[Top 10] MHW Best Elemental Weapons

Figure out the best elemental build that works for you.
What Would I Be Without You, Smithy

But why I say why oh why do we need to know the meta, the best, the favorite, the most popular, the most whatever? It is not worth asking the why my child, it is better to know the what. WHAT are you gonna do with all this soiled controller fingertip power once your meta build is sufficiently grinded, farmed and equipped? Ya need to go and make those monsters shut up and stop roaring all the damn time when I’m standing right next to them, that’s what.

10. Kjarr Glaive Water Insect Glaive (Best for Water Damage)

The Insect Glaive offers flying monkey techniques and jumping to Mary Poppins gliding to UFC mount takedowns. (Damn I just excited myself again. Pant’s slowly fall to ankles.) From Kjarr to Safi to the new Alatreon oh and back to let’s not forget Lightbreak King Raging Brachy’s crazy Mike Tyson ass looking for the best meta. Kjarr does seem to take the meta elemental cake but there are and always will be other monsters, glaring from nests desperately waiting it’s chance to take out another hunter and live another day in the wild with a full tummy.

Weapon Stats:

  • 620 Attack
  • 10% Damage
  • 270 Water Damage
  • Element Boost Kinsect Bonus
  • Built In Critical Element Skill

Why Kjarr Glaive Water is Great:

  • High Water Damage
  • Kinsect Bonus
  • Great Mobility
  • Built In Critical Element Skill
  • Great with Safi and Brachy Mix Set Bonuses

How To Get Kjarr Glaive Water:

  • Kulve Taroth Siege Rewards

See Kjarr Glaive Water in Action:

9. Safi LBG Safi’s Aquashot (Best for Low Recoil Water/Sticky Dmg)

Line up and get your very own Light Bowgun Aquashot from the generous Safi Siege rewards after successfully slaying the King of Elder Dragons himself. Not that Safi’s other elemental weapons are all that ineffective, it’s just that this one has a few greater weapon mechanics than the others. Such as it’s recoil enabling your shots to travel much faster and well yea it’s recoil again which works in great combination with Rapid Fire Water and Sticky Ammo. Just be sure you are pairing your weapons element with the target’s element you are hunting.

Weapon Stats: 

  • Lv4 Gem Slot
  • 325 Attack
  • 5% Affinity
  • Very High Deviation
  • 4 Custom Mods
  • Wyvernblast Special Ammo

Why Safi’s Aquashot is Great:

  • Rapid Fire Water or Sticky Ammo
  • High Mobility 
  • Long Range 
  • Safe Distancing
  • Better Recoil Than Other Safi’s Elemental Weapons

How to Get Safi’s Aquashot:

  • Safi Siege Reward

See Safi’s Aquashot in Action:

8. Pre Iceborne LBG Empress Shell Styx (Built in Spare Shot)

Using a good variety of ammo to its advantage (Slice, Pierce, Water and Thunder), the Empress Shell Styx was the top Monster Hunter elemental Light Bowgun before Iceborne’s Safi and Alatreon weapons. It has two built in decoration slots and 10% base affinity assuring more critical hits and what really sets it apart is it’s built in Spare Shot skill which gives a chance at not expending ammo.

Weapon Stats:

  • A Lv3 Slot and Lv1 Slot
  • 247 Attack
  • 10% Affinity
  • Low Deviation
  • Wyvernblast Special Ammo

Why Empress Shell Styx is Great: 

  • Good Ammo Variety
  • 10% Affinity
  • Good Gem Slots
  • Built in Spare Shot Skill

How To Get Empress Shell Styx:

  • Craft From Lunastra Materials

See Empress Shell Styx in Action: 

7. Taroth Pipe Sleep Hunting Horn (Best for Sleep Status)

Sleep is always a useful status to throw down on your target during your hunts. Not only do the monster’s look extra cute and cuddly but instead of snuggling up to them you can set mega bombs on their vulnerable sleepy heads and ignite them with a Wyvern Blast or True Charge Slash from one of your teammates. With a good build using the Taroth Pipe Sleep you can pull this off three times a hunt.

Weapon Stats:

  • Lv 3 Slot
  • 798 Attack
  • 0% Affinity
  • (420) Sleep 

Why Tarroth Pipe Sleep is Great: 

  • High Damage
  • Sleep Will Actually Work
  • Wake Up Damage Opportunities
  • Follow Up Wall Bangs
  • Can Buff Team With Attack XL Melody

How To Get Taroth Pipe Sleep:

  • Kulve Taroth Siege Rewards

See Taroth Pipe Sleep in Action:

6. Alatreon Commandment Bow (Best for Dragon Dmg and Ammo Coatings)

From the jaws, the backbone and maybe a little Alatreon toe nail comes the new Alatreon bow Alatreon Commandment. I confess I have not even attempted Alatreon. I admit it. I confess I’m so sorry. I just like to do the same things… and all the my butt hurts now from Alatreon comments and videos I’ve seen on the internet struck me deep with fear. Enough of this pathetic man dribble, pick up this awesome new bow and dish out some dragon damage with a great selection of ammo coating’s Alatreon Commandment has to offer.  Alright now Sleep and Paralysis. Just you know, go and kill Alatreon. No worries. I ain’t never scared.

