[Top 5] Monster Hunter Rise Best Beginner Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Even without the bleed debuff, Nargacuga remains a difficult fight

With Monster Hunter Rise for the PC celebrating its one-month anniversary, there are a lot of new and returning hunters to the series. It can be confusing having all the weapon choices and game mechanics thrown in your face as a beginner. Or maybe you’re a veteran hunter looking for a new weapon to play to keep things fresh. Whatever the situation, we’ve narrowed down some of the best weapons for a new save file to this list.

5. Regas Hyper Charge Blade (Best for devastating combos)

Monster Hunter Rise | Charge Blade Tutorial

Start at - 6:34

The charge blade may seem like a bigger version of the sword and shield weapon class but it is so much more. This is a great weapon for beginners because you can deal decent damage while keeping it simple and using the beefier shield to tank some hits. If you put in the time to learn the charge blade mechanics a bit, you’ll easily be knocking down monsters, breaking their parts, and cutting their tails with some of the greatest style in the game!

  • Easy to craft with just gatherable ores
  • No need to change weapons for every hunt, this is one size fits all
  • Use the Ramp-Up skill slot to enhance what you want in the weapon
  • Early game Ore Charge Blade
  • 120 raw damage, 0% affinity, green sharpness, impact phials
  • Impact phials mean this charge blade is good for all hunts early on

4. Steel Bow (Best for keeping your distance)

MH: Rise Bow Equipment Progression Guide (Recommended Playing)

Start at - 6:48

You might be intimidated by the size and variety of monsters if you’re new to the series, and rightfully so! They can pack a lot of punch but with this bow, you’ll be able to avoid the worst of it while taking down your titan opponents in good time!

  • Pierce bow shots mean that you’ll be dealing the most damage aiming down a monster’s length
  • Extremely easy to craft as 4 Dragonite Ore is the only hard required material (the rest is your choice of ore materials)
  • Early game monsters tend not to have mid to long-range attacks so you will be relatively safe
  • Early game Ore Bow
  • 120 raw damage, 0% affinity, affinity arc shot
  • Only close range and power coatings available for arrows

3. Khezu Daggers II Dual Blades (Best for inflicting paralysis)

MH: Rise Dual Blades Equipment Progression Guide (Recommended Playing)

Start at - 17:28

Not only do these dual blades look deadly, but they also have the stats to back up that reputation! With extra Thunder elemental damage and some Paralysis buildup, you’re almost guaranteed one status ailment during a hunt for extra damage. Never underestimate lots of small hits in a short time!

  • Easy to farm the required materials from Khezu
  • You can get even more Paralysis buildup if you want through the Ramp-Up skill
  • Great for all hunts at this stage but especially for monsters weak to Thunder damage
  • Early game Khezu Dual Blades
  • 100 raw damage, 10% affinity, green sharpness, 24 Thunder damage, and 10 Paralysis buildup
  • Ramp-Up skills allow you to boost what you want from the weapon

2. Wind Thief Scimitar II (Best for affinity aficionados)

Monster Hunter Rise WEAPONS TREES! All Long Swords, Great Swords, Charge Blades, etc for MHR

Start at - 8:40

Great Izuchi weapons and armor are some of the best for the early game since they naturally focus on increasing affinity and therefore damage. This longsword is no different featuring natural green sharpness and 15% affinity without any armor skills. The biggest drawback is that you’ll burn through your sharpness levels pretty quickly since each threshold is on the smaller side.

  • Great weapon by itself, boosted even higher by having the right armor skills
  • Somewhat difficult to craft since you need materials from multiple different sources
  • Be prepared to sharpen this weapon a lot during hunts
  • Early game Great Izuchi Longsword
  • 100 raw damage, 15% affinity, green sharpness
  • Lower damage is made up for by easy to max out affinity

1. Five-Pronged Hammer I (Best for maximizing silkbind damage)

Monster Hunter Rise WEAPONS TREES! All Long Swords, Great Swords, Charge Blades, etc for MHR

Start at - 26:37

Bishaten is a unique fight in Monster Hunter Rise and it makes sense that the weapons made from Bishaten parts follow suit. This hammer is set apart from most of the others in its design but it also provides you some of the best damage offered near the end of the early game and during the mid-game.

  • Unique weapon design will set you apart from most other hunters in multiplayer
  • Relatively easy to craft from mostly Bishaten parts
  • Spam Silkbind attacks for the best damage results and knockdowns
  • Early game Bishaten Hammer
  • 120 raw damage, 0% affinity, green sharpness
  • Silkbind Boost Ramp-Up skill grants massive damage even early in the game

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