[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Offensive Heroes

Mobile Legends Best Offensive Heroes
Go Crazy On Your Opponents With These Heroes

Can’t Pick The Ideal Offensive Hero?

If you gravitate toward an offensive playstyle, losing lanes and teamfights can get quite infuriating. And you're wondering why this is happening? That, my friend, is because you're not picking the correct hero to complement your playstyle.

Picking from over a hundred heroes can be very confusing. To simplify things for you, we've come up with a list of the Best Offensive Heroes Mobile Legends has to offer. So without further ado, let's get into it!


10. Saber

One Man. One Sword. Same Goal

First up on our list is Saber, The Wandering Sword. Saber has been a lethal assassin in the Land of Dawn since his revamp.

Saber is a highly offensive assassin and pretty straightforward as well. Most assassin heroes need a high skill cap to pull out as much juice as possible from their mechanics. This is what prevents beginners from picking such heroes. Saber, on the other hand, is the ideal assassin for beginners!

Saber can continuously rotate and gank lanes once he reaches level 4. His S1 and Ult combo deals explosive damage and can easily obliterate enemy mm and mages within seconds. By the way, all this happens once he reaches level 4, so he's always played as a jungler.

His passive, which reduces the enemy's defense by 40 points, is the reason behind his explosive damage. Furthermore, your teammates can also benefit from this reduced defense!

Saber is thus the ideal hero for snowballing and ending the game as soon as possible.

Why Saber Has Powerful Offense:

  • A single tap of S1 and Ult can burst kill squishy heroes upon reaching level 4
  • In the late game, his orbiting swords and basic attack combo can kill any squishy hero
  • Will decrease the enemy's defense by 40 points thanks to his passive, and his teammates will also benefit from it
  • Amazing ganker in the early game
  • Has one of the longest CC of any hero 

See Saber In Action: 

Saber Deadly One Shot Combo


9. Lylia

Lylia, She’s An Annoying Little Witch

Mages are weak as soon as the game starts, but Lylia's not. This little witch is annoying and will start bullying you immediately. She'll send you crying back to your base. As a mid laner, if you want to dominate both the early and late game, then Lylia's your pick!

Playing against a good Lylia player is equivalent to losing one's sanity. She's powerful even at level 1! When the game starts, she will emerge from a nearby bush. She will then begin bombarding you with her S1 until you're dead and immobile mages are useless against her.

Continue to place S2 in the enemy's path and bombard them with S1. This drastically reduces their HP and movement speed. At the same time, Lylia's damage and movement speed will significantly increase as a result of her passive.

The real show starts when Lylia gets her ult. It's literally an inbuilt immortality! With her ultimate, Lylia will actively gank and dominate teamfights thanks to her having snowballed. And this spectacle continues to the end of the game!

Why Lylia Has Powerful Offense:

  • Lylia deals burst damage with her S2 and S1 Combo in the early and late game
  • She can escape death thanks to her ultimate
  • She has high mobility thanks to her passive and can quickly rotate between lanes for ganks
  • Fast at clearing minion waves

See Lylia In Action:

Tiny But Powerful


8. Brody

Brody, The Lone Star

If you're a seasoned player, then there's no need to tell you his potential. However, if you're a new player with an aggressive style, using Layla can get boring. Brody is right there for you to use. And though quite expensive, he's worth it!

Brody is part of the BBC trio (Beatrix, Brody and Clint) that keeps dominating the higher ranks. As a marksman, Brody has insane early to mid game damage, great turret pushing capabilities and mobility. This is all thanks to his Passive.

Brody's basic attack is different from that of other marksmen. He deals explosive damage by locking and marking the enemy heroes. More marks on an enemy equals more damage! Furthermore, an enemy with maximum marks will die instantly with his ultimate. By the way, his ultimate has an insane range and will only target the marked enemy.

And as you usually experience enemy ganks nonstop as a Layla, Brody can survive those ganks by opting for defensive items. Furthermore, Brody will still slap hard with only a Blade of Despair in his arsenal!

Why Brody Has Powerful Offense:

Brody is strong 1v1

  • He deals insane damage to turrets thanks to passive
  • Ultimate has an insane range, and a locked target can't escape it
  • Strong early game thanks to passive
  • Has high sustainability because he can opt for defensive equipment 

See Brody In Action:

Brody Monster Sidelane!


