[Top 5] Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Best Raw Bow And How To Get Them

Best bow monster hunter rise
The most "hunter" weapon in the game.

Like Legolas but with giant monsters.

The bow is one of the three ranged options in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It's the most mobile of the ranged options and uniquely doesn't have ammo management. Where the bow excels is in its high status and elemental damage. Except, sometimes you don't want to swap builds around for weaknesses. That's where sweet, sweet raw damage comes in. Of course, it's more complicated than just grabbing the highest number.


5. Avidya Bow (Critical)

Critical damage is always valuable and for a weapon like the bow, one that can land multiple hits at once, it's especially so. This bow has a natural 40% affinity and pierce charge shots, enabling it to hit multiple crits with a single shot. It has an arc shot that further boosts its affinity so building around this bow's critical power is easy and efficient. This weapon is on the Nargacuga tree and needs material from 4* Anomaly quest.

  • Access to poison and paralysis coating for extra damage without building around them.
  • High natural affinity means little investment to max out.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Avidya+Bow


4. Chelae Warbow (Utility}

Daimyo Hermitaur - Dual Blades | Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

This bow is a powerful spread shot bow but falls behind the best. However, it finds its use in its utility. It trades power coating for sleep letting it hit more statuses and provide extra damage windows. Not to mention its superior decoration slots. While it does have an element you'll want to play this bow as a raw damage weapon as that's where it shines. This bow sits at the end of the Daimyo Hermitaur's tree and will need you to do 2* Anomaly quest.

  • Good decoration slots allow for flexible building.
  • Can inflict many statuses adding to its use in multiple hunts.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Chelae+Warbow


3. Cuore Da Lavater (Pierce)

MHR Sunbreak: Pyre Rakna Kadaki Solo 3'45 Long Sword


Pierce shots travel through, a monster dealing damage all along its body, at the cost of only ever firing a single arrow at a time. This sounds good but is most effective on larger monsters. Cuore DaLavater can get up to pierce level 5 allowing the maximum number of hits, has high damage, and access to blast coating for extra power. Crafting this bow requires progressing through the Pyre Rakna-Kadaki tree and doing 4* Anomaly quest.

  • Decent slots for needed skills.
  • Has rapid level 4 in addition to its pierce shots.
  • 20% natural affinity adds a decent critical chance.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Cuore+Da+Lavater


2. Royal Order's Bow+ (Rapid)

Follower Collab Quest - Not Your Average Picnic (Hinoa)

Rapid shots fire up to four arrows at once depending on charge level. Rapid bows are accurate and all shots will be clustered together. What makes the Royal Order's Bow+ so good is its high attack combined with rapid level 4's arrow amount. Not only that but it offers extra defense which ranged weapons lack. You get this bow by doing Hinoa's follower quest, be rewarded for hunting alongside best girl. (No not Fiorayne.)

  • Adds 50 defense for more survivability.
  • Reaches rapid level 4.
  • 10% affinity as a nice bonus.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Royal+Order's+Bow++


1. Devil's Counsel (Spread)

MHR: Sunbreak | Chameleos [3'44] Charge Blade | TA

Spread shots are like bow shotguns and they shoot one more shot than rapid.  The Devil's Counsel has amazing attack for a bow. Its coatings give enough utility as well as its slots. The fact that it reaches spread level 5 makes it even more invaluable as a close-range bow. This bow sits at the end of the Chameleos tree and needs a part from MR Valstrax.

  • High attack with no drawback of negative affinity.
  • Has spread level 5.
  • A recovery arc shot for assisting capability.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Devil's+Counsel



Bows are among the most versatile weapons in Monster Hunter. The combination of charge shots, arc shots, and coatings leaves a lot to consider even if not going for elements. With proper movement and knowledge of the weapon, you can dump tons of damage on any monster that comes your way. 


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