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Are you tired of spending too much time chasing monster’s only to get slammed, scraped and carted because your build just isn’t doing the trick? Yes kiddos there is a way, a better way and I will show you it; Optimizing your gear, decorations and weapons in Monster Hunter World’s exhaustive build system. Here is ten of the best builds in MHW that will keep you alive most importantly and also deliver murder to those disgustingly cute Pokemon on steroids.

With popularity of weapons always changing and Capcom buffing and nerfing weapon’s power with every patch it’s difficult to know what weapons and builds are being used and which are the most powerful. This list considers the most recent powerful builds based on popularity and effectiveness and also the common speedrunner variable.

10. True Crit Element Insect Glaive Build

Start at Second 16:30 Endgame Insect Glaive Builds - Iceborne Amazing Builds - Season 4

Although I very rarely see the Insect Glaive it does seem like a really cool bladed weapon and the two part system is very unique. This build from Darclbade exploits True Critical Element from the Gold Rathian set which will have your elemental damage maxed out but at the cost of lower raw attack. Dragon element, a common weakness for Elder Dragons, is boosted which is a well-rounded end game element to pair with attack damage. Hit him in his dragon hole y'all.

What True Crit Element Insect Glaive Build Excels In:

  • High Elemental DPS Output
  • Has Quality Of Life Skills
  • Use Any Element Effectively
  • No Handicraft
  • Weapon Has Low Raw Attack

Ability Details:

  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Wyrmsbane Charm V- Dragon Attack 5
  • Affinity Increase, Health Regen and Elemental/Status Effect Up Augmentations
  • Dragon Attack, Critical Eye, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit, Agitator
  • Level Five Divine Blessing and True Critical Status Which Increases Status dDamage with Crits.
  • These are both built in with four piece Gold Rathian Silver Solheim Set

Armor Set:

  • Silver Solheim Beta
  • Silver Solmail Beta
  • Silver Solbraces Beta
  • Silver Solcoil Beta
  • Garuga Greaves
  • Wyrmsbane Charm V

9. The True Immortal Switch Axe Build

MHW: Iceborne - The TRUE Immortal Switch Axe Build! (Safi's Bindaxe)

One of the most nerve wracking and rage filling aspects to MHW is the shared lives system and the most often huge attack damage received by monsters when they land a hit. And landing hits they will do even when they are nowhere near you or happen to merely brush you with their hip as they pass, violently sending you into the ground and into a ten-foot roll only to stand up dizzy grabbing your head as stars circle around it. (My soul just screamed in torment.)

Yes they are all brutal savage beasts and don’t want you anywhere near the idea of carving their carcasses to optimize your precious gear. However, this youtube build presented by Thales Moustache will have you comfortably and defensively waltzing around the map, without losing any offensive advantage all while still checking your cell phone messages and knocking the cat off that same spot he always jumps to in front of your tv.

What the True Immortal Switch Axe Build Excels in:

  • Balances Defense well with Attack
  • Don’t Have to Worry About Taking Damage
  • Health Regen
  • Defense Boost+ Divine Blessing+ Recovery Up+ Health Regen Augment= Full Health
  • Critical Eye+ Critical Boost+ Weakness Exploit+ Attack Boost = Now Go Get Em

Full Build Details:

  • Uses Paralysis Attack Boost
  • Power Phial Type
  • Base attack is 1103
  • Defense is 1197
  • Attack Increase is Stacked in Awakened Abilities

Armor Set:

  • Damascus Helm beta
  • Golden Lunamail beta
  • Buff Arms alpha
  • Golden Lunacoil beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Master’s Charm IV

8. Lightbreak Light Bowgun Rapid Normal 3 Build:

Lightbreak LBG; Rapid Normal 3 Build - A new LBG Meta? 500 dmg Per Rapid Volley | MHW IB

This build is now possible with the recent never before Rapid Fire Normal Ammo III patch update allowing Light Bowgun’s to shoot Normal III ammo with the high rate of fire Rapid Fire mode. I repeat you can now shoot Normal Ammo III with Rapid Fire for the Light Bowgun..

