[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Mages That Wreck Hard!

Highest Magic Damage Dealers in ML.

Mages are the core damage dealers who stand out for crowd control in any team. They are known for their attributes to deal magic damage, which is the highest form of damage in Mobile Legends. These are the Best Mages That Wreck Hard in 2023.


10. Yve

Yve is a great support mage with range and diversity through gameplay that can support a wide range of other heroes. She can poke front-lines and has decent crowd control through area of effect that can deal continuous damage. She is a great support mage where teammates can utilize her poke initiation and area of effect to deal damage and advance over the battlefield.

She is more of a support mage since she can equally be countered by other heroes as she can be paired up alongside them. Yve brings diversity through attack and while having burst damage, she needs timing in mastery through positioning and implementing initiation strategies that can bring about ideal support from her team. She is a very specific hero in terms of roles but provides tactical strategies.

What makes Yve a Great Mage.

  • Burst - She boasts Burst Damage that can significantly impact opponents, especially through poking and harassing front lines of battle.
  • Range - Her skills can be cast over range and radiates continuous damage that can pave the way for her to follow up or team mates to capitalize on. Her ultimate skill spans over the longest range.
  • Area of Effect - Yve’s ultimate skill has a range that deals continuous damage over a wide area. It is one of the best supporting spells that enables multiple heroes to become targets and requires timing and positioning when casting to see the best results.

Yve Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/101/skill

See Yve in action: 


9. Lylia

Lylia has massive crowd control despite her small and compact size. She is highly durable through her mobility and ultimate ability to replenish 100% HP. She can deal lethal magic damage that has range and continuous damage. All these make her one of the most annoying mages to defend against and also one who isn’t easy to master.

Her level of mastery places her this low on this list but Lylia is a major force amongst mages. She can poke and initiate where she is a major harassment threat and can be seen as or carry a tank role if her ultimate skill is mastered well with timing and precision in damage executed. She is a highly recommended hero who peaks outstandingly when favored by meta updates.

What makes Lylia a Great Mage.

  • Ultimate HP Recovery - Her Ultimate Skill has the ability to replenish her HP to 100%, which gives her a unique advantage in team or even solo confrontations. Lylia is a mage who can take on the front-lines and return to finish off through this unique ability.
  • Mobility - Her passive skill adds to her mobility after stacking energy while her movement is enhanced through attack speed when engaging her skills.
  • Magic/Burst Damage - Lylia has massive damage with vast range in crowd control and area of effect. She can deal continuous and burst damage that can effectively impact and wipe out multiple opponents.

Lylia Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/86/skill

See Lylia in action: 


8. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is an outstanding roam/offlane hero with tank-like abilities. She may be quite hard to understand but once learned, she is a major threat, especially in ganking lanes, poking/initiating and backing up in team confrontations. She is a top utility hero in Mobile Legends.

Understanding Esmeralda involves the need to learn her ability to generate a shield for allies which converts into higher damage dealt through damage. Alongside this, she is a top roam hero who possesses high mobility and can burst into damage through her ultimate while aided by crowd control and temporary immunity which converts into damage.

What makes Esmeralda a Great Mage.

  • Mobility - Her first skill enhances her mobility while her ultimate skill may also be engaged as a mobility mechanism to gain ground rapidly. In spite of all this, her basic movement is faster than other heroes in her category, making her great for the offlane.
  • Flexibility - As an offlane hero, Esmeralda has versatility in gameplay and can back up alongside a variety of heroes. Her ability to transform energy into damage slows down heroes with aoe and cc that allows teammates to engage on.
  • Crowd Control - All her skills can impact multiple heroes at once, while her durability empowers her as a front-line tank. Her magic damage stands out through rowd control and area of effect.

Esmeralda Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/81/skill

See Esmeralda in action: 


7. Xavier

Xavier is one of the newer heroes on this list in terms of release date. He has a perfect set of skills that feature range and crowd control, with a ranged area of effect that can impact multiple heroes. His skills are easy to adapt and implement in gameplay. He is a major damage dealer who requires timing, and precision in aim.

