[Top 15] Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Best Weapons And How To Get Them

top 15 weapons monster hunter rise, sunbreak best weapons
Get used to this sight.

So many monsters, so many weapons

The Sunbreak expansion added a lot of new things to Monster Hunter Rise. You got new monsters, mechanics, maps, and with all that comes new weapons. With all the new choices it can be hard to pick out which weapon will help cut down on that hunt time. Let's look at which weapons can make your life a little easier, I'll try to get at least one of each weapon class in here.

15. Cat-astrophe Knell (Palico)

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - How To Get The ULTIMATE Weapon For Your Palico & Palamute

The first weapon isn't one for your hunter, it's for your palico. No, this isn't cheating it counts. You will want to get this weapon. Often sleep weapons don't have the best stats, especially melee weapons. However, this weapon has good stats for a palico weapon and enough sleep so that your buddy will put the monster to sleep at least once during the quest. You could sub this out for the palamute version, but who uses palamutes?

Rattle calms both monsters and cats.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Cat-astrophe+Knell

  • High sleep nets big damage bonus hits.
  • Has a good attack stat so you’re not sacrificing much to have your palico use.

14. Abyssal Icicle (Lance)

Raw Lance Meta Build Guide | MHR Sunbreak

The lance is all about staying close to the monster with good defense and poking away at its health. With that in mind, the Abyssal Icicle is a great choice. What it lacks in slots or affinity, it covers with high attack and sharpness. It's reliable against any monster and lets you focus on your block and poke playstyle. Crafting this will require you to face Gaismagorm.

Doesn't look like an icicle to me.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Abyssal+Icicle

  • High attack offsets lack of slots, reducing the need for damage skills.
  • Natural purple sharpness is high.
  • The shield looks cool.

13. Demonlord Sledge (Hammer)

Best Endgame Hammer Build INSANE KO Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

This one stands out for being high damage while remaining fairly versatile in builds. Hammers are made for knocking monsters out and the high attack and decent purple sharpness of the Demonlord Sledge is perfect for that. The versatility comes from its slots that help edge it out just above its competition. Just bonk the monster in the head a few times and score that KO. If only it didn't require fighting Furious Rajang to craft.

Is that a head or fist?

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Demonlord+Sledge

  • Slots make the weapon flexible.
  • It has lightning-like fur that looks good.

12. Fine Kamura Flute (Hunting Horn)

Hunting Horn is INSANE Now - Best Endgame Build & Highest Damage - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

Now we get to a more complicated weapon. It's like a hammer with buffs, okay a bit more complex than that. It builds the buffs in its song list through the combos you use. The buffs are a big part of the appeal of any hunting horn and the Fine Kamura Flute has good utility. Its songs are basic but always relevant and it is a jack of all trades horn. A plus is that it is pretty basic to craft once you unlock Anomaly quest after the Gaismagorm, just follow the Kamura weapon tree.

Definitely not a flute.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Fine+Kamura+Flute

  • Amazing slots
  • Easy to craft, no need for difficult hunts
  • Songs are always useful.

11. Abyssal Insectoid (Insect Glaive)

Top 6 Insect Glaive 操虫棍 (Raw & Elemental) | MHR Sunbreak Best Build

The insect glaive is a weapon that gives freedom of movement that is almost unrivaled, combine that with the dust and kinsect systems and you have a deep weapon. Which makes choosing the best one difficult. That said the Abyssal Insect is a powerful weapon that focuses on high attack and sharpness, it also has a kinsect level of 15 (not unique but good). You should have no problem spinning through the air like a bladed ballerina with this weapon. It's another Gaismagorm weapon so it's obtainable at the start of the endgame.

Makes me feel like the god of the sea.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Abyssal+Insectoid

  • High kinsect level boosting playstyles that focus on that.
  • High purple sharpness.

10. Antique Machina DB (Dual Blades)

Bloodlust Status Dual Blades Are OP - Best Foray Blast Poison Build - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

The dual blades are to ground mobility what the insect glaive is to aerial. They have the fastest attack speed of any melee weapon at the cost of relying on elements to really pump out damage. Yet, I recommend status-focused dual blades Antique Machina DB. Elements vary in effectiveness depending on what monster you fight. That's where the dual statuses of this weapon come in handy. It's two chances to hit a weakness and, if all else fails, its attack is good for flailing like the maniac all dual blades players know they are. You'll need to get to 4* Anomaly quest to craft it so don't neglect your other builds.

That is a lot of afflicted hunts.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Antique+Machina+DB

  • Level 3 rampage slot for Raging Jewel for Hellion mode bonus.
  • Dual status effects that do extra damage.
  • Has a nice ancient machine design.

9. Torci Da Lavater (Gunlance)

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak | My Sunbreak Top 5 Gunlances

If you can pronounce this let me know. Gunlances offer similar defense to lances but they focus more on their explosive shelling for damage. While its attack and sharpness aren't top of the line they aren't bad by any means. Its strength comes across in a natural 30% affinity, great slots, level 8 shelling, and the nice bonus of blast status. A weapon that lacks any weakness, outside of being a gunlance. This one is on the Pyre Rakna-Kadaki tree, so prepare for a fight when gathering materials. The final upgrade is another case of doing 4* Anomaly quest (sick of 'em yet?).

I've always liked spiders.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Torci+Da+Lavater

  • Natural affinity lends itself to critical damage builds.
  • High blast status.
  • High level shelling for more damage.

8. Abyssal Splitter (Charge Blade)


Yet another complex weapon, it never gets easier. To find the best I look for consistency, and elemental weaknesses are most definitely inconsistent. That's why a strong weapon relying on impact phials like this one is the top pick. The golden duo of high attack and sharpness are here again and no less valuable than ever.

