[Top 10] Monster Hunter Rise Best Buddy Skills That Are Excellent

The loyal companions of a hunter.

The Monster Hunter franchise has always had a reputation of difficulty attached to its name. 

Hunters often fail time and time again, losing hours to tough beasts. For some, it is simply an obstacle to defeating a worthy foe, whilst for others, it is discouraging to face such terrors alone. 

The thing is, in Monster Hunter, you never have to hunt alone.

Palicoes have been a hunter’s best pal ever since the very first Monster Hunter game back in 2004 and ever since then, they have had our backs. And now, with Monster Hunter Rise, we are given a new pal, the Palamute.

There is never a reason to fight a monster alone, but remember your pals can only help you if you first help them.

Buddy skills are what make palicos and palamutes so effective. And as the caretakers of our pals, we hunters are left in charge to decide what buddy skills they get. Whew, that sounds like a difficult choice… or does it?

Here is a list of the 10 best buddy skills!


10. Earplugs

Tigrex Armor Set

The most annoying thing in monster hunter is getting locked in place by a monster’s roar. While I can’t pretend to know what our palicos and palamutes feel, I have a sneaking suspicion they are just as annoyed by monster roars.

“Earplugs” is a very simple skill that can eliminate the debilitating effects of a monster roar. 

While it may sound too simple, having your pals capable of acting while a monster is roaring can have amazing effects. For example: if your palico plants a mine during the monster’s roar animation, then that is a free stun.

Plain and simple, earplugs are great.

Why Earplugs is great:

  • Make pals immune to roars.
  • Deal-free damage during monster roar animations


9. Ranged Attack Up    

Rathian Armor Set

Ranged Attack Up does exactly what its name implies. 

This skill will be used primarily by palamutes, and when doing so it makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Why Ranged Attack Up is great:

  • Damage boost for doggo.


8. Defense Up

Barroth Armor Set

Again, the name alone clues you into the skill’s effect. Nonetheless, Defense Up is a great addition to any pal’s few skill slots. 

A pal that lives is a pal that will help you live.

Why Defense Up is great:

  • Boosts the defense stat of your pals.


7. Omniresistance

Alloy Armor Set

Omniresistance, much like Defense Up, is a great way to keep your pals alive.

This skill gives your pals plus ten resistance in all elements, all for the price of just a single slot. Now that is a bargain. If your pals are ever left with a single slot open, then this may be the skill to fill that empty hole.

Why Omniresistance is great:

  • Gives ten whole points of elemental resistance to all elements.
  • Only requires one slot.


6. Negate Stun

Diablos Armor Set

The worst possible thing that can happen to a hunter is getting stunned. In Monster Hunter, getting stunned is a quick ticket to death.

For palicos and palamutes, death isn’t as guaranteed when stunned, but does it suck? Absolutely. 

Your pals being stunned means no support for the next few seconds. Negate Stun outright stops that possibility from happening. 

Why Negate Stun is great:

  • Prevent your pals from being stunned.


5. Health Up (L)    

Rathalos Armor Set

One of the many skills in this list is quite self-explanatory with its title. Health Up L makes a palico or palamute’s health go up by a HUGE amount. 

Once again, a pal that lives is a pal that will help you live.

Why Health Up (L) is great:

  • Increases pal’s health by a HUGE amount.


4. Critical Up (L)    

Nargacuga Armor Set

They often say that the best defense is a great offense. That’s true. Monsters can’t very well hit you when they’re dead, can they? 

Critical Up greatly boosts the affinity of your pals. With this skill in tow, the monster will die before you know it.

Why Critical Up (L) is great:

  • GREATLY increases a pal’s affinity.
  • Affinity boost means DPS increase.


3. Artful Dodger

Almudron Armor Set

Artful dodger increases the likelihood of your palico blocking and deflecting attacks. While at first, that may seem very underwhelming, Artful Dodger is the best buddy skill to keep pals alive.

Remember, a pal that lives is a pal that will help you live.

Why Artful Dodger is great:

  • Will help pals block and deflect attacks.
  • The BEST skill to keep pals alive.


2. Attack Up (L)

Bazelguese Armor Set

The two skills remaining in this list enforce the ideology of “the best defense is the best offense.” 

With that said, number two on this list is Attack Up L. Self-explanatory, I know, BUT the amount of damage this brings for your pals is not to be scoffed at.

Attack Up L, increases a pal’s RAW damage so much that not even flex tape will save the monsters you face.

Why Attack Up (L) is great:

  • Increases pal attack.
  • That’s a lot of damage!


1. Status Attack Up

Valstrax Armor Set

Last but not the least, Status Attack Up is THE BEST BUDDY SKILL. 

This skill requires a weapon that can deal with status effects, but that one small downside will bring hunters a mountain of benefits.

With Status Attack Up your pals can potentially put the monster to sleep, or inflict other effects, multiple times in one hunt alone.

Now THAT is a lot of damage.

Why Status Attack Up is great:

  • Helps pals inflict status effects on the monster.
  • Give pals a sleep weapon and watch even the most difficult monsters crumble.


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