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Meowscular Chef is Short Bus Crazy But I Love It


Let’s face it. Learning how to make a custom platter and what food skills to be cooking for was probably one of the last things about Monster Hunter: World you learned. But it is good I say. Custom platters are good to be cooking I say. Can you get by in MHW without custom platters? Yes I say. Yes you can get by and still fein total badassery but these food skills are still very helpful and this list will show you da way on what top food skills to be cooking for when making your own personal custom platters. But if Meowscular Chef tells you to eat his Chef’s Choice Platter, you had better do so. Have you seen his guns?

10. Felyne Carver

Because sometimes in Monster Hunter: World you gotta stop and smell the roses, and while you’re at it carve carcasses. Felyne Carver will increase the number of times you can carve a slayed monster, giving you a bigger yield each time.

What’s Great About Felyne Carver:

  • Increase the Number You Can Carve 
  • Get More Stuff
  • You Have Too Much Stuff Already

Felyne Carver Details:

  • Any 6 Perception Ingredients

9. Felyne Feet

Gain and keep your footing with this skill that will keep you grounded when taking on a heavy attack. Always stay on your feet when using Felyne Acrobat which allows for quicker recovery whenever you get sent flying from an attack.

What’s Great About Felyne Moxie:

  • Stay On Your Feet When Attacked
  • Felyne Feet Details:
  • Any 4 Resilience Ingredients

8. Felyne Heroics

Similar to the Heroics or Resentment Skills, this food skill increases your raw attack by 35% when your health drops dangerously low.35% HP). Great for players that seem to have a hard time keeping their health full but don’t seem to cart. You can only back a wolf into a corner but so much.

What’s Great About Felyne Heroics:

  • Increase Attack When Health is Low
  • 35% Huge Raw Attack Increase
  • Build for Low Health Combat to Maintain Attack Bonus (Good Luck!)

Felyne Heroics Details:

  • Any 6 Vigor Ingredients 

7. Felyne Sharpshooter

If you’re big into Bowguns and Bows normal ammo shots then you’re gonna want to add this food skill to your custom platter. Felyne Sharpshooter increases the power of normal shots.

What’s Great about Felyne Sharpshooter:

  • Increase the damage of Normal Shots
  • Bowguns and Bows Only

Felyne SharpshooterDetails:

  • Any 2 Artillery Ingredients

Normal (S) Bowgun Ammo and Normal Bow Arrows Only

6.  Felyne Lucky Cat

There’s nothing better than seeing a list of wonderful rewards after those grueling hour long hunts. Did you get what you were looking for? I sure hope so. Felyne Lucky Cat often increases the number of rewards after each hunt. So keep stacking all that wonderful Monster Hunter World Gear.

What’s Great About Felyne Lucky Cat:

  • Increase the Number of End of Quest Rewards
  • Have a Lot More Stuff
  • Stuff is Cool

Lucky Cat Details:

  • Any 6 Fortune Beverages

5. Felyne Bombardier

For builds that use sticky ammo, gunlance shell or charge blade that uses impact phial damage there is the Felyne Bombardier food skill. This precious food skill increases sticky ammo, gunlance and charge blade impact phial damage and also boosts ballista power but who cares.

What’s Great About Felyne Bombardier:

  • Increase Sticky Ammo, Gunlance Shell and Charge Blade Impact Phial Dmg
  • Also Increases Ballista Dmg 
  • Great for Bowgun, Gunlance and Charge Blade

Felyne Bombardier Details:

  • Any 4 Artillery Ingredients

4. Felyne Moxie

This skill is such a lifesaver. No really, it essentially gives you an extra cart whenever you take damage that exceeds your remaining health. Wonderful when playing with randoms that aren’t all together there. It’s ok you can show them da way.

What’s Great About Felyne Polisher:

  • Great Life Insurance
  • Get a Free Cart

Felyne Moxie Details:

  • Any 6 Resilience Ingredients

3. Felyne Blackbelt

This is a great perk for players that guard or are constantly evading. Keeping your stamina up also helps to take less damage when actually guarding and of course being able to countlessly dodge attacks is always good. Felyne Black Belt reduces stamina loss when evading, guarding and any action that uses stamina.

What’s Great about Felyne Blackbelt:

  • Reduces Stamina Depletion by 20%
  • Grants Stamina Use Reduced Status Effect
  • Helps With Mobility
  • Improves Guard

Felyne Black Belt Details:

  • Any 4 Vigor Ingredients
  • Stamina Use Reduced Reduces Stamina Usage for Evading, Dashing and Weapon Moves

2. Felyne Polisher

Shorten your sharpening animation time with this speedy sharpening skill. There’s nothing worse than spending all your valuable time sharpening your weapon when you should be beating down your target.

What’s Great About Felyne Polisher:

  • Speed Up Sharpening Time
  • Great For Builds That Rely Heavily On Sharpening
  • Pairs Well With SpeedSharpening Skill, Whetfish Fins and Whetstones

Felyne Polisher Details:

  • Any 2 Courage Ingredients

1. Felyne Safeguard

Yet another free cart and in Monster Hunter: World this truely is a lifesaver. No really it will save you a life. Felyne Safeguard keeps your group from being penalized the first time someone carts. This is always good when playing with the ever mysterious and unpredictable randoms. (They always die.)

What’s Good About Felyne Safeguard:

  • Fainting Doesn’t Count Against You
  • Great Life Insurance

Felyne Safeguard Details:

  • Any 6 Preparation Beverages

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