[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Best Weapons

Best Monster Hunter Weapons
Every hunter needs a good weapon!

Monster Hunter Rise/Sunbreak is home to fourteen incredibly interesting weapons, each of which caters to a different gameplay style. However, the substantial differences between the weapons means that each one excels in some ways and struggles in others. While they are all completely viable in the hands of a skilled hunter, some are simply more effective than others.


10. Lance

The best defense is a good offense.

The Lance is a defensive powerhouse, allowing hunters to quickly raise their shields and immediately counter with simple but effective poke attacks. While it is not necessarily the most visually exciting weapon in the game, it is incredibly practical and can output some serious damage when used effectively.


  • Virtually unparalleled defensive capabilities.
  • Its “poke, poke, block, repeat” style of gameplay is very easy to learn.
  • Capable of outputting consistent damage when properly used.


  • Incredibly slow movement when unsheathed.
  • Its very simple gameplay style can get very repetitive.
  • Effective play is often not as visually flashy or stylish as the other weapons.


9. Charge Blade

Notoriously complex.

The Charge Blade is an intimidating weapon for newcomers to the franchise. It not only boasts two completely different weapon stances, but also demands the constant upkeep of phials to most effectively utilize this weapon. However, when a hunter has mastered the weapon’s intricacies, it can tear through monsters very effectively.


  • Great offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Extremely satisfying once mastered.
  • Strong elemental damage output.


  • Consistently maintaining both the phials and shield charge can be very difficult.
  • Demands more from the hunter during combat than any other weapon.
  • An overheated charge blade will bounce off monsters with every hit, making it frustrating to learn.


8. Sword and Shield

The classic allrounder.

The Sword and Shield has had quite the glow up since the series first began. Before Generations, this simple weapon was effective but lagged behind the others in terms of damage. However, it has become increasingly more effective with each new game in the franchise.

That brings us to Rise/Sunbreak. The Sword and Shield still maintains its simplicity from previous games while offering the hunter hugely increased damage and skills that are immensely satisfying to use, such as its uppercut counter “Metsu Shoryugeki”. 


  • Relatively fast attacks allow the hunter to maintain consistent offensive pressure.
  • Allows the use of items without sheathing.
  • Very easy to learn while still maintaining a degree of depth that makes mastery of this weapon very satisfying.


  • Requires frequent sharpening without proper skills equipped.
  • DPS, while much better than previous games, can still be quite low.
  • Does not excel at any one thing.


7. Heavy Bowgun

Big gun, big damage.

The Heavy Bowgun is the slowest of the three ranged options at the hunter’s disposal. While it is very cumbersome, it boasts insane DPS when used effectively. Switch skills like “Setting Sun” paired with pierce ammo make this ranged option one of the most effective weapons in the entire game.


  • Ludicrous DPS when used effectively.
  • Great elemental damage output.
  • Excellent support weapon for team play.


  • Slow movement speed while unsheathed.
  • Its primary counter move “Counter Shot” is arguably the least reliable counter in the game.
  • It requires much more preparation than all of the melee weapons outside of hunts to be used effectively.


6. Great Sword

Iconic for a reason.

Arguably the most recognizable of all Monster Hunter weapons, the Great Sword boasts higher single hit damage than every other weapon in the game. While it is the slowest weapon, effective play can quickly tear through a monster’s health in a single blow. Skills like “Strongarm Stance” give this weapon a counter that exponentially raises its DPS potential.


  • Incredible single hit damage.
  • Mastery of the weapon can lead to very quick hunts.
  • Offers the hunter an entire second core moveset with the addition of “Surge Slash Combo” in Sunbreak.


  • Slow movement and attack speed make it very difficult to use against faster monsters.
  • Effective play often requires the hunter to be familiar with the moveset of the monster they are fighting as many of its moves are very committal.
  • Its slow attack speed means that its elemental damage output is generally much lower than the other weapons.


5. Switch Axe

Switching it up.

The Switch Axe is an incredibly versatile weapon that, like the charge blade, allows the hunter to switch between two weapon modes. While it does require some additional management like the Charge Blade, the Switch Axe’s switch gauge is much easier to master, especially with the inclusion of silkbind moves such as “Switch Charger”. In the hands of a skilled hunter, the Switch Axe can output high damaging combos with explosive finishing moves.


