[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best AoE Heroes (Current Meta)

Carry your team to victory with these top AoE Heroes.

A hero that has plenty of effective and useful AOE skills is an absolute must when it comes to forming a team that can dominate a game and must be taken careful consideration when picking one. Luckily, we're here to give you the what's up with this current meta's champions.

Here are our Top 10 AOE Champions for Mobile Legends.


10. Gatotkaca

See Gatotkaca in action:  

His sustainability helps him stay in the fight for as long as he wants while dealing decent damage to his opponents. His abilities can harm more than just one enemy, making him a valuable ally when it comes to team fights. Playing Gatotkaca means maximizing the most out of your skill set and Rage meter so that you can penetrate through their defenses and leave the enemy team open for the rest of your team.

Why Should You Pick Gatotkaca?

  • Good Sustainability

Each of Gatotkaca's lost HP is converted to additional Physical Defense, making him more durable even in the heat of battle. He can also heal from consuming his Rage meter every time he lands a successful basic attack on an enemy. Remember to always keep an eye on his Rage meter and never be afraid to counterattack.

  • Good Offensive and Defense Capabilities

A fully charged Rage meter can make for an incredible burst of damage on his basic attack if inflicted upon enemies. His main abilities also scale with AP and provides a large array of crowd control that can benefit your teammates from securing kills. Because of this, Gatotkaca, if played and built correctly, can be a lethal mix of both offense and defense.

  • Profitable Set-ups

Equipped with a slow, taunt, and an AOE knock-up, Gatotkaca's skill kit is an absolute must-have for any player that wants to set up teamfights. Understanding when and where to use these skills are important, so remember to utilize these crowd control effects to the max and help your team move in for the kill.


9. Pharsa

See Pharsa in action: 

Pharsa is a champion of what one might call a "Glass Cannon", meaning a character that can deal high damage but is also very vulnerable to a lot of other damage based abilities. Because of this, players need to take good care when playing Pharsa and ensure that she maintains a safe distance from opponents. 

In spite of this, Pharsa remains an excellent Mage champion and is extremely deadly if well-farmed. Her extra ability, which allows her to transform into a raven and glide over walls, makes her an incredibly good roamer that can provide assistance to any lane within her vicinity or to simply secure kills. Good positioning and map awareness is key to a productive Pharsa game, so remember to always check your map.

Why Should You Pick Pharsa?

  • Good Roamer

Her extra ability grants her the option to morph into a raven that can fly over obstacles in quick succession. Pharsa can use this ability to escape from dangerous situations or to get closer to the fight and provide damage that can help turn the tide of battle. However, it is important to note that one must use this wisely and conservatively as it has an 18 second cooldown.

  • Incredibly High Burst Damage

Her ultimate, Feathered Air Strike, can deal massive amounts of AP damage to her enemies, making her a very deadly champion in the game. The rest of her abilities can also scale extremely quickly if she is fed enough and synergizes well with the Ice Queen's Wand. This item provides her a decent spike in AP and a slow effect on every successful skill hit.  

  • Wide Range of Damage

All of Pharsa's abilities can hit more than one target and is extremely beneficial in a lane full of crowded enemies. Use their positioning to your advantage and exploit the situation to its fullest. But remember to always keep your distance.


8. Belerick

See Belerick in action: 

This lumbering tree giant stomps his way into this list because of his capability to taunt his enemies toward his general direction, while exposing them to allies for immediate ganks. He also thrives on having increased HP, as it affects the effects he gains from any item bought or equipped emblem set. 

Belerick is highly durable, capable of taking plenty of hits before going down. His skill kit scales with AP items and can deal a good amount of damage to his enemies. Belerick shines best when he is with his teammates so remember to stay close to them at all times.

Why Should You Choose Belerick?

  • Simple to Understand Mechanics

Belerick is a good champion for beginners wanting to play as a solid Tank. His mechanics are fun and easy to grasp. He can mitigate good damage even as a support Tank which is useful to players wanting to do a little offense while staying true to their role as a support. 


  • Good Crowd Control Abilities        

Both his first and second skills come with an additional slow debuff that can punish enemies who come into close contact with him, paired with an ultimate that has a large area of effect that can taunt enemies within his vicinity. Such skills are exceptionally useful when setting up team fights or ganking unsuspecting enemies. Keep a good eye on your situation and do your best to use these skills to your team's advantage.

  • Great Snowball Potential

Snowballing is the process of increasing your champion's strength in the game as it continually progresses, which can be done by capturing objectives and scoring eliminations. While Belerick may not have much of a presence in the early game, he can easily become a major problem around the mid to late game. Because of this, Belerick comes off as an unsuspecting wild card which is important when throwing the enemy team off their game.