He may be highly vulnerable but boasts a huge potential in dealing damage. Xavier has the longest range amongst mages where his ultimate skill that blasts a ray of energy can span through the entire length of the battle field. He is further aided with decent crowd control that can slow down and set up opponents for him to follow up with burst damage or for allies to capitalize on.

What makes Xavier a Great Mage.

  • Range - Xavier has the longest range through his ultimate skill that can deal a long ray of damage that can span the entire length of the battle field. His other skills also have range that can be cast over a distance with burst and crowd control attributes.
  • Area of Effect - He has a decent area of effect through the use of his skill set that deals burst damage and has a continuous effect. He is a decent poke and initiation hero for this reason as well.
  • Damage - Xavier can deal outstanding substantial burst damage, especially when at his peak. His ultimate skill is a one hit skill on squishy damage dealers when at full build.

Xavier Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/115/skill

See Xavier in action: 


6. Cecilion

Cecilion is a constant ban and pick, season in, season out but may be easily countered by a wide variety of heroes, especially when his skills are missed. His skills require precision and timing in hitting a combo but have devastating effects, one by one or in succession of hits.

He is a great poke and burst mage who is lethal when played well through positioning, initiating and following up through burst damage. His skill combination works in perfect synchronization where if his second skill which pulls opponents in between claws is hit successfully, then he has the opportunity to follow through and finish off with his first skill. His ultimate skill places him in an enhanced state of movement while dealing continuous damage.

What makes Cecilion a Great Mage.

  • Burst Damage - Cecilion has tremendous burst damage that can deal one hit kills when at his prime in the mid to late game. He also boasts crowd control and area of effect where the said skills can affect more than hero.
  • Skill Combination - Cecilions skills work in perfect unison and must be learned in this order; Second skill to slow down heroes, First skill for burst damage and Ultimate skill for continuous damage. His skills are easy to understand but quite a task in implementation to 100% success.
  • Durability - His ultimate skill grants him the ability to survive and launch attacks via short term immunity and enhancing movement. He also deals continuous damage through bolts of energy that have a long target range.

Cecilion Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/91/skill

See Cecilion in action: 


5. Valir

Valir is an extremely tanky mage due to his ability to knock back opponents with waves of flames that he summons and controls. His burst ranged damage and area of effect make him a formidable mage, who boasts flexibility due to his enhancing abilities through his ultimate skill.

Through the use of his easy to understand and implement range of skills, Valir is a perfect support mage who can slow down opponents with a sizable area of effect that deals continuous damage. This goes well toward other heroes seizing the opportunity where Valir may back up through his ultimate skill that enhances mobility and damage potential.

What makes Valir a Great Mage.

  • Crowd Control - Valir’s skills can impact more than one hero with a potent area of effect that has a continuous effect. He may also knock back multiple heroes which makes him an outstanding offensive hero.
  • Continuous Damage - His continuous damage is a major asset for teammates, especially marksmen and assassins. This makes Valir a great support but he also boasts enhanced abilities that enable him to capitalize through skill combinations.
  • Durability - Due to his ability to control damage that has a wide crowd control and area of effect, Valir has high odds of survival. His ultimate skill that buffs his capabilities also contributes towards his ability to survive despite being a high damage dealer who is supposed to be soft.

Valir Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/57/skill

See Valir in action: 


4. Vale

Vale is one of the best burst mages in ML with a perfect combination of skills that must be learned and mastered in unison. He has an interesting and fun set of skills that provide diversity in style of gameplay with the ability to knock opponents into the air and increase area of effect. He is the only hero whose skill effects can be chosen based on gameplay style and teammates.

With the power to summon and control sand storms, Vale is one of the best high burst impact mages with crowd control and area of effect. His skill combinations are easy to master, where he may be played in the backlines or as a poke in the front-lines. He is extremely vulnerable though and best played from the jungle and in the backline, especially in ambush throughout the mid to late game.

What makes Vale a Great Mage.