7. Alucard

Alucard, He Thrives On Lifesteal

It's always a skilled Alucard that will help you win the game or an Alucard with Alufeed syndrome that will lead you to defeat. 

Alucard is Dracula spelled backward! His main gimmick is his lifesteal. Alucard's ULT will activate his lifesteal ability and absorb the energy of nearby enemies. This will also slow them down. His basic attacks and skills will benefit from this lifesteal. His ULT can be used again, and Alucard will unleash a high energy wave that deals massive damage.

As soon as you reach level 4, you must constantly harass the enemy marksman with Alucard. With his passive, Alucard will always plunge on the enemy, and this ability is further enhanced when his ULT is active. He can easily snag kills once he reaches level 4!

So use his ULT to actively gank lanes and take out any wandering mages and marksmen on the battlefield. Be an AluGod and not an Alucard with Alufeed syndrome!

Why Alucard Has Powerful Offense:

  • A fighting Juggernaut, thanks to his Ultimate
  • Can chase escaping enemies thanks to his passive
  • Can 1v1 any hero
  • A skilled Alucard will always carry his teammates
  • A fed Alucard can also 1v5 if there is no CC in the enemy team

See Alucard In Action:



6. Thamuz

Thamuz, The King Of Fire Demons

Lord Lava Thamuz is a total badass, as his title suggests: The King of Fire Demons! He's one of the most offensive fighters, and playing him as a passive hero is pointless.

With Thamuz, you can go absolutely nuts on the enemy laner. Why? Because he has the ability to both absorb and deal damage. Let's start off with his passive ability. Thamuz's passive grants damage, movement speed, and the ability to leap onto enemies.

Then there's his ultimate, which turns him into a behemoth capable of taking on multiple enemies. When Thamuz's ULT is active, his maximum HP increases, his damage output increases, and he gains lifesteal from basic attacks, S1 and S2.

Use him either as a jungler with the Retribution spell or an offlaner with the Vengeance spell and go berserk on your enemies!

Why Thamuz Has Powerful Offense:

  • The best offlaner in the current meta
  • High sustain from his ultimate
  • Can spam skills on the enemy hero
  • Can clear lanes quickly
  • Can 1v3 in the early game if there's no cc

See Thamuz In Action:

General Kai Thamuz Kung Fu Panda 100% Monster!


5. Esmeralda

Esmeralda, She Has Shields For Breakfast

Since her debut, Esmeralda has been a popular pick. She's a Tank/Mage hybrid who can take hits and deal decent damage.

Some new players may believe they've received a free shield. But it's actually a debuff from Esmeralda! She will suck up the enemy Shield into her own Shield. With S1, she will generate a shield, and by spamming S2, the cooldown of S1 will be reduced. This can sometimes result in Esmeralda having infinite Shields., making it hard to kill her.

Esmeralda's ultimate is fairly straightforward. It's a charge attack that deals burst damage. The longer you hold it, the more damage it will deal. But Esmeralda's true strength is her ability to suck up the enemy shield, and heroes like Angela, Aldous and Harith are pretty useless against her!

By the way, her basic attacks hit twice, and can damage anyone in her range!

Why Esmeralda Has Powerful Offense:

  • Very powerful from the early to late game
  • Her constant Shields provide high sustainability
  • She's strong against heroes like Angela and Aldous
  • Amazing 1v1 hero

See Esmeralda In Action:

Esmeralda with Demon Hunter Sword 100% Immortal


4. Clint

Clint, He Outpoke His Enemies

Clint is the final member of the BBC trio. He is dirt cheap and the easiest to play, but that doesn't automatically undermine his strength.

This Town Sheriff is one of the best, if not the best, marksmen for players with an offensive playstyle. For the low price of 15000 Gold, you get a feared marksman who can bully the majority of the Gold Lane marksmen. He deals crazy burst damage and can become the secondary Carry Hero if your primary jungler fails.

Are you stuck in the epic rank? Take Clint and climb your way up to glory! Clint's primary damage source is his passive and S1. Whenever Clint casts a skill, his basic attack is enhanced. This Basic attack penetrates enemies in a single line and deals tremendous damage.

The main goal is to outpoke the rival marksman by spamming Clint's skills and taking advantage of the enhanced basic attack. Once the gold lead is established, you can start obliterating the enemy team!