7. Cecilion

See Cecilion in action: 


The Embrace of Night comes next in this list because of his spammable damaging abilities that can severely weaken an entire team's composition. He can also be very agile and tricky to pursue when he activates his Ultimate.

Although Cecilion has received a number of nerfs throughout the years, he still remains as strong as ever and is a valuable contender to consider when trying to climb the ranks. Cecilion is recommended if you want to play a fast-paced mage that can deal heavy damage simultaneously.

Why Should You Pick Cecilion?

  • Health Regen Capabilities

His Ultimate allows him to regenerate health from any surrounding enemies hit by one of his vampiric missiles. This increases his sustainability during team fights, allowing him to deal damage despite being in the thick of battle. Remember to use the perks of his Ultimate wisely.


  • Strong Harass

His other 2 abilities have a good range of attack that allows him to pick off enemies from a distance. Bat Impact, his first skill, is a spammable skillshot that increases in damage after the initial cast. He also has a pull ability where he can reposition enemies to get in the range of his first skill. When combined, these two skills can easily cut down a target's health without risking Cecilion's safety. 

  • Regenerative Mana Pool

Since his skills are very mana intensive, Cecilion needs to have a large mana pool to compensate. Luckily, his passive delivers on this need by restoring his mana every time one of his skills successfully hits an enemy. So remember to carefully assess where you'll be landing your skills as it can be a great help to keep yourself in the lane and score objectives for your team. 


6. Kadita

See Kadita in action: 

Elegant. Skillful. Dangerous. Kadita's control of the ocean will leave enemies drowning in their place as they admire her pristine deadliness. Equipped with a set of powerful AP based skills, one will find Kadita to be an exceptional mage that can help eliminate large crowds of enemies within seconds.

However, as a mage champion she can also be very durable. Luckily enough, her kit comes with some slight immunity to damage based abilities and a knock up that can assist her allies or help her escape situations. 

Why Should You Choose Kadita?

  • Durability Giving Skills

Kadita's waveform during the duration of his first skill gives her crowd control immunity and reduced damage, giving her enough durability to survive an on-head charge towards the enemy and just enough time to immediately retreat back to her initial casting location. 

  • High Burst Damage

A full combo  from Kadita's skills can really affect opponents. Kadita's high AP output makes her very lethal to squishy or low HP enemies. Her skills also have a large location reach, affecting plenty of targets should her skills be casted precisely. 

  • Self-Healing 

Kadita's passive helps increase her survival chances in dangerous situations, as she is able to regenerate lost health after taking sufficient damage from the enemy. However, this effect only happens after every 30 seconds so be careful in trying to exploit this ability. 


5. Khufra

See Khufra in action: 

The Tyrant of the Sands is no stranger when it comes to good teamfight setups and ganking. His skill kit can affect a large group of enemies that can inflict a decent amount of Crowd Control that can turn the battle towards your team's favor. 

When using Khufra, it is important to position yourself away from the enemy's vision in order to fully utilize the effectiveness of his Crowd Control abilities. Increasing your map awareness, knowing which lane to hit next, and what objectives to help capture are key to an effective Khufra gameplay.  

Why Should You Choose Khufra?

  • Effective Ganker

Having an ability to leap through walls and push enemies toward a certain direction makes Khufra an exceptional ganker in games. His skills can affect opponents within seconds upon contact and  immediately disorient them which gives your teammates the advantage.

  • Highly Durable

Paired with his capability to charge into a group is his durability that allows him to tank in as much damage as he possibly can. His passive, Spell Curse, can also regenerate a portion of his health upon successfully attacking an enemy with his autoattack, although this passive can only be active every 12 seconds.  

  • Strong Mobility Counter 

His 2nd ability allows him to interrupt any escaping enemy champion who uses a mobility based ability to get away, such as Fanny or Ling. However this is only effective if Khufra is blocking the direction of where they will be escaping to. This interruption, regardless, is an effective mechanic when trapping enemies and preventing them from running away.


4. Odette

See Odette in action: 

The Heir of Swan Castle is no stranger to excitement. Using her powerful scepter, Odette can deliver swift retribution to those unlucky enough to face her. Whether it is through bouncing musical notes or a torrent of destructive symphony, Odette will surely capture the hearts and lives of her enemies. 

Her skill kit is useful in subduing targets and dealing plenty of damage altogether. She can play as a support that can help teammates achieve victory through careful execution of her skills or an all around power house that can bring enemies down. Knowing what role to play in whatever situation is crucial to her gameplay.

Why Should You Choose Odette?

