[Top 5] Monster Hunter Rise Best Longswords (And How To Get Them)

Counter monsters to stay on the offensive

Longswords have long - ha, do you get it - been the most popular weapon in the Monster Hunter series. Maybe that’s because it’s so easy to learn for beginners, or maybe it’s because the damage output of this weapon class is far and away some of the best in the game. Maybe it lets people show their inner otaku and love for ancient Japanese history. Whatever the reason, these are the top five best longswords in Monster Hunter Rise (before the Sunbreak DLC).

5. Wyvern Blade Maple (Best for monsters weak to fire damage)

Monster Hunter Rise | Top 5 Long Swords

Start at - 2:00

Rathalos has been the flagship monster of the Monster Hunter series for a long time. It makes sense then that Rathalos weapons and armor are some of the best in the game because of the monster’s popularity, and the longsword is no exception. This is a solid and stylish blade that can melt through opponents with fire element weaknesses.

  • Use the Ramp-Up skill Element Exploit to boost your damage even further
  • Somewhat difficult to craft since you need a coveted Rathalos Ruby
  • Flexible enough to be used for raw damage casually or optimized for serious elemental damage
  • Late game Rathalos longsword
  • 210 raw damage, 36 fire damage, 0% affinity, blue sharpness
  • No decoration slots weaken this longsword to a broader range of monsters

4. Imperial Shimmer (Best for free damage)

Physicist Optimises Long Sword Builds in Monster Hunter Rise - All the Best Sets for Max Damage!

Start at - 35:20

The regal manner of Teostra and its resulting equipment appeals to many fans and not just because elder dragons are so cool. This longsword is at the top of its category giving you an insane 41 blast buildup per hit! The unique Teostra Soul Ramp-Up skill seamlessly synergizes with the quick buildup by increasing the damage of each blast explosion!

  • Worrying about a monster’s status resistance is not as important with this much buildup
  • Excellent for dealing good damage and can knock down monsters despite being a bladed weapon through the blasts
  • Difficult to craft because it requires a Teostra Gem
  • End game Teostra longsword
  • 200 raw damage, 41 Blast buildup, 0% affinity, blue sharpness
  • Access to the unique Ramp-Up skill Teostra soul will pump up blast damage

3. Rampage Blade S (Best for inflicting status ailments)

【MHRise】How to make Rampage Blade USABLE!

Start at - 1:20

While it may not seem as impressive as other longswords on this list, the Rampage Blade S actually excels at inflicting most any element or status effect thanks to its enormous amount of customization. It’s not easy to obtain, but the effort is well worth it when you want to serve up a generous helping of poison, paralysis, or sleep buildup.

  • Superb starting stats without any Ramp-Up skills
  • Customize to fit whatever playstyle you want
  • You’re gonna be on the Rampage quest grind for a while to get the tickets and apex materials you need
  • Late game Rampage longsword
  • 210 raw damage, 0% affinity, blue sharpness
  • Highly customizable with five Ramp-Up skill slots - best for adding paralysis, poison, and sleep

2. Deepest Night (Best for sharpness bonuses)

Monster Hunter Rise | Top 5 Long Swords

Start at - 0:46

This longsword may have the lowest raw damage out of the gate compared to the others listed here, but its natural white sharpness and 40% affinity can’t be paralleled anywhere else. If you want, you can bolster the blade’s raw damage with an Attack Boost III Ramp-Up skill but it’s still clear to see why this longsword made it onto our list.

  • Easiest to craft longsword on this list
  • The damage modifier of having white sharpness and 40% affinity allows it to stand among the best
  • Pump up your damage with the help of Critical Boost decorations, which you can fit on the weapon itself
  • Late game Nargacuga longsword
  • 180 raw damage, 40% affinity, white sharpness, one level 2 decoration slot
  • Even with lower raw damage, this longsword still stands with the best when paired with the Master’s Touch skill

1. Phantom Mirage (Best for raw damage)

MH Rise: Amazing Meta Chameleos Longsword Build! | Full Valstrax Armor! (3.0)

Start at - 0:26

The free title updates have changed up the meta several times, but the introduction of Chameleos was the most significant. This longsword offers so much in every category that the community is still debating some of the most optimal builds. That doesn’t even mention the fact that the blade is transparent which makes it even more awesome!

  • Stylish as hell and useful to boot
  • Has lots of decoration slots for an elder dragon and high rarity weapon
  • Very difficult to craft because you need a Chameleos Gem and parts from Crimson Glow Valstrax at the very end of the current content
  • End game Chameleos longsword
  • 220 raw damage, 15% affinity, blue sharpness, one level 2, and two level 1 decoration slots
  • Has so much diversity that most builds will outperform other longswords

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