[Top 7] MHW Best Dual Blades That Wreck Hard!

MHW Best Dual Blades
Wield the fastest weapon in MHW!

The dual blades are among the most popular weapons in MHW. It’s the weapon that lets you run like ninjas straight out of Naruto and pull off swift spinning attacks like Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titans!

Ready to pull off some fast and fluid combos with some of the coolest designs in the game?

Dual blades have some of the lowest attack stats in the game, but it's their speedy attacks with flashy combos that make them stand out above the rest. Your prey won’t even know what hit them! So, let's get into our list of the top 7 Dual blades in MHW.


7. Master Ale

First on our list is Master Ale, which are dual blades that take the form of beers. Shall we say more? Don’t let this meme weapon fool you, as it offers one of the best sleep and paralysis statuses in the game. The weapon’s excellent raw damage and slot options are also why it's in our top 7 picks for dual blades.

Even though it has -15% affinity, you can work it out with the right armor skills. You can have the Mind’s Eye skill and use the demon blade dance to ignore the weapon’s blue sharpness. 


  • The Sleep and Paralysis status alignments are great for co-op hunts.
  • The two level 4 slots can help cover up the -15% affinity.
  • Hilarious design that matches its status alignments.

Weapon details:

  • Rarity 11
  • 420 base damage
  • -15% affinity
  • 150 Paralysis, 90 Sleep
  • Two level 4 decoration slots


6. Zireael+ 

Any Witcher 3 fans out there? IDeVaste has some killer builds that let you wield the Zireael+ just like Ciri!

You can get this weapon by hunting down the Ancient Leshen from the Witcher III collab event. It's a pair of blades that’s considered the best dual blades in the base game, now perfected for early Master Rank.

It has high raw damage combined with a nice amount of purple sharpness that you can bump up by slotting in Handicraft. On top of that, the weapon offers a 300-hidden dragon element. So besides dealing decent raw damage, it's also an excellent choice for elemental DPS, which is what you want from a dual blade. 


  • Decent raw damage.
  • Good amount of purple sharpness, so you won’t need to worry about sharpening mid-hunt.
  • High Dragon element (when released) and a high Elderseal, which makes it an excellent choice for slaying Elder Dragons.

Weapon details:

  • Rarity 12
  • 364 base damage
  • 0% affinity
  • 300 Dragon element (Hidden)
  • One level 4 decoration slot
  • High Elderseal


5. Safi’s Shatterclaws

Another video from IDeVaste, explaining where Safi’Jiiva’s dual blades sit in the overall dual blade tree. 

The fight against Safi’Jiiva rewards you with dual blades of multiple elements which can rightfully take their place in our list. However, because the Blast skill is effective on almost every monster, we’ve decided that the Shatterclaws are the most “all-purpose” twin blades from Safi.

These blades have 378 attack power, 5% sharpness and white sharpness. This doesn't seem like much, but once you apply the “Awaken” abilities exclusive to Safi, things start to get interesting.

These Awakened Abilities allow you to customize and upgrade a Safi weapon, whether you’re looking to fully boost its raw damage, affinity, sharpness, status alignments, etc. But what makes this weapon formidable is how you can add a set bonus by slotting in a “monster’s essence.” This offers even more potential builds that can significantly boost your DPS potential.


  • You can bring its raw damage up to 469 with the Awakened Ability.
  • Highly customizable! All of Safi’s weapons let you boost raw attack, sharpness, affinity, element and more.
  • Adding the “Monster’s Essence” skill allows more flexible builds to greatly boost your DPS potential.
  • The weapon glows in different colors based on its status effect/element.

Weapon details:

  • Rarity 12
  • 378 base damage
  • 5% affinity
  • 90 Blast damage
  • One level 4 decoration slot


4. Lightbreak Twins

Thales Moustache shows off his explosive dual blade build! 

The weapons from Raging Brachydios will certainly be in every weapon’s “Top 7 lists.” The Dual blades are no exception. The Lightbreak Twins offer an impressive 420 raw damage with additional 120 Blast status that makes it one of the best DBs in the game. 

