[Top 15] Mobile Legends Most Powerful Heroes For Every Role

Meet the most powerful heroes for every role in early 2022!

Since its release in 2016, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has been a worldwide phenomenon, with over 100 million downloads and counting. With so many players all across the world, it's no surprise that the game has released over 100+ heroes. This guide will help you decide which hero to master next, and a list of powerful heroes for each role in the current meta, along with detailed explanations of why you should master them.


15. Gloo (Tank)

He was nerfed many times but still, he remains a threat to everyone! 

Gloo can be a roamer but also slay in exp lane. It is because he can level up fast in this lane to complete his item so that he can start helping his teammates in team fights by sticking close himself to enemies to fade them all on the map. He can heal himself and contribute magic damage. This makes him a powerful tank hero that is suitable in exp explain. 

Gloo's first skill (Slam, Slam) deals 560 points of damage added by his second skill (Pass, Pass) which can teleport to the area where his first skill landed dealing 510 points of damage. Lastly, his ultimate skill (Split, Split) allows Gloo to separate his body to look like a little droplet that can be used to chase enemies and then stick himself to an enemy's body. This could be great because Gloo slowly kills the enemy with the use of enemies' damage thrown at Gloo plus 

Gloo's damage. There's no way of escaping from him. It's a slow but a sure kill! 

What Makes Gloo Powerful: 

  • He is a tough hero but deals great damage. 
  • He has a high Regen capability.
  • He can immobilize enemies crucial for a team fight.


14. Tigreal (Tank)

His ultimate can change everything! 

Tigreal is a perfect hero to pick when playing solo. He is a beginner-friendly yet game-changer tank! He is suitable for whatever picked heroes are made by a teammate. A perfect combo and set can change the game in a snap! 

By using ultimate skill to forcefully draw and stun the enemies towards him, added by a quick second skill to push enemies to teammates then ended by a powerful slash that unleashes an attack in a certain area on his front to knock off enemies. Thus, no one gets out alive! 

What Makes Tigreal Powerful: 

  • He has a high crowd control ability.
  • Very tough but has a powerful damage.
  • He is good at initiating team fights.


13. Khufra (Tank)

His hug isn't romantic, it's destructive! 

Khufra is considered one of the best roamers. He is good at initiating a team fight added by his ability to control the crowd. He can set up the team to victory and this makes him rank as the most powerful tank hero. 

He can teleport to a certain distance and close the gaps between him and his enemies with his skill 1, added by his ability to slam down enemies with his powerful ultimate which is his huge hug, enough to immobilize his enemies, and lastly, using his second skill it prevents enemies from dashing out or escaping from him. Thus, no one can escape from Khufra's aggressive abilities! 

What Makes Khufra Powerful: 

  • He is the best counter for all enemies. 
  • He can gank effectively.
  • He has good durability and has a high damage.


12. Rafaela (Support)

Wherever she goes, pain flees! 

Like Estes, Rafaela is an expert in healing. She can slow and stun enemies while speeding up her allies. She can take away the pain of her ally and replace it with the healing that she's freely giving. 

Rafaela's first skill is a poke skill used in slowing down enemies! It has a very short cooldown so better spamming it to deal greater damage. Her second skill heals most injured allies by adding 370 points of its HP and nearby allies by 90 points and speeding them for 1 second. She can also heal herself using this skill. With her ultimate, it can stun enemies in a row for 1.5 seconds. It's a great tool for initiating and winning in the team fight. 

What Makes Rafaela Powerful: 

  • She's very good at checking bush.
  • She can speed up herself and also her teammate.
  • Good in crowd control ability.


11. Estes (Support) 

The Holy Light grants him to victory! 

Dominating a team fight is much easier with the help of Estes. He can slow down enemies to help his team chase and kill their opponents. Estes doesn't let his allies die again and again. 

When ganking, Estes can use his second skill to slow down enemies and assist his allies. In team fights, Estes can use his ultimate skill to help allies revive their HP. When ultimate is in cooldown, he can use his first skill to heal a single ally and recover his HP. 

What Makes Estes Powerful: 

  • He can make squishy allies durable.
  • He can slow down enemies perfect for initiating team fights. 
  • Essential member during the team fight.


10. Valentina (Mage) 

Nerfed many times yet can slay every role! 

She was nerfed many times but she's still the top scary mage that everyone is avoiding. She has damage and sustains capability and above all, she can change the game according to her desire thanks to her ultimate ability that can copy enemies' physical appearance, passive, and skills. 

Stealing the right enemy's ultimate is a great help to win in every team fight and 1v1 situation. It is an essential tool to turn down the tables if Valentina's team is about to lose. Better pick her first or ban her Valentina quickly because Valentina is a game changer! 

  • What Makes Valentina Powerful: She is flexible to deceive enemies.
  • She is suitable for ruling all roles.
  • She has high burst damage.


9. Cecilion (Mage) 

His poisonous blood is enough to knock everyone down! 

Cecilion is an underrated hero that can carry a whole team. He only needs Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon for him to become a scary mage in the early game. A simple hit of Cecilion is destructive in the early game and that simple hit can change the entire game. 

Cecilion can stun enemies and prevent them from escaping by using his second skill added by his ultimate skill which showers unreal burst damage to nearby enemies and then knocks down the remaining enemies with the first skill. This combo is essential in a team fight so every enemy can feel his bloody embrace.

