[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Mages That Wreck Hard! (2022 Edition)

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Lunox: The Twilight Goddess

Mages in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are unique and have very fun playstyles that can be used for different situations.

This top 10 list will show you the top 10 mages in MLBB in the latest update to help you try out a mage if you’re confused on who to play!

Mages are usually equipped with high burst damage and crowd control abilities. However, most of them do not have the mobility that other hero types (assassins or fighters) may have. Because of this, it is important that they know how to position themselves in order to avoid danger. Even though they are generally really squishy, all of them can deal significant damage to the enemies and can turn the tide of battle when in the right hands.

10. Cecilion

Cecilion (Mage)

Cecilion is a powerful mage that shines in the late game. Cecilion earns stacks based on the number of times he deals damage with his skills. His stacks increase his Maximum Mana and Mana Regen Speed. With Cecilion’s passive allowing his Magic Damage to scale with his Mana, he becomes a beast after spending enough time in the battlefield.

Cecilion’s skills are geared towards AOE damage. His first skill is his main source of damage and stacks. It has essentially no cooldown but mana requirement increases with every successive hit—this is where his passive comes into play. His ultimate ability allows him to deal continuous damage while also granting him higher movement speed, immunity to slow effects, and the ability to slow enemies hit by his ability. This gives Cecilion the mobility he needs to chase or escape.

What makes Lylia great?

  • High Damage
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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9. Odette

Odette (Mage)

Odette is a hero that is well-known for her ultimate ability—with it, she can eliminate an entire team under the right circumstances. Odette’s abilities allow her to deal damage at a safe distance. Her passive abilities also contribute to this as a sound wave bounces off of enemies repeatedly even if they’re outside Odette’s normal range.

It is essential for players to know how to position her well as her ultimate ability, although powerful, is very sensitive. Her ultimate ability demands Odette to stay put for the whole duration of it being activated; if she is controlled or performs any kind of movement, then the ultimate will be canceled. Because of this, there are a lot of counters to Odette but a player who knows how and when to strike will definitely prevail.

What makes Odette great?

  • High Damage
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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8. Lylia

Lylia (Mage)

Lylia is a mage that specializes in high burst AOE through explosive bombs. She is especially dangerous during team fights when the enemy team is gathered in one area. She shines in the early game because of her high damage output without the need for her ultimate ability.

Her kit allows her to deal successive explosions that slow the enemies down on top of dealing damage. Lylia can summon four (4) detonatable bombs at a time—this means that when an enemy with low mobility gets cornered by Lylia, they are most likely to lose. Her ultimate ability is useful during team fights as it replenishes her HP and mana while transporting her to her initial position four (4) seconds prior.

What makes Lylia great?

  • High Damage and Slow Effects
  • Regenerates HP and Mana
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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Luo Yi is a unique hero who can deal both CC and damage at the same time. Her kit is tied heavily to the Yin and Yang concept. Her skills alternate between Yin and Yang versions after every use. When combos are performed correctly, she is able to eliminate enemies almost immediately.

Her first skill deals damage towards a fan-shaped area and marks enemies hit with a Yin or Yang mark (depending on which one was active). Her second skill is a ring that deals continuous damage. This also rotates between Yin and Yang versions and when she uses this skill on an enemy which has an opposite mark, they will get pulled to the center of her ring. For example, an enemy with a Yin mark from Luo Yi’s first skill will get pulled by her second skill with Yang active.

What makes Luo Yi great?

  • High Burst Damage and CC
  • Convenient Map Rotation
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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6. Cyclops

Cyclops (Mage)

Cyclops is a mage that is great at chasing down enemies with dash skills and bursting them down with his skills. He is a great counter pick for a lot of assassins because of this. He is a great asset in team fights because of his high damage and short skill cooldown.

Cyclops shines when he uses his ultimate and second skill. His ultimate releases an orb that chases an enemy and immobilizes them based on the distance traveled by the sphere. This is crucial in team fights as then his team can jump on Cyclops’ target. His second skill increases his movement speed and attacks nearby enemies with 5 spheres that float around him. He is great at 1-v-1 encounters because of his kit.

