple enemies makes him perfect for taking down opponents. His late game scaling makes him even scarier. With the right playstyle and positioning, this hero is an invincible force that will march its way to turn the enemy base into dust.

Why is Moscov a great late game hero:

  • Very strong late game hero
  • Really high attack speed and damage
  • Basic attack penetration is perfect when outnumbered
  • Spear of Death pushes back enemies for a split second advantage

Watch Moscov late game: 

WIPEOUT! Moskov Crazy 1% HP Outplay! - Top 1 Global Moskov by YT: SIBAT PLAYS - Mobile Legends

8. Aulus

don't make me rampage

This hero is considered weak in the early game, unless of course you play him as the jungler where he will get the advantage of having jungle buffs and increased level. Aulus’s kit is limited as he was not blessed with having a CC skill but he does have a really good offense and defense skill to make up for it. This little beast goes on a rampage when you reach the late game, his AoE damage is scary to deal with as it is fast paced and wide ranged. He is perfect for the late game because he can defend the base and also eliminate enemy heroes trying to finish off the game.

Why is Aulus a great late game hero:

  • High damage and high defense hero
  • Awesome AoE ultimate
  • His slowing ability can greatly influence team fights
  • Fast mobility and attack speed can kill enemies with ease

Watch Aulus late game: 

48% Damage Aulus, The Late Game Monster [ Top 4 Global Aulus ] NocY - Mobile Legends Gameplay Build

7. Vale

I'll show you how the wind bends to my commands

This mage just has it all: speed, stun, and damage. Vale allows the player to choose the setup he wants to play, Vale's winds are flexible giving you the choice of damage or crowd control for each skill. As the game progresses, his skill cooldown and passive just gets better and better and his damage gets even deadlier. At full stacks, Vales passive increases his mobility making him glide much faster across the map improving his mobility. His combo has a high chance of enemy pick offs. His late game capabilities are crazy for a mage as he has high clearing abilities, and can do crazy setups to take down multiple enemies when they are in a tight spot defending the base. 

What makes Vale a great late game hero:

  • Crowd control can provide set-ups and delay enemy team taking down towers
  • Damage skills can clear minion waves fast
  • Has decent mobility when passive stack is maxed

Watch Vale late game: 

22 Kills!! Deadly Combo Vale 100% Annoying!! - Build Top 1 Global Vale ~ MLBB

6. Hanabi

I'm a ninja, I can handle this.

Hanabi is a very squishy marksman that needs the match to reach the late game for her to pick up her slack, a complete item build, and proper support makes Hanabi one of the best base defenders and a killer. Her bouncing basic attack makes it a hundred times easier to clear down enemy minions trying to get into your team's base, the same attack fends off group attacks from the enemy team as they will receive damage while staying close. This makes Hanabi a really good pick for the late game as long as you snowball her into gold and exp advantage, she can take care of your defenses and offense with the proper set up and support. Baby her in the early game and let her complete her kit and she is sure to keep you fortress alive. She may not have blinks or dashes but give her a dedicated tank and she will do well for the team. 

What makes Hanabi a great late game hero:

  • basic attack bounces off multiple enemies
  • really great for clearing out minion waves
  • getting to late game completes her build letting her dish out high damage
  • lifesteal improves in higher levels making her more deadly
  • crazy good base defender

Watch Hanabi late game: 

24 Kills + MANIAC!! Hanabi Real Monster Late Game!! - Build Top 1 Global Hanabi ~ MLBB

5. Aldous

You shall face my fists

Everyone knows that Aldous scales really well in the late game especially since he is reliant on his stacks. Facing off a 500 stack Aldous is completely different from a 100 stack one. At first, his damage may fall off compared to other heroes, he can be considered a small fry in the early game but ignore him not, giving him the ability to take down creeps, minions, heroes and jungles will allow him to increase his stacks and later on become the deadly killing machine. An Aldous with full stacks is Mobile Legends' very own one punch man, this fighter will follow you from anywhere in the map and deliver a deadly finishing blow! His stun can make it hard for backup heroes to take him down giving him a better chance for him to pick them off instead of them eliminating him. His combo is one to look out for, it could make or break your path to victory.