This easily matches if not exceeds the DPS for the Heavy Bowgun. And with the Light Bowgun’s great reloading and shooting mobility this build offers ease of life comfort the Heavy Bowgun would be hard pressed to match.

What Lighbreak Bowgun Rapid Normal 3 Build Excels In:

  • 500 dmg Per Rapid Volley
  • Rejuvenates Health
  • Built In Rajangs Rage (Boosts Accuracy and Damage)
  • Never Before Able to Shoot Rapid Fire Normal 3 Ammo

Full Build Details:

  • Close Range and Evade Reload Weapon Mods
  • Eat for Feline Sharpshooter (Boosts Damage)
  • Attack and Health Weapon Augment
  • Two Piece Rajang Set gives Rajang Rage; Mind’s Eye/Ballistics skill

[Lightbreak LBG; Rapid Normal 3 Build - A new LBG Meta? 500 dmg Per Rapid Volley | MHW IB]

Armor Set:

  • Golden Headdress beta
  • Brachydium Mail beta
  • Brachydium Braces beta
  • Golden Obi beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Awakening Charm III

7. Elemental Charge Blade Build

Elemental Charge Blade Builds - Stronger Than Ever | MHW Iceborne

Safis five-piece set gives one helluva elemental crit hit boost and combined with other crit boosts as well as whatever elemental damage attack boost you need (ice being the greatest) you’re in for a pretty good phial charging elemental damage show.

What Elemental Charge Blade Build Excels In:

  • Kjarr Weapons Jumped Considerably in Damage From Safi’s
  • Kjarr Ice is Stronger than Ever
  • Finally a Decent Water Weapon
  • Kjarr Fire, Thunder, and Dragon Have Equal Stats
  • Great Quality of Life in Survival
  • True Dragonvein+ Critical Eye+ Bunch of Other Stuff in Video+ 100% Affinity = RDDPS

Full Build Details:

  • Kjarr Strongarm Ice has the Highest Elemental Damage
  • Safi Armor Pairs Great with Health Regen for Surviving
  • Every Hit gets 40% Raw and 35% Elemental Damage
  • Must Tenderize Target; Increased Affinity for Hitting Weak Spot
  • Critical Element skill adds 35% Elemental Damage
  • Kjarr Charge Blades are Key Ingredient- Meta Meta Meta Meta
  • Five piece Safi Set True Dragonvein Awakening

Armor Set:

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Safi Crested Chest beta
  • Safi Crested Vambraces beta
  • Safi Crested  Belt beta
  • Safi Crested Boots beta
  • Frost Charm V- Ice Attack +5

6. Demon Lord Beast Buster Sticky Ammo 3 Build

Capcom just made Sticky Ammo MUCH Stronger - Furious Rajang HBG Review

Furious Rajang heavy bowgun is a force to be reckoned with and The Game Economist from youtube has a great build and hunt video demonstrating this awesome ranged weapon. Focusing on Sticky Ammo which detonates after time, sticking to your target the DPS does have some surprisingly great potential giving it being a long-range ammo type.

What Beast Buster Build Excels In:

Me personally, I love HBG and the only weapons getting me off it is if Capcom starts throwing out gigantic furry M60’s, Mac-10s and sawed off shotguns but I don’t see that happening so vicariously I live through my fantasy flesh and bone made 3-5 ammo clip bowgun.

The best thing about this build is shooting Spread III Ammo with low recoil while still moving.