What makes Cyclops great?

  • High Chasing Capabilities
  • High Damage and CC

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5. Alice

Alice (Mage/Tank)

Alice is a feared hero because of her extremely high mobility and defensive capabilities. Her abilities allow her to teleport and immobilize enemies while draining the enemies’ health in her range. Her passive takes advantage of lane minions as these increase her HP whenever they die when Alice is nearby. Alice is effective at guarding the Gold or Exp Lanes.

Alice’s abilities are catered towards staying inside team fights. They give Alice mobility because of her teleportation ability, crowd control because of her immobilization skill, and her ultimate ability which damages enemies while restoring her own HP. Her ultimate ability can be used continuously as long as she has mana. Making her a great threat from the Mid-Late game.

What makes Alice great?

  • Extremely High Mobility
  • Regenerates HP and Mana
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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4. Esmeralda

Esmeralda (Mage/Tank)

Esmeralda is a mage that specializes in damage and self-regeneration. She is best used in the Gold or Exp Lane where she can dominate lanes because of her passive and abilities that grant her shields. Her high continuous damage and high mobility make her a great pick.

Her passive allows Esmeralda to deal damage twice. As she deals damage, she will grant both herself and her enemies shields. However, her attacks ignore the enemies shields while transforming their shields as her own. This makes her a threat in team fights because of her defensive and restorative capabilities.

What makes Esmeralda great?

  • Extremely High Mobility
  • High Damage
  • Grants Shields and Regenerates HP
  • Low Skill Cooldown
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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3. Lunox

Lunox (Mage)

Lunox is one of the few heroes who have two sets of skills. Her skills are sorted by Order and Chaos and have different effects depending on which power is active. Lunox’s abilities allow her to do numerous actions in the battlefield such as chasing, escaping, and slowing enemies.

Her first skill differs in damage—when Order is active, Lunox deals damage to multiple targets and regenerates HP for herself whereas when Chaos is active, Lunox deals increased damage to a single target. Lunox’s ultimate ability is critical to Lunox’s team fight survivability. When Order is active, Lunox becomes invulnerable and deals a pulsing damage to enemies. When Chaos is active, Lunox jumps to a designated direction and deals continuous burst damage to enemies with her first skill.

What makes Lunox great?

  • High Burst Damage
  • Crowd Control Immunity
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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2. Vale

Vale (Mage)

Vale is a versatile hero who can focus on damage, crowd control, or both. When he reaches Levels 4/6/8, he can enhance his skills to focus more on damage or CC. This allows Vale’s playstyle to be diverse and he is good at filling these gaps for the team.

Vale is an excellent all-rounder. His first skill releases a blade that deals damage along a straight line—enhancing this allows for the AOE to be bigger or have this skill deal more damage. His second skill is a whirlwind that travels in a straight path—enhancing this knocks up the enemies or spawns additional whirlwinds that deal more damage. His ultimate ability is a windstorm that, when enhanced, either pulls enemies towards the middle or deals an explosive amount of damage.

What makes Vale great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Burst/Continuous Damage and CC
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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1. Kagura

Kagura (Mage)

Kagura is a mage that specializes in dealing burst damage with her combos. Her abilities allow her to initiate ambushes and then leave unharmed as she kills her enemies. Her damage comes from her umbrella which she releases to poke enemies.

Kagura has two sets of abilities: one where she is holding her umbrella and the other when it is released. Her first skill releases the umbrella towards an enemy and deals damage. Her second skill allows her to teleport to her umbrella and stun nearby enemies, if she’s holding the umbrella, Kagura will remove all CC effects and move in a designated direction while leaving her umbrella behind. Her ultimate ability slows and pulls enemies and deals burst damage. Although difficult to master, a great Kagura can often turn the tides in the late game.

What makes Kagura great?

  • High Mobility
  • High Burst Damage
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time

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Mages are a great addition to a team, and they may even be the key to achieving victory. Mages have varying abilities: from dealing continuous or burst damage to offering crowd control to multiple targets. All mages have something to offer to the table and a player who knows their mage well could bring the team to victory.


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