'Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak' Brings Old Foes, New Adventures, and Deeper Gameplay to 'Monster Hunter Rise!'

'Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak' Brings Old Foes, New Adventures, and Deeper Gameplay to 'Monster Hunter Rise!'
Monsters are nothing more than myths... right?!

‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ is the latest expansion of ‘Monster Hunter Rise,’ and brings an epic collection of terrifying new monsters, breathtaking locations, and a bunch of other new features.

Battling a giant bird-like monster. Image by 'Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.'

Adventure-hungry monster hunters such as yourselves always need new adventures to get the blood pumping.

‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ brings a heart-racing new adventure set in a faraway land. You, aka the “Fierce Flame of Kamura” set sail to discover a cataclysmic threat looming on oversea horizons!

Your adventure takes you to ‘Elgado Outpost,’ where you find out that the looming disaster is caused by three monsters known as ‘Malzeno,’ ‘Lunagaron,’ and ‘Garangolm,’ aka ‘Three Lords.’ These new monsters aren’t the only threats you need to face. Ancient monsters from eras gone by are making a return and will once again need to be vanquished!

A dragon-like monster in an ice cavern. Image by 'Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.'

Additionally, the new expansion also includes improvements to your ‘Wirebug,’ with an array of new abilities for all weapon types which allows greater depth and customizability in your playstyle and overall gameplay experience!

There is also a colorful collection of different characters for you to interact with and get to know in your base of operations. They may need your help with problems, and quite possibly you’ll also be able to make use of their services, should you require them.

‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ requires that you already own ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ if you want to play it.

‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ is developed by ‘CAPCOM Co Ltd,’ and came to Steam during June 2022.

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