  • Less Recoil Than Previous Sticky Builds
  • Great Attack even with Less Recoil
  • More Damage with Lowered Recoil Fast Rate of Fire
  • Full Mobility While Shooting Sticky Ammo III
  • Constant KO
  • Go Go Power Sticky Bowguns

Build Details:

  • Lower Recoil Means Faster Rate of Fire
  • Includes Sleep and Paralysis Ammo
  • Guard Up (Guard against ordinarily unblockable attacks)
  • Guard Up Compensates for Low Defense
  • Nargacuga Three Piece Set gives Nargacuga Essence
  • Nargacuga Essence Adds True Razor Sharp/Spare Shot; May not Expend Ammo

Armor Set:

  • Nargacuga Helm beta
  • Nargacuga Mail beta
  • Brachydium Braces alpha
  • Brachydium Faulds beta
  • Nargacuga Greaves beta
  • Awakening Charm III

5. The Highest Damage Hammer Build

The Highest Damage Hammer Builds. MHW Iceborne META

I must say that head patting Overhead Smash does appeal to my Neanderthal needs. WANNA MAKE THE BANG BANG GO BOOM BOOM!! Thank you Thor I knew you had some Neanderthal in you as well. We should sit awkwardly together whilst wearing loincloth sometime.

This video again brought to you by JinJinx offers several other build options but all focus mainly on DPS, raw damage, sharpness and health augmenting while staying away from paralysis and purple sharpness builds. However, the first build in the video does need purple sharpness but has the highest EFR(Effective Raw Damage) so BY ODIN'S BEARD IT SHALL BE FEATURED IN THIS MERE HUMAN WRITTEN ARTICLE!!!

What Highest Damage Hammer Build Excels in:

  • May be Highest Hammer Raw Damage in Game Y'all
  • Even Without Slugger KO is Often Due to Such High Raw; Perhaps, Perhaps
  • Masters Touch + Critical Eye + Handicraft + Agitator + Weakness Exploit + Critical Boost  + Non-Elemental Boosts = RDDPS

Full Build Details:

  • Needs Weapon Purple Sharpness
  • Agitator Used to Boost Affinity
  • Non-Elemental Boost for Enhancing Raw Damage

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Rex Roar Mail beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Handcraft Charm

4. Raging Brachydios Best Greatsword Build

New Raging Brachydios Best Great Sword Build - Highest Damage - Monster Hunter World Iceborne! #mhw

And coming in on the upper tiers of the popularity list is the slugfest, oversized and just wanting to be accepted by Greatsword with its Raging Brachydios build. According to RageGamingVideos ranting and raging the violent, thrashing and explosive Brachy has a lot to lay claim to and just really wants us to make full use of his flesh by gearing up and farming his hide appropriately until we have just the right materials we need to build his armor and weapons.

From what I could make out from RagerGamers ranting this build relies on either Brachy’s Lightbreaker Blade or Safi’s Shattersplitter, Master’s Touch and maxed Agitator Skill for effect damage. But can be used with any other melee weapon. So have at it big pieces of sharp metal wielders.

What Raging Brachy Build Excels In:

  • Highest Damage; Raw Attack
  • Good for any Raw Melee Weapon
  • Critical Eye+ Agitator+ Attack Boost+ Critical Boost+ Weakness Exploit= RDDPS
  • Blast Attack is Great for Breaking Parts and KOs

Full Build Details

  • Combines armor set’s Awakening Abilities; Teostra’s Technique & Brachydios Essence
  • Brachydios Lightbreak Blade is Great for Blast
  • Never Have to Sharpen

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown alpha
  • Brachydium Mail Beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Brachydium Greaves
  • Challenger Charm V

3. Raging Brachy POWER Build Longsword

No, I will never get most of the Meta-build gems, special Kulve, Kjarr and Safi Jiva siege weapons or even get my handler to come alive and go out on a real date with me. (I would make sure the date is so good, I will wait for you handler lady, go for now for there is danger.)

So the forward, bold and direct Arekkz Gaming has considered this (the unattainable loot not a date with my handler) when throwing out this build on his youtube channel and he has shown you the way to an early game foundational set upon which other endgame glorious gear can be built upon. Such a sweet man.