  • AOE Coverage

Odette's Ultimate can cover a large area within seconds upon casting. Even more so is the damage that comes with it, as her Ultimate alone is enough to destroy an entire enemy team within seconds of coming into contact with it. However, for the entire duration of the skill, Odette is severely compromised so it is important to keep her teammates close in order to protect her from enemy attacks while she is channeling. 

  • Good Crowd Control

Both her main abilities have Crowd Control elements to them that can help Odette in securing kills or setting up successful ganks for your allies. Her first skill can slow enemies down and deal damage upon contact while her second skill can immobilize her target in place and damage another nearby enemy. Use these mechanics to gain control over your lane and prevent the enemy from gaining the upper hand. 

  • Hero Synergy

Odette's gameplay and skill kit makes her a very flexible champion to play with in the game. This flexibility allows her to synergize well with other champions more than any other character in the game. Bear this in mind when using Odette and remember to always keep your teammates involved when making your next move.


3. Lunox

See Lunox in action: 

Lunox's ability to channel powers from both Chaos and Order makes her a deadly matchup against opponents who might dare lane against her. In her arsenal lies powerful magic that can blow away opponents and keep her alive in delicate situations.

However, she cannot benefit from items with Cooldown Reduction and instead is converted into Ability Power that greatly strengthens her damage or Physical and Magical Defense that increases her sustainability in a lane. Keep this mind when coming up with a dedicated build for Lunox.

Why Should You Choose Lunox?

  • Gameplay Versatility

Being able to use 2 ability modes, Lunox can immediately adapt to any situation in the flick of a switch. She can play defensively or sustainably by using her 1st ability or offensively by using her 2nd. Her ultimate also changes based on what side of her is empowered. Such unpredictability is useful in confusing the enemy team and providing aid to yours while securing kills and objectives.

  • Large Array of AOE Based Abilities

All of her abilities are AOE-based, which makes her an incredibly reliable opponent in team fights where the opposing teams are coupled together. Good understanding of which mode to empower during such times are important, as they may decide the battle that's ahead of you. 

  • Temporary Invincibility

When her Order trait is empowered, Lunox's Ultimate allows her to transform into a moving ball of light that can damage the enemies around her and provide her a short period of invulnerability. This is useful when trying to escape risky situations or going into a team fight without putting too much risk on her.


2. Lylia

See Lylia in action: 

This purple haired mischief maker is a fantastic mage to play with when increasing one's skill level, as her mechanics can give you a better understanding of how to approach fights as a long range mage user with low HP.

Explosive damage and misdirection are part of Lylia's kit. Always be careful when casting your Ultimate and kite your enemies by placing your Shadow Energy on spots closest to your targets. Be calculated in your decisions and bring carnage to the opposing team.  

Why Should You Choose Lylia?

  • Spammable Burst Abilities

Having quick cooldowns on her abilities make Lylia a credible threat to any enemy. She can set up her spheres in a way that can harass and push back an enemy towards their tower. Because of the large damage it can produce in such little time, most opponents facing off against Lylia will find themselves cowering behind their wave instead of pushing for objectives.  

  • Good Outplay Potential

Her ultimate allows her to regain a portion of her health while simultaneously retracing her steps back. This ability is useful when trying to confuse opponents of your whereabouts and tricking them into using a skill that they may potentially miss. It is also a good way of closing in on distance between an enemy.

  • Early Game Advantage

Because of her abilities' large damage output, she can easily dominate the early game and capture objectives on the fly. Always exploit this advantage when using Lylia in order to boost your team's gold and exp and bag you the win.


1. Vale

See Vale in action: 

Vale's high damage spells will leave enemies breathless as they suffocate from a mix of lightning, thunder, and air. Make enemies fly by upgrading your abilities to something that is Crowd Control focused. If that's not your type of playstyle, then bring the tempest's rage as you upgrade your skills that are Ability Power centric. 

Being a mage means to be respectable with one's mana pool so remember to equip Vale with good Cooldown Reduction and Mana items to keep him in the fight while raining  damage on opponents.  

Why Should You Choose Vale?

  • Gameplay Variability

Because of his upgrading mechanism, Vale can either play as a heavy Crowd Control champion or a strong Burst champion. This variability changes his presence in the game immensely and adds a brand new layer to his gameplay that one can use to learn more about the character's limitations. 

  • High Burst Damage

Vale's high AP output makes him one of the stronger mage champions in the game. Whether you're playing Crowd Control or Burst makes no difference to the damage he can mitigate once he's in battle. Always ensure that you have a healthy amount of Mana to keep Vale in top shape.

  • Good Mobility

Vale can increase his movement speed every time he scores a kill or an assist. This movement speed is important when roaming  or quickly securing a Mana Buff and then immediately getting back to lane. Stay consistent when eliminating key targets in the game, but always remember to keep your distance as to avoid being caught by the enemy. 












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