[Top 5] Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Best Palico Secret Support Moves And How To Get Them

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A hunter is never alone… unless you want to be I guess. Otherwise, you'll find yourself accompanied by your trusty Palico. Despite being tiny cats, the Palico provide a great deal of support, and in Sunbreak that is made even better by their secret support moves. They are all unlocked by doing requests from Palico NPCs around Elgado. When you unlock these they can be game changers that turn the tide during a hunt. Some are better than others, however.


5. Felyne Fireworks

Palico = OVERPOWERED Now - Best New Secret Support Move Guide & More - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

Starts at - 4:38

An age-old tactic for hunters is to use bombs for extra damage. That's what this is. The fireworks are the only manually deployable skill and works like a barrel bomb on a timer. It's not a particularly complicated skill and doesn't do anything groundbreaking. There seem to be cases where it does over 1000 damage, but I'm not really sure what causes it. It's fine, could be better.

This secret support move is given by Sue the Researcher after finishing one of her requests. It asks you to bring Bombardier Palico on 3 MR quest.

  • Is the only skill that works on command.
  • The fireworks look pretty cool.
  • Can be used with sleep bombing strategies.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Felyn+Fireworks


4. Felyne Powered-Up

Palico = OVERPOWERED Now - Best New Secret Support Move Guide & More - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

Starts at - 6:40

Partners like Palico and Palamutes can deal a lot of damage throughout a hunt, I've even had them steal the last hit from me. This secret support move powers up buddy support moves and Palamute gear. It can allow them to do great damage or be more effective at whatever specialty they may have. There isn't a better way to get the most out of your buddies than this secret support move.

A request from Ziretta the Sailor unlocks felyne powered-up. It asks you to bring a Fighter type Palico along for 3 MR quests.

  • Makes your buddies more effective, giving you better support.
  • Effects Palamutes, boosting their use and making them more viable.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Felyn+Powered-Up


3. Ameowzing Mist

Palico = OVERPOWERED Now - Best New Secret Support Move Guide & More - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

Starts at - 8:07

Elemental blights are great tools to use against monsters. That's where this skill shines. Ameowzing Mist deploys trip mines that deal damage and inflict an elemental blight on the monster that triggered it. The damage isn't anything special but the blight is why you would pick this skill. Inflicting thunderblight or waterblight can be great damage opportunities. Only problem is that you don't get any influence over the type of mine your Palico uses or when they use it.

Rowan the Sailor has the request for this skill. He wants you to do 3 MR quests with an Assist Palico.

  • Can inflict elemental blights which usually require endemic life.
  • Blights debuff monsters in numerous useful ways.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Ameowzing+Mist


2. Lottery Box

Palico = OVERPOWERED Now - Best New Secret Support Move Guide & More - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

Start at - 2:11

Care to test your luck? The lottery box can be any other support skill at random. While all the choices are good, not being able to reliably get the choice you want is a problem. Even with that restriction, this is the only way to have all the support moves on a single hunt. Considering how powerful they are it may be worth the trade. Especially if you think about the amazing Kittenator.

The lottery box is unlocked by doing a request from Tartar the Sailor. You need to complete 3 MR quests with a Gathering Palico.

  • Technically allows you to bring all the support moves.
  • Adds a cool random element to shake up hunts.
  • Kittenator is amazing and almost guarantees a knockdown.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Lottery+Box


1. Healing Clover Bat

Palico = OVERPOWERED Now - Best New Secret Support Move Guide & More - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

Start at - 9:48

Finally, a healing skill takes a top spot. The Healing Clover Bat heals the player after they have done enough damage to the monster. Even better the healing is continuous, so it can completely counter incoming damage. The sheer amount of survivability this skill gives outclasses the use of any other skill with Lottery Box being the only real competition.

The Wandering Felyne Supy gives the request that unlocks Healing Clover Bat. All you have to do is bring a Healer Palico on 3 MR quests.

  • Can out heal damage over time like poison or fireblight.
  • Works well with Blood Rite to make you feel like a real vampire.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Healing+Clover+Bat


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