What Makes Cecilion Powerful: 

  • He has enormous damage. 
  • He has a wide crowd control ability.
  • He has a skill that gives him additional HP.


8. Hilda (Fighter) 

Her ax begs to differ! 

Hilda deals with high damage output with a tank build. She can deal damage according to the enemy's max HP. Hilda's passive gives her more durability so it's very hard to kill Hilda in a 1v1 situation, better think twice! 

A deadly combo for Hilda would be casting her first skill to close down an enemy and then use a basic attack, next is to use her second skill to stay close to an enemy and finish them off with her powerful ultimate plus execute for a sure kill! 

What Makes Hilda Powerful: 

  • She can regain her HP when hiding in a bush. 
  • She has a great damage output.
  • She is durable.


7. Yin (Fighter) 

He rather chooses to lose than stop fighting! 

It's very easy to dominate a game with Yin. He is indestructible whether he's in the side lane equipped by execute or a jungler equipped with retribution. His ability to lock a target and spam his high damage makes an enemy resurrect on its beloved base after a hilarious encounter with Yin. 

A good combo in a 1v1 situation would be to get close with the enemy using Yin's first skill added by a painful second skill. Once the target is stunned, immediately cast Yin's Ultimate next is the second skill, then the first skill for the finishing blow. 

What Makes Yin Powerful: 

  • He has a high damage output.
  • He has unique skills.
  • He has a high mobility ability in chasing the enemy.


6. Aulus (Fighter) 

He might be an old Aulus, but still, he has a few tricks to show! 

Another game-changing hero is none other than Aulus! Just let him farm and complete objectives to reach level 12 because you'll see unbelievable damage he can make. When he reaches level 12 and maximizes his passive correctly, he can turn a losing game into an epic comeback. 

When facing an enemy, a good combo would be to rush Aulus with his first skill then basic attack, next quickly cast his second skill, another basic attack, then knock down the enemy with Aulus Ultimate. It's a sure kill especially when an enemy has no dashing ability. 

What Makes Aulus Powerful: 

  • He has a high damage and defense capability. 
  • Aulus has vast AoE.
  • He has high mobility.


5. Natalia (Assassin) 

Give her names and she'll give you blood. 

A deadly assassin that can wipe out an enemy in a second is Natalia! She becomes more dangerous when she plays as a roamer with a dire hit as she can create a huge burst of damage. She can appear anywhere and anytime leaving enemies to die in shock. 

She can dash back and forth with her first skill. Slow down enemies and immune herself with her second skill and her ultimate that allows her to conceal for preparation of ambush or escaping from enemies. 

What Makes Natalia Powerful: 

  • Great damage output.
  • She can slow down enemies.
  • Has high mobility.


4. Fanny (Assassin) 

She'll show you how to dance in mid-air with her cable! 

Fanny is one of the hardest heroes to play yet the best hero in ranking up faster. She uses cable in beating enemies down, ganking inside a dangerous tower, and escaping from the enemy's damage. She can kill enemies while she plays with her cable like a child swinging happily. 

What Makes Fanny Powerful: 

  • She has a great escape ability. 
  • Has immense damage.
  • She's strong in the early game.


3. Popol and Kupa (Marksman) 

What are you laughing at? Popol and Kupa are the bravest duos in Northern Vale! 

Popol and Kupa are two of the most deadly Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends, and they have several perks that you may take advantage of. Popol and Kupa are unfortunately less popular in Mobile Legends; for different reasons, these heroes are rarely chosen. 

They are the best in the gold lane. Popol and Kupa's damage and sustain are very versatile in different situations. They are flexible! They can build defensive item and acts as a tank or support but can still manage to kill enemies down with ease! 

What Makes Popol and Kupa Powerful:

  • Has a deadly crowd control skill. 
  • Has a long-range ability. 
  • Can carry the whole team.


2. Clint (Marksman) 

Meet the gold lane monster, Clint! 

Clint's skills are all designed to cause damage, thus the best approach to maximize their effectiveness is to make them even more dangerous. It doesn't make any changes if Clint gives up a little attack speed in exchange for more attack strength. 

He has a high damage output and this makes him a dangerous marksman to encounter with. He possesses AoE damage, so if enemies all clump together, his passive will melt away all enemies at once! He can spam damage with Thunderbolt and Endless Battle, ignoring any defense item an enemy uses to resist Clint's attacks! 

What Makes Clint Powerful: 

  • He has great passive skills.
  • He can slow down enemies.
  • Can deal high burst damage.


1. Beatrix (Marksman) 

Although she has been nerfed recently, she's still shining bright in the gold lane! 

Beatrix remains one of the best picks for gold lane, thanks to her 4 weapons and 4 styles that can be used for close or long-range, continuous or burst AoE damage that is capable of wrecking enemies down. She's still our master of mass destruction. 

Playing Beatrix is confusing at first because of her weapons but it's important to choose the best weapon for every situation. Her "Renner" weapon is the best use for a long-range that fires bullets and deals massive damage. "Bennet" weapon, fires a school of rockets and deals damage to a certain area. "Wesker" on the other hand, is best used in a close-range attack. Lastly, meet her baby "Nibiru" who showers bullets on enemies. 

What Makes Beatrix Powerful: 

  • She has insane damage. 
  • She doesn't rely on mana. She is a manaless marksman. 
  • Can carry a team.

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