Why Clint Has Powerful Offense:

  • His enhanced basic attack has increased range and provides an edge over enemy marksman
  • Burst damage from S1 and passive can melt the enemy marksman
  • Great for pushing lanes
  • Can quickly clear minions waves with s1 and passive
  • Very easy to use and master

See Clint In Action:

Hard Carry Clint Epic Comeback


3. Natalia

Natalia, The Queen That Reigns Over Both Domains

Now, here we have the queen that rules over both domains. Natalia is the only assassin who truly embodies this role. She’s agile, sneaky and deadly, making her the ultimate assassin.

As a Natalia main, I strongly advise you to never use her as a jungler or offlaner. Make the most of her abilities by using her as a roamer. She can provide vision to her teammates without being noticed, and vision is key to victory!

Take her with the execute spell, and once you reach level 4, actively gank the enemy marksman and mage whenever possible. In the early game, a single sneak attack and two charges of ults, followed by an execution to seal the deal, is more than enough to instantly kill someone like Layla. This appears to be a lengthy process, but in reality, this happens in a matter of seconds!

She also excels at split pushing lanes when the opportunity arises. When the late game begins, you can see enemy cores hiding behind their Tanks in fear. Targeting them, on the other hand, is a piece of cake for Natalia. By targeting the backline mages and marksmen, she can easily disrupt the enemy lineup!

Why Natalia Has Powerful Offense: 

  • Natalia is strong even in the early game 
  • She can actively gank lanes and even steal enemy jungler's buff
  • A late game Natalia will instantly pulverize marksmen and mages
  • Great hero for split pushing lanes
  • The Enhanced movement speed from passive allows for faster rotation toward lanes


See Natalia In Action:



2. Paquito

Paquito, the Heavenly Fist

Here is a quick tip: before reaching the turret, hit S2 twice. *winks*

Paquito's design was heavily inspired by the world-class Filipino boxer and 12-time world champion: Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao. This hero even has Pacquiao's skin collaboration!

This is a hero that doesn't rely on mana and his skills are only tied to their cooldowns and how well they are executed by the player. Paquito is all about aggressiveness and landing his skills. If you're someone that doesn't play aggressively, then sadly, Paquito's not for you.

As a Paquito player, you should stick close to the enemy in order to properly land his combos. His passive will enhance the 4th cast of any of his skill that is unlocked. Hence, the quick tip that is provided above.

Paquito is a versatile fighter. His skills have the most combinations, and all of them are capable of KOing any squishy hero. The most classic one is the 2133 combo. 

But catching a fleeing Paquito is the real deal here. The extra movement speed from his passive combined with S2 makes catching him impossible!

Why Paquito Has Powerful Offense:

  • His skills have low cooldowns, so you can spam them in various combinations
  • Effective both in the early and late game
  • Combos can burst squishy heroes within seconds
  • Has CC, blink and burst abilities
  • Durable fighter and he can't be taken down easily

See Paquito In Action:

Top 1 Global Paquito by DaxxTzy.


1. Fanny

Fanny, The Wall Spammer

You've probably met those godly Fanny players who roam around the map and kill on sight at least once. But becoming good with fanny takes a lot of practice as she's the hardest and only hero to boast 100% difficulty.

Fanny is equipped with the vertical maneuvering equipment from Attack on Titan. She is Mobile Legend's very own Mikasa. And just like Mikasa, Fanny is aggressive and shines best in the right hands only.

She throws cables at obstacles to roam quickly around the map, and the increased speed gives Fanny's S1 a damage boost. And as soon as Fanny obtains her Purple Buff, she will begin harassing the opposing team. By the way, she's useless without her Purple Buff!

The only handicap is her difficulty and facing off against hard CC heroes. However, if she plays well, she provides her team with a significant early to mid-game advantage over their opponents. And if you see a godly Fanny, avoid staying near walls because she will wall spam you to death!

Why Fanny Has Powerful Offense:

  • Slippery and hard to catch unless Crowd Controlled by heroes like Akai, Diggie and Khufra
  • Will spam her skills until the enemy is killed
  • High Damage output in the early game
  • Can help the team snowball
  • Can quickly rotate and gank lanes with her kit

See Fanny In Action:

21 KILL 0 DEATH! Fanny Perfect Gameplay


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