What Raging Brachy POWER Build Excels In:

  • Adaptable to Other Sword Type Weapons
  • Considers RNG System/ General Population Won’t Have Necessary Build Ingredients
  • Bare Minimum Base Build Direction; Such a Sweet Thing to Do
  • Raised Max Agitator Skill
  • Critical Eye + Attack Boost + Blast Attack + Agitator + Critical Boost + Weakness Exploit = Now Go Get Em

Full Build Details:

  • Features Blast Attack increasing the Rate of Blast Buildup
  • Combines Two Armor Sets Awakening Abilities
  • Two Piece Raging Brachy Set Brachydium Will Maxes Out Agitator Level
  • There are More Potent Endgame Ingredients to Make this Build More Powerful

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Brachydium Mail beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Brachydium Greaves beta
  • Challenger Charge V Charm

2. Best DPS Build for Post Story (Classic Master’s Touch Meta Set)



If you’re looking for DPS, non-elemental damage no matter where you are in the game this is a great build for you. Of course there will be some preliminary starter sets you’ll cycle through but this build in variations of rank is granted early access in the game. You’ll exploit a Three Piece Set from Teostra Alpha Armor Set which gives the Teostra Technique ability granting the Master’s Touch skill to enhance sharpness.

Although the weapon in this build is end-game, most likely halting social and career development to acquire , it can be traded out with lower rank similar statted weapons. Thanks for this build brought to you by the always mathematically correct JinJinx and Tuna [Monster Hunter Math].

What Best DPS Build Excels in:


  • Great for Any Raw Weapon
  • Top Rated Non-Elemental Weapon = Raw Attack
  • Great Built-in Affinity
  • Attack Boost + Handicraft + Critical Boost + Critical Eye + Weakness Exploit = RDDPS

Full Build Details:

  • Best with Evanescent Glow Master Rank Switch Axe from Final Boss Shara Ishvalda
  • Three Piece Set from Teostra Alpha Armor Set give Teostra Technique; Master’s Touch
  • Master’s Touch Boosts Sharpness
  • WhiteSharpness OK; Purple Sharpness Just Ain’t Worth It Ya’ll
  • End Game Farm for Weapon Materials May Take Some Heavy Grindage
  • Similar Statted Lower Rank Weapon is Sufficient

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Kirin Jacket beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta

Handicraft Charm III- Enhances Sharpness

1. Ultimate Immortal Build (AFK Never Die/Still Kill Power)

Ultimate Immortal Build - Huge Damage + AFK = Never Cart - Monster Hunter World Iceborne! #iceborne

There are several immortal builds floating about but this is the latest brought to you by the glamorous proper English rapping RageGamingVideos. Most other immortal builds I’ve seen rely heavily on the palico but this one lets you do all the work or no work at all while allowing your palico to do what he does best; Look cute and aggro your target every once in awhile letting you heal or throw in a couple jabs planning your next major attack.

Keeping your gear with max slottage for jewels; Sharpness, Defense and Health Increase Awakened Abilities; Defense Boost and Health Regen augments. These are the ways of immortality. Also Val Soulvein’s Awakening Ability Health Regen and Divine Blessing Secret from two piece Golden Lune Beta is a major defense component here.

What Ultimate Immortality Build Excels In:

  • Huge damage even though defense is so high
  • Never cart
  • Works against any monster
  • Vastly improved over previous immortal builds
  • Lots of slottage for decorations

Full Body Detail:

  • Val Soulvein + Recovery Speed/Up + Health Regen = Enhancing Recovery of Lost Health
  • Defense Boost + Divine Blessing Lv 5 + Health Recovery = Critical for Defense
  • Focus for Enhancing Charge for Charged Attacks
  • Critical Boost + Weakness Exploit + Critical Eye + 100% Affinity = Appropriate Attack

Armor Set:

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Golden Lunammail beta
  • Fellshroud Braces Beta
  • Golden Lunacoil beta
  • Garuga Greaves
  • Defense Charm V

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