[Top 5] MHW Best Augments And How To Get Them

Monster Hunter World, Best Augments
Augment your weapons for maximum dragon-slaying!

[Top 5] MHW Best Augments and How to Get Them

These augments will take your monster hunting to the next level!

In Monster Hunter World, one of the most important choices you make will be what augments you are going to put on your weapons. Some augments increase your damage, while others might increase your defense. Others still might give you health regeneration! It’s difficult to determine which of these are the best, but I have attempted, with my rankings below.

5. Attack Increase Augment:

The Attack Increase augment increases your attack power!

This one is pretty straight-forward. It makes your weapon deal more damage! Always a fun choice for those who simply want to make things into dead things, but faster, and see those damage numbers go up!


What’s good about Attack Increase:

  • Increases your raw damage, which can kill monsters faster!
  • One of the more fun choices!

Attack Increase Details

  • Raises Base Attack Power by 5 for each application
  • Gives you more of a damage increase, the higher your base damage is!
  • It takes up a lot of upgrade slots, making it costly.

How to Get Attack Increase

  • Requirements differ depending on the rarity of the weapon being augmented, with rarer weapons requiring rarer components
  • Have a weapon with 3 open augment slots. 
  • Have the material components (usually elder dragon parts) 


4. Elemental/Status Effect Up Augment:

The Element/Status Effect Up Augment will increase your elemental damage by a lot!

Elemental Damage becomes very very important in Iceborne when the monsters suddenly get a lot tougher. One of the best things you can do to increase your DPS is to increase your elemental damage. Support builds can use this as well, as the status effect buff is potent. I enjoy using this augment on blast-type weapons, as a kind of fusion of these two concepts!

What’s Good about Elemental/Status Effect Up?

  • Pulls double duty, affecting both elemental damage, and status effect potency, depending on the weapon.
  • Especially useful for Light Bowgun Users, who can often use both elemental damage and status effect ammunition.
  • Only takes 1 augment slot! Very inexpensive!

Elemental/Status Effect Up Details

  • +30 Elemental/Status per rank. Even a single rank will drastically improve your elemental weapon’s effectiveness in battle!
  • Increases proc rate for statuses such as paralysis or sleep, which can help your team.
  • Increases proc rate for damaging status effects like poison or blast, which can add to your DPS

How to get Elemental/Status Effect Up

  • Requirements differ depending on the rarity of the weapon being augmented, with rarer weapons requiring rarer components
  • Have at least 1 augment slot open. This is a cheap one!
  • 600 points


3. Affinity Increase Augment

Affinity Increase will increase your DPS!

Affinity is one of the more important stats in the game. It determines your critical chance, with a higher affinity rank (in percentage points) representing a higher chance of landing a critical hit on a monster. This affects most attacks in the game (aside from sticky/cluster shots, and status shots, sadly). Naturally, you will want a high affinity on any weapon you use, and this is a good way to increase your affinity.

What’s good about Affinity Increase

  • Increase your affinity by a full 10% each rank
  • Costs only 2 augment slots, which is relatively inexpensive
  • Effective for almost any weapon

 Affinity Increase Details

  • Increases affinity by 10% for each rank applied to the weapon
  • Relatively inexpensive to build, with even the rank-12 weapon affinity increase costing fairly common materials
  • Useful for any weapon, as affinity is something you almost always want to have

How to get

  • Requirements differ depending on the rarity of the weapon being augmented, with rarer weapons requiring rarer components
  • 600 points
  • 2 open augment slots.


2. Health Regeneration Augment

Health Regen gives you a set percentage of your damage back as health gain!

Health Regen is hands-down the most useful of the traditional weapon augments in the game. It allows you to heal for a percentage of all of the damage you do. This is especially useful for weapons that deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time, such as sticky/cluster HBG setups (my favorite build). While the cost of entry is high, this will likely be your favorite weapon augment.


Why is Health Regen so good?

  • Heal for more HP, the more damage you do.
  • Increases survivability, and saves on potions.
  • Useful for any weapon. Really. It’s the gold standard.

Health Regen Details

  • Heals for 7.5% of dealt damage at rank 1, 9% at rank 2
  • EXTREMELY effective for weapons that deal with high amounts of burst damage. Almost as good as drinking a mega potion.
  • Expensive, costing 3 augment slots.

How to get Health Regen

  • Requirements differ depending on the rarity of the weapon being augmented, with rarer weapons requiring rarer components
  • Have 3 augment slots
  • 400 research points


1. Safi'Jiiva Weapon Upgrades

Safi'Jiiva Weapon upgrades are some of the most unique and powerful in the game!

These are perhaps one of the coolest upgrade mechanics in the entire game! As you kill Safi’jiiva (which you will. A lot.) you will amass a horde of dragon parts. You can upgrade your Safi’jiiva weapons with these dragon parts (called Dracolite), giving it a bunch of semi-random effects, ranging from increasing your attack, to even making the weapon count towards armor set bonuses! The possibilities are endless!

What’s so good about the Safi’Jiiva upgrades?

  • You can go many different ways with them. Hundreds of combinations!
  • Fighting Safi is a fun time, every time. 
  • The Safi weapons are some of the best in the game. The right upgrades can make them the best in the game.
  • These weapons take traditional augments on top of the upgrades.

Safi’jiiva Weapon Upgrade Details

  • Upgrade attack, defense, status effects, elemental damage, or sharpness.
  • You also have the option to make your Safi weapon count towards a set bonus.
  • Only uses components gained from Safi’jiiva hunts to upgrade.

How to get Safi’jiiva Weapon Upgrades

  • Farm Safi'Jiiva for dracolite pieces.
  • Use these pieces to fill the awakening meter in the upgrade menu for Safi weapons.
  • The choices gained are semi-random. If the one you want doesn’t show up, you can “store” your progress and increase your chances of getting it in the next roll.

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