  • Incredibly stylish and expressive gameplay.
  • Some of its highest damaging moves are very simple to perform and combo together.
  • The phial types that it has access to make it extremely versatile.


  • While easier to use than the Charge Blade, managing the switch gauge can still be demanding if the hunter is unfamiliar with the weapon and its mechanics.
  • It practically demands armor skills like “Rapid Morph” given how often the hunter will need to switch between the weapon’s two modes.
  • Certain moves attach the hunter to the monster for big damage, but do not prevent them from taking damage, making it easy for a reckless hunter to get needlessly carted.


4. Dual Blades

Anime action at its finest.

The Dual Blades are without question the fastest weapon that Monster Hunter has to offer. Their lightning quick attack speed and incredibly stylish moves coupled with their ability to enter "Demon Mode" make them an excellent choice for hunters of all skill levels. With insane speed and high damage to boot, it's difficult to find a reason not to at least try these lethal swords.


  • Can perform very high damaging combos very quickly.
  • Fast attack speed means they are the best melee weapon for elemental DPS.
  • Has incredibly flashy attacks and skills that will keep the hunter in constant motion.


  • Hunters will have to sharpen them very often given how rapidly they attack, even with some armor skills such as "Handicraft" that mitigate this.
  • The constant stamina drain the hunter experiences while in "Demon Mode" can be difficult to manage when learning the weapon.
  • Some of its highest damaging moves are both very long and cannot be canceled meaning a reckless hunter that uses them too often could very easily take unnecessary damage.


3. Long Sword

Timing is everything.

The Long Sword is one of Monster Hunter's most popular weapons, and for good reason. It's the weapon that every hunter starts the game equipped with, essentially replacing the Sword and Shield as the "beginner weapon". 

That said, this does not mean that the Long Sword lacks depth. While it is simple to pick up, it is quite difficult to master as optimal Longsword hunting requires consistent use of well-timed counters. Once mastered, the Long Sword becomes one of the most satisfying melee weapons to use in the entire franchise.


  • Arguably the most stylish weapon in the game with moves such as "Helm Splitter" and “Iai Spirit Slash”.
  • Utilizing the many counters it offers the hunter makes it one of the most satisfying melee weapons in any video game.
  • Moves like “Fade Slash” and “Foresight Slash” allow for constant offensive pressure while keeping the hunter in motion.


  • While certainly not bad in this regard, it struggles with DPS compared to many of the other weapons.
  • Failed counter attempts can cause the hunter to take serious damage.
  • Very reliant on armor skills like “Quick Sheath” which allows you to access one of its main counters, “Iai Spirit Slash” much more quickly.


2. Light Bowgun

Slightly smaller gun, same big damage.

The Light Bowgun can do much of what the Heavy Bowgun can do, but with higher mobility and generally flashier moves. Its ease of use in combat alongside its incredibly high DPS make this weapon undoubtedly one of the best in the game.


  • Much higher mobility compared to the Heavy Bowgun.
  • Insane DPS when used effectively.
  • Extremely effective as both a strictly offensive weapon and as a support weapon.


  • While its combat mechanics are simple to learn, understanding the complexities of build-craft for this weapon can be quite difficult for a brand new hunter.
  • Many of its switch skills are simply much worse than others it offers, meaning there is a general lack of diversity in playstyles for this weapon.
  • Like its heavy counterpart, effective preparation for this weapon is very complex.


1. Bow

The cream of the crop.

Honestly, either the Light Bowgun or the Bow could have taken the number one spot, but a couple of key differences ended up pushing the Bow over its firearm counterpart.

The Bow is capable of most of what the Light Bowgun is capable of but without as many complex elements of buildcraft. With the Bow, hunters don’t have to spend so much time finding the perfect weapon for their play style as they are not required to assemble it, unlike the two bowguns. Additionally, it retains the high mobility and very similar DPS capabilities to the Light Bowgun ultimately making the Bow the best weapon in the game.


  • Very high mobility enabling the hunter to consistently be on the move.
  • While not always as much of a DPS monster as the Light Bowgun, it is still capable of producing insane DPS.
  • Its simpler mechanics make this weapon the most easily approachable of the game’s ranged options.


  • Many key moves drain the hunter’s stamina, meaning that reckless play can leave a hunter wide open.
  • Elemental Bows are almost always better than raw damage Bows, leading to less build variety.
  • While less complex than the two Bowguns on this front, the Bow still requires much more preparation than the melee weapons.


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