What makes Aldous a great late game hero:

  • Has a really good late game scaling
  • He is stack reliant which takes time to be maximized
  • His punches get deadlier as he increases his level and maximizes his build
  • Passive increases survivability perfect for taking down groups of enemies
  • Can provide map visibility during crucial game times

Watch Aldous late game: 


4. Wanwan

All I need is my ultimate

Her infamous ultimate: The Crossbow of Tang is a well known late game beast which can always turn the tide around to her favor when used at the perfect time. Aside from her increased mobility from her passive, her built in purify from her second skill is just an irritation to her rivals. She is a marksman who cannot be contained, a scary opponent especially for melee heroes. What makes Wanwan even more deadly is that as long as she casts her ultimate to anyone, enemy heroes nearby are not marked safe from her crossbow, this means that every move is crucial when on a team fight with this marksman. One wrong move from anyone in the enemy team can result in a crucial wipeout. No matter how careful you are, your team will be at risk if anyone makes the mistake of allowing Wanwan to cast her ultimate. It’s all GG’s after Wanwan gets up in the air.

What makes Wanwan a good late game hero:

  • High comeback possibility from ultimate
  • High mobility perfect for chasing
  • Has debuff and purify from 2nd skill
  • Hard to catch
  • Ultimate is perfect for multiple hero eliminations

Watch Wanwan late game: 

Mobile Legends Crazy wanwan late game

3. Miya

Don't let my arrows surprise you

The original marksman hero of Mobile Legends. Miya may be considered an outdated hero with her basic skill set often outshined by new marksman releases, but don’t underestimate her before you even get to see her capabilities. Miya can deal great damage when all her items are built and her skills maxed out. With the perfect spell-like inspire, her split arrows is a horrifying attack which targets multiple enemies and shaves off a large chunk of enemy HP. What makes her split arrows even more powerful is that it gives her a large lifesteal making her highly sustainable. A deadly damage dealer with the ability to execute a perfect conceal play and crowd control before exterminating anyone trying to take her down. Truly a savage late game hero.

What makes Miya a great late game hero:

  • Has conceal and stun 
  • Her split arrows are a deadly multi target weapon
  • Her high damage can take down towers fast
  • She can clear minion waves with ease
  • Conceal play is perfect for clashes
  • Can perform backdoor play

Watch Miya late game: 

Late Game Monster!! Miya Perfect SAVAGE, Insane 19 Kills!! - Build Top 1 Global Miya ~ MLBB

2. Claud

Let's get them, Dexter!

A squishy early game hero just like most marksmen in the game. Claude’s advantage is his partnership with his buddy Dexter the monkey, this duo has the ability to swap places which can be used to chase or deliver Claude to safety. When the game reaches the late game, that’s when Claude and Dexter can let all hell break loose. With complete item build and maximum level, this duo will shoot out enemies, their ultimate attack will dish out continuous bullets in a circular path taking down enemy groups within range. Their chase skill can then make chasing low HP enemies a breeze. An awesome combo perfect for a comeback victory!

What makes Claude a great late game hero:

  • High mobility perfect for chasing and escape
  • Crazy damage from ultimate can take down multiple enemies
  • High damage in the late game when build is full
  • Can blink in and out of a team fight
  • High damage and high survivability hero

Watch Claude late game: 



1. Cecilion

My bats will handle all

The late game is where Cecilion truly outshines everyone. His pokes and burst damage all throughout the game takes off large amounts of HP from enemy heroes but his drawback is his skill’s need of massive amounts of mana when used consecutively. This is where the late game contributes to Cecilion’s amazing capabilities. To allow him to shine, players need to build up stacks on his passive which increases his maximum mana. To build up his much needed stacks, time is of great value, the longer the game progresses the more he can build up his stacks later on allowing Cecilion to punish enemy teams by dealing out continuous damage without having to retreat for mana regeneration. He is deadly when fully built and can take down multiple enemies before they can even touch this beast of a mage.

What makes Cecilion a great late game hero:

  • Long range skills increases survivability
  • Ultimate can easily clear minion waves and fend off enemy heroes
  • High burst and poke damage
  • Has crowd control and decent movement speed perfect for enemy take downs

Watch Cecilion late game: 

19 Kills!! Cecilion Insane Burst Damage!! - Build Top 1 Global Cecilion ~ MLBB


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