However, it’s the combination of the high raw damage and Blast status that causes the monster you’re up against to flinch throughout the hunt. Besides that, the blades offer purple sharpness that you can maintain with the Master’s Touch armor skill. All these features, combined with level 3 and level 4 decoration slots, make it a worthy top 5 option for dual blades. 


  • High raw damage + Blast damage result in more monster flinching.
  • Offers purple sharpness and fantastic slot decorations.
  • Beautiful glowing design which looks impressive in demon mode.

Weapon details:

  • Rarity 12
  • 420 base damage
  • 0% affinity
  • 120 Blast damage
  • One level 3 and one level 4 decoration slot


3. Fatalis Dual Skies

Thales Moustache demonstrates the true raw power of the Fatalis Dual Skies.

Coming in with the dual blades crafted from the game’s final boss, the Fatalis Dual Skies ranks amongst the very best DBs in the game.  

It doesn’t have high Dragon elemental damage, but its ridiculously high base damage of 518 makes up for it. Indeed, Its -30% affinity is its main weakness, but if you can build over it with skills like Critical Eye, Weakness Exploit, and Agitator, prepare to look at the raw damage rise to numbers you’ve never seen before on any dual blades!

Even though it doesn’t outmatch the elemental powers of the Kulve Taroth Dual Blades,’ The Fatalis Dual Skies is a top contender just for its raw attack power.


  • 518 RAW DAMAGE!
  • Purple sharpness with high Elderseal and slight Dragon element for extra damage when hunting Elder Dragons.
  • Two level 4 jewel slots. And let us remind you of the 518 raw.

Weapon details:

  • Rarity 12
  • 518 base damage
  • -30% affinity
  • 120 Dragon element
  • Two level 4 decoration slots
  • High Elderseal


2. Alatreon Madness

Another build from Thales Moustache, showing you how to maximize Alatreon Madness’s devastating Dragon element.

Surprisingly, we don’t think the Fatalis weapon is worthy of the number 1 spot on our best dual blades list. The reason is that Dual Blades are effective with elements due to their amazing attack speeds. This is where the Alatreon Madness excels.

Even though it only has 392 base raw, dwarfed by the mighty Fatalis blades and even other options on this list, the Alatreon Madness offers a whopping 480 Dragon element. This is indeed some mad numbers among other elemental dual blades, which allow it to overshadow its low raw attack. 

On top of that, the blades come with a large chunk of purple sharpness which goes well with elemental damage.


  • Highest Dragon elemental Dual blades in the game.
  • Great amount of sharpness and slots.
  • Decent raw with neutral affinity, which is effective against monsters that aren’t even weak to Dragon element.
  • Excellent weapon design with glowing purple colors

Weapon details:

  • Rarity 12
  • 392 base damage
  • 0% affinity
  • 480 Dragon element
  • Two level 2 decoration slots
  • Low Elderseal


1. Kjarr Daggers “Dragon”

IDeVaste demonstrates how broken the Kjarr dual blades are, even for casual hunters.

As we’ve previously mentioned, dual blades work best because of their high DPS and elemental effects. And this is why the Kulve Taroth dual blades reign supreme as the best dual blades in the game. 

Any of the Kjarr dual blades can rank in our top spot due to their impressive raw damage, high base affinity, and of course, the free Critical element skill. Indeed, it doesn’t have purple sharpness like the other dual blades on the top list, but its base stats make up for it.

We’ve chosen the Kjarr Daggers “Dragon” as it offers a staggering 390 dragon element. These are the dual blades you want to use for slaying most of the end-game monsters vulnerable to dragon element. 

Overall, the weapon offers the perfect balance of raw damage, elemental attack power, and the critical element skill to bring Elder dragons down to their knees. And that’s why it’s the number one option on our best dual blades list. 


  • Kjarr weapons come with the Critical element skill.
  • Most perfectly balanced dual blades in the game.
  • Massive elemental damage that works great on dual blades.
  • The dragon element is effective against endgame monsters.

Weapon details:

  • Rarity 12
  • 406 base damage
  • 20% affinity
  • 390 Dragon element
  • One level 1 decoration slots
  • Critical Element skill

And that is all we have today for the 7 best Dual Blades in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne! We hope our list has helped you pick the right dual blades whenever you want to slay monsters with swift spinning attacks and slick combos! Get out and slay, fellow hunters!

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