Weapon Stats:

  • Two Lv2 Gem Slots
  • 336 Attack
  • 0% Affinity
  • 600 Dragon
  • Low Deviation
  • Close Range, Power, Paralysis, Sleep and Blast Ammo Coatings

Why Alatreon Commandment is Great:

  • Dragon Elemental Dmg
  • Great Ammo Coatings
  • Good Deco Slots
  • Great With Critical Element and Latent Power Skills
  • Great for Affinity Builds

How To Get Alatreon Commandment:

  • Materials From the Alatreon Monster

See Alatreon Commandment in Action:

5. Safi’s Shattershield (Best for Blast Damage)

While it’s raw damage is just as good in most cases, the Charge Blade does have some great elemental potential with it’s phial energy dispensing mechanics and Safi’s Shattershield does not fail in delivering some top Blast status damage. So there you have it, not only does the weapon look amazing with Safi’s blinking eye built in (Or does it not blink but just stare callously and cold into the abyss as it is flailed against countless other monster’s body parts?) but it will also carry you through most any honorable hunt.

Weapon Stats:

  • Lv4 Slot
  • 972 Attack
  • 5% Affinity
  • 120 Blast Damage
  • Impact Phial

Why is Safi’s Shattershield Great:

  • Blast Damage
  • High Raw Attack As Well as Element/Status
  • Great Aesthetics
  • Great With Safi Armor Set True Dragonvein Awakening

How To Get Safi’s Shattershield:

Safi’jiva Siege Rewards

See Safi’s Shattershield in Action:

4. Kjarr Bow Stream (Best for Ice Damage)

While all Kjarr Bows are exceptional for elemental damage, just pick the one you need to match your target’s elemental weakness, Kjarr Bow Stream has the highest base elemental damage than any other Kjarr weapon. Maintaining high affinity and elemental damage is the fundamental way to build for meta with this weapon. And also you’re just going to want to stay cool and frosty in Iceborne Monster Hunter World. Kjarr Bow Stream will give you that power.

Weapon Stats:

  • 204 Attack
  • 10% Affinity
  • 330 Ice Damage
  • Close Range, Power, Poison and Sleep Ammo Coating
  • Built in Critical Element Skill 

Why is Kjarr Bow Stream Great:

  • Highest Elemental Dmg of All Kjarr Bows
  • High Affinity
  • Flexible for Buildmaking
  • Great With Critical Eye Skill

How to Get Kjarr Bow Stream:

Kulve Taroth Siege Rewards

See Weapon in Action:

3. Kjarr Strongarm Ice Charge Blade (Best for Ice Damage)

Of all Kjarr elemental weapons Kjarr Strongarm Ice has the highest elemental damage. And by high damage I mean you’re gonna want to keep a build good and ready with this weapon against any monster weak against ice. Focus is great with Charge Blades because it increases the phial recharge rate so you can spend more saved elemental damage power through your attacks. And the charge blade does come with a shield so Guard and Guard Up skills are great for comfort in your build.

Weapon Stats: 

  • Lv1 Slot
  • 684 Attack
  • 20% Affinity
  • 480 Ice Damage
  • Power Element Phial

Built In Critical Element Skill

Why Kjarr Strongarm Ice is Great:

  • High Ice Damage
  • Built In Critical Element Skill
  • Safi Jiva Set True Dragonvein Awakening Greatly Boosts Element Damage
  • Great Against Monsters Weak to Ice

How To Get Kjarr Strongarm Ice:

  • Kulve Taroth Siege Rewards

See Kjarr Strongarm Ice in Action:

2. Alatreon Madness Dual Blades (Best for Dragon Damage) 

One new Alatreon weapon that outperforms Kjarr weaponry elementally is the Dual Blades Alatreon Madness which makes Kjarr Daggers Dragon obsolete for dragon element damage.  But without the Critical Element skill built in, you will need either Velkhana Divinity or Silver Rathalos Essence in your build for Critical Element damage. Alatreon Madness also has good gem slots, high Dragon damage and good purple sharpness.

Weapon Stats:

  • Two Lv2 Slots
  • 392 Attack Damage
  • 0% Affinity
  • 480 Dragon 

Why Alatreon Madness is Great:

  • High Dragon Damage
  • Good Purple Sharpness
  • Good Gem Slots
  • Pairs Well With Silver Rathalos or Velkhana Armor for Critical Element Set Bonus

How to Get Alatreon Madness:

  • Carving up an Alatreon carcass and using its body parts to craft at the Armory.

See Alatreon Madness in Action: 

1. Kjarr Daggers Ice Dual Blades (Best for Ice Damage)

The interesting thing about dual blades is that Kjarr weapons really are the strongest elemental and status weapons in almost all cases. The weapons have built in Crit Element/Status which is perfect with True Dragonvein Awakening from the full Safi Armor set which boosts affinity as well as elemental damage. However, the new destructive monster Alatreon who is rumored to control all of the elements has elemental weapons that make some of Kulve’s weapons obsolete, not just Dual Blades either but for all weapon types.  

Weapon Stats:

  • Lv 1 Slot
  • 252 Attack
  • 15% Affinity
  • 210 Ice Damage
  • Built in Critical Element Skill

Why Kjarr Daggers Ice Are Great:

  • Built in Critical Element Skill
  • Pairs Nice With True Dragonvein Awakening
  • High Ice Elemental Damage
  • Great Against Monsters Weak to Ice

How To Get Kjarr Daggers Ice:

  • Kulve Taroth Siege Reward

See Kjar Daggers Ice in Action:

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