MHW Best Lance Builds [Top 7]

Discover the best, most popular and useful MHW builds.
This Is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than It's Gonna Hurt Me

7. Barroth All Around Beginner Build

  • 5pc Barroth Armor 
  • Handicraft Charm
  • Vitality and Rocksteady Mantle
  • Attack Boost, Weakness Exploit, Agitator and Offensive Guard DPS Skills.
  • Health boost, Handicraft, Stamina Thief, Guard and Stun Resistance Quality of Life Skills

Barroth All Around Beginner Build Details:

  • Critical Eye and Divine Blessing Slotted Into Mantles
  • Guard, Stamina Thief, Marathon Runner, Agitator and Stun Resistance All Armor By-product
  • Agitator Increases Attack When Monster Is Enraged
  • Stamina Thief Increases Certain Attacks’ Ability to Exhaust Monsters Attacks

6. Endgame Gathering/Farming Build:

What’s Good About Endgame Gathering/Farming Build:

  • Full Set Guildwork Beta Armor
  • Guild Pride 
  • Gather More Items
  • Fast Movement Speed
  • Good at Stamina Management

Endgame Gathering/Farming Build Details:

  • Not a Combat Build
  • Guild Pride Unlocks Good Luck and Craving Master Skills
  • Good Luck Increases Chance of Good Rewards
  • Carving Master Let’s You Carve One Additional Time

5. Luna Lancer Lance Build

What’s Good About Luna Lancer Lance Build: 

  • Pre-Iceborne Build
  • 5 Piece Empress Armor (Lunastra)
  • Lunastra Favor
  • Razor Sharp Skill
  • Critical Eye, Blast Attack, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit and Peak Performance for DPS
  • Guard, Tool Specialist, Health Boost, Evade Extender and Wide Range for Quality of Life

Luna Lancer Lance Build Details:

  • Empress Lance “Styxx”
  • Ironsides Charm III (Guard)
  • Lunastra Favor Unlocks Stamina Cap Up (2pc) and Mind’s Eye (4pc)
  • Stamina Cap Up Increases Max Stamina
  • Minds Eye Prevents Attacks From Being Deflected
  • Razor Sharp Halves Sharpness Loss
  • Peak Performance Increases Attack When Health Is Full
  • Tool Specialist Reduces the Recharge Time for Specialized Tools (Mantles)

4. Tank and Thank Build

What’s Good About Tank and Thank Build:

  • Full 4 Piece Armor Fatalis Bonus - Fatalis Legend
  • Inheritance and Transcendence Skills
  • Provoker Skill
  • Offensive Guard Skill
  • Constitution Skill
  • Efficiently Take Aggro So Teammates Can Whip Up on the Whippy
  • Teammates Will Love You Saying Thank You Often
  • Also Strong Offensively
  • Super Recovery
  • No Need For Health Potions


  • Safi’s Shattersnout
  • Provoker Increases the Chance that a Monster Will Target You by 20%
  • 4 Attack Increase and Vaal Soulvein Awakened Abilities
  • Attack and Health Regen Weapon Augments
  • Super Recovery Allows Health Recovery to Extend Past Red Health
  • Agitator, Critical Eye, Critical Boost and Weakness Exploit for DPS
  • Constitution, Guard, Stun Resistance, Recovery Up, Evade Window, Evade Extender and Offensive Guard for Quality of Life Skills
  • Offensive Guard Temporarily Increases Attack After A Perfect Guard
  • Constitution Reduces Stamina Depletion When Performing Stamina Draining Moves

3. Raw Lance Meta Build: Royal Grace Pike

1st Build

What’s Good About Raw Lance Meta Build:

  • Royal Grace Pike
  • 813 Effective Raw Attack 
  • 2 Weapon Augment Slots
  • Use Non-Elemental Skill Thanks To Hidden Element in Weapon
  • 540 Water Damage
  • Ironside Charm V
  • Attack Boost, Agitator, Offensive Guard, Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, Blast Attack and Critical Boost for DPS
  • Guard, Master’s Touch and Handicraft for Quality Of Life

Raw Lance Meta Build Details:

  • Non Elemental Boost Powers Up Equipped Non-Elemental Weapons
  • Royal Grace Pike Outclasses Ruinous Perdition In Raw Dmg
  • Ironside Charm V Gives 5 Points To Guard Skill
  • Weakness Exploit Increase the Affinity of Weak Spot Attacks 
  • Handicraft Extends The Weapon Sharpness Gauge

2. Elemental Lance General Use/Comfy Build

What's Good About Lance General Use/Comfy Build:

  • A Dream To Run
  • Teostra Technique
  • 100% Affinity
  • Attack Boost, Agitator, Critical Eye, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit and Peak Performance for DPS
  • Guard and Offensive Guard for Quality of Life
  • Assassins Hood Mantle

Elemental Lance General Use/Comfy Build:

  • Lightbreak Lance
  • Teostra Technique Unlocks Master’s Touch
  • Master’s Touch Prevents Weapon Sharpness Loss From Critical Hits
  • Affinity Increase, Health Regen and Element/Status Effect Up Weapon Augments
  • Assassins Hood Mantle Last 7 Minutes And Allows For Sneak 
  • Attack Boost Increases Attack Power And Also Affinity But Only At Higher Levels
  • Guard Reduces Knockbacks and Stamina Depletion When Guarding

1.True Fatalis Lance Build

What’s Awesome About True Fatalis Lance Build:

  • True Fatalis Lance
  • Fatalis Legend Effect
  • Inheritance Ability
  • Transcendance Ability
  • Remove Cap From All Skills
  • True Razor Sharp/ Spare Shot
  • Start With +100 Health/Stamina And After Fainting
  • Attack Boost, Critical Eye, Agitator, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit for DPS
  • Guard, Divine Blessing, Stun Resistance, Quick Sheath and Evade Extender for Quality of Life

True Fatalis Lance Build Details:

  • Fatalis Legend Effect Unlocks Inheritance and Transcendance Abilities
  • Inheritance Removes the Skill Level Cap for the Skill Secrets
  • Transcendance Grants Trues Razor/Spare Shot and Gives +100 Health/Stamina at the Start of a Quest/After Fainting
  • Agitator Increases Attack Power/Affinity When Monster is Enraged
  • Divine Blessing Gives a Chance at Reducing the Damage You Take

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