SF6 Best Ways To Gain XP Fast (Top 10 Ways)

Bosch kicks between the Avatar and Luke in Street Fighter 6's World Tour
You’ll need to level up so you don’t get surprised like this.

Going through Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode is a fun time, but it’s similar to every other adventure game or mode with RPG elements in how the main player Avatar needs XP to advance and get stronger. Heck, SF6’s World Tour ups the ante through the player needing TWO variants of XP: One for their main level, and another for their Style rank. Both are necessary for advancing through the mode, with alternating methods to obtain them.

XP will help the Avatar’s level stay equal with the opposition, especially with the difficulty spike that comes later in the adventure. The Avatar will need to up those Style ranks, because the player will absolutely want to learn more of each individual character’s moves. Let’s charge our meters and tackle the best ways to get more XP faster.


10. Fight Opponents with XP Bonuses

They’re not easy to find, but they’re out there.

Every encounter with a fighter or enemy will grant XP after winning, but some provide more than others. Specific opponents will doll out bonus XP if you fulfill certain conditions while or after fighting them. Don’t worry: Most of them are easy.

One of the best and funniest options in the World Tour is the option to start a fight with every passer-by you see, even if they don’t want to fight you. Plenty of NPCs happen to be fighters themselves, and are looking to have some kind of scuffle around Metro City and Nayshall. Many of these fights provide bonuses for fulfilling certain conditions, as seen when the player approaches them and presses the Y or Triangle buttons on Xbox and PlayStation controllers, respectively.

Look for the opponents that provide bonus XP for fulfilling certain conditions. Some will provide the bonus if you knock them down or throw them a small number of times. Others will provide it if you Drive Impact them a bunch of times. Just make sure to bring up their info before starting the fight.

How it works:

  • Search around Metro City and Nayshall for fighters that provide XP bonuses
  • Remember the details needed to fulfill the conditions during the fight. You can also remind yourself of these conditions in the pause menu.
  • Fulfill the condition. They’re not hard.
  • The actual hard part is finding the opponents equipped with these conditions, but they’re around.


9. Fight Opponents with Style XP Bonuses

And here this guy has TWO Style XP bonuses.

Some encounters will net your Avatar bonus XP if you fulfill certain conditions. Others will provide bonus Style XP, XP of a different strain, if the Avatar is equipped with a particular character’s Style. This is a great way to Rank Up individual character Styles, which you’ll need to do when there are over 20 of them available now.

Interestingly, not every opponent that provides Style XP bonuses is using that character’s style. Some are attached to opponents that use the general opponent fighting styles from those in the World Tour. Remember to look at their information to see this before challenging the opponent to a fight.

It’s a bit harder to pinpoint opponents who provide Style XP Bonuses compared to those who provide general XP bonuses. Style XP bonuses aren’t common among those who don’t use the character’s style, making this a bit tougher to rely on. But it’s still possible to find them through looking at their details before fighting them.

How it works:

  • Take a look at the details for bonuses on opponents standing around or walking down the streets in Metro City and Nayshall
  • If they have Style XP bonuses, challenge them to a fight.
  • The condition for winning might require the player to equip that character’s style before fighting them. If they provide style bonuses for E. Honda, for instance, equip his style from the menu before starting the fight.
  • Remember the condition for winning. This is also available in the status menu while fighting. But you can’t switch fighting styles in the middle of a fight.


8. Fight During the Nighttime for More XP

Every night is Fight Night in Metro City.

It’s certainly possible to Level up the Avatar with XP during the day earned by enemies from their attacks. But this is much easier to do after the Avatar has the option to switch between day and night. Different characters appear depending on the time of day, but the nighttime is when the most aggressive enemies come out.

Encounters are more frequent during the nighttime, which means you’re going to get physically assaulted more if you’re not watching yourself. But this is a great time to gain more XP quickly, thanks to the constant number of encounters in both Metro City and Nayshall. Nighttime enemies are also tougher and come at a higher level, further increasing the XP gain.

Go into the designated room and sleep until night in Metro City or Nayshall, a function that will be unlocked after a few missions in the World Tour (though well before you make it to Nayshall). Also make sure your Avatar is ready for tougher challenges that will happen during the night time, though they will be with the XP they’ll receive.

How it works:

  • Go into the special rooms for the Avatar in Metro City and Nayshall. These are indicated on the map.
  • Change the time from daytime to nighttime while inside.
  • Walk around the city looking for encounters. Most of them will come right to the Avatar. These are higher-level enemies than those available in the daytime.


7. Fight Opponents Using the Same Character Styles for More Style XP

Most of them are hanging around the actual characters, unsurprisingly enough.

