[Top 7] MHW Best Longsword

MHW Best Longsword
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[Top 7] MHW Best Longsword

And the hunt begins and what do you know your teammates also are all using Longswords. This probably happens a lot if you run Longsword as well as Greatsword in Monster Hunter: World because these are always top winners of the weapon popularity contest. 

And rightfully so. Besides always looking the coolest, the Longsword is easy to pick up and start swinging, combos are plentiful and quick to learn, it’s mobility and reach are nowhere near limited and the moves and attacks just look so anime and perfect. So come with me down MHW lane and discover the best endgame Longswords.

7. Kjarr Sword Fire

With Master’s Touch, Critical Eye, Attack Boost, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit, Agitator and Peak Performance you can take pretty much any Longsword to another level in sustainable damage. With the right build, even this pre-Iceborne Longsword Kjarr Sword Fire can carry you through some hard Monster Hunter: World times.

Weapon Stats:

  • 627 Attack
  • 20% Affinity
  • 390 Fire Damage
  • Built-in Critical Element Skill

What’s Great About Kjarr Sword FIre:

  • Pre-Iceborne Weapon
  • High Raw Attack Power (Pre-IB)
  • High Raw Fire Damage (Pre-IB)
  • Built-in Skill

How to Get Kjarr Sword Fire:

Dropped From the Extensive Kulve Taroth Siege Rewards System

6. Great Demon Halberd

From Blast, Fire and to Poison you really don’t hear from much other Element or Status damages but the little guy Thunder does have some good footing in Monster Hunter: World’s element and status damage arena. 

But with the Great Demon Halberd crafted from the giant raging monkey Rajang monster parts, Thunder damage is just icing on the cake. The Longsword boasts a high raw base attack of 1023, second only to Fatalis Zaggespan and that’s good enough reason to hunt some raging monkey ass like there is no tomorrow.

Weapon Stats:

  • 1023 Base Attack
  • One Lv4 Gem Slot
  • -15% Affinity
  • 120 Thunder Dmg

What Makes Great Demon Halberd Great:

  • Pre-Safi Weapon
  • High Raw Attack Power
  • Great Gem Slot
  • Good Thunder Dmg

How to Get Great Demon Halberd:

Crafted With Materials From the Rajang Monster

5. Magdoras Volcansword


Does anybody remember Zorah Magdoras? The giant walking magma volcano city? Well turns out this is actually a monster, not a walking volcano, that gives out some pretty good gear. The brutal jagged metal blade looks beautiful and is sure to deliver some great raw damage with its base raw attack of 924.

The blast damage with this smoker is a whopping 480 which is higher even than Lightbreak Edge so building for Blast build up damage is definitely worth it. And with it’s -20 affinity it won’t be too hard to build up for Affinity or crit damage.

Weapon Stats:

  •   924 Attack
  • One Lv3 Gem Slot
  • -20% Affinity
  • 480 Blast Dmg

What Makes Magdoras Volcansword Great:

  • Pre-Safi Weapon
  • High Raw Attack
  • Excellent Blast Damage
  • Looks Like Serious Serial Monster Killer Equipment

How to Get Magdoras Volcansword:

Crafted With Materials From Magdoras Volcansword

4. Wyvern Blade Luna

With a high raw base attack power of 957, 10% Affinity and another high stat of 420 Poison damage, this Longsword is more than enough blade to keep you punishing monsters on your hunt. Crafted from the Gold Rathian monster, it’s great with Master’s Touch, Agitator, Attack Boost, Critical Eye, Weakness Exploit, Peak Performance and Blast Attack for max DPS.

Weapon Stats:

  • 957 Attack Power
  • One Lv1 Gem Slot
  • 10% Affinity
  • 420 Poison Dmg

What Makes Wyvern Blade Luna Great:

  • Pre-Safi Weapon
  • High Attack Power
  • One Lv1 Gem Slot
  • Great Base Affinity
  • High Poison Dmg

How To Get Wyvern Blade Luna:

Crafted From Materials of the Gold Rathian Monster

3. Lightbreak Edge

If you like to light your target up with a little ignition blast of melee mine planting sweetness then the Lightbreak Edge will do just that, leaving your jaw dropped and your monster’s jaw dropped as well, or torn clear off its face.

Crafted from explosive materials of the little big Mike Tyson bastard Raging Brachy monster, this extreme blast damage Longsword has a high attack of 900, 0% Affinity great for critical building and some of Monster Hunter World’s finest aesthetics with the sword’s lava drenched blade. 

  • Weapon Stats:
  • 900 Attack
  • One Lv4 and One Lv3 Gem Slot
  • 0% Affinity
  • 270 Blast Damage

What Makes Lightbreak Edge Great:

  • Pre Fatalis Weapon
  • High Raw Attack Power
  • Great Base Affinity
  • Awesome Gem Slots
  • High Blast Damage
  • Outstanding Appearance

How to Get Lightbreak Edge:

Crafted With Materials From the Raging Brachydios Monster

2. Safi’s Shatterblade


Before Fatalis was the just as equal grueling to grind yet highly rewarding monster Safi. And just throwing this out there but what would be more entertaining than actually getting either of these end game monster’s gear? Well watching them fight each other of course. Hmmm, I think we’re onto something here. A matchup of Safi versus Fatalis would just be epic, perhaps even legendary.

Anyways, from materials of the Safi’jiva monster farmed through Monster Hunter World’s extensive Siege system is Safi’s Shatterblade. With potential Awakened Abilities being added by the Smithy to the weapon much like mods or augmentations, this Longsword has some serious effective and powerful capabilities.

Weapon Stats:

  • 891 Attack
  • One Lv4 Gem Slot
  • 5% Affinity
  • 180 Blast Damage

What Makes Safi’s Shatterblade Great:

  • Pre-Fatalis End Game Weapon
  • High Raw Attack Power
  • Great Gem Slot
  • Good Base Affinity
  • Uses Awakened Abilities
  • Weapon Looks Amazing 

How to Get Safi’s Shatterblade

Only Be Obtained through the Safi’jiva Siege Quest’s Reward System

1. Fatalis Zaggespannon

Fatalis is a long ladder to climb but worth every grindy step if you want some of the best end game gear in Monster Hunter: World. One of the most popular weapons being the Longsword Fatalis Zaggespannon which has a high raw power of 1155 and two wonderful level four gem slots.

Using typical DPS skills like Critical Eye, Attack Boost, Critical Boost, Agitator, Peak Performance and the tricky but rewarding skill Punishing Draw, which adds a stun effect and boost’s attack power every time a draw attack(unsheathing your weapon straight into an attack) is used.

Weapon Stats:

  • 1155 Attack 
  • Two Lvl 4 Gem Slots
  • -30% Affinity
  • Dragon Element 150
  • High Elder Seal

What Makes Fatalis Zaggespannon Great:

  • Highest Raw Attack Power Longsword in Game
  • Endgame Endgame Longsword
  • Great Gem Slots
  • High Elder Seal Dragon Damage

How to Get Weapon Name:

  • Crafted from Materials From the Fatalis Monster


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