If you’re sick of seeing Gaismagorm then I'm sorry. There is always the upside that this means this weapon can be taken into the endgame as you grind for countless more hours. Or you can be like me and still be figuring this weapon out four games deep into this series.

Kinda looks like a rock.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Abyssal+Splitter

  • High damage and impact phial are universally good.
  • Natural purple sharpness to reduce bounce offs and boost damage

7. Chelae Warbow (Bow)


Bows are objectively the coolest ranged weapon in any video game and I will hear no arguments otherwise. A spread bow like the Chelae Warbow plays like a highly mobile shotgun. The focus is on hitting the monster on its widest side and pumping out damage or status build-up in a few shots. That's where this bow shines as it brings more to the table than just high damage. It comes with 30 extra defense, three types of status coatings, an upgraded close-range coating, and good slots. It's versatile without being "spread" thin. Okay, bad joke. This bow is from the Daimyo Hermitaur tree and will need materials from 2* Anomaly quest.No the bow is not edible.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Chelae+Warbow

  • Boost defense, which bows lack.
  • Can inflict three different statuses.

6. Golclops (Heavy Bowgun}

Deal Nearly 1K Damage PER SHOT!! | The Best Spread HBG in Sunbreak

Is there any video game weapon more timeless than the shotgun? Heavy Bowguns are about slow and powerful projectile attacks. It may not be as ridiculous as the shotguns of Doom or Gears of War, but the Golclops is a weapon to be respected. It has high damage and great decoration slots. It may not be the best at everything but finding a weapon as reliable would be difficult. To get your hands on this one, you need to be able to follow the Garangolm tree and be able to do 4* Anomaly quest.

Rip and Tear.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Golclops

  • Some of the highest attack with no negative affinity.
  • Great slots with one level 4.

5. Great Tigrex Sword+ (Sword & Shield)

Sunbreak Best Sword & Shield Build - Highest Damage Possible & More - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

A poster boy for utility, the sword and shield can be surprisingly strong. A jack of all trades and master of none. Without having to build around it the Great Tigrex Sword+ is a reliable source of damage in any matchup, particularly if you focus on shield bashes that don't use sharpness. This one is gonna need you to do 4* Anomaly quest to get all the materials.

More of a club than a sword.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Great+Tigrex+Sword++

  • Really high attack for sword & shield.
  • Purple sharpness.

4. Abyssal Hailstorm (Light Bowgun)

[Sunbreak] The Best Bowgun In The Game

The light bowgun is a mobile range weapon with a fast fire rate. While it usually has weaker ammo than the heavy bowgun, its speed more than makes up for it. The strength of the Abyssal Hailstorm comes from its ridiculous high attack for a light bowgun and its ability to make the most out of the non-elemental ammo types. Once again this is a Gaismagorm weapon so you know the deal by now.

Anyone else getting Halo vibes?

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Abyssal+Hailstorm

  • High attack.
  • Powerful non-elemental ammo types

3. Fine Kamura Battleaxe (Switch Axe)

(Spoiler) END GAME BEST SWITCH AXE RAW DAMAGE BUILD | Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The switch axe is about balancing the power of the axe mode with the speed and utility of the sword mode. Smart positioning is key in either mode. As far as weapons go, the Fine Kamura Battleaxe is as versatile as the class itself. It has nice attack, great slots, and a power phial type. It won't outperform elemental weapons in their best matchups, but it won't fall behind in any particular one either. As a part of the Kamura tree, it's simple to craft once you reach 1* Anomaly quest.

Simple and powerful, just my style.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Fine+Kamura+Battleaxe

  • Good slots with a level 4.
  • A power phial type to raise its already impressive attack.
  • Easy to craft.

2. Fine Kamura Cleaver (Great Sword)

Sunbreak Best Great Sword Build - Highest Damage Possible & More - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

We arrive at the uncontested highest single attack damage weapon in all of Sunbreak. This weapon favors positioning more than any other and has the highest payoff for it. The Fine Kamura Cleaver can reach the highest attack of any great sword. Even without focusing on that, it remains a good weapon for any hunt. It is a part of the Kamura tree so it takes 1* Anomaly quest.

Large anime swords are a series staple.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Fine+Kamura+Cleaver

  • Highest potential damage with the right build.
  • Easy to craft.
  • Good slots with a level 4.

1. Sunderer+ (Long Sword)

I WAS WRONG—Even BETTER Long Sword Builds and Skills incl. WIREBUG WHISPERER for MHR: Sunbreak

The long sword has transformed from the fast version of the great sword into a counter-heavy weapon all its own. While it can be debated, I still believe that it stands as the strongest weapon type in Sunbreak. And the Sunderer+ stands at the top of the long swords. It may not reach the same heights of sharpness however it does have high attack and slots. Its best competition has a negative affinity and only a slightly higher base attack. Honestly, it's an ugly weapon, but that doesn't stop it from being effective. This is the last weapon on the bone tree and requires 1* Anomaly quest materials.

Very cool serrated edge.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Sunderer++

  • Highest damage of all raw long swords.
  • Decent slots with a level 2 and a level 2 rampage slot.
  • Easy to craft.


Monster Hunter is a game where there isn't an easy answer to the best weapon. There are a lot of things that make that change on a case-by-case basis. Elemental weaknesses complicate things a lot. What I've done here is give extremely effective weapons that don't consider many factors outside of the raw damage they can do while ignoring monster weaknesses. They are the best in that they handle the most matchups. Don't be afraid to experiment with weapons you think may tackle your problems easier. If it doesn't work out, you can fall back on my advice here.

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