[Top 11] Mobile Legends Best Mage That Wreck Hard! (New Update)

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Feel the mage power!

Ready to indulge in the world of magic?

Mobile Legends seems like a jungle full of species that vary in all ways. It consists of tanks, fighters, marksmen, supports, and mages that all complement one another. This time, we will focus our energy on one of the damaging hero roles in the Land of Dawn—mage roles.

Mage heroes provide magic damage. And just like how you imagine witches and powerful magical creatures, that is also how Mobile Legends portrayed its mage heroes. If you are someone who wants to explore this role, check out the list of 11 best mage heroes in Mobile Legends right now.


11. Esmeralda

Shield absorber? Nope, that's just Esme.

Esmeralda remains to be an overpowered mage hero. It is almost impossible to kill her, especially since she can generate her own shield. With Esmeralda, you can spam your first and second skills in order to suck your enemies’ shields out.

Esmeralda is also being used as a tank or the team’s core, signifying her great damage output. If you want a mage hero who can offer the team defense and offense, make sure to try her out.

What makes Esmeralda a Great Mage: 

  • She is very durable for a mage, making her reliable in the late game.
  • She can survive 1 vs 5 situations, which is good if you are in a solo lane.
  • She is extremely tanky, making her an all-around hero.

See Esmeralda In action: 

21 Kills!! Esmeralda Full Magic Damage Build - Build Top 1 Global Esmeralda ~ MLBB


10. Kagura

Do you also wonder what's under her umbrella?

Kagura will never stay out of the market. She is still reliable as a mage pick, regardless of the meta. The only thing about Kagura is the fact that she can be too complicated to use for a beginner. Her skills require fast thinking and quick hands in order to execute properly.

Once you’ve mastered her, everything will just flow smoothly. Kagura can then unleash her potential and burst down key targets during team fights. She is best used in the latter game of the game and has very high potential to carry the team to victory.

What makes Kagura a Great Mage: 

  • She can dominate the lane because of her excellent poking skills.
  • She deals burst damage, allowing her to ambush enemies and kill them immediately.
  • She has an excellent escape mechanism, making her difficult to catch.

See Kagura In action: 

19 Kills No Mercy!! Kagura Best Build (AUTOWIN) - Build Top 1 Global Kagura ~ MLBB


9. Lunox

The queen of balance.

Lunox is more than just a destructive mag hero. She is also that hero that is very hard to kill and can tear down an enemy’s HP just by casting a skill!

Lunox gained her popularity because of her ultimate skill that lets her transform into an invincible state while still dealing damage to nearby enemies. She can also utilize many combos because of her versatile skills. 

Although she requires a lot of practice, you can utilize her well if you have great map awareness and can maximize two kinds of skill combos from time to time.

What makes Lunox a Great Mage: 

  • She has a high skill curve, making her reliable when it comes to dealing with damage.
  • She has innate invincible skills, allowing her to troll and poke around enemies.
  • She has good mobility, which is useful when rotating lanes.

See Lunox In action: 

This Is Why Lunox Is One Of The Best Mages | Mobile Legends


8. Vale

Just a windy day!

Vale is a very flexible hero and fun to play, especially if you like mage heroes that can cut down the enemy’s HP into half in just one skill. 

Once he reaches a certain level, you can enhance his skills. At this stage, you get to choose either to increase his crowd control skills or his damage. With proper execution, Vale is a hero that can wipe out an entire team. So make sure to time his skills and always attack from a strategic location.

What makes Vale a Great Mage: 

  • He has an area of effect damage, allowing him to hit multiple enemies with one skill.
  • He has good crowd control skills that can disrupt the enemies' formation.
  • He has high burst damage, making him reliable when it comes to damage dealing.

See Vale In action: 

Vale Brutal One Shot Combo! You Can't Escape Me!! - Top 1 Global Vale by α7мєd - MLBB


7. Alice


Oh no! The bloodsucker is here!

Alice is a force to be reckoned with! She is literally unstoppable, with her almost unlimited ultimate skill! When she gets as many stacks as possible on her blood orbs, just expect an ultimate bloodbath in the field.

Not only that, Alice is very good at escaping, too, thanks to her first skill that allows her to transfer from one place to another.  This makes her very annoying, especially against enemies that are trying to catch her.

What makes Alice a Great Mage: 

  • She has a massive amount of damage per second, which makes her dangerous in the late game.
  • Her skills are useful during team fights where enemies are most likely to flock in one area.
  • She is now manaless, allowing her to maximize her ultimate bloodsucking skill.

See Alice In action: 



6. Eudora

Small but definitely terrible!

Eudora? Really? 