Most citizens and enemies wandering around both the game’s cities will use one of the three generic styles, if they’re not one of those annoying machines. But a smaller number will use the Styles of characters from the main roster. Fight them to rank up their Styles.

They’re not that easy to find, but their info will come up as the Avatar walks next to them. The character Style they’re using will be indicated by the small picture in the panel, one clear enough to tell the character whose move set you’ll be dealing with. The encounters aren’t hard, but they’re a good way to rank up each character style.

You’ll learn new techniques as the Avatar gains Style XP and ranks up those individual Styles, including their Special moves and eventually Super Arts. This is also how you’ll unlock more conversations and stories to elaborate on each character’s lore, alongside the ability to fight them one-on-one in a traditional Street Fighter match. 

How it works:

  • Look around the city for NPCs using the Styles of certain characters and either challenge or hit them to start the battle.
  • Win the battle (they’re not hard) and bask in that beautiful XP.
  • The XP will unlock new conversations, stories, techniques, and battles with the specific character whose Style was ranked up.


6. Fight Special Opponents for Better EXP

The Watcher can take on the Mad Gear Gang, but not you. You’re madder.

There are plenty of normal encounters available with NPCs and enemies who will run into you for a fight, but some encounters are special. These are higher-level enemies hanging around, who can be challenged for one fight or more.

Fighting and winning these encounters will provide plenty of XP, and several other bonuses. One of the earliest the player will encounter is the Watcher, a big guy in a superhero costume who only appears in Metro City at night. He’ll likely be at a higher level when you first encounter him (he’s at Level 28), making for a big chance to gain XP.

Several of these special encounters with flashy NPCs feature the opponents using the styles of certain characters on the roster. This makes it a chance to also level up the Style XP, in addition to the several bonuses they’ll provide when fulfilling certain conditions. There aren’t many of them around the city, and some only appear during certain times of the day. But they’re great for the early and mid-game parts.

How it works:

  • When you’re wandering around Metro City and Nayshall, keep an eye out for flasher NPCs that provide special encounters.
  • These opponents come at a higher level, meaning they’ll provide good XP. Some will provide even more XP after fulfilling certain conditions.
  • Some of them only appear during the day, while the other freaks come out at night. Search around during both times of the day.
  • Once again: Remember the bonuses they’ll provide before trying to fulfill them. You can always refresh your memory about what they were in the pause menu during the match.


5. Fight the Master Students

Once the learner, now the master.

Street Fighter’s characters are charismatic enough that several followers are unsurprisingly hanging around them. They don’t compare to the characters themselves, but they’re well worth fighting for XP.

Most students of masters drop bonus XP, upon fulfilling certain conditions. Some of these will be as easy as beating them in battle, though others have slightly more difficult stipulations for netting the extra XP, like knocking them down or throwing them a few times. You’ll want to emphasize the “slightly” there, though.

Not all the students will use their master’s Styles, ironically enough. But some will provide extra Style XP if certain Styles are used to beat them, some including Styles from different characters than those they’re hanging around. This is a good way to level up the Styles early on, but this depends on when the player meets certain characters around Metro City, Nayshall, and other smaller locations.

How it works:

  • All the characters will have students lurking around them, like a cult of personality.
  • Most of these students will provide XP bonuses after fulfilling certain conditions in battle. Remember to recheck them in the pop-up menu by pressing the Y or triangle buttons as you’re standing next to the fighter.
  • Check the pause menu during battle if you need a reminder as to what the stipulation is.
  • Not all these fighters will use the Styles of the other fighters, but some will provide Style XP if certain Styles are used to fight them.


4. Fight Enemies at a Higher Level for More EXP

You have to go a little out of the way to find these guys.

The earliest hours of the World Tour are a bit restrictive regarding the sections of Metro City the Avatar can travel to, but that’s not the case with the later hours. Feel free to wander around parts of both Metro City and Nayshall to fight enemies at a higher level than you are.

This doesn’t have to be a scenario where you went to the wrong neighborhood, though that will be the case if you’re not prepared. Feel free to wander around more unfamiliar parts of both cities to fight enemies at a higher level, who lurk during the nighttime. This will net you more XP faster, soon reaching a level equal to the enemies within a specific section.

This is much easier to do in Nayshall than Metro City, since the former is the second city to be unlocked and allows for more immediate freedom with exploration. The special encounters with opponents are at an even higher level and will net the Avatar even more XP, but you’ll want to make sure you’re extremely prepared for these with great equipment, alongside food and items that will heal and increase power and defense.

How it works:

  • Search around for higher-level opponents and enemies in both Metro City and Nayshall. These are easier to find during the nighttime.
  • Fight them, but be prepared for a challenge. Have the best armor available at this point, and be well stocked on items for offensive and defensive increases, and for healing.


