Westland Survival Stats Guide - Where To Spend Your Points

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Only four skills yet it feels like a lot.

Westland Survival Stats Guide - Where To Spend Your Points

So, you may notice that there is this tab under your character’s profile. It may not seem much, but if you change or take off your gears, you might notice that it improves or decreases as you switch weapons or clothing. That’s why in this article, I will explain all of the player skills, along with their advantages, that can be upgraded as you level up throughout the game. You will gain 1 point every time that your character levels up. Of course, clothing, accessories, and weapons will have an effect on your stats, and therefore should be taken into consideration as well.


Give me damage, and I'll punch my way through Outlaw Outposts!

If you’re the type of person to just go through every zone with the intent of clearing it, then this stat is for you. If you plan on prioritizing your damage while your level is low, a simple punch can be as dangerous as a pepperbox or a knife. This stat can also add more damage to a simple weapon, even more so when you’re at the stage of using a higher tier weapon, which means you’ll be able to one-shot enemies that are coming towards you. It is also perfect for special and random events; Special events contain difficulty options yet rewards players with quality items, and random events will show up and align its difficulty with your current level.

Basically, Damage helps you in terms of:

Fighting enemies easily with bare fists and weak weapons

Wiping off groups of enemies

So, spend your points to Damage if:

You want to one-shot enemies

Special and Random events

Fighting waves of enemies at Canyon Trials


Goons? Gang Leaders? Piasa? They're no match for the fastest gun in the West.

Having a weapon that has both decent attack speed and damage is every player’s dream. Sadly, there are no weapons that have both, although if you’re already grinding consistently at red zones and have Tier 4 weapons to go with, then attack speed might be useful to you. This is useful when you encounter enemies, especially Goons, whose movements are slow, and you can also fight some enemies who moves quickly, like Piasa You can easily go full DPS if you decide to dump all of your points on attack speed, though there are rings and amulets, which will have a random stat boost, that you can obtain if you finish levels in the Canyon Trials.

Basically, Attack Speed helps you in terms of:

Wiping off waves of enemies

Killing enemies who are slow

So, spend points to Attack Speed if:

You’re trying to save clothing and weapon

Canyon Trials

Spirit Cave


You can have my clothing set, thick skin is all I need. For now.

Crafting simple clothing can be a nuisance, moreso when you’re just starting out and already getting beaten by outlaws and wild animals. If you just want to farm materials without having to worry about your limited set of clothes, then defense is for you. It might not be the best skill to dump all of your points, but it will assure you that even as you take those hits from your enemies, it will save you up some bandages and food. Although as you level up in the game, so does your arsenal and gears, and it might not be wise to have such effective defense if you can’t defeat outlaws with two shots from your weapon.

Basically, Defense helps you in terms of:

Saving clothing/gears

Conserving health potions and bandages

So, spend points to Defense if:

You lack resources to create clothing

You want to take less damage from hard-hitting enemies


Is there a perfect treat for a pack of wolves?

And lastly, spirit. This stat will help you tame creatures wherever you go, it will also make the creatures around you passive while you’re out gathering materials in every zone. Though I do like to add that Mythical creatures (Wendigo, Piasa, and Uktena) will not be affected by your spirit points and would remain aggressive towards you if you encounter them, as well as animals that randomly spawn to where your character is at any given point.

Dumping your points on spirit is extremely helpful as it will make everything easy from grinding down to doing daily quests. As mentioned, animals do tend to attack you if you don’t have enough spirit points, and it can spell trouble especially if you’re trying to save your weapon for facing outlaws. Also, once you reach a certain amount of spirit points, you can also tame them, although taming one can cost you (temporarily) to lose those.

Basically, Spirit helps you in terms of:

Taming wild and spirit animals

Removing the aggro from wild animals

So, spend your points to Spirit if:

You’re trying to save clothing and weapon

You’re still grinding for materials, specifically for Tier 2 to Tier 4 materials

Taming spirit animals at Canyon Trials

Taming spirit animals at Spirit Cave

Whatever skill that you choose to focus on, know that they all are best at a certain part of the game. I hope that this article helped you in deciding which skill to choose!

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