  • Versatility - Vale can increase area of effect or knock opponents into the air with his first and second skills. His ultimate skill has a high burst in damage and can impact more than one hero. He may be slow but he has the perfect set of skills in support and damage.
  • Burst - His Burst Damage is insane and can take out squishy high damage dealers in one shot. Vale is one of the most feared mages in terms of burst damage.
  • Crowd Control - Vale has heavy crowd control skills, especially through his ultimate skill that deals the most damage. All of his skills can impact multiple heroes.

Vale Details: http://https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/66/skill

See Vale in action: 


3. Pharsa

Pharsa can deal ranged damage and has insane stun and burst impact. She also has enhanced mobility through her unique ability to fly across the battlefield. Though extremely soft, she has amazing poke and initiation capabilities that must be timed since she is a perfect target for assassins who have high attack speed.

She was ranked as the best ranged mage before other heroes such as Yve were released. In spite of this, she still remains the best mage who can deal burst and stun damage from range and has a unique set of skills that gives her a skill combo. Positioning is key to mastering Pharsa, she is a game changing mage who requires patience and timing to deliver impact through proper positioning and successful damage.

What makes Pharsa a Great Mage.

  • Crowd Control - Pharsa has an outstanding ultimate skill that has range and decent area of effect that can slow down multiple heroes. This is one of her major assets that can assist teammates in executing strategies or attacks.
  • Mobility - She has a fourth skill that can see her fly. This is one of Pharsa’s best abilities that enables her to cover distances in attack or retreat.
  • Range - Pharsa was the top range mage till other heroes such as Yve were released. She still has relevance as a top mage who can deal high ranged damage.

Pharsa Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/52/skill

See Pharsa in action: 


2. Nana

For only 6500 Battle Points, Nana is a fun and interesting hero to own and play. She is a constant meta favorite and popular ban each season. Her damage is outstanding, especially in the mid to late stages of battle. She is the perfect support and utility mage who can even take on front-lines due to her ability to sprint away when low on HP.

Going pro with Nana is definitely worth the while in ML. She has a wide variety of strategic and tactical skills that have crowd control, area of effect, burst and stun. As a mage, she is flexible and can maintain composure of team structure to support teammates in their roles. Nana is the ideal poke and harass mage with a high chance of surviving the front lines.

What makes Nana a Great Mage.

  • Crowd Control - Nana’s skills have decent crowd control and area of effect that allows teammates to take advantage or for her to follow up with other skills. She may be the easiest mage to master in terms of crowd control.
  • Damage - She has the ability to deal massive magic damage. As a meta favorite, Nana is often viewed as an OP mage who can counter and deal damage on a variety of different heroes. She may also be paired alongside many heroes.
  • Utility - Nana is a utility mage who can support from the back lines or lead in the front-lines. Either way, she can hold a team together when the allies and gameplay is falling apart or in shambles. She can control and help formation.


Nana Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/5/skill


See Nana in action: 


1. Eudora

Costing only 6500 Battle Points to acquire, Eudora is the perfect score for beginners, especially those looking to learn and master the Mage Role. She embodies the role in all her basic uniqueness, where she can stun, slow down and deal burst and magic damage with a hint of area of effect cc. Mastering Eudora requires timing and positioning to deal successful damage.

For those who are well-learned, Eudora is the perfect pick especially against damage dealers and has offensive strategies through her skills that enable her to escape tight encounters. She is a perfect support who can aid allies, especially in team fights. She may also lead an attack, since she has decent crowd control and area of effect embedded within her skills. On the other hand, she is outstandingly vulnerable to assassins with attack speed effects.

What makes Eudora a Great Mage.

  • Damage - Eudora can deal magic damage that encompasses crowd control and area of effect. This damage may also serve as offensive strategies for the backline or take on, poke or set and stage confrontations in the battle fronts.
  • Ease of Mastery - She is really to master and understand in terms of skill engagement and strategies or teamwork. Eudora pairs well alongside a variety of heroes and is easy to implement into co-operative gameplay.
  • Crowd Control - Eudora’s Skills have Area of Effect and Crowd Control where her skills can impact up to 3 opponents and slow them down. This makes her a great support hero who can exercise flexibility and versatility in timing and precision.

Eudora Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/15/skill

See Eudora in action: 


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