3. Compete in the Tournaments

Someone nearby always knows when the tournaments are happening.

There will be several tournaments for the Avatar to compete in around Metro City and Nayshall, putting the big arenas that exist in both cities to use. This is a great chance to get some good general and Style XP.

Let’s be honest here: You won’t have a choice but to compete in several of them to advance the story during the campaign. You’ll have to learn the whereabouts of your friend while letting your fists do the fighting against other strong opponents. It’s not until near the campaign’s end and especially the post-game period when the Avatar can participate in the biggest special optional tournament, one added alongside Rashid after SF6 released.

It’s a good idea to participate in them, considering more content is being slowly added to the World Tour with the additional downloadable content. Not to mention all the special opponents that will be added to both Metro City and Nayshall that will come at a MUCH higher level than the Avatar. The tournaments are a great way to even the odds.

How it works:

  • Find out from NPCs where a tournament is happening, and then sign up for it. You can do this after you’ve participated in a bunch for the story.
  • Of course, you’ll have to actually win the tournaments for this to work out. Have some good armor, and come well stocked with items. The later matches will be tough.


2. Order Special XP Increase Food

Simply ordering the food and having it delivered is too convenient to pass up.

More features will unlock after the Avatar has ventured through a good portion of the World Tour. This will happen after fighting plenty of special NPCs, participating in early and mid-game tournaments, and meeting several characters on the roster. One of the most important is having food delivered.

This will unlock after completing the “Drone Delivery” side quest given by an NPC outside Luke’s training facility in Metro City in Chapter 6, a quest you should complete as soon as possible. Doing so will unlock the option to have food delivered right to the Avatar in most locations, including food that boosts general XP and Style XP gain.

The food available for delivery changes between Metro City and Nayshall. The Blueberry Smoothie is the key one to order in Metro City, which provides an extra-large Style XP gain boost for three minutes There are two available for order in Nayshall. The Lassi will provide a medium-sized boost to general XP gain for three minutes, while the Hard Senbei is the Nayshall equivalent to the Blueberry Smoothie by providing an extra-large Style XP gain boost for three minutes.

How it works:

  • Complete the “Drone Delivery” side quest provided by the NPC outside Luke’s training facility. You can either find another NPC (on Bayside Park Street during the day in Metro City) or pay 19,900 Zenny to complete it. You might as well find the other NPC here.
  • After this, it’s as simple as ordering the XP-boosting food from the app in the menu.
  • Remember that the Blueberry Smoothie is only available in Metro City, while the Lassi and Hard Senbei are only available in Nayshall.
  • The food must be ordered while wandering around in the city. The drone won’t deliver to indoor locations or while the Avatar is on the mountains.


1. Purchase and Eat XP Boosting Food

Just like in real life, you can get the food cheaper if you hoof it and get it in person.

The food that can be purchased from the delivery app is good and convenient. But it doesn’t compare to the food that can be purchased directly from vendors around Street Fighter 6’s World Tour in Metro City and Nayshall.

The XP gain is good from the tips above, but it’s even better when combined with food and drink items consumed beforehand. These will boost gains for general XP and overall Style XP for a specified period for a small price. Not all the food is available in every part of the city, while food choices are different depending on whether the Avatar is in Metro City and Nayshall. But they provide the same benefits, and all last for six minutes.

The French Fries available at Beat Square in Metro City are a good early-game Style XP-boosting item, while the Pumpkin Pie and Deluxe Chanko Stew at Urban Park are good for mid-game Style XP and general XP items, respectively. The Chicken Curry and Specialty Biryani are available at the Old Nayshall vendor in Nayshall for Style XP and general XP, respectively. 

Don’t neglect the food sold by the Merchant Hawker in the smaller locations where other Street Fighter characters reside, like Spaghetti Carbonara for Style XP, English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich for general XP, Choice Sushi for Style XP, and the Pot-Au-Feu for general XP in Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, and France, respectively. These provide bigger XP-boosting benefits than those available in the larger cities, but only last for three minutes.

How it works:

  • Visit select vendors in Metro City for Style XP boost items, and Nayshall for Style and general XP boosting items, and purchase them. They’re consumed immediately after purchase.
  • Food for Style and general XP is also available in smaller locations from the Merchant Hawker whether other Street Fighter characters reside. These provide bigger benefits for a shorter time.
  • Use these before going to level up while fighting stronger enemies hanging around or in tournaments for bigger XP gains faster.


Your Avatar will level up quickly in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour after using a combination of these tips. Level gains will happen considerably faster when you eat food before initiating a bunch of battles. With these, you’ll be able to take on the biggest and best challenges the World Tour has to offer, especially in the post-game period.


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