MHW Iceborne Best Insect Glaive Builds [Top 7]

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Pick Your Weapon, or Should I Say Insect?

MHW Iceborne Best Insect Glaive Builds [Top 7]

The Insect Glaive is a peculiar beast or should I say insect of a weapon in Monster Hunter World. As one of the quickest and agile weapons in MHW it is also the only aerial weapon in the game that allows you to launch over to both flying or ground targets, mounting and attacking them from above. With selecting the spear like Glaive and the gigantic flying beetle butterfly Kinsect there are some pretty wild and fun builds as well as metas to behold. This guide will pull you through the fascinating ins and outs of some popular and also powerful flying Insect Glaive builds.

7. Beginner Insect Glaive Build(s) - Beotodus Ice Build

Beginner Insect Glaive Builds - Iceborne Amazing Builds - Season 3

What's Awesome About Beginner Insect Glaive Build:

  • Multiple Beginner Builds in the Video
  • Beotodus Armor
  • Great Beginner Set
  • Quality of Life and DPS
  • Weakness Exploit
  • 882 Base Attack
  • Earplugs and Stamina Surge Skills
  • Critical Eye and Weakness Exploit Skills
  • Aquatic/ Polar Mobility Skill
  • Best Against Monsters with Ice

Build Details:

  • Beo Glaive II
  • Aquatic/Polar Mobility Allows You to Easily Move Through Water and Snow
  • Stamina Surge Speeds Up Stamina Recovery (Great for IG High Stamina Use)
  • Earplugs Ignores Monster Roars So You Can Keep Moving/Attacking

Armor Set:

  • Beo Helm alpha
  • Beo Mail alpha
  • Beo Vambraces alpha
  • Beo Coil alpha
  • Beo Greaves alpha
  • Master’s Charm IV

6. The Super Comfy Insect Glaive Build (Lightbreak Press)

MHW: Iceborne - The Super Comfy Insect Glaive Build! (Lightbreak Press)

What’s Awesome About the Super Comfy Insect Glaive Build:

  • 2 Pc Brachy and 3 Pc Golden Lunemail Armor Sets
  • Brachydios Will and Gold Rathian Essence
  • 1039 Raw Attack
  • Divine Blessing , Health Boost and Recovery Up Skills
  • Speed Sharpening and Protective Polish Skills
  • Power Prolonger Skill
  • Airborne Skill

Build Details:

  • Gold Rathian Essence Unlocks Divine Blessing Secret (Maxes Divine Blessing Lv)
  • Brachydios Will Unlocks Agitator Secret (Maxes Agitator Lv)
  • Divine Blessing Gives a Chance at Reducing Dmg You Take
  • Health Boost Skill Maxes Health Cap
  • Recovery Up Increases the Amount Restored when Restoring Health
  • Protective Polish Keeps Weapon Sharpness From Decreasing After Sharpening (Timed)
  • Affinity Increase, Health Regen and Status Effect Up Weapon Augments
  • Power Prolonger Allows Glaive to Power Up Longer

Armor Set:

  • Brachydium Helm beta
  • Golden Lunemail beta
  • Brachydium Braces beta
  • Golden Lunemail beta
  • Brachydium Greaves alpha
  • Challenger Charm V

5.. The Immortal Army - Best Insect Glaive Build - Kinsect Only

What's Awesome About Immortal Army - Best Insect Build:

  • Gleambeetle III Velox Kinsect
  • Kinsect Does All the Damage
  • Built In Weapon Element Boost
  • You Are Immortal
  • Power Up Kinsect By Feeding it Ammo 
  • Stay Completely Safe At Range While Dishing Out Decent Ammo
  • Spam the Same Button the Whole Hunt
  • Maximizes Utility to Increase Kinsect’s Effectiveness
  • Divine Blessing Skill
  • Slinger Capacity Skill
  • Earplugs and Flinch Free
  • Palico Rally and Wide Range Skills
  • Recovery Up and Health Boost Skills

Build Details:

  • Dragonbone Glave III
  • There are No Skills in Game That Boosts Kinsect’s Attack
  • Gleambeetle III Velox Has Great Power and Speed
  • Palico WIll Also Do Good Damage
  • Slinger Capacity Makes it Easier to Feed Kinsect More Ammo
  • Health Regen All the WayWeapon Augments
  • Palicoes Rally Powers Up Palicoes Attack and Defense
  • Wide Range Allows Effects of Certain Items to Affect Nearby Allies
  • Power Up Kinsect and Palicoe with Wide Range Demon Drugs, Powders and Seeds
  • Flinch Free Prevents Knockbacks and Other Reactions to Small Damage

Armor Set:

  • Astral Veil alpha
  • Golden Lunemail beta
  • Silver Solbraces beta
  • Golden Lunecoil beta
  • Silver Solgreaves beta
  • Earplugs Charm IV

4. Master’s Touch Decent Raw, Element and Affinity Build(s)

What's Awesome About Master’s Touch Decent Raw, Element and Affinity Build(s)