Is that also the first thing that came to your mind when you saw her name on the list? Well, don’t you ever underestimate this hero because she is very lethal. Just use her the right way!

Eudora is a mage that utilizes magical burst damage to take down enemies. Because she is very squishy, Eudora relies on her combo skills to frighten enemies. You must avoid being too aggressive because enemy assassins might use this as an advantage to lure you out. Just maintain a safe distance and always stick with your allies.

What makes Eudora a Great Mage: 

  • She is very easy to master and possesses skills that are not complex.
  • She can stun and immobilize enemies, which is why she is perfect against agile heroes like Ling and Fanny.
  • She is perfect for beginners and has an excellent amount of burst damage.

See Eudora In action: 

One Shot Combo Eudora Super Deadly Mage! - Top 1 Global Eudora by NewHope - Mobile Legends


5. Chang’e

Want some meteor shower?

Chang’e is a very powerful mage, especially with the range of her skills. Once you go into higher ranks, you see players that use her often, and that is because she can definitely provide damage for the team.

Chang’e has a passive skill that enables her to build up on magic damage, which can be used on her basic attacks when her second skill is activated. Her ultimate skill is what makes her a lethal mage hero. The Meteor Shower will definitely disrupt the whole enemy team and deal a huge amount of damage.

What makes Chang’e a Great Mage: 

  • She can attack from a safe distance because of her long-range skills.
  • She has a wide range of skills, making her very flexible and versatile.
  • She has an early-game advantage, which allows her to harass and poke enemies from the start.

See Chang’e In action: 



4. Cecilion

A bearer of black magic.

Cecilion will always remain to be one of the top mage heroes at the moment. More than his huge damage output, Cecilion can also attack from a very far range. That means he can position himself safely while dealing lethal damage to opponents.

In addition, he is also a mage hero that has very bothersome crowd control skills. So if you are in a team fight, Cecilion is very useful since his skills can disrupt any enemy formation.

What makes Cecilion a Great Mage: 

  • He has an impressive amount of burst damage, which is useful in targeting the enemy's core hero.
  • He is reliable in the latter part of the game and can take down an enemy just by casting one skill.
  • He has a huge area of effect damage, allowing him to penetrate the enemy’s defense line.

See Cecilion In action: 

19 Kills!! Cecilion Insane Burst Damage!! - Build Top 1 Global Cecilion ~ MLBB


3. Lylia

Always keep track of where she is.

Lylia is very iconic, especially with her unforgettable footprints. Lylia is fun to play with and is best at poking enemies with her skills. To think of it, Lylia acts like Diggie, leaving bombs all around the map. 

If used correctly, Lylia can kill enemies just by using a combination of her skills! With her ultimate, she can go back in the past 4 seconds and regain everything just like her HP. This skill also restores her from her initial position, which is a good escape mechanism whenever enemies are trying to chase her.

What makes Lylia a Great Mage: 

  • She is very powerful that can dominate both in the early and later parts of the game.
  • She is very mobile, allowing her to roam around the map quickly.
  • Her skills can easily lure in opponents, and she has excellent for-escape skills.

See Lylia In action: 

22 Kill!! Carrying a stupid team when Solo | Build Lylia Tersakit 2022 - Lylia Gameplay


2. Valentina

How can you fight your own self?

Valentina continues to dominate in the current meta, especially since her ultimate remains to be undecoded! The thing about Valentina is you will be having a hard time countering her since she can literally copy your skills! It’s like you're fighting your own hero on the battlefield. And what would happen if you picked a hero with a very strong ultimate? She can copy that one too!

That is why Valentina is frequent in the banned heroes in the higher tiers. No one just wants to go against her since your team’s strength will just turn into your weakness.

What makes Valentina a Great Mage: 

  • She can steal the ultimate of an enemy and use it as her own.
  • She can regenerate HP, thanks to her passive skill.
  • She has the ability to reduce the cooldown of her skills.

See Valentina In action: 



1. Yve

The one with ultrawide ultimate!

Yve has gained the nickname of being the strongest poke hero at the moment. Her skills are too bothersome, lethal, and damage a fairly large area. As a mage, Yve has a huge advantage when it comes to her damage scale. This makes her a good pick both for fast and long gameplays.

Talking about the area of effect damage, Yve also possesses that one! In fact, her ultimate can cover almost half of your screen when activated! If you love playing Pharsa, then you will definitely love Yve, too, since both have the same playing style.

What makes Yve a Great Mage: 

  • The duration of her ultimate skill is long and covers a big area, too, making her very deadly once equipped with full items.
  • Her skills possess excellent crowd control skills and area of effect damage which is a big edge for a mage hero.
  • She has an innate immune ability, allowing her to be invincible during certain situations.

See Yve In action: 



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