Monster Hunter Rise Tests the Skills of Even the Most Experienced and Hardened Monster Hunters

Monster Hunter Rise Tests the Skills of Even the Most Experienced and Hardened Monster Hunters
A world of monsters, magic, and violence awaits!

The world of monsters and monster hunters has always been fraught with danger and adventure. ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ returns anew with a plethora of new monsters, an arsenal of weapons, and new challenges for the monster hunters to face and overcome.

In ‘Monster Hunter Rise’, players will face off against a variety of different monsters, some of which are well known in the world of monsters and others that have never been come across before…

Face off against a variety of vicious new monsters. Image by 'Monster Hunter Rise'. 

A new breed of monster, monsters that haunt ancient history in Japanese folklore have surfaced in ‘Monster Hunter Rise’. Among these is the fearsome wyvern Magnamalo that will prove a challenge to overcome, even for seasoned veterans.

Players have over 14 different weapons to choose from, with a weapon suitable to each unique playstyle bound to be found in their deadly collection. 

Sometimes it takes the help of your friends and companions to bring those monsters down... Image by 'Monster Hunter Rise'.

Besides the deadly assortment of weapons, players also have Palico Felyne friends and the new Palamute Canyne companions to help them battle their vicious foes. And if that’s not enough players can get their friends in to help using the game’s multiplayer feature.

The Wirebug allows new hunting moves as it imbues players with the power to spiderman around in rapid hunting maneuvers as the Wirebugs shoot out strong silk threads controlled by the player.

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ raises adrenalin with stunning visuals, improved graphics, and wildly crazy monster rides using the Wyvern Riding ability.

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ is developed by CAPCOM Co. Ltd and is on Steam.

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