  • Teostra Technique
  • Several Builds in Vid with Most Important Glaive Traits
  • Don’t Use the Same Build Everyday
  • Look for Decent Raw, Element and Affinity
  • Foliacath III Forz Kinsect
  • Great Mobility and Airborne Attacks
  • No Protective Polish/ Sharpening
  • Critical Eye and Attack Boost Skills
  • Agitator and Peak Performance Skills

Build Details:

  • Ruinous Catastrophe (Nergigante, Top Raw Dmg)
  • 3 Pc Teostra Armor Unlocks Teostra Technique (Master’s Touch)
  • Foliacath III Forz Has Great Speed and Power
  • Protective Polish is for Builds that Sharpen, but for IG Sharpening Slows You Down
  • Critical Eye Boosts Affinity and Attack Boost Increases Attack Power
  • Agitator Boosts Attack when Monster is Enraged
  • Peak Performance Boosts Attack when Your Health is Full 

Armor Set:

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Rex Roar Mail beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Garuga Greaves beta

3. 100% Crit Strike Without Weakness Exploit Build

Start at 3:16

The Strongest Kjarr Insect Glaive Builds | Master Rank Elemental IG | Monster Hunter World Iceborne

What’s Awesome About 100% Crit Strike Build Without Weakness Exploit Build:

  • 5 pc Safi Jiva Armor Set
  • True Dragonvein Awakening
  • 100% Crit Strike without Weakness Exploit
  • 840 Element
  • Resentment Skill
  • Airborne Skill
  • Slinger Capacity Skill
  • Very Fun Natural IG Playing Style 
  • Coalescence Skill
  • Water Attack Skill

Build Details: 

  • Kjarr Glave Water
  • 5 Pc Safi Armor Unlock True Dragonvein Awakening
  • TDV Boosts Attacks, Affinity and Elemental Dmg but Steals Your Health when Hitting
  • Slinger Capacity Increases Ammo Capacity for Slinger (Great for Wall Slams)
  • Water Attack Skill Boosts the Power of Water Attacks
  • Affinity and 2 Element Up/Defense Up/Health Regen Weapon Augments

Armor Set: 

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Safi Crested Chest beta
  • Safi Crested Vambraces beta
  • Safi Crested Belt beta
  • Safi Crested Boots beta
  • Flood Charm V (Water Attack)

2. Mostly Meta Blast Build Insect Glaive

What’s Awesome About Mostly Meta Blast Insect Glaive:

  • Teostra and Raging Bracky Armor Sets
  • Master’s Touch and Agitators Secret
  • Vezirstag III Forz Kinsect
  • Agitator Skill
  • Airborne Skill
  • Partbreaker Skill
  • Various Affinity Type (Enraged/ Weakspots/ Tenderized)
  • 100%Affinity for Weak Spots/ Tenderized

Build Betails:

  • Lightbreak Press (Raging Brachy)
  • 2 Armor Sets Teostra and Raging Brachy Unlock Two Skills 
  • Master’s Touch Boosts Sharpness, Agitator Secret Maxes Agitator Level
  • Airborne Boosts Dmg for Jumping Attacks (Descending Thrust)
  • Affinity Increase and Health Regen Weapon Augments
  • Vezirstag Has High Power and Blast Attack
  • Can Easily Swap Earplugs Out (Attack Boost, Peak Performance)
  • When Kinsect Has All Three Buffs You Get Earplugs 2.
  • Partbreaker is Great for Team Hunts/ Kulve

Armor Set: 

  • Kaiser Crown beta
  • Brachydium Mail beta
  • Kaiser Vambraces beta
  • Kaiser Coil beta
  • Brachydium Greaves beta
  • Challenger Charm V

1. Strongest Elemental Kjarr Insect Glaive Build

Build #1

The Strongest Kjarr Insect Glaive Builds | Master Rank Elemental IG | Monster Hunter World Iceborne

What’s Awesome About Strongest Elemental Kjarr Insect Glaive Build:

  • Kjarr Glaive Water
  • Natural White Sharpness
  • 899 Base Attack
  • 770 Element
  • Kinsect Bonus Elemental Boost 
  • Built In Weapon Crit Element
  • Resentment Skill
  • Coalescence

Build Details:

  • Master’s Touch and Agitator Secret Armor Set Skills
  • Crit Element Boosts Elemental Dmg for Critical Hits
  • Resentment Increases Attack When You Have Red Health
  • Coalescence Temp Boosts Attacks When Recovered from Blight
  • Coalescence Will Prock Often Since Water Weapon is Used Mostly for Fire Targets
  • Ground Play Style Only (No Airborne)
  • Affinity Increase and 2 Element Up/ Health Regen Weapon Augments

Armor Set:

  • Brachydium Helm beta
  • Safi Crested Chest beta
  • Safi Crested Vambraces beta
  • Safi Crested Bolt beta
  • Brachydium Greaves beta
